How to Put Iphone 8 Ringtones

How to Put Iphone 8 Ringtones

Novice iPhone users often abandon the idea of ​​putting their own ringtone on the phone, considering the procedure too troublesome and preferring the standard Marimba. However, with the spread of iPhones among domestic users, the use of built-in ringtones begins to cause inconvenience: when Marimba sounds in a public place, every second goes into his pocket for a gadget to check if he is called.

The increased demand for original ringtones has created new opportunities for their creation: now you can put a song on a call not only with iTunes, but also through other software. It is important to remember two rules: the ringtone must have special permission .m4r and not exceed the duration of 40 seconds.

How to put music on a call through iTunes?

Make a ringtone for a call through iTunes possible according to the following algorithm:

Step 1. First of all, run the program iTunes and call up the side menu by pressing CTRLS.

Step 2 Select the track from which you would like to make a ringtone, and right-click on it. We will make a ringtone from the group’s song “Depeche mode””In your room”. In the menu that appears, select “Intelligence”.

Step 3 In the block “Intelligence”Move from the”Details”(Which is selected by default) in the section”Parameters”- you will see a window like this:

Here you can adjust the volume of the ringtone (for example, double by comparison with the original composition) and select the equalizer preset:

The presets are the same as those available in the settings of the standard application “Music“.

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Step 4 Check the boxes next to “Start”And”the end»And set the interval so that the duration of the ringtone does not exceed 40 seconds.

Then click the “OK»At the bottom of the window.

Step 5 Find the edited track in the library list and select it.

Although it is indicated in the library that the duration of the track is the initial 4:51 minutes, when playing in iTunes You will understand that the track is truncated to 30 seconds.

Step 6 Follow the path “File”-“Convert”-“Create Version in AAC»Without removing the selection from the selected track:

A “clone” will appear next to the original MP3 song — a trimmed AAC track that lasts half a minute.

Upon completion of this operation, do not forget to return via “Parameters»The previous duration of the original track.

Step 7 Right-click on the AAC file and select “Show in Windows Explorer“:

A special folder will open iTunes, placed on the C drive of the computer. the ringtone will “lie” in it:

Step 8 Change file format with m4a on the m4r. This is where the difficulty lies, because on many computers with Windows 7 file formats are hidden. To show permissions, you have to dig deeper into the computer settings. in the Explorer, type “Folders settings”And go to the found section. The following window will appear:

Go to the tab “View”And uncheck the box next to”Hide extensions for registered file types”(Located almost at the very bottom). Click “To apply”And”OK”. After that, next to the file name in the folder iTunes the format will be displayed. change a on the r not be difficult:

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Step 9 The final chord remains: in the side menu of the library iTunes Choose a section “Sounds»And add the melody in m4r format to the appeared field:

Step 10 Connect the iPhone to the PC via the USB cable and start synchronization. An important point: after connecting the gadget to the computer, click on the device icon in the top panel iTunes and in the left pane, select the “Sounds”:

Check the box next to “Sync sounds”And click”To apply” down below. If this operation is not performed, the synchronization will be inconclusive, no matter how much it is performed.

Further, setting the music on the call is a matter of technology: on the iPhone we go along the path “Settings””Sounds””Ringtone”And select a new ringtone (it will be the first in the queue). A new call can be set not only for a general call, but also for a specific subscriber. for this you need to find a suitable contact, click “Edit”And select”Ringtone”.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone via iTools?

iTools. An alternative software solution from Chinese manufacturers that allows Apple users to do without synchronization when downloading music and iTunes at all. Create and set ringtone via iTools incomparably simpler than through iTunes however, this method has its drawbacks.

When creating an iPhone ringtone via iTools follow the instructions:

Step 1. Open iTools and move to the “Music”:

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Step 2 Through the button “Add»Add the song to the list:

Step 3 Highlight a song in the list and click the “Make ringtones»Located in the upper panel. The following window will appear:

On the right you will see the duration of the unprocessed track. the composition from the example goes 5 minutes 23 seconds. Set the parameters “Start”And”End”So that the duration does not exceed 40 seconds.

Step 4 Press the buttonSave To Local”, And the program will offer to save the ringtone to computer memory immediately in the format m4r:

Step 5 Find the created ringtone on your computer and add it to the list with a simple drag and drop:

Step 6 Connect the gadget to the computer and click the “Import To Device»In the top panel of the program. Thus, you will insert the ringtone into the device’s memory.

In terms of creating ringtones iTools has several advantages over iTunes: firstly, the user of Chinese software is deprived of the need to fool himself with extensions, and secondly, he does not need to synchronize. However, the program iTools there are drawbacks: it is not Russified and does not allow the user to edit the meta-data of the compositions.

You can put a call on an iPhone without resorting to using a PC at all. in the AppStore there are several special applications for creating ringtones, such as Ringtonium and iTrax. You can read about the pros and cons of these and other programs for trimming music here.