How to print a document from a computer to a printer. Standard views of pictures

Rules for printing documents on a printer

Printing is one of the simplest processes associated with computer technology. However, he also fraught with a lot of interesting surprises, which even experienced users do not know about. We are ready to reveal some of them.

Usually the user gains text in MS Word or a notebook from a computer (from a laptop). It is recommended to carry out the plan in two simple ways.

Before direct sending, it is recommended to pay attention to the preliminary viewing, the function of the same name of which is displayed along with the text on the right. Such settings may come in handy:

  • indicate the required number of copies;
  • highlighting a separate section of the text or pages for printing;
  • type (one.sided or bilateral printing);
  • orientation (book or album);
  • the necessary format (usually the A3, A4, A5);
  • Field sizes and other parameters.

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If all this is not done, then by default a document of A4 format with a book orientation in the amount of one copy is printed.

How to print PDF file

A text document can also be presented in a common PDF format. To open it, a free reading program from Adobe should be installed on the computer. If there is no one, then you can print by dragging the PDF file directly to the browser. Further, the “File”-“Print” commands already familiar to us. It remains to choose a printer and, if necessary, make the settings of the page range.

To derive the printing parameters relevant to the user, it will be enough to press the “properties” and choose the print quality, its color, and the layout is set up.

There are other features of printouts through the Adobe Reader program.

  • The covers can be printed through the “cover” window.
  • In the Quality tab there is an economical mode that helps reduce the consumption of toner. And to save paper, the Matthew. Type of Press You can choose the option “bilateral”. It remains only to click “Print”.

Printing immediately from the Internet

Often there is a situation when it is necessary to print the documents found on the Internet on the printer. Many can ask themselves: how to print a page from the Internet on a printer?

Although most instructions will remain the same, you should look at all the browsers popular today and understand this important undertaking.

  • Google Chrome. to transfer the information from the computer screen to the material form, just open the Google browser, find the desired document and click on three points in the upper right corner of the window. Then click “Print”, and the process will begin. If it doesn’t work out, you can use the combination of hot keys. Ctrl P. Then we select the necessary settings, our printer and click OK.
  • Opera: You can also print on a printer from a computer in this browser and with very fast access. The only difference from Google Chrome is that you need to look for not three points, but a gear that will open the settings. What to do next, I think, you should not explain.
  • Yandex: Since the browser for the most part of internal functionality is similar to Google Chrome, it will not be difficult to print the document. it is enough to apply exactly the same instructions.

I think it’s not worth it: in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (and now in Microsoft Edge), configuration and launch of the process are made according to absolutely similar rules, in browsers there are special images for the convenience of the user. Thanks to modern technologies, printing on the printer is performed quickly and easy.

Printing the document


Open the document or file you want to print. Here we will consider Libreoffice Writer, analogue of Microsoft Word. Above the toolbar can be icons

Before sending the document to print, it is recommended to pre.view. You need to make sure everything is printed correctly.

You can start pre.viewing

and choosing the appropriate item.

How to highlight the text and print it?

Select the desired fragment of the text and click Ctrl P (more about key combinations) send it to print. Take your time, just pay attention to the settings. Instead of “print all the pages”, select “Print the Select” and now feel free to send the document to the printer.

General.purpose combinations

Keyboard shortcut Action
Win or Ctrl Esc Open / Close the starting menu
Victory b Select the first icon in the field of notifications (below on the right)
Victory d Go to the desktop (curtail / restore all windows)
Victory F1 Open Windows certificate
Victory e Launch “conductor”
Win R Launch the command window to execute
Victory l Blok the workplace
Victory q Opening a search panel for installed programs
Victory W Search for system parameters
Pause Victory / Pause Opening the window “System”
Victory f Outdoing the file search window
Victory Ctrl F Opens a computer search window
F6 or Tab Go between the panels
Ctrl z Cancel the last action
Alt Enter Go to full.screen mode and vice versa
Ctrl Mi Run the search panel
Ctrl f Launch the search panel service
Transfer Blocks automatic launch of the CD
Shift F10 Call the context menu
Screenshot Place the screenshot of the entire screen in the clipboard
Alt Print Screen Place a picture of an active window in the exchange buffer
Alt F4 Close the active window
Alt Supreme Opening of the window system menu
Alt Shift Language change
Ctrl h Calling the window “History”
Ctrl Alt Del Open Windows lock screen
Ctrl r Open the registry window
Alt r Start / stop the record
Ctrl W Close the current window
Ctrl Wheel of the mouse Changing the size and appearance of the icons of files and folders
F11 Go to full.screen / normal mode

Working with a document and editing text

When you run Microsoft Word, you will see a working space in front of you, similar to a clean sheet of paper. A set of text and editing will take place here.

As a rule, inexperienced users, seeing a clean sheet and many different buttons in front of them, do not understand what they need to do. They are even more lost for the keyboard, because they do not know which buttons to press.

However, in fact, there is nothing complicated here. You just need to understand this well, and it will not be difficult for you to learn how to type text on a computer. If necessary, you can find a special video in which the process of typing in all details is shown online.

You just need to repeat everything and remember everything. So it will be easier for you to work not only in the Microsoft Office Word editor, but also in others, where a similar principle is used.

At first you will print slowly and often with errors, but do not stop, continue to practice. Over time, you can fix the acquired skill and bring it to perfection.

Preservation of the text

So you have created a new document. Now you can immediately save it. This is done using a button located in the upper left corner. When pressing it, a menu will open on it in which you need to find the “Save” item, click on it and select the desired format, for example, the Word document.

Then you will see a window with several options to choose:

  • where to save the file (for quick search it is better to choose Desktop);
  • How to name the file (come up with a name for a new document);
  • file format (you don’t need to change anything here).

By making a choice in each of the fields, you can click the “Save” button. After that, the document will appear on the work table of your computer.

Now you can perform various operations with them: drag them to a USB flash drive or send them by e.mail. You can also resume work or completely remove it from your computer.

I want to give useful advice: when printing a large document, keep it more often. So you will not lose the already typed text in case of unforeseen situations.

Printing document on the printer

Sometimes after typing, it becomes necessary to print a document. For this, you naturally need a printer. If you already have it, you need to make sure that it is connected to your computer and correctly configured.

If this was done, you need to take a few simple steps. Before sending the document to print, make sure that the printer is included and there are enough paper in it. Next, we do the following:

  • Find a document you want to print and open it.
  • Click the button in the upper left corner that opens the menu and select the “print” in it, then press the “print” again.
  • A window with many settings will appear in front of you, but do not be afraid, there is nothing complicated in them.
  • At this stage, you will have the opportunity to choose a printer if several printers, the number of copies of the document, paper size and other parameters are connected to the computer.
  • If you do not need to change any special settings, you can leave everything by default and immediately click.

Then the printing process will begin, and literally in a minute your document in the text format will be at your hand. In the same way, you can print all other files, following the algorithm given above.

Copying a text file on a flash drive

If you have learned to type text on a computer, it will not be difficult for you to transfer it to a USB flash drive:

  • First of all, make sure that the USB drive is inserted into the USB connector.
  • Look at the desktop. there should be the “My computer” icon, on which you need to click twice.
  • When the window opens, find the “removable disk” and click on it twice.
  • Now go to the folder in which you saved the generated text file. In our case, this is a “desktop”. Click the document with the right mouse button, then in the menu that opens, select “Copy”.
  • Now go to the “removable disk” again, click with the right mouse button anywhere and select “insert”.
  • After that, the copy process will begin and soon the document will appear on the flash drive.

It may seem to many that learning to work on a computer is very simple. However, this is not for everyone. There are also people who do not know the most elementary things. Unable to type text on a computer, it is very difficult not only to receive the necessary information from the Internet, but also to communicate with other people. Therefore, those who have a problem with this need to urgently solve it.

In fact, learning to print text on a computer is not so difficult. Difficulties arise only at the first stage, when a person sees a lot of new things in front of himself and is lost, not knowing what to do to him. But it will be easier for you to master this science if you learn to type text not yourself, but with a more experienced user. Then he will be able to tell you if you have difficulties and will help you quickly learn how to print.

Network connection

Regardless of whether the printer was connected to the network via Wi-Fi, as described above, through another computer or directly using the connecting cable to the Ethernet connector, now you need to connect to it and install special software (driver) for proper operation. There are several ways to establish a connection.

    Find the printing device on the network. To do this, open “My computer”, on the left below we find the link “Network”. If the printer is connected directly to the network (via Wi-Fi or patch cable), click the link, and when using another network PC, open the list with the triangle. We connect through the right click and the context menu, we agree to install the drivers.

How to send several Word files for printing

This is not the most common printing method, but still in my practice there was a case when it was urgent to print several files at once. It doesn’t matter in what orientation whether the text is formatted or not, the documents had to be shown in the form of drafts.

Opening each file and sending a print document took a lot of time. There is another faster way.

  • Choose the Word documents that we want to print.
  • Click the selected files with the right mouse button.
  • Choosing the item “Print”.

How to print a document in Word

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In this article you will learn how to print a document in Word, the main textual processor of Microsoft.

  • The default printer. If you want, choose another printer in the opening menu.
  • The number of copies. The default value is 1. Increase this number to print more copies.
  • What pages do you need to print. By default, all pages of the document are printed, but you can print only the current page, a highlighted fragment, individual pages, only odd or only even pages.
  • Paper size.
  • Number of pages on the sheet.
  • Page orientation. Select “Book” (vertical) or “album” (horizontal).
  • Fields. Adjust the upper, lower, left and right fields using special arrows or by entering numbers into the corresponding fields.

Press the seal or ok. The exact wording will depend on the version used. The document will be printed on the selected printer.

How to print a document

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From this article you will learn how to print a document on a computer running Windows or Mac OS X. To do this, you need to connect the printer to the computer, and then configure.

Go to the tab share. It is located in the upper left corner of the window. The “Share” toolbar opens.

  • Orientation: indicate how to arrange a document (vertically or horizontally);
  • Color: select between black and white and color seal (color ink is needed for it);
  • Number of sides: select between one.sided (on one side of the paper) and bilateral (on both sides of the paper) seal.

Make sure the printer is connected to the computer and enabled. If the printer is connected to a wireless network, make sure that the computer is connected to the same network; Otherwise, connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable.

Indicate the number of copies. Select the number in the “copy” field, and then set the number of copies that you want to print.

  • Pages: Select the pages that will be printed. If you select the “Everything” option, the entire document will be printed;
  • Size: Select the size of the paper to adjust the size of the fields of the document;
  • Orientation: indicate how to arrange a document (vertically or horizontally);
  • Number of sides: select between one.sided (on one side of the paper) and bilateral (on both sides of the paper) seal.

How to print text from a computer on a printer

All modern document management is based on the use of office equipment. Printer is the most popular device from this category that can print text files, images and photos. Equipment often needs to be configured and correct parameters. This is necessary so that the print quality is at a good level,

Before printing the text from the computer on the printer, it must be configured. Just buy and connect it will not be enough. The quality of the document at the output can be unsatisfactory. All necessary programs are delivered with the device. Manufacturers try to simplify the process of setting up equipment as much as possible, so any user will be able to cope with it. The printout will turn out to be the right quality when the device is correctly connected to the computer, the correct installation of drivers and set up the output of the document.

Printer connection to a computer

At the moment, you can use several options for connecting to printing equipment. For example, you can send for printing from a phone via Bluetooth, connect to the device remotely via the Internet. The easiest way is to directly to PC via USB cable. The connection is carried out as follows:

  • Turn on PC and wait for the full load.
  • Insert the network cord into the outlet, and USB cable into the computer.
  • The operating system will detect a new device and begin to prepare for the use of equipment.
  • A notification should appear that the device is installed, ready to work.
  • As a rule, the OS automatically installs drivers, but it is better to carry out installation from the disk. Software and carrier are included.

Installation of the driver

This is the most important software component that is responsible for the correct operation of the equipment on the computer. As a rule, the disk should be in the box with the device. On some of the latest PC models, there is no drive for CD. In such cases, download drivers from the official website, choosing the necessary equipment model. If the drive is present, then you need to insert a disk into it, and the software installation will begin automatically. If this does not happen, then you need to:

  • open “my computer”;
  • click on the CD-ROM;
  • Find an application with exe extension;
  • run it, follow the instructions.

Printer setup

The printing of the text will be of high quality only with the correct setting of the device. Manufacturers made the calibration process as simple as possible so that any user can deal with it. The installation master will offer you a few steps in which you will need to specify the parameters. After that, it will be proposed to print a trial page so that you can make sure that the ink is not smeared on paper, check if it is supplied to the drum, and others.

The main parameters of the printer

All basic settings are already carried out directly on time to send the document for printing, but the device has two main points that affect the final result:

  • Quality. By default, the “standard” parameter will stand, but in cases where the equipment is old or the paint ends, you can set the “high”. This will increase the clarity of the text.
  • Shades of gray. This is another way that increases clarity. This is especially true if you need to print a scanned document.

Both of these parameters are set in the menu panel in the “Home” tab. The item “Service” may also be useful. From it you can check the printing sockets, if necessary, clean the videos, pallet, select the “silent” operating mode. These properties can be very useful at the stage of preparation for printing. After all the settings, you can begin to output the text.

How to print on a printer from a computer

There are several ways to send a print file for a print printer. To do this, you can use a Windows notebook or a popular Word program. They have functionality, which provides an opportunity to print a document. If you use a text editor, then:

Another way to print a document on a printer is a combination of hot keys. While in a text editor, click the Ctrl P buttons at the same time. This will allow you to make a printout without using the upper menu items. All attitudes and properties will fully match. These hot keys will help to send if necessary to print and pages on the Internet.

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Before printing a text from a computer on a printer, you need to check how the future page will look like. This function is called “preliminary viewing”. In modern versions of Word, it turns on automatically when Ctrl P is pressed. In the window on the right, the page and the location of the text on it will be displayed. This will help to evaluate how many sheets of paper will be required to print a document.

Printing the text

Before printing your text from a computer on a printer, you need to correctly set the basic conclusion rules. There is a certain set of properties that is required to fill out:

  • The number of copies of the document. If you need to display 2-3 pages, then you can set it in parameters.
  • You can specify the areas that you need to print. This may be the current part of the file, the range or individual pages of the document (entered through a comma).
  • Type of print (one.sided, bilateral).
  • Album or book orientation of the text.
  • Some devices models provide opportunities to print text in A3 format, but A5, A4 are used standardly.
  • Parameters, field dimensions.

If you do not additionally set the parameters, then you can print the file with the default settings. It will turn out the text of the A4 format with a book orientation in one copy. If the document has more than one page, then everything will be printed from the first according to the latter. In cases with a large number of sheets, this can be superfluous, which will lead to the overspending of paper and ink.

Print options

You can go to a copy center, where its employees will qualitatively print the desired document to you, but you will have to pay for this service. You can do otherwise, abandoning extraneous services, and heading to friends, friends or work. The main thing is that a printer is installed there.

Now that you have a document and you are next to the printer, you have to take a few last actions to achieve the identified plans. You can solve such a technical problem in two ways that differ from a friend from a friend in that in the first case the use of a computer is provided, and in the second only a printer is used.

Using a computer

If you decide to take advantage of the first way how to print the text prepared in advance from the flash drive when it is connected to another computer, then you are unlikely to experience any difficulties.

The process will be as accurate as if a printing device had been connected to your PC.

First connect the removable drive to the computer. As soon as it displays on the screen, open it, find among all the documents located there the file that is so important for you to print.

Click on this file to open it. Now you can look at it again, then click on the “Print” item located in the menu. If it is important to immediately print several copies or certain pages, then you should first add settings in the printing window.

On this, all actions aimed at solving the technical problem related to the seal of the document are completed.

Direct connection

Currently, many users have already managed to purchase new generation printers, especially such updated devices are installed in institutions. Given this, you can completely do without connecting a removable drive to a computer.

In the presence of such a modern printer, printing is carried out directly from the flash drive. To do this, familiarize yourself with the recommendations of how to print from a flash drive on a printer, and you will understand that this is also simple.

By the way, it can be not only a printer, but also a multifunctional device that performs the functions of scanning, photocopying and printing.

On a printing device, find a USB separation, insert your flash drive into it. On the device panel, select the document that you need to print, then specify how many copies you need to get.

If the printing device has the ability to carry out color printing, you will also need to indicate how the document should be printed, in the color version or black and white. It remains to agree with all the settings you have made by you, and the device will instantly begin to print.

So, the process of printing prepared documents, subsequently saved on a removable medium, is not accompanied by special difficulties, if we study the recommendations and understand all technical nuances.

How to print on both sides of a sheet

Not every printer supports the function of automatic printing on both sides, but in some models this service is available. If your device has this possibility, then just install a tick in front of the option in front of the option.

In the case when the printer does not involve print on both sides, you have to turn the sheets with your hands. It is important not to make a mistake here and properly position the paper so as not to apply the text on top of the side where it is already available.

If you need to print a large number of pages on both sides, turning each sheet will be problematic. Then use the print settings, where first indicate the seal of odd pages, then turn the stack of sheets and print even. It is better to check first first, printing a couple of pages, whether you insert the paper correctly, because it will sadly see how the printer began not to print on both sides, but to apply the text on top of the previous one. On the monitor screen you will see the instructions what position of the paper will be correct.

Image printout

In any graphic editor, there is the possibility of printing photos or pictures. You need to act on the same principle as when printing the text. The setting involves editing the size, the ability to propagate the image to the desired amount or print of several different pictures on one sheet.

In the same way, you can print the tables of Microsoft Excel, the text of the website. Browser file also involves the availability of printing services.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in working with the printer. The most important thing is to configure everything correctly for the correct operation and carry out the maintenance of the device in time.