How to put a contact on your iPhone screen

How to install contacts on the iPhone on the desktop?

On the bottom bar of the web browser, click on “Popup Menu” (the button with the arrow) and in the menu that appears, click “Add to Home. Next, enter the name of the contact that belongs to this phone and click the “Add” button. That’s it. The contact icon will appear on the “Desktop” of your iPhone.

Tap the “Undo” button, and then use the “Share” icon and select “Home screen. Specify the name of the contact and press “Add”. Now an icon will appear on the home screen, the name of which is the specified name of the contact.

How to add widget for phone calls

Download the Quick Commands app from the App Store.

Launch the app and go to Gallery tab.

In the search find the speed dial command, select it and click Add.

In phone number settings window add contacts you want to call quickly.

Press Done to save the command.

Add new widget (you can add it to any place on desktop or on the leftmost screen with widgets, so it will be accessible from lock screen), choose Commands widget and set informer size to compact.

If necessary, you can choose another quick command to activate in the widget modification menu.

Now when you click on the widget will see a dropdown list of contacts with the ability to call. If the informer was added to the leftmost screen of the desktop, you can run it even from the lock screen.

The disadvantage of this method is the inability to add shortcuts to call users through FaceTime or third-party messenger.

Use the default Contacts widget

Favored by many users, the speed dial widget is gone with iOS 14. A year later, the guys from Cupertino came to their senses and created an updated information panel that is slightly different from its predecessor.

Not as handy as it used to be, but it’s still faster than phonebook search.

Pinch your finger to a blank spot on your desktop to enter edit mode. Press “” and add a new widget to the desktop. There are three different sized cards to choose from.

How to Add a Contact to the Home Screen on iPhone | Create a Contact Shortcut

Don’t forget that widgets of the same size can be stacked by dragging and dropping on top of each other. This will save space on the desktop and add multiple panels to call your favorite callers.

Add contact icon to iPhone 5 home screen

Note that this method will take advantage of the “contacts” icon, which is hidden in the “utilities” folder iPhone 5. Many users don’t even realize there’s an icon, so they don’t realize there are additional apps beyond what was shown on the first home screen.

Swipe to the left on the home screen to go to the second home screen.

Tap the “utilities” option, which will open a folder. You can learn how to create your own app folders for additional levels of organization.

Tap and hold the “contacts” icon until it starts to shake.

Drag the “contacts” icon on the left side of the screen to go to the first home screen, then drag it to the desired location.

Tap the “Home” button (the square button below the screen) to stop the app icons from jittering and to complete your changes.

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If you need to organize your iPhone 5 home screen and get rid of a few icons, learn how to remove an app on your iPhone 5. This is also a great way to free up space on your device.

How to put a shortcut with your favorite contact on the iPhone desktop

In the address bar, type the following: [phone number].Tel.QLNK.Net

, where the phone number is entered without brackets, starting with 8. The combination “7” is not valid here

In the popup window select Cancel

Press the Pop-up menu key

(displayed as a square with an arrow) and selectHome screen Enter contact name and press Add

Done! Now the desktop displays an icon with the name of the contact, clicking on it will take you to the Safari browser

, where you only need to press the Call button to start the call.

You can have as many contacts on your desktop as you like. The method is very simple and perfectly replaces the Favorites menu

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Before you call someone with your iPhone, sometimes you have to do at least three taps on the screen. This is not always convenient and now we will tell you how to add contacts you need to communicate with frequently to the home screen of the phone without jailbreaking. To do this you need to download a utility called “iPhone Configuration Utility” developed by Apple. The Windows version can be found at https://support.Apple.Com/kb/DL1466, and for Macintosh. Https://support.Apple.Com/kb/DL1465. Once installed and running, follow the steps below:

On the left side there is a submenu where we have to click on Configuration Profiles.Step 2: Select “New” from the icons bar at the top, a new profile window will open with default field values.

contact, your, iphone, screen

Fill in the fields according to your data. Let’s create a “Speed dial” profile and choose “com.Yourname.Profile” (it is better to change yourname to your name). You can write down a little description of the profile, so you can understand what it does even after a year.

Scroll down the list to the end, find and select Web Clips, then “Configure”. Here are a few fields you will have to fill.Step 5: In the Name field enter the name of the contact, in the URL field write the following line: “tel://” and then the number of the person. You can choose the icon that will be displayed on the screen. Use something original so you don’t have to search for a contact on your desktop. О.Step 6: Now use the USB cable to connect your phone to your computer, it should appear in the app on the left. Once it appears, select the “Configuration Profiles” tab on the right. Here you should see the profile you have just created and the “install” button next to it.

Press the button and wait for installation, on the phone screen you will be asked to install the profile and after permission on the desktop will be the icon you chose earlier with the name of the contact.Step 8: Click on the icon, and make sure the call to the right contact goes. Unfortunately, iOS asks for permission to call, so it is not possible to call in one click, but two clicks are still more convenient. You can send messages in the same way, just use “SMS://” instead of “tel://”. You will not be asked to confirm the action. This way we can add as many contacts as we need and always have the contacts of the right people at hand.

contact, your, iphone, screen

Sincerely Apple Device Service “Easy” On the iPhone all of your contacts are stored in the phone book. And when it starts to overflow, it takes more and more time to find the desired contact. This is not very nice. To avoid searching for the frequently dialled numbers, you can put them on the desktop and call them with a single click.

Add the photo of the caller to the full screen of iPhone through the “Photos” application

The second way to see the caller’s photo on the iPhone screen is to use the “Photos” application. This is handy when you have a full album of images to choose from. In this case, you can simply scroll through the album and when you find a suitable photo immediately assign it to the contact.

Launch the application and choose the album we have the picture in.

Step 2.Look for the one labeled “Assign to contact” in the bottom row of icons.

Step 3. Tap on the button “Assign to contact” and get access to the list of contacts, where you will find our “faceless” contact.

Step 5. Tap on his name again. An image opens, which you can move or zoom in on if you like. And do not forget to click “Use”, after which your efforts will take effect.

If you are a social network user. Then the easiest way to solve the problem of assigning photos to contacts is to synchronize the contact information with the data from your device settings.

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How to add the most convenient favorite contacts widget in iOS 14

Install Favorites Widget Pro from the App Store.

Set up your favorite contacts in the program. This utility allows you to set up several actions for each subscriber. Available: phone call, message, WhatsApp call, FB Messenger, Telegram, Email, FaceTime audio or video call.

If you specify more than one option, you will see a dialog box with checked items before you start the call. If you need to call the person you are calling via a certain channel, leave the appropriate radio button enabled, and you will not see an additional dialog box.

Set Quick Commands (needed for quick calling without any additional dialogs)

In the application, go to the Widget Settings section and open the Enhanced Quick Call item. Without this setting the widget will have the typical limitation, when after clicking on the contact icon, you have to confirm the call in a dialog.

We press the Add Shortcut button and agree to add a shortcut.

Activate the switch Activate Quick Call.

Done! It only remains to add the appropriate widget to the desktop or a window on the left, so that it is visible on the lock screen.

The application has as close as possible the external widget widget from previous versions of iOS (with one difference. Five icons in a row instead of four previously) and more modern widgets in the style of iOS 14. These icons can be stacked and receive a scrolling list for calling contacts.

The free version of the application allows you to configure almost all the widget settings and make calls through it to a small number of subscribers. If you are satisfied with this option, you will have to unlock the full version of the program for 179.

After that any restrictions will disappear and all app options will be available.

This is currently the most convenient favorite contacts widget for iOS 14.


Missing icon on iPhone? Reboot your device!

Universal solution for absolutely any problem with iOS. If the iPhone is missing icons, rebooting will not always help (unfortunately), but it is very simple and does not take much time.

We will not tell you how to reset your iPhone, because practically everyone knows how to do it. For those who have started using the Apple products relatively recently, we’ll leave below a screenshot with brief instructions and also suggest to read the article: How to reboot iPhone.