How to put a photo on a call in the iPhone

Oh miracle! Full.Size photos for contacts in iPhone phones with iOS 8 firmware

Friends, long ago, the owners of the iPhone phones had the opportunity to establish a photo on any contact and with an incoming (as well as outgoing) call to see the full-size face of the subscriber. How to attach a photo to contact we went here. “put a photo on a call in the iPhone”. Many users liked how the contact photo filled the entire screen when the iPhone calls, but after updating the firmware to iOS 7.1, photographs of contacts stopped displaying at the full screen of the display. Photos began to be shown in a small circle, and throughout all updates of the 7-ki, the telephone application continued to display small circles of the contact photo.

But today the official release of iOS 8 firmware should be released, in which the opportunity to install a photo on a call in full screen will again appear. Therefore, if your device is compatible with iOS 8, then full.Sized photos displaying at the iPhone call will again delight your eye. Now we will consider two ways to install a full.Screen photo on the iPhone contact with iOS 8 firmware. But before we do this, I will show three instructions that will help you understand where users usually get these very photos and pictures:

Loading a melody file in iTunes

Instructions on how to put a melody on iPhone through iTunes is described in detail in the article “How to download music on iPhone”.

Open the iTunes program (you can download free from the official Apple website.COM/ru/iTunes/download).

Go to the “Music” section by pressing the notes in the upper left corner.

Click on the “file” item and in the emerging menu, select “Add the file to the media”.

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The uploaded file will be displayed in the media text.

How to put a photo on the iPhone?

Another way to install photos on contact is to use the services of the ICLOUD resource.Com:

  • Here you need to log in through Apple ID.
  • Then return to the “Contacts” menu. There is a nuance: the guide must be synchronized with the resource. The site shows how synchronization can be done.
  • Then the “edit” is selected.
  • The last act of actions: “Add photos” (for this you need to transfer the picture from any catalog on the device) and confirm the operation “Ready”.

Information for owners of the first versions of the IOS OS. The system does not support the function of displaying a photo of the subscriber for the entire display during a conversation. If in the latest versions (starting with 9), the image does not fully occupy the iPhone display, therefore, the selected picture was small in size. It is recommended to delete (if necessary) this picture and put a new necessary size.

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone (3 Ways)

How to take photo 16 9 on iPhone?

How to do this: open the “camera”, expand the menu of quick settings by smartening from the lower edge of the screen up, press the button to change the ratio of the parties, select the option “16: 9”.

  • Open the “Photo” program and click the photo.
  • Click “edit”, and then a button with three points in the upper right corner.
  • Select the program in the menu that appears.
  • You can edit the photo using the capabilities of the selected program.

How to make a contact screensaver at a full screen?

On Android you can put a photo on contact in full screen.

  • Go to the mobile gallery.
  • Open the desired image.
  • Click on the icon with three points in the upper right corner.
  • Slide on “Install the image as”.
  • Select a item that allows you to use the photo for contact.
  • You will automatically transfer you to the list of rooms.
  • Find the right number and slip it on it.

It remains to choose the desired area and confirm the action. Thus, a photo of the contact on the entire screen can be installed on any Android apparatus, if the Contact application itself supports such a display.

Some restrictions for photos on contact in iPhone

You can put any graphic image on the subscriber’s avatar, but there are some restrictions that should be remembered:

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If the photos are not suitable for these parameters, they can be reduced, and they change their extension in the photo editor or in any special application. Editor.

Installation of a photo on contact in Apple iPhone 13 via Gallery

Viewing photos on Apple iPhone 13 is carried out through the standard Gallery application, which is on most Android smartphones. Therefore, it is logical to use it to choose a photo of the contact:

  • Launch the “gallery” in any convenient way.
  • Find a suitable picture and slip on it.
  • On the viewing page, open the pop.Up menu by pressing the button in the form of three points.
  • Click on the “Install picture” button “.
  • Among the proposed options, select “Contact photography”.
  • Indicate what contact from the list should be assigned the image.

The settings will be automatically preserved, and from the next call you will see a new photo of the subscriber.

Photo for contact in iPhone

Especially for a reader with a nickname Emma and other novice users who are unknowing how to establish a photo on the iPhone contact, we have prepared a small instruction with which everyone will be able to appropriate a photo of the Apple iPhone phone number or picture.

Thus, during an incoming call, a photo of a calling subscriber will appear on the phone screen. You can install a photo on the iPhone call with standard means (application “Phone” or “Contacts”), T.E. No need to put any additional programs.

So, let’s go, to assign a photo, the contact will need contact itself, t.E. Number and name of the subscriber saved in the phone book. If you still do not know how to record the number in the iPhone, read the “Fundamentals of working with the Contact Book”, if the created contacts are already available, we perform the following:

Run the standard “Phone” or “Contacts” application, select the subscriber for assigning a photo and in the upper right corner click the “Change” button.

photo, call, iphone

After pressing this button, you can edit our contact in the iPhone, and here add a photo. Click on a square window with the inscription “Place of the photo“, a pop.Up menu that offers a picture appears below or choose a photo. By clicking the “take a picture” but you can photograph a person in real time. If a person’s photo is available among the photo archive photos shot earlier or uploaded photos, you can click the “Select Photo” button.

After the picture is made or the image is selected from the phone, the iPhone will offer to adjust the scale and size, move the picture with a finger and use the increase/decrease gesture. If everything is fine click the “Select” button 4. If everything is done correctly in a square window, a photo appears. Click the “Ready” button to exit the editing mode.

That’s all, as soon as the call from the subscriber with a photograph is heard, the photo will be displayed on the entire screen of the phone. If the photo is erroneously, or tired, the above procedure can be repeated and set out another, more suitable picture.

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How To Enable Full Screen Photo For Incoming Calls On iPhone?

In addition to adding a photo, you can highlight contact using individual rington.

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