How to print a file from phone to printer

How to connect a printer to the phone via Wi-Fi and configure the seal?

Greetings of our subscribers and guests of the portal! Many of us have a printer at home or All-in-One Printer. Familiar to us. To print from a computer or laptop. But today we will talk about the possibility of printing from a mobile phone.

Thanks to the development of technology, high.Performance gadgets now fit in a person in the palm. Therefore, most people carry part, and sometimes all the working tasks on them. Among the whole variety of functionality, modern mobile devices have learned to work with a seal. We will tell you how to connect phones on different operating systems to the printer via Wi-Fi.

How can you print documents from android

Perhaps one of the simplest and fastest options (if you do not do this very often) is the use of some cloud disk (now there are quite a lot of them: Yandex disc, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

The whole process boils down to download the desired file (document) from the phone to the cloud disk, and then open it on the computer (to which the printer is connected) and print it and print it.

1) select the necessary files (photos, documents, etc.) on the phone and click the “Share” button. After indicating Yandex disk (see. An example below).

Explanation. In his example, Yandex disk took as a basis, t.To. In my humble gaze. This is one of the simplest services for work (both on the phone and on PC). In addition, on many phones, he is preinstalled.

2) Next, choosing a folder on Yandex disk, you need to click on the download button. After waiting for the end of the operation.

3) go to the computer. By installing the Yandex disk application on PC, you will have an icon for quick access to it. Open it.

A badge for quick access to the disk appeared in the system tray

4) in appearance it resembles a conductor: it remains only to choose the folder where you uploaded files from the phone, open them and print them. In principle, nothing complicated further.

Yandex disc program on Windows: how it looks like

To help!

1) Cloud storage: what, how, why? How to connect a cloud disc to Windows, Android. Safe storage of files in a cloud that is always and everywhere available. Https: // ocomp.Info/Kak-Podklyuchit-Blachnyiy-Disk.HTML

2) Yandex disk: how to use it, upload and download files, photo. How to set up auto-creating copies of my documents. Https: // ocomp.Info/Yandeks-Disk-Kak-Polzovatsya.HTML

How to print from a phone on the Android platform

Printing documents from the Android phone is quite simple. Since the Android OS still does not support the print function, third.Party developers have already developed special software. The most popular solution to the problem is to print with android using the Printershare application for mobile.

Printershare, which is also called PrinterenyWhere, provides two print modes: via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and using the remote control panel. You can install a mobile application directly on your phone, select a printer and print. To see if the printing system works through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can print a test page.

If you do not have Bluetooth, when printing the application “calls” the programs on your computer that print through Wi-Fi. To install Printershare and print through a remote mode, you must:

Launch the Printershare application from the Android phone. Make sure the computer, Wi-Fi and the printer are turned on.

In the Printershare application, select the file you want to print. This can be a photo, web page, record in the calendar, contacts, messages, call logs, Google doCs files or pdf files.

Depending on what you choose for printing from android, Printershare will invite you to go to a separate menu for printing. If the document contains several pages, you can choose the necessary from them. When you make your choice, press the print button.

Printershare. This is the most optimal application for quick printing from Android smartphone. And to save on each print, you can use alternative consumables from InkSystem.

How to print a photo with iPhone using applications from printer manufacturers

Programs that printer manufacturers themselves do are salvation for those users who cannot deal with management, as well as software of their computer or additional utilities at all.

Epson Print

Manufacturers of many printers specifically create programs for phones on different operating systems, including on the iOS system. One of these can be found from manufacturers of Epson printers. The program is called Epson Print, and it is designed specifically to look for compatible printers in an accessible zone, and then synchronize them with the phone, print the necessary photos from the library or gallery is much easier.

It is also worth noting that in such utilities you can also import files from different drives, including their Yandex or Google. Also, some of them have a built-in browser through which you can also print both web pages and whole articles.


Also an example of a program from a manufacturer is HP EPRINT. The program is also popular from the printer manufacturer of the same name.

It allows you to print photos, articles, files wirelessly easily and simply, including quickly. It is worth noting that the work of many applications depends on the correct configuration, so the user needs to carefully study all the subtleties of how to configure such applications for high.Quality printing.

Ways to connect a printer to Android phone

In order to print a document or image through a printer from a smartphone on Android, there are several ways.


Almost all printers are equipped with a standard USB integer, which you can connect a mobile device. This is done in the same way as when connecting to a computer. You just need to take the cable, insert one end into the smartphone, and the other into the printer.

In this case, you need to use a cable from a printer of USB-USB format. Since there is no standard USB integration on phones, an OTG adapter is needed. It works as an adapter with which you can connect the gadget to the printer.

So you connected a mobile device to the phone. To send files for printing and interact with them, you need to download and install the appropriate software.

For example, HP has its own HP Smart application, which can be downloaded from Play Market.

If your technique is not from the Hewlett-Packard brand, I advise you to install the Printershare application. It is also free and downloaded from the official Google app store.

As soon as you launch the program, and the printer through USB-OTG will be connected to the smartphone, the application will be selected in the application. You need to click on the inscription “USB printer”.

The application is ready for use and files can already be sent to print. But keep in mind that specifically Printershare has many restrictions on the free version. You can find an alternative or pay for a paid version.

Connection via Wi-Fi

The easiest, fastest and most convenient method of connecting the phone to the printer is Wi-Fi wireless connection. The printer is required to support this connection option.

If the technique has a Wi-Fi module, then it will always be turned on. No need to look for how to activate Wi-Fi on a printer.

Instructions for connecting the apparatus to the technique via Wi-Fi:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Open the section “Wireless Networks” and select “Wi-Fi” in it. On many mobile devices there will immediately be a “wi-fi” item.
  • It is necessary to find the “Wi-Fi Direct” tab. It is located in different places depending on the brand and the phone model. For example, on Huawei Mate 10 Lite, the “Wi-Fi Direct” button is located in the lower panel.
  • The smartphone will begin to look for a technique that supports the connection via Wi-Fi Direct. Когда в списке появится название вашего принтера, нажмите на него, и произведите сопряжение.

Ready, now you can send documents for printing “by air” to the device.


The connection by bluetooth is possible only with modern premium printers. This is usually the Epson, Canon, HP and Samsung brand technique.

To make sure there is a Bluetooth module in the device, you can read the instructions or technical specifications on the official website. Also, a blue sticker with a bluetooth logo indicates the presence of this type of connection.

How to print files from a smartphone via Bluetooth:

  • Go to the settings and move the slider opposite the Bluetooth inscription to the active position. Also, a wireless connection can be activated in the upper curtain of the control panel, slipping to the corresponding logo.
  • Select the file you need to print. For example, an image.
  • Select the “Share” function by slipping on an identical inscription or on the icon.
  • In the list of file transfer options you need to select “Bluetooth”.
  • In the list of devices, it is necessary to slip to the name of the printer and confirm the sending if a request appears on the display.

Through Google Cloud Print

It is possible to send files for printing using cloud services. There are several of them, but the most stable option is Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print. A free application that can be downloaded from Play Market and AppStore.

A huge plus of cloud sending for printing is that there is no need to be next to the printer, as in the case of Wi-Fay and Blutuz, because they work on a limited area.

The connection in the case of Google Cloud Print occurs through the Google account. Therefore, the main requirement in this method is that the entire technique involved in the process is connected to the working Internet.

Also, the computer to which the printer is attached should be authorized in the Hoogle Chrome Browser Browser.

How to print from android phone / tablet using ANY USB PRINTER locally via USB OTG without WiFi

The same account should be used on a smartphone that sends files to print. The use of one profile on different devices guarantees their instant synchronization.

  • Run the Google Chrome browser on a computer.
  • Log in to the Google account if this is not yet done.
  • To the right of the photo of the Google profile are 3 vertical points. You should click on them.
  • In the list of points select “Settings”.
  • In the lower panel of the page of the parameters, you need to click on the inscription “Additionally”.
  • In the “Print” panel, you must click on the inscription “Google virtual printer”.
  • A small window will unfold, in which it is worth selecting the “Device controls with virtual printing devices”.
  • In the “Devices” panel, click on the “Add Prinaters” button.
  • Connect the printer to the computer in any convenient way if this is not done. Google chrome will automatically find connected equipment, displaying it in the window. You just need to put a checkplace opposite the name of the printer.
  • Select the inscription “Add printer”. On the computer, the actions are completed.
  • It is necessary to download the Cloud Print or “virtual printer” from Google to the smartphone smartphone.
  • When the program is installed, you need to open any file that you need to print and click on “send” or “share”, selecting a “virtual printer” in the method of sending.
  • It remains only to slip to the name of the connected printer, after which the document will go to print.

How to print an image using USB

Print photos via USB directly from phone to printer. Is easy. Only a cord and the presence of a USB port of the printer will need. The setting of the phone and the printer can also be done easily. OTG-adapter may be required. Brief Instruction:

print, file, phone, printer
  • Make sure that both devices, smartphone and printer are included.
  • Connect the phone to the printer via USB-OTG Cable.
  • On the screen of the device will display the window of the print service module.
  • Click OK to activate the module and start choosing an image for printing.

Important! The cord should connect the devices qualitatively, otherwise they may not see each other. It is also recommended to use a universal driver if it is not possible to install a corporate party. To print from the phone to the printer, it is recommended to use applications type “Printershare” to facilitate setting.

In some cases, it is possible to determine the phone as a regular drive with files. So the user can only select the necessary images and print a document without a computer.

Also, connect via a USB phone may be impossible due to: hardware incompatibility, the availability of software application errors or simply unidentified drivers.

How to print a document with iPhone

You can print the file not only from the Android Smartphone, but also with the iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can also print a document in a wireless way by connecting to the printer.

  • Connect to the printer: In the Wi-Fi settings, select the right device.
  • Select a photo or text document.
  • Click “Share”.
  • At the very bottom of the list, select “Print”.
  • A smartphone will find your printer or you can connect to it directly from printing settings. In addition, you can configure additional parameters, for example, the size of the photo.

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And where is the option with Bluetooth? Option with Yandex disc, implies the use of PC when, for example, there is only a phone. Not very convenient!

Not all Bluetooth printers have, after all, Wi-Fi is much more common. In fact, the principle of action is the same

How to print

Many will remember those times when most of the printers were connected to the network with a wire. The cables went not only to the outlet, but also on the computer. The maximum that could be done was to configure the network printer, but for this it was necessary to jump with a tambourine around this device for this. At that time, printing from a smartphone or tablet was almost impossible for most users. There were methods, but they could hardly be called convenient.

Fortunately, many modern even inexpensive printers now support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows you to print, as from a computer, so from a phone and a tablet. You can set for printing anything: websites, PDF files, photos and much more. And this is done with just a few pressing buttons.

There are many printers, and almost all modern models can print from the phone

Obviously, for this you will first need a compatible printer. If you are still using an old printer that does not support the function of wireless printing, the next text will be useless for you. Gives examples of models is useless, since an example of countless. Over, if you only buy this device, most likely you simply cannot buy a model without such an opportunity.

Over, if you often print something, you can advise you to buy a new printer. There are very inexpensive models that will allow you to make the printing process significantly more convenient for little money.

Organization of direct connection of the Wi-Fi printer and router through WPS

A possible solution to the problem associated with how to print a document on the printer is to use a virtual printer from Google. You can find out more interesting and important information about Google Cloud Print in this article. To take advantage of this method follow the following steps:

  • Enter your Google account on your tablet or smartphone working under the control of Android OS and set it up to use Google Play, Gmail and other applications from Google.
  • Install the Google Chrome browser on your personal computer connected to your device. If this was not done before.
  • On a mobile device, download the Cloud Print software application and install it.
  • Now open the Browser from Google on PC and click on the menu icon, which is located in the upper right corner. It represents three horizontally located lines.
  • In the drop.Down menu, find the “settings” and click on this item, scroll the page to the end until you find a link that reveals additional settings
  • Now find the Google virtual printing section and click on the button responsible for adding a new device. Thus, you will launch a command that will help to find printers connected to PC and configure them properly.
  • In turn, on your tablet or phone, run the previously installed Cloud Print application. Wait for its synchronization with the Google Cloud Print account.
  • You can open a document that you plan to print and click on “Share”. The menu should now appear an option called “Cloud Print”.
  • Click on the print point and wait until your file is printed. But keep in mind that this should be included not only by the printer itself, but also by the computer to which it is connected.

How to print a document and photo on the printer from the phone

Hey! It is true that the quality of the photo taken on mobile phones is now so high level that it was sometimes difficult to distinguish this photo on the phone or on a digital camera. That is why the memory of our phones is clogged with photographs. From here comes the logical question “whether it is possible to print a photo from the phone on the printer directly?””. I will answer right away. You can! And for this there are many ways that we today will consider.

Some methods of printing from the phone on the printer work directly, and some still require a little outside help. But we will not pull the cat by the tail, we will proceed to the consideration. One way must be convenient for you.

If you want to beautifully process photos without unnecessary trouble, then the article “Photo editors for dummies” will help you!

print, file, phone, printer

How to print from phone to printer

There are several ways to connect a mobile device to the printer and print files, as described below.


Important! It is worth noting that for the use of the presented method in the printer, the Wi-Fi module must be built.

This method is one of the fastest. It will need to connect a mobile device and printer to one local network via Wi-Fi Direct. This is done as follows:

  • First you need to turn on the Wi-Fi module both on the mobile device and on the printer;
  • Then it is necessary to combine devices into one network. To do this, you need to find devices by going into Wi-Fi settings on a mobile device and finding all available devices. As a rule, in the list of available devices displays printer model. It is necessary to connect to it;
  • In some cases, the system may require a password to connect. You can find it in the instructions for the printer;
  • Next, on the phone, select the file for printing and click either on the “Share” button, or on the “Settings” button, which looks like three points;
  • In the drop.Down menu you need to click on the “Print” button, after which the line “Select the printer” will appear. When you press it, all available devices will appear, among which you need to choose the printer used;
  • The system will load and the file will be sent to print.


To print files from a smartphone through the wire, you need to take the following steps:

  • First, you need to connect a mobile device to the print by a USB-OTG wire;
  • The user must activate the display mode as a “removable medium” in the gadget, after which the mobile device will be displayed in the printer system as a flash drive;
  • Next, you need to select a file and print.

Google virtual printer

The presented method makes it possible to print files from almost any smartphone model on the Android operating system, since the application itself is supported by most modern printers. However, it is worth noting that sometimes compatibility problems may occur in new versions of operating systems.

Files are printed through a virtual printer as follows:

  • First, you will need to install an application called the “Google virtual printer” on a mobile device. When requesting permission to access certain sections of the phone, it is necessary to confirm actions;
  • Next, you will need to check the possibility of using cloud services. To do this, the user must find a model of his phone on the official Google page. If a checkbox “V2” stands nearby, then the device is supported by the second version of the utility, and if there is no, then the first version is maintained;
  • Then you need to go to the Chrome browser from a personal computer and enter into the address line Chrome: // Devices, after which a list of connected devices will open. In it, the user must find his model and click on the “set up” button next to it;
  • A new window opens, in which you need to click on the “Registration” button. Also, you need to go through the procedure for adding a new device to the Google account;
  • As soon as the authorization in the system is completed, the device will become available from the account in the Google system;
  • In order to print a specific file from a mobile device, you need to click on three points and select the added device.

It is worth noting that the presented method is suitable only if the user has a Internet connection. If the technique used is not supported by the program, you can print the document through Wi-Fi.


You can also get files for printing with various cloud services, for example, Dropbox. However, it is worth noting that in this case it will be necessary to use not only a smartphone, but also a personal computer or a laptop.

First, you will need to install the presented application on the mobile device, which can be done through the official store. Next, you need to upload files designed for printing to cloud service. In addition, in order for the uploaded files to be available to the user not all devices, you will need to create an account in this cloud storage.

Then you need to connect on a personal computer to the created account in Dropbox. For this, it is not required to install additional software. You can log in in the system through the official website of the cloud storage.

After that, all files that were uploaded by the user will appear in the system. It will only need to download them and send them for printing.

It is worth noting that you can install the Dropbox application for free, but with a limitation in an accessible amount of memory.

Yandex disc

The method of printing through Yandex disk is similar to the previous. In this case, you will also need to install the application on the mobile device. In addition, Yandex disk needs to be installed on a personal computer. Next, you need to share a file for printing from a smartphone to Yandex disk by selecting a folder into which the document will be sent.

Then you need to open the application on a personal computer and log in to the user account, after which a previously sent file will appear. The user can print this file from a personal computer connected to the printer.

Wireless connection

To print through Wi-Fi on a printer, it must support a wireless network. Each device has its own connection method. There are details in the instructions and on the manufacturer’s website. But the router must be additionally configured:

  • Connect it to PC.
  • Open the browser and write in the address bar “ “or” 192.168.One.One”. IP may be different. It depends on the model of the router.
  • Enter the login/password. By default it is admin/admin.
  • Go to the wireless connection settings. WPS Setup.
  • Find the parameters of the Protection Setup security and activate protection.
  • Disconnect the filtering of the MAC addresses.
  • In Wi-Fi parameters or on the router’s case there should be a WPS button. Click it. Or run the disk that came with the modem and find on it the parameters of the wireless network.
  • Press the WPS button on the printing device. Do not hesitate. If you do it in two minutes or later, the device will not connect.
  • If it didn’t work, try it again.

There should be a smartphone in the same network. Go to its settings, open the wireless connection parameters and connect.

Applications for “wireless” printing

To print from the phone, the same Cloud Print and Airprint are suitable. But there are other applications. For example, Printshare for Android.

Printshare even works with Bluetooth and USB printer. But he has a shortage. There are many restrictions in the free version of the program. To use it, you have to buy Premium. Although there are still many such utilities in the application store. Handyprint and Printer Pro are suitable for iOS. They have the same work principle. Manufacturers of printing devices produce their own programs for smartphones. For example, Canon Print or Epson Print.

  • Check if there is a USB HOST port on the phone.
  • Connect it to All-in-One Printer.
  • Find the drivers for him.
  • Or put the USB Connection Kit application.
  • If it worked, the smartphone “sees” the external USB device.

For models from HP there is a personal program. EPRINT. There is no need to configure anything with her. Just connect devices to each other. To print through the phone on the printer, put a special application or use built.In functions. So you will not need to turn on the computer to get a ready.Made picture or document.

Printershare or PrinterenyWhere for Android Platform devices

A popular application provides a connection between a smartphone and a printer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can choose a printing device and control it using tools in the program. Before sending a volumetric file for printing, try transferring a simple color image to the paper to check how the system works. To install the application and print, act according to the following algorithm:

  • Download Printershare and install via Google Play on your smartphone
  • In the process, specify a specific printer for the phone to open access to the device control panel.
  • Turn on the printer and phone, check the Wi-Fi connection and start the application.
  • Select the file to be sent to print. These can be photos from the gallery, information about contacts from the phone book, message, note, files in PDF or Google Docs format.
  • In the print menu, you can first see how the fingerprint will look and the basic image setup will look.
  • Evaluate the result of work after sending data for printing.


It is quite simple to fulfill the task in this mobile OS, and both system and third.Party methods are available.

print, file, phone, printer


Android has been in Android for more than 10 years a built.In print manager who is able to work with a wide range of programs.

    Open the application where you need to make a printout, for example Google Docs.

Third.Party applications

You can also use third.Party solutions. Both branded from the manufacturer of printing devices and universal for all models. For example, we will use the latter. A popular tool called Printhand, available in the Google company store.

Important! On phones with Android 11, access is open only in the stock file manager!

Print from a phone to a printer via Wi-Fi, USB Android cable or without a computer

Printing models of different manufacturers are very different from each other. Depending on the printer model, you can print a document from a mobile phone either through Wi-Fi, or via Bluetooth, or through a USB cable.

The most convenient way to print a photo or document via Wi-Fi file. There may be several options here. Turn on the printer in the USB port of the router or on the IP Internet port of the router. Connect the printer to PC and install a network driver on a PC. Or use a universal method: printing from Google disk using “virtual printers”.

Printing from a mobile phone on a network printer via the Internet

Printing from a mobile phone on a network printer.

Google has developed a virtual printer technology. This allows you to send files from the phone to the home printer for printing. First, the printer must be connected to the computer and make sure that it works. Then we authorize in the Chrome browser under the same account as on your mobile phone.

Instructions: How to configure Google virtual printer.

Launch Google Chrome, enter the Google account the same as on the phone.

Open browser settings: Settings. Additional settings. Seal. The name of your printer. Choose.

Download on a mobile phone application Virtual Printer from Google Play.

Click Share and select the seal. Choose a printer. Add the printer. Virtual printers. Your printer.

Select the number of copies and press the seal.

Branded printing applications from a mobile phone.

All well.Known manufacturers of modern printers have a corporate application for connecting a printer to a mobile phone. Find out what you have a printer model and if it is not very obsolete, download for it an official application from the printer manufacturer from the Google Play and Apple App Store app store.

How to connect a printer to the phone via USB cable.

Download a special program for controlling the printer on a smartphone. The most famous. Printershare.

Connect the smartphone to the printer via USB. Perhaps to receive a Type-A standard on the cable, you will need an adapter: OTG Cabble.

Launch Printershare and select the model of your printer in the settings.

Then, through Printershare, select the desired file (photo, email, documents, web pages, contacts, messages) and send it to print.

How to print from iPhone to home printer

In order to print files with iPhone, your office or home printer must support Airprint technology. This is Wi-Fi connection with your printer. Not all modern printers support her.

If your printer does not have such a technology, then you can connect the iPhone to the printer via Google Cloud Print.

Or download the company’s company from the App Store from the manufacturer of your printer. And send documents for printing from him.

How to Print from an Android Phone or Tablet