How to put emoticons on a laptop. Insert emoji in Microsoft Word Windows 10

How to make Fire Emoji in Windows and Mac?

Emoji is text symbols that can be easily inserted into desktop and mobile applications. The Unicode consortium defines the specifications for emoticons and releases new emoticons every year. Fire is one of the most popular emoji of more than 1300 available characters. Although you can use the emoji keyboard on Android and iPhone, there are no standard desktop keyboard. However, you can use the combinations of keys with an alternative code and an emoji panel for inserting fire emoji in Windows and Mac.

Use the key combinations below in Windows so that a man starts an emoji symbol in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications.

Let’s explain how to use the above key combinations and other ways to include emoji fire, including MacBook.

Using ALT-code key combinations in Windows

Each symbol of Emoji has a unique code in the Unicode. Emoji “Fire” is available in the “Heaven and Weather” category and has a code point U 1F525. You can convert this hexadecimal code into deciduous and use with the Alt key. The tenant equivalent of 1f525. 128293, so Alt 128293 will create fiery emoji

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Remember that you should turn on the blocking of numbers and use a separate digital keyboard to enter decimal code. Using ordinary digital keys in the upper row (below functional keys), the keyboard will not work with Alt keys.

Label for Microsoft Word in Windows

Most modern laptops do not have a separate digital keyboard. In some models, there are numbers inside ordinary keys, which is also not a standard design. In this case, you can use the hexadecimal code directly with the Alt and X keys on the keyboard. Enter the code 1F525, now press the Alt and X keys together to convert the code into a symbol of emoji fire

This method will only work in Microsoft Word on computers with Windows.

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Using Emoji Panel in Windows

If the key combinations do not work, press the Win Logo Dot key. The pop.up window of the emoticon panel will open. Enter the “fire” to filter all Emoji’s fire related to fire. Find and click the fiery emoticon to insert it into the document.

Insert Fire Emoji into Windows

Other related Fire Emoji characters

As you can see, the emoticon panel also shows several other symbols of emoticons associated with fire, such as fire engine, fireworks, etc. D. You can use the following combinations of the keys of the alternative code to insert characters associated with fire.

Emojisimsimvolarlyk Windowarlyk words
Fireworks Alt 127878 1f386
Sparkler Alt # 127879 1f387
Fire engine Alt # 128658 1f692
Fireworks Alt 129512 1F9E8 Alt X
Fire extinguisher Alt 129519 1F9F Alt X

The following characters have surrogate code points having more than one hexadecimal code. You must use the Emoji panel to find and insert these characters.

Emojisimwell Yunikode
Fireman Alexander U 1f9d1 u 200d u 1f692
A fireman Alexander U 1f468 u 200d u 1f692
Woman is a firefighter Alexander U 1f469 u 200d u 1f692
Fiery heart ️Aper U 2764 U Fe0f u 200d u 1f525

Unfortunately, Word and most other applications do not support these surrogate codes. For example, a firefighter’s emoticon will be displayed in Word in the form of several characters, for example, Alexander, this is a smiley of a person and a fire engine with a colored skin tone. However, he will work correctly in other applications of social networks, such as Messenger and

How to use EMOJI Keyboard Windows 10 PC | Emoji Shortcut | Easy!

Smiles in Google Chrome and other applications

Emoji are standard unicode symbols. Therefore, the emulator that you enter using this keyboard is available for viewing in any modern operating system or device that supports Emoji. Microsoft even added support for black and white Emoji for Windows 7 in updating, available through the Windows update center.

In the section, people are even possible to choose the color and tone of the skin, quite political correctly.

How to write emoji from the touch keyboard

Go to the tablet mode by clicking on the notifications icon on the right of the screen.

To the left of the gap you will find the smiley key.

Of course, it is more convenient to use a simple combination of keys, because it works wherever I had to enter this. Even in those messengers where there is a block with smiles.

Emoji in the names of folders

To use emoji in the folder name, go to the folder and select “Rename” in the context menu. In the named after editing mode. Open the Emoji panel. After the Emoji panel is open, select the emoticons that you want to include in the name of the folder.

You can use a combination of numbers, letters and emoticons. When you finish Emoji input, close the panel and click Enter key once. To keep the name of the new folder.

Emoji will not be color. In fact, they will not look like an emoji panel. You will see the main black and white emoji, which were in the system before adding the Emoji panel. The same trick works with file names.

Emoji spelling in Windows 7 and newer with Winmoji

Alternative way to work with Windows 7 systems. use the WinMoji program. This is a small tool that gives you quick access to Emoji and allows you to introduce them in all text fields of any programs.

Download the latest version of Winmoji, and then install it. After starting the program on the taskbar, an icon with an emoticon will be displayed. This is the Winmoji icon, which allows you to quickly open the program window at any time.

After clicking on the icon, the Winmoji window will appear, in which you will find a list of available emoticons. You also have a search engine that allows you to filter the results after keywords (for example, “smile” will only be displayed by smiling emots).

Emoji insert is very simple. just click the left mouse button on the selected icon, and then drag it to the right place. The Emoji icon will be immediately inserted into the selected place in the text field. Now it is confirmed that the entire message is sent to send an icon, for example, a friend by or by e.mail.

How to add emoticons directly from the keyboard

Yes, you can add your favorite emoji directly from the keyboard without using the mouse. As mentioned in the first method, click Windows or Windows; keys to open an emoji window. The default should be displayed by the latest emoticons used.

Use the arrow keys to move between the emoticons and click Ctrl Enter together to insert the emoticon after its first release. You can immediately insert more emoticons using only the Enter key (not Ctrl Enter) until you press the Escape key to close the pop.up window of the emoticon. Press the Tab key to move between different categories or view the entire list of emoticons.

The absence of a mouse should no longer be an obstacle to you

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Frequently asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about emoji in Windows 11, which should help answer your burning questions.

Why in Windows 11 there is no emoji flag?

Although Windows 11 allows you to use certain flags, such as ️ totamp, there are no national flags on the Emoji panel. There are many reasons for this, and the Internet forums gave rise to many theories. The most viable of them is that Microsoft wants its OS to be universally acceptable and used by the world community.

Previous incidents, such as the border war between Peru and Bolivia in 1995, led to the fact that the government of the pen filed a complaint with Microsoft that the border displayed in the functions of choosing the Windows 95 clock belt was incorrect. To prevent any adverse events, Microsoft completely deleted this function.

Similarly, the inclusion of the flags of countries will create unpleasant situations, given that some countries remain unrecognized others. Therefore, Microsoft decided to go in the middle and exclude all the emoticons with national flags from her list of supported emoticons.

Can you insert Kaomojis into Windows 11?

Yes, the popular Japanese style of emoticons, which has become popular among fans of anime and manga, can be inserted using Windows 11. This unique style of emoticons was invented to avoid confusion or improper interpretation, which, by the way, was very common when an instant messaging on the Internet was just beginning.

There is a separate category for Caomoji on the Windows 11 emoticon panel, so open this emoticon window using Windows or Windows; keys and send as much kaomoji as a heart.

We hope this post helped you get to know Emoji in Windows 11. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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Using advanced characters

Office 365 has an integrated one, different from previous Word versions. You can go to “insert advanced characters” to view the “Symbols” utility. Find a symbol that you want to insert, although all these characters are not emoticons.

Symbol insert in Mac Word Office 365

Using icons in Word Office 365

In addition to the characters of emoticons, you can also insert the icons in Office 365 Word for Mac. Go to the “insert icons” to download available icons from a cloud server. You can search and insert your favorite icons that will look like emoticons. You can also configure icons with different colors and font size.

Bades insert in Mac Word Office 365

Emoji display in Word documents

In addition to font options, Windows 10 and Mac also display emoticons in another format. As mentioned above, Windows will display the emoticons with black print in Word documents, while the Mac will display colorful emoticons, as you see in the viewing tool of characters. Therefore, emoji symbols in the Word document may look different when viewing in Windows 10 and Mac. The following are several examples. If you find a display problem, use the Symbol font in Apple and the Wingdings / Webdings font in Windows.

The difference in emoji display in Word for Windows and Mac

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How to dial emoji on PC with windows?

Emoji is icons that can be inserted like any text symbol. Both Android and iPhone have a special keyboard for smiles. You can switch the keyboard of text and emoji for inserting in any application. However, with a desktop PC, everything is not so simple. In this article we will explain how to introduce emoji on PC with Windows.

Windows 10 has a keyboard with emoji, similar to smartphones. However, you can use this as an independent utility for inserting emoji characters. It’s good that he will work with all applications in Windows 10.

To open the emoji keyboard on PC with Windows 10, place the cursor in the desired position and press the Win logo and points. In addition, you can also press the Win Logo key and a comma point. Both labels will open a sliding panel with all the symbols of Emoji.

Emoji keyboard for Windows 10

Now leave the keys and enter the name of the emoticon you want to insert. For example, when the pizza is input, pizza smiles will be filtered.

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Emoji filter in Windows 10

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Click on the smiley to insert it into the cursor position.

Categories of Emoji

If you do not know the name of the emoticon, click the categories on the lower panel to search in the corresponding group. The categories available on the current emoticon panel are listed:

In addition to the symbols of Emoji, you can also insert Kaomoji textual emoticons and symbols of mathematical operators in the latest version of Windows 10.

Kaomoji in Windows 10

Emoji Display

You can use the emoji keyboard in all applications such as Word or in a chat in Messenger. However, the display of emoji characters will vary completely depending on how the application interprets emoji. For example, all emoticons in such Office applications as Word and Outlook will be displayed in shades of gray. You must manually apply the font and color variation, like any other text content.

When you enter the same smiley in or. You will see a colorful emoticon.

Other PC parameters with Windows

Unfortunately, the keyboard with emoji is available only in Windows 10. If you are still using Windows 7 or 8, you cannot use this utility. In addition, some symbols of Emoji may look different in applications such as Excel. You can try other PC utilities with Windows to find emoji symbols for you.

Using a card of symbols to insert emoji

Symbol map is an independent PC with Windows, which can be used to enter special characters. Like the emoji keyboard, you can use a card map for inserting characters in the text field of any applications.

  • Press the Win Logo R keys to open the “Perform” window.
  • Enter Charmap in the input field and press the input key.
  • This will open the application of a card map showing thousands of characters.

How to Insert Emoji | Emojis in Microsoft Word Document

You can change “fonts” to “webdings” or “wingdings” to find various symbols of Emoji. Depending on the selected font, additional parameters will open for the selection of “Set of Symbols” and “Group along”.

Symbol map in Windows

For example, you can choose a font “Arial Black” and group the option “UNICODE Podiason”.

Select the UNICODE submit on a card map

This will open an additional dialogue for choosing a category. Select a superstructure / substitute index, currency or any other group to filter the corresponding symbols containing emoji.

Using Symbol utility

In Office documents such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint, you can use the Symbol service program to insert special characters that cannot be entered from the keyboard.

  • Go to the “insert” menu and select “Symbols”. In Word, you need to click “Additional Symbols” and click “Symbols” in Excel.
  • You can see the Symbol utility dialog box, as shown below.
  • Change fonts and input “Unicode (hexadecimal)”.
  • This will open an additional menu “Submind”.
  • Select the category, for example, “currency symbols” to fill all the corresponding characters.
  • Click the symbol twice to insert it into the document.

Using key combinations

Finally, if none of the above methods helps introduce the desired symbol of emoji, try using the key combinations. You can use the ALT key and numbers on the digital keyboard to insert emoji characters on PC with Windows. For example, Alt 10135 will make a symbol of smiley separation as ➗. Check out more than 1000 key combinations for inserting emoticons on PC with Windows.

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How to recruit Emoji in the MacOS operating system from Apple

We are familiar with the iOS emoticon on our iPhone or iPad, but it is not easy to find them on IMAC or MacBook. Here is the input method with emoticons on any Mac computer.

  • Open the application, click the text of the text.
  • Use [⌘controlcommandspace] to open the emoji keyboard.
  • Select any smiley you like. You can also search for a key word emoticon to find it.

Click in the upper right corner and you will open the character. Viewing tool to see more characters (for example, some mathematical symbols, arrows), settings and emoji parameters. You can even add a smiley to your favorites and get a simpler way to use it.

If you really love emoji, you can also add an emoji button in the menu line. Just open “System Preferences”. Click “Keyboard”. Then click the keyboard tab and install the flag in the “Show Keyboard and Emoji Viewers in Menu Bar” field.

If your Apple has a touch panel on your device, you can click on the smiley-umji [] on the panel for entering emoticons, like on iPhone.

How to dial Emoji on Google Chromebook

Windows and Mac include emoji support, like Google Chromebook. You can click with the right mouse button and find the option of emoticons. To open an emoji keyboard for entering. Or if your device. Chrome OS 92, perhaps you can try a combination of key/launcher key shift space to open the smiles input panel.

As for Chromebook with a touch screen, as well as using emoticons via Gboard from click the smiley [] on the virtual keyboard.

Enjoy your new tricks with an emoji set. If you have something to share, let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to quickly make emoticons on the keyboard

You can make emoticons using the numbers and the Alt key, not the numbers that are near the screen (straight line), but those that are on the right in the digital block.

To use the keyboard to make emoticons, you first need to turn on the digital block on this mode.

It turns on the Numlock key. sometimes you need to press fn or win at the same time. After turning on, just clamp the Alt and 1 (one) key, so you put white. and if you click 2, then there will be a dark.

How to put emoticons on a laptop keyboard

On many laptops, especially netbooks, the keyboard is shortened (without a digital block). How to make smiles?

If you look closely, then you will see on the letter “o” and “l” except the English letters “j” and “k”, also the numbers “1” and “2”.

To enable them, press the FN and Numlock button. a digital block will start on the laptop keyboard as a full.fledged.

Now that the side numbers have turned on. you can easily insert graphic characters, as in the full.fledged. Alt 1. light. Alt 2. dark success.

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♠ ◘off-?W:-§ my advice is clicking the left alt and numbered 5 or so on and you will succeed!!

I didn’t succeed, I turned on one temporarily LOK and then and then pressed Alt1

I can’t remotely determine why. You apparently do something wrong. The instructions are working. Perhaps from the moment the record is written, manufacturers have made some changes.

Cool I really liked the emoticons =^D

I get it from Netbook I tried ╢

♣ ♪ ♂ ○ ќ § ♀ ↕∟ ј ♣ ♣ ت ӕ ̒ ̒ ̒̒ ְ ű ӓ ө ă ă ű x ‘m џ ţ ţ

Uraaaaaaa turned outű ӓ ө “ă“ ű x ‘m џ“ ţSSPS bro

Cool! Just press ALT, press the number 2 on the digital block, release ALT, release the number two.

I don’t know how to help you. What he knew. described. Judging by the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, most.

The screen will not help you. Write in the search for Google: = Smiles on the keyboard YouTube = get video instructions.

!M5 §! To write emoticons must be English. layout.

Guys in my hospital help me, I can’t find these letters on the clave (which you need to press after Num Lock)

Also did not succeed on a laptop. And I still don’t have a key to us Lock.

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Then there are two reasons. either your laptop does not support emoticons from the keyboard, which is unlikely, or you inattentively read the description in the article and made an error.

What is not on the right side? If there is no digital block, then it is on the keyboard itself. press: “F1 in combination with Numlock”.

alt1 = (white emoticon) alt2 = (dark emoticon) alt3 = (“worms”) alt4 = (“tambourines”) alt5 = ♣ (“trefhers”) alt6 = ♠ (“peaks”) alt7 = (fat point) alt8 = alt8 = ◘alt9 = ○ (circle) alt10 = ◙ (circle in a square) alt11 = ♂ (male symbol) alt12 = off (female symbol) alt13 = ♪ (note) alt14 = ♫ (two notes) alt15 = ☼ (sun) alt16 = alt16 = (cursor to the right) alt17 = (cursor to the left) alt18 = ↕alt19 =‼ alt20 = ¶ (line transition) alt21 = § (paragraph) alt22 = ▬ (fat dash) alt23 = ↨alt24 = alt26 = → (arrow to the right) alt27 = ← (left to the left) alt28 = ∟ (right angle) alt29 = ↔alt30 = ▲ (cursor up) alt31 = (cursor down) alt177 = ▒alt987 = █

alt0130 ‚(Binar lower quotation marks) Alt0132„ Alt0133 (Troetogo) Alt0136 € (euro sign) Alt0139 ‹(left angle) Alt0145 ‘(Apostrophe inverted) Alt0146’ (Apostrophe usual) ALT0147 (Outwardly closing quotation marks) (Outwardly) ALT0148″ ) alt0149 (oily point) alt0150. (minus, short dash) alt0151. (long dashes) alt0153 (Trade Mark) Alt0155 (right angle) Alt0167 § (paragraph) Alt0171 “(Russian opening marks) ALT0174 (REGISTRED) (REGISTRED) ALT016 (REGISTRED) ALT016 (REGISTRED) ALT016 (degree sign) alt0177 ± (plus or minus) alt0183 (point in the center) alt0187 ”(Russian closing quotes)