How to put charging percentages on iPhone XR

Yellow charging on iPhone, what does it mean

With the release of iOS 9, power saving mode became available to iPhone owners. When used, the battery reduces the amount of energy consumed. The device works a little slower and some functions are disabled.

A sign that the smartphone has switched to power saving is when the charge icon turns yellow. For the indicator to change color, you need:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the section “Battery”.
  • Pull the toggle switch to the “On” position.

Although the performance of the smartphone will drop, it will be able to work without a charger for at least 3 hours. The function is convenient for users who want to extend the operating time of the gadget.

Important! An easy way to turn on power saving mode by asking Siri about it.

The device will automatically offer to start energy saving when the battery level drops to 20%. iPhone will exit mode when the charge reaches 80%. If you manually set the mode, it will remain on even when the battery is full.

To turn off energy saving yourself, you need to go to “Settings”, select “Battery” and switch Low Power Mode to inactive state. The charge indicator will turn off amber. On iOS 11 devices, you can add Power Saving Mode to Control Center.

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Under normal conditions, the gadget loses from 15 to 20 annually, with intensive use up to 50% of its capacity. Sometimes the iPhone battery will wear out earlier. The reason is not only the manufacturer’s oversight, but also in non-observance of the operating rules.

The first thing to do to improve battery performance is to check for a software update. The latest firmware includes energy-saving technologies to increase the lifespan.

To keep the battery healthy, you should:

  • Charge your iPhone less often in your car.
  • Do not use non-original accessories.
  • “Swing” the battery (discharge and charge up to the maximum value).
  • Protect the device from moisture, mechanical stress.
  • Charge iPhone without a case. Certain types of accessories can cause the device to overheat, resulting in decreased battery capacity.

The ideal temperature for using the iPhone is between 16 and 22 degrees. The most dangerous mode of operation is when the air temperature is above 35. In this case, the device will stop turning on.

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Note! Do not store your gadget in a hot room. If the temperature exceeds the recommended values, the maximum charge level will be reduced to 80%.

Charge percentage on iPhone XR and other models

IPhone users cannot avoid questions about the nuances of the gadget. Having studied the terms of use, you can solve any problem related to the charging of the device.

How to check iPhone battery health

Despite the advancement, the iPhone does not boast impressive battery life, so the actual question is how to check the status of the iPhone battery. Over time, it loses its capacity and needs to be replaced. In this regard, many users of Apple products are interested in how to find out the status of the iPhone battery.

The iOS system allows you to track battery wear. After 500 full charge cycles, the iPhone battery loses a quarter of its capacity. Apps will help you find out the exact battery status. Battery Life allows the owner of the device to quickly assess the degree of wear. The application will give a rating of “excellent”, “good”, “bad”, “very bad”. In the Raw Data section, you can see how many charging cycles the device can withstand.

There is an alternative iBackupbot application. To install it, you need to connect your phone to your computer and open the gadget in the Devices window. Technical information will be displayed. By clicking on “Information”, you can find out the number of battery charging cycles CycleCount.

If the application showed a negative indicator, do not sound the alarm. It is better to double-check the state of the gadget in a service that uses special equipment.

What to do if battery status is not displayed on iPhone

Sometimes it is impossible to assess the state of the battery. no data is displayed on the screen. If there are dashes on the screen where the indicator is usually located, you need to restore statistics. An easy way to do this is to charge your device. If that doesn’t help, you should try:

  • Restore firmware. To do this, you need to put the device in the DFU state. You do not need to restore a backup, you need to see if the data is shown on a “clean” device.
  • Reset indicator helps reset settings and content.
  • Update iOS. New software versions take into account the errors of previous updates.
  • Download beta software. It is better than the one installed on the iPhone, it fixes the bugs of the previous versions.
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A common reason for missing battery status information is battery replacement. If a non-original part was installed, the system may not accept it. In this case, restoring the firmware and updating iOS will help.

If all else fails, it makes sense to replace the battery. But there is no guarantee that after that the charging status will be displayed.

In which iPhone models and iOS versions you can turn on the charge as a percentage

The battery level icon on the iPhone is not very informative. Looking at it, it is difficult to say how much percent is left on the battery. In order not to guess by the icon, you can display the amount of energy in the battery as a percentage. You can do this without installing applications.

For the first time, the function of displaying charging in numbers appeared in iPhone 3GS devices. Since iOS was updated to version 3.0.1, iPhones have been released with the function of displaying the charge in numbers. To display percentages on other models, you need to go to the gadget’s settings and open the “Battery”. It’s under the “Basic” section. In the window that opens, you need to find the line “Charge in percent” and turn the switch to the on state. Immediately after that, the battery charge in percentage will appear in the status bar next to the battery icon.

View Battery Percentage Indicator on iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR

Important! If you know how to set charging percentages on an iPhone, you can always be aware of how long the device can work.

The method of turning on the charge in the iPhone as a percentage is suitable for use on any iPhone model with new versions of iOS pro, s, se. If the version of the operating system is old, there will be no “Battery” section in the settings. Instead, you need to select the “General” box and click on “Statistics”. Here you should find the “Charge percentage” switch. If it is on, you can determine the remaining energy in numbers.

How to enable charge percentage on iPhone XR, X, XS

Many late iPhone owners do not know how to enable charging percentages on iPhone. For them, the procedure for turning on the charge is different. Model XR is a bezel-less device with a notch at the top, with no space on the screen to display charging. To make the necessary data visible, you should go to the “Control Center”. There you need to swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen and hold it down for a while. As a result, the indicator appears.

If you can’t find the feature, you can use the search to display the percentage of charge on your iPhone XR. You need to enter a query with the word “battery” or “charge”, the iPhone will find the settings on its own.

Another easy way to check the charge on your iPhone X or XP is to ask Siri. It will answer the question about the state of the iPhone battery.

Important! When the power saving mode is on, the charging percentage will be displayed regardless of the settings.

How to increase the maximum battery capacity on iPhone

Owners of iPhones know that without recharging their device works for less than a day. Helps improve battery capacity:

  • Setting in iPhone charge percentage. This makes it easier to control the energy charge. Seeing that the battery is “low”, you need to stop using applications that consume energy.
  • Decrease the brightness of the screen. Optimal when the backlight is at 50%. This is the recommendation from Apple, claiming it’s an easy way to increase battery capacity. Adjust the indicator in “Settings”, “Screen and brightness”. There you need to turn off the “Auto brightness” mode (automatic brightness change in conditions of different lighting conditions).
  • Deactivation of services. You can save 30-40% battery if you remember to turn off wireless connections when you leave home. To do this, go to the quick access menu and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Disable content updates. If the permanent news that the system displays on the screen is not needed, you can deactivate them. You need to go to “Settings”, then to “Content Update”. For this purpose, you can also disable Push notifications that appear in the background. To do this, you need to select “Mail, address, calendars” in the “Settings”. Opposite “Downloading data”, you need to put Push in an inactive state.
  • Disable service notifications. For maximum battery performance, it’s a good idea to go to Settings, select Notifications and leave a few of the desired positions. The signal format can also be changed. It is enough to change the sound notification and icon demonstration to save battery power.

By listening to the advice, you can easily extend the battery life of your iPhone. This is facilitated by the display of the battery charge as a percentage on the device screen.

Home screen widget

Prior to iOS 14, support for iPhone widgets was limited. they couldn’t be added to the home screen. This has changed with the release of iOS 14.

You can add a battery widget right to your smartphone’s home screen so that you can always see the battery percentage. Here’s how to do it:

Unlock your iPhone and open the home screen.

Home screen edit mode will open.

Click the “” icon in the upper left corner.

A panel with added widgets will open.

Select the battery widget to add it to your home screen.

There will be three different sizes for the widget: small, medium and large.

Click “Add Widget” at the bottom of the screen.

You can also add this widget to the Today screen. You also need to hold it down, and then click the “” icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The process of adding a widget will be the same.

You can hold the added widget to move it to another place.

If you do not have a jailbreak, then you cannot return the percentage of the charge to the status bar, as it was before. Maybe someday this will change.

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Comparison with other iPhone models

Apple smartphones are distinguished by high-quality optimization, so the declared battery capacity of the iPhone X does not interfere with using the device without restrictions. And when using a battery cover or a power bank, there will be no equal to the phone. For comparison, we present a table of capacities of other models. it is easy to follow the evolution of the products of the “Apple” manufacturer.

iPhone 2G 1400 mAh
iPhone 3G 1150 mAh
iPhone 3GS 1219 mAh
iPhone 4 1420 mAh
iPhone 4s 1430 mAh
iPhone 5 1440 mAh
iPhone 5c 1510 mAh
iPhone 5s 1560 mAh
iPhone 6 1810 mAh
iPhone 6 plus 2915 mAh
iPhone 6s 1715 mAh
iPhone 6s plus 2750 mAh
iPhone 7 1960 mAh
iPhone 7 plus 2900 mAh
iPhone 8 1821 mAh
iPhone 8 plus 2675 mAh
iPhone X 2716 mAh
iPhone XS 2658 mAh
iPhone XS Max 3174 mAh
iPhone XR 2942 mAh

Optimization, increased screen energy efficiency and a powerful processor make the smartphone suitable for active use. the battery will last. Tests will not be able to give accurate results, since the duration of the work directly depends on the frequency of use of the device.

How to enable charging percentages on iPhone

Alternative for Android 6 and higher

In addition to the method described above, another option is available for Android 6 and higher. The fact is that the percentage of battery charging can be viewed after opening the upper curtain.

The disadvantage of this method is that to view information about the battery charge in percent, you need to open the top curtain each time. On the other hand, if you do not need this function so often, then it can be quite convenient.

Where is the level in the iPhone 7 and other models

As already mentioned, initially the function of the surface curvature meter was located in the Compass application, but then it was moved to another place. the pre-installed Roulette program. On any iPhone or iPad that meets the technical and software requirements for installing the operating system iOS version 12, the program will work flawlessly and be located only in one place. in Roulette.

If we talk about work, then things may actually not be so smooth. If the built-in gyroscope of the smartphone was damaged by hitting the ground or moisture once got into the phone case, which, as it seemed, did not cause much harm to the device and its components, then the module may not work quite correctly.

Important! You should always take good care of your phone and do not throw it even on soft surfaces. Otherwise, this may cause the failure or malfunction of certain modules.

With Siri

You can also ask Siri about the charge percentage. Activate the personal assistant and ask him about the current charge level on the iPhone. Siri will tell you the percentage of the remaining battery.

Why is it needed?

Battery technology has not kept pace with advances in other areas. Even the most advanced and expensive smartphone lives on a full charge for a day or two.

From all this, the following follows. we need to know how much more charge is left in the battery. Will the phone reach home or will you be left without a connection? And what is a person without a telephone in modern society? Not only does he disappear from the radar, you can’t get through to him. So also he himself will be deprived of access to information and services. Do not call a taxi, do not pay for the trip via nfs.

Therefore, one of the most important indicators in a smartphone is the battery indicator.

The problem is that this battery charge is often displayed as an icon. She is small and you can understand her condition only approximately. The gradation is approximately the following: full charge, half of the battery and little left can turn off.

How to make a screen on 11 iPhone?

  • Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons quickly.
  • After taking a snapshot, a thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. To view the photo, tap on a thumbnail, and swipe left to remove the thumbnail from the screen.

How to enable charge percentage on XR?

Iphone XR: how to charge percentage

  • Place your finger on the right ear (top corner of the smartphone). There is a drawn battery.
  • Open Control Center. To do this, swipe your finger from top to bottom.
  • In the upper corner, on the right ear, in addition to the battery miniature, you will see the battery charge as a percentage.

What are the features of the iPhone 11?

  • Six new gorgeous colors.
  • Anodized aluminum and 3D glass design.
  • A13 Bionic processor.
  • GPU.
  • New main camera.
  • Ultra wide-angle camera.
  • Shooting in Night Mode.
  • Front camera 12MP

How to set charge percentage?

Enabling Battery Percentage Display on Pure Android 9

  • Go to Settings and click on the item “Battery”.
  • Turn on the item “Battery level”.

How to change battery indicator on Android?

How to change battery icon on Android now?

  • Change the “Style” of the display (Android 10, Android Pie, iOS, MIUI).
  • Delete the icon in “System Icons” → “Battery”.
  • In the “Item order” section, move the icons to the center, swap or completely disable the status bar items.

How to make a percentage charge in 11 iPhone?

Battery charge level on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X as a percentage: how to enable. 2 ways To find out the battery charge level on all iPhone models is very simple, just go to “Settings” → “Battery” and enable the “Charge in percent “.

How much percentage do I have on charging?

Open your phone settings. In the “Battery” section, you will see the remaining charge percentage and full charge time.

Charge percentage on iPhone X

Confused about the battery icon on the iPhone X that doesn’t display percentage? Despite all the advantages of Apple technology, it is difficult to call the top bar of the iPhone X, or any other iPhone, informative, if only because initially even the percentage of the battery charge is not visible. Agree, the information is quite important. It’s not a problem. In this manual, we will tell you in detail how to enable “Charge percentage on iPhone X”.

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Apple’s latest devices are full of features and functionality, including an “eyebrow” at the top of the screen. Yes, it is very important, this is how the cameras and sensors for Face ID and selfies are located. And yet, this part takes up a lot of space, where the status bar used to be. Now, iPhone X users are deprived of some useful information. What happened to her, and how to get her back?

How to charge percentage on iPhone X?

The answer to this question is quite simple. You can check the percentage of charged iPhone 10 battery in the control center: swipe along the right side of the top edge. The status bar will go down and become noticeably larger, so now there is enough space to display the percentage of the charge.

Note that this differs from the way Control Center is displayed on other iPhones, which blur the top status bar.

Video on How to Enable Percentage Display on iPhone X Battery (9to5Mac English Version)

How to turn on the display of the remaining charge as a percentage

Let’s figure out how to set charging percentages on the iPhone X. Previously, to display them, you could go along the path “Settings” = “Battery” and achieve the desired result: information about the battery charge was constantly displayed on the main screen. This function was also activated when the power saving mode was turned on, which made it possible to efficiently use the device when the battery level on the iPhone was low.

If we talk about this function on the iPhone X, as a complete analogue in previous versions or phones of other popular brands, then you will not find it here. But you can achieve the display of this information by following the sequence of actions:

  • Touch the top right of the screen.
  • Swipe down to open the Control Center menu.
  • The necessary icon will appear in the upper right corner, which contains information about the battery charge level.
  • In order to return to the previous screen, you need to swipe up.

How to bet interest on iPhone with iOS 9

How to enable interest on iPhone and iPad. IOS firmware version 9.2

For iPhone or iPad owners with iOS 9, to set the charging percentages, go here:

Settings. Battery. Charge percentage

The example with percentages in iPhones shows that the developers of the iOS firmware periodically change the path to the settings for displaying the battery as a percentage, which, in principle, is not critical, you just need to search a little.

  • How to set the time on iPhone
  • Where to get an Apple ID or how to get an ID for iPhone and iPad
  • Smilies for iPhone and iPad

IPhone battery charge percentage

In any Apple iPhone model, you can display the battery charge as a percentage. By default, a small green battery is used to indicate the charge level, which is located in the upper right corner of the iPhone display. For more accurate monitoring of the charge level, there is a percentage indicator.

Especially for those who do not yet know how to put interest on the iPhone, we have prepared today’s material. We will consider two ways of setting the indicator as a percentage: official and unofficial.

Battery charge percentage for iPhone
The official way to enable interest first appeared in the iPhone 3GS, in order to enable interest in the settings of this phone model, it was enough to update the iOS firmware to version 3.0.1. Newer iPhone models also support the official inclusion of battery charge in percent, it is done like this:

Go to iPhone Settings, select the “General” section
2. In the Basic settings, click. “Statistics”. There is a subsection “Battery Usage” where you need to enable “Charge in percent”

If there is such an item in the Settings of your phone, then after performing these actions, in the upper right corner, near the standard battery indicator, a percentage will appear showing the remaining battery charge of the iPhone.

  • If you want to set the charge in percentage in the touch player iPod, then try this instruction. “iPod touch. charge in percentage”

Unofficial iPhone charge percentages
In the iPhone 3G, the battery percentage is not set by the standard settings, however, as in the first model. Therefore, if you are using one of the first iPhone models, and there is no “Charge in percentage” item in the standard phone settings, then you can use a non-standard way to enable interest using the SBSettings program.

Install SBSettings on Apple iPhone
2. Go to the settings of the SBSettings program, select “System Options” and activate “Numeric Battarey”

The iPhone battery charge will begin to display as a percentage.


Other Ways to Enable iPhone X Battery Percentage

For example, every time you put your phone on charge, an image pops up showing the percentage of charge. Alternatively, you can ask Siri about the battery charge:

In response, you will receive a voice message and information on the device screen about the current state of charge of the battery in percent. An example screenshot is shown below.

Is it possible to enable battery percentage on iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR across all screens?

Unfortunately, no. the “ears” in the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR do not leave room for displaying percentages. Many other arguments can be given, but this will not change the fact that people are used to always seeing the battery level as a percentage on their screen, at least optionally. The lack of such an opportunity causes discomfort for many iPhone owners.

iPhone X/XR/XS: How to Show Battery Percentage Sign (3 Ways)