How to put a SIM card in Xiaomi Redmi

How to put a SIM card in Xiaomi Redmi

In order not to forget, I will add my Комментарии и мнения владельцев about my new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone. Today I’ll talk about how to insert nano-SIM cards into it, and cut them to this size.

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So, the following is written about SIM cards in the instructions:

  • Support for two SIM cards 4G depends on the standards of mobile communications of local operators and may not be available in all regions.
  • Supports the use of two Nano-SIM cards. When using two slots for SIM cards, any of them can be selected as the main(although the slots are numbered, and in order to avoid unnecessary confusion, this order is best observed author).
  • VOLTE is supported by communication operators only in some regions (In Moscow and the region, Tele2 supports, checked in practice. Approx. Author).
  • The system is automatically updated to optimize network performance. You can find out more by specifying the version of the system that is used on the device.
  • Do not insert non-standard SIM cards into a SIM card slot. They can damage the SIM card slot (Mic-SIM cards can be a little thicker, but they enter the slot normally-. Author).
  • A WARNING. Do not disassemble the device.

The tray is located with the opposite of the side button. If silicone feces are dressed on a smartphone, it needs to be removed, because it closes the lid of the tray. The tray is extracted as follows. Under the tray you can see a small hole. There you need to press a paper clip or a special tool that comes with the phone.

The tool is fixed on the lid of the inner box of silicone feces:

The tool is a thin hard wire:

Insert it into the hole under the tray and press it. The tray comes out by two millimeters, and now it can be picked up with nails:

We take out the tray, turning the smartphone upward up:

On the metallized surface of the tray, you can read the Chinese and English inscriptions “The front side. To the screen”. There is no metallization tray on the back. Also on metallization at the cut corners (t.N. Keys that help correctly orient the card) You can see the numbering of the slots, and the memory card has a TF (Transflash) mark, which is an obsolete name of micro-SD cards, but allowing to briefly indicate its form-factor (15 mm x 11 mm x 0.7 mm).

Xiaomi Mi 9 SIM Card How to Insert or Remove!

We put in a tray of nano-SIM cards and a micro-SD memory card up to 512 GB (if any):

Modern SIM-cards, as a rule, have penetration for squeezing from a large SIM card-a micro-SIM card, and from a micro-SIM card-nano-SIM card. In my case, the SIM-card of Megafon was of such a penetration. SIM-card Tele2 did not have such a penetration, so I just cut it out with scissors and tossed it to the size of the slot of the tray with a naratfil. The size of the resulting card just coincided with the size of the perimeter of the contact sites.

Standard dimensions of na-SIM: 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm. I measured the size of both my SIM cards with a micrometer. Megafonovskaya squeezed out was slightly smaller than the standard. 12.25 mm x 8.75 mm, and therefore it easily falls out of the slot when the tray is turned over. The tele2 I cut out a little more than the standard. 12.35 mm x 9 mm. She came in tightly. By the way, she was a little thicker than megafonovskaya, but the tray with her entered the smartphone normally.

To open a tray for SIM:

In you knew that on Xiaomi you can take a screenshot in different ways?

How to get and insert a SIM card into any Xiaomi phones

On all phones Xiaomi SIM card is extracted and inserted the same. Only a place on the case, which includes a tray with one or two SIMCHS, differs.

I will show you the whole process from beginning to end using the example of the Xiaomi Mi 5 model.

Step 1. Prepare a special tool for extracting a SIM card

In the kit for each device there is a tool for extracting a tray with SIM cards. If you have lost, or you cannot find a tool, then a pin or stationery is suitable. If you use improvised materials, try to find one that will not have a sharp end, such as a needle. In the process of extracting the tray, you need to make an effort and the sharp end may damage the phone.

Step 2. Insert the tool into a special hole

Find a place with a tray on the phone case. Usually it is located on the side faces, in different models from different sides. A distinctive feature of the tray is the presence of a small hole next to it. As soon as you found it insert a tool into it.

Step 3. Press the tool

After you inserted the tool, press it slightly on it, like a button. You do not need to crush very much, otherwise there is a chance to damage the phone. When pressing the tray should slightly step aside. Everything, after the tray has moved away from the phone’s case, you no longer need to crush.

Step 4-remove the tray for SIM cards

Pick up the tray with your fingers and remove it from the phone. Everything, now you can change the SIM card, or install it for the first time. Depending on the model in the tray, you can place one or two sims at once.

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Some Xiaomi phones may have a tray designed to simultaneously install a SIM card and a memory card, or two SIMES, or one SIM card and memory card instead of a second SIM card. Carefully study the instruction to the phone so as not to be mistaken. If you make a mistake, then most likely you will not break the phone, but it will not work.

If you have questions or have additions to the article, please write about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this record.

Redmi Note 5 how to insert a SIM card

The instructions are simple and will be clear to beginners. The main nuances are shown in the photo. Following this leadership, you will understand how to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi Redmi Lute 5.

Acquaintance with a clip for extraction

We take a box in which there was a phone and take out a special key (the so.Called paper clip) from there). It is quite easy to find in the box, since the paper clip is fixed in a special paper case.

Hybrid double tray, Nano SIM card, MicOSD card (SIM Insertion Tool).

The paper clip is included with any modern Xiaomi phone, since they have an inconspicuous back cover. Using this key, you can access the SIM card slot.

Redmi Note 11 : How to insert the SIM card? Installation of the nano SIM/MicroSD cards Tutorial

Note: if the key is lost from the kit, then instead of paperwork you can use any hard wire that is suitable in diameter. It is not recommended to use sharp needles so as not to damage the opening mechanism.

How to use?

The clip sticks into a special hole with a working element. Click on the end of the paper clip, forces the tray to leave outside.

Direct extraction of the tray.

Before you get the slot, do not forget to completely turn off the phone!

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 smartphone has a hybrid (combined) tray that allows you to put the following combination:

Classic version, when we have a communication tool and additional memory for file space.

This option is suitable for business people who are used to using technology. And for them it is important to have two cellular operators.

Recall that this phone works exclusively with Nano SIM cards, which are much smaller in size than, for example, Microsim. If you have a different type of SIM card. Please contact your mobile operator with a request to replace it. In most cases, replacing SIM card is free. After that, you can install in the Redmi laptop 5 SIM card corresponding to the size of the device tray.

Traveled tray. It is shown how to insert a memory card and a second SIM card. Maximum volume of microSD up to 128 GB.

Installation of a tray with a SIM card back to the phone.

The tray should click, after which, the phone must be turned on and wait until the SIM card finds the operator starts to work. The name of the mobile operator will appear in the navigation panel.

Everything, the smartphone is ready for work and is completely suitable for the performance of household and working tasks.

The possibility of simultaneous use in most relevant mobile devices of two SIM cards is a standard option. But if most manufacturers put the corresponding slots separately with each other for a trouble.Free insert, then Chinese companies often combine two formats, while transferring the trays to the side of the side faces of the case. At the same time, to place SIM cards in the device, it is not required to remove the back cover. For example, the Xiaomi Redmi 4x model will be used.

An identical installation option is used in many smartphones of various lines of a Chinese manufacturer. The same applies to tablets, for example, the principle of installing chips in Redmi Note 4 is completely no different, so the procedure is simply carried out.

A significant difference in the process of placing cards in Redmi 4x or other devices of popular companies are almost absent. The localization of the slot in the body of the mobile device, for example, on the left or right side of the side, is most common. The last option is used in this modification and has a standard principle of operation.

  • The necessary tool for performing the procedure is a paper clip for extracting a slot. In the case of purchasing a gadget from an official store or a representative of the manufacturer, it is originally present in the kit. If you cannot use the corresponding key, then a standard paper clip or straight wire is suitable instead;
  • To insert a SIM card or microSD, the following algorithm of actions is used:
  • Find the location of the tray on the left side face of the case;
  • Insert the sharp part of the paper clip into a special hole and press slightly. In this case, a lot of efforts are not required, since the department is easily opened;
  • The slot can be completely removed from the case after a signal click;
  • Then you can insert two SIM cards at the same time, or take advantage of the second position for microSD. Certain smartphones can maintain a different amount of memory from 16 to 256 GB. However, the site notes that a large number of gadgets do not allow the use of additional microSD to expand the drive. Therefore, users of the flagship Mi 5 model have inconvenience, since the device supports equipping only two SIM cards of the Nano standard;
  • The tray of the tray in the device is carried out in the opposite order with a neat press to the original position.

How to install two SIM cards and a memory card in a combined tray

Despite the inaccessibility of the second slot, when installing Microsd, especially persistent users found a way to get around this restriction and shared their experience with the rest.

  • Remove the tray.
  • Get a second SIM card or memory card from it if they are installed.
  • Remember the angle on which the cut.
  • Cut the second SIM card so that only the chip itself remains. The remaining plastic at the edges is maximally cut.
  • Take a memory card as it will be inserted into the tray, and glue the SIM card to its lower part as if it were installed in the tray. Contacts of both devices should be visible and not blocked by anything, and the SIM card and microSD match the edge. Glue the smaller, the better. You should not use too strong. In case of failure, it will not work to use cards in normal mode.

Will increase the chances of the success of a through tray, as it will give more space for the “sandwich”. You can also cost plastic on top of the SIM card using sandpaper or knives stone. It will make it thinner.

If the tray is not even with a little effort, then this method is not suitable and it is worth abandoning the undertaking.

You need to do this at your own peril and risk: the guarantee is lost if the fact of such fraud is revealed during the breakdown in the service center. Even if the reason for contacting the master is not related to the tray and SIM cards.

Installing a SIM card on a new smartphone is easier than it seems, and even restrictions can often be circumvented. It is only worth observing precautions and be more accurate.

How to insert a SIM card in Xiaomi or Redmi?

So, you finally bought your new smartphone from Xiaomi or Redmi, now it’s time to insert your SIM card into it. Let’s tell you how to do it right. Actual for most smartphones of the company, including Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8t, Redmi 7a, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi 8a, Mi 10 and T.D.

We take the smartphone and find the tray on one of the side faces. This is how it looks in our example (Redmi Note 8T):

Next, take a paper clip that has a set.

And press slightly. If it doesn’t work out, attach a little more strength.

If you did everything right, the tray will appear, and then you must take it out with your own hands. Remember how it is located in your seat.

As you can see, in our example-two separate slots for a SIM card. If you have two SIM cards, insert both (format. Nanosim). If one, insert one. The first slot is the one that is closer to the memory card, although this does not play any special role-you can use the second slot.

Now carefully take the tray with a SIM card and insert it into the seat-just like it was before.

If everything is done correctly, you will be offered to enter a PIN code from the SIM card, if it is included on it, or you can immediately call friends and relatives-just wait for the appearance of the signal of communication in the status bar.

If the SIM card has a different size, the easiest way to get to the cabin of its communication operator and change the SIM card-the new kit usually supports all three popular SIM sizes, you will have nothing to cut out.

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Fix Redmi 9 on the edge of the table for reliability with one hand. Then insert a special paper clip to remove the tray into the hole with the other hand. You need to crush until it extends 2-3 millimeters.

Then pick up the tray with your fingers and remove.

Pay attention to the location of SIM1 and SIM2 (there are small inscriptions on the tray itself). After that, install the SIM card, you can also insert the SD card.

Carefully insert the tray back, it is important that it is pushing it into the slot, the tray is parallel to the body of the smartphone. In this case, you will not damage the internal components of the phone. Now you can turn on the phone and use!

The manufacturer indicates that the installations of the flash drive and the SIM card must be made on the off off the smartphone.

How to open a slot of memory card on Xiaomi?

The memory card slot opens in the same way, but in most Xiaomi models it is combined with SIM cardi.

After full extraction in your hands, a frame for 2 or 3 seats will be in your hands.

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It happens that they are designed either for two SIMES, or for one SIM card and one memory card.

If there are 3 seats, then the model supports both the memory card and two working SIM cards at the same time, you are lucky.

Carefully read the instructions and small signatures to the slot, it is indicated in which landing place to insert a card or SIM card, the main thing is not to confuse. You, of course, will not break a smartphone, but nothing will work.

Also carefully look at which side you need to put the card in the frame, sometimes it happens that you need to install a contact platform down, and sometimes up. It all depends on the internal design of the motherboard and how the receiver is located on it.

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