How to put a password on a router through the phone

How to see a password from Wi-Fi through your phone with Android

Hey! Today I will show how to find out the password from Wi-Fi on your phone with the Android operating system. Iphone we have already promoted in another article. Consider receipt through standard functions and through special programs. Begin!

I myself forgot the password more than once-yes, because you will put something more complicated so that not a single neighbor could get, but how to connect a new phone of a relative or comrade-this is the trouble. After all, on your phone, it is automatically preserved, and you forget about this small moment. And to remember the forgotten is impossible.

But the main thing is that passwords are stored in open form. Both on the computer, and on the router, and on the phone. And everyone can see it and introduce it again. There will be no problems. The main working methods will set out below. If something does not work out-try the next. But if it’s absolutely bad. Welcome in a comment, where I always answer any questions.

The fastest just look through a computer or router, but usually the phone is at hand.


Connecting the router

Let’s figure out how to connect the router itself. First you need to connect it to the power supply, which is included in the 220V socket. Then connect the Ethernet Internet cable coming from the Internet provider to the port of WAN.

Do not forget to completely assemble the router itself, it may have a separate antennas in the kit!

After connecting an external cable and power supply, check the light indication on the router. If the indicators work, then we did everything right. If, after the device is included in the network, the icons do not light up, and everything is assembled correctly, we are looking for a power button on the device’s body, it may turn on in this way. If all actions did not lead to a positive result, then most likely the equipment is faulty and it will have to be given to the service for repair.

On the smartphone

It is not so difficult to change the password on a Wi-Fi router by Rostelecom-it will be enough to understand the intricacies of the Inte Weighty:

  • Go to the line “Configure the access point”;
  • Go to the field with the combination and click “Show characters”;
  • Wash the numbers and change them to a new invented code;
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • That’s all!

Now that you know how to install a password on a Wi-Fi router Rostelecom, we want to give you some useful tips to select a reliable combination that will protect you:

  • Make complex codes. Use different registers;
  • Give preference to Latin;
  • Combine letters with numbers;
  • Refrain from using non.Trivial symbols;
  • Do not prescribe simple combinations. Numbers or letters standing on the keyboard in a row, date of birth, elementary words.

[Advice Text = “And you can also use the combination generator. Such services are presented in abundance in abundance.”]

We talked about how to change the password and name on a Wi-Fi router Rostelecom in the best way, but why should this be done at all?

  • Standard combinations are easy to hack. It is worth protecting yourself and personal data from hacking and penetrating viral software;
  • Protect privacy. Simple code provides access to confidential information;
  • Any user can access the network and use your traffic.

Now you know how to put a password on a Wi-Fi router Rostelecom and choose the best option, and also why it is important to do this.

Carefully guard your confidentiality and take care of the security of your data. This must be done to all users without exception!

Step 3. Change the password

How to set a password on your wireless router (Nexxt wireless router)

That’s all! Everything will be very similar to your router. So go to the settings and change. Do this on the phone itself or by another method. It is almost impossible, with the exception of mobile applications and special utilities for some rare models of routers.

How to install a password on Wi-Fi on a computer

After buying a router, the question arises of how to connect the device and put a password on Wi-Fi. The sections and settings of the admin panels of different manufacturers differ, but the general principle remains unchanged:

  • Install and connect the device. Remove the router from the box, put it in a comfortable place near the PC or laptop and connect the power adapter. Insert the Ethernet wire into it, which is summed up from the provider.
  • Connect the cable to the laptop or PC (it is easier to put the key).
  • Enter the settings of the router. The necessary information for the entrance is indicated on the lower part of the device. Most often it is necessary to enter the IP or the name of the router website, and then specify the login and password.
  • Personal information by default will be simple. Admin and Admin (other options are possible). In the future, you can change the data. The situation is more difficult if you have changed information earlier and do not remember them. To set the password on Wi-Fi, click on the discharge button, dive the data and set up from zero.

After entering the admin panel, go to the Wi-Fi section and put the key. The principle of performing this work depends on the model of the router used. Consider the characteristic nuances for each model.

To put the password on Wi-Fi, go into the settings of the router. To do this, indicate in the field with the address 192.168.One.One. Next, go to the device, specify the login and password (twice Admin) and press the Wireless button (in the Advanced Setting settings).

To set the password on Wi-Fi, select the Authentication Method and write down the key on Wi-Fi in a special WPA field. The system offers to choose a way to check the uniqueness of the key. It is better to use WPA2-Personal. In this case, you need to put a key with a length of 8 signs or more.

After entering the data, click on the “Save” button. After restarting the router, you can connect to the network from the laptop, PC or phone.


These routers are in demand due to the affordable price and stability of work. To set the password on Wi-Fi, go to the device integration. The principle of action is the same as in ASUS. Data for the entrance can be found from below the device. As a rule, in the address line it is required to prescribe the standard IP 192.168.0.One., And in the cologi and password columns, indicate the word admin. Now let’s figure out how to put a password on Wi-Fi.

In the administrator panel, click on the Wireless button in the “Network” section. After that, enter Wireless Security.

There, select WPA2-PSK from the list of verification method. The type of encryption can not be changed. Now put the Wi-Fi password, indicating in the corresponding field from 8 to 63 characters.

The key may include numbers, letter and special systems. Russian alphabet cannot be used. Now save the entered settings and use the Wi-Fi network. To change secret characters in the future, you can take the same steps.

If after the connection there are difficulties or a network break, it is necessary to delete the profile, find it again and connect it using the new Wi-Fi key.


Now let’s look at how to shoot Wi-Fi on a computer if D-Link has at hand at hand. To put the key, take such steps:

  • Enter the administration of the device, pointing to the address column 192.168.One.One. Sometimes the last two digits must be changed by 1.0. As in the past case, you can look at the bottom of the router and consider the information indicated on it. The manufacturer indicates the data for the entrance.
  • Go to Wireless Security. And after the Authentication Method section, indicate the method of authentication WPA2-PSK. To make a Wi-Fi password, enter data in the “PSK Key” column. It includes from 8 to 63 characters.

From this moment you can use a wireless network by entering a personal key in normal mode.

Other devices

The above is considered how to put the password on Wi-Fi on popular versions of routers. Consider how to pack Wi-Fi on other devices:

  • Tenda. The principle of entry into the admin panel is similar to the routes considered above. After entering, go to the Wireless Setting section. And then to the Wireless Security settings section. From below there will be a column Key, where you need to put the key to Wi-Fi.
  • Linksys. To put the necessary key, go to the wireless network section and enter the Wi-Fi security section. There appears a line with the name “identification phrase”. Where and you need to register the key.

From the foregoing it is clear that the principle of packing in all cases is similar. Only the names of the sections characteristic of different manufacturers of routers are distinguished by.

Installation of a combination

Here’s how to make a password on a Wi-Fi router of the house after you entered the web-intese:

  • Open the Wi-Fi wireless network settings;
  • Select “Protection of the Wireless District”. Depending on the brand, the name of the block may differ. For example, “safety properties” or “safety settings”;
  • The window opens where you need to find the line “Password”. Enter a new combination and save the changes made;

Ready! We told how to install a password on a Wi-Fi router D-Link or any other model. And now it is necessary to pack the network in the settings of the operating system. About this

Preparatory stage

Before you start setting up the router, it must, of course, include it. We connect the power adapter to the electrical tanker and connect the main Internet cable with the Wan router connector, it is usually highlighted in blue.

Next, it is necessary to reset the installations of the device for factory. It doesn’t matter whether you bought a new one in the store or before that they have already used it, you need to do it, because if it has already been connected and set up, then the parameters that are inappropriate for your network could be saved on it. To reset the settings, it is necessary to find a small hole in the back of the device, next to which there will be the inscription “Reset”, inside which there is a button. Take something sharp like a needle or pin and click, holding this button for some time. After about 10 seconds, light indicators on the router should blink, and he, rebooting, will restore the factory parameters.

Actions after password change

After completing all the points of this instruction, you must reload the router so that the changes made to enter into force. All devices that were connected to your wireless network will request a second connection and entering a new password, since the saved in their settings will no longer be relevant and will not allow you to connect to the network. You will need to enter and save a new password on each device that you will want to connect again to Wi-Fi Rostelecom.

This instruction is as universal as possible and will help put a new password in any stationary router. Depending on the model and the provider, only the address for entering the network device control panel, as well as the appearance and structure of the menu of this panel, can differ.