How to pay Apple music in sanctions. Why Apple Pay may not work in Russia

told how to pay for purchases in the App Store in the conditions of sanctions

Since March 10, they will not be able to pay for purchases in the App Store store using a bank card. However, there are options for transferring money for your subscriptions and paid applications. You can directly replenish the Apple ID balance from the card, which was previously attached to this account. This is recommended now, while the company accepts banks, the press service of Alfa-Bank said.

As noted in a credit institution, they can also pay orders through the mobile account of their phone.

How to change the payment method in the App Store?

First of all, you need to go to the settings, then click on your name, select the subparagraph “payment and delivery” there and add a new payment method, indicating the phone number from which the money will be written off for purchases.

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MTS mobile operators, Beeline and Megafon also added instructions for buying applications in other online stores, in Google Play and Huawei Gallery.

How to change the payment method in Google Play?

Also go to the settings, then to the section “Payments and Subscriptions” and choose a new payment method there by entering the phone number.

How to change the payment method in Huawei Gallery?

Google services do not work on some Huawei devices, so the owners of such gadgets use a separate online store. The scheme of action is the same. First settings, then “payments and subscriptions”, then the item “Mobile Payment”.

A confirming message with the code will come to the phone number that will be indicated in the payment method. It will need to be added to a special window. They will not be able to use this service if they have a corporate number. It is forbidden to pay for purchases from such numbers.

There may be a limit for payment on a mobile account. You can remove it through the application of your mobile operator or on the official website.

On March 2, Apple announced the restriction of work in the Apple Pay payment system, which allows you to pay for purchases using iPhone or smart watches. This happened after the start of a military operation in Ukraine.

Apple Pay no longer works. We tell you how now to buy applications in the App Store and pay for Apple Music

Since March 10, the Google Pay and Apple Pay cashless payment services have ceased to work with Visa and Mastercard cards (previously named payment systems reported to suspend their activities in the Central Bank that MIR PAY mobile payment service has been working with the smartphone with the help of a smartphone. However, we note that it is available only for Android phones and for Mir cards.

In applications downloaded from the App Store, payment, most likely, will not pass either. So, some users have already encountered the problem of paying for the subscription to the music service Apple Music.

Others express indignation and hope for alternative access to music.

“Sitting with an empty refrigerator is still wherever I went, but without music I [go crazy]”

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In telegram channels, memos on alternative extension of subscriptions to applications from the App Store and Apple Music have already appeared. The first (and guaranteed) option is to replenish the score in advance, before the support of cards are turned off. Alas, this method worked only before. Option number two. replenish the account by phone number. To do this, in the iPhone settings you need to click in your name and item “Payment and delivery”. Then. “Add the payment method” and “Mobile phone”. The third, most non.obvious way is to purchase gift certificates from retailers to pay for the App Store in the region. However, whether they will work after is a big question.

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If you replenish the account by the phone number, there is a chance that the subscriptions from the App Store can be paid again

How to pay through Apple Pay if the bank is under sanctions

Officially use Apple Pay since March 2022. However, in a few months, users came up with a method that allows you to get around the blocking. but it only works with the cards of the payment system of the world that had previously been added to the official Wallet application. Its performance is also confirmed only with Tinkoff bank.

The essence of the method is to prevent the Apple signal from the Apple server on the suspension of working with a bank card to your iPhone. This is done by blocking the DNS server of an American company.

  • First of all, you need to create a file in which the address of the blocked Apple server will be indicated.
  • We go to the site of the online notebook 2 and create a new note with the text, in the field “Title” you can write any word.
  • Then, in the menu, select the “backup” item and save the archive with the file on the smartphone. Next, it needs to be unpacked.
  • After you need to transfer your iPhone on the official website of the Apple 3. Before that, be sure to make sure that you remember the login and password from your Apple account!
  • After successful unlocking the “lost” iPhone, you will have several hours to block the apple check to the maps that remained in Wallet.
  • Then you need to install DNSCloak from the AppStore. In it, in the Blacklist and Whitelists menu, we indicate earlier a downloaded file with the address of the Apple server.
  • In the main menu of the program in the “Search” field, we collect the “Yandex” request to connect this DNS server. After you need to confirm the choice and enable the “Connect on Demand” option.
  • Now the Apple check server will not be able to find out that your MIR card is activated. You can use Apple Pay. To turn off the method, it is enough to delete the DNSCloak program.

Of course, that the above method cannot be called a full.fledged method of solving the problem with the non.working in Apple Pay. Bank cards of the world activated in the iPhone before the introduction of Apple sanctions have far from everyone.

It is possible that soon the AppStore will appear Sberpay and the Pay world with the ability to make contactless payment without manipulations with Apple DNS servers. This is one of the real alternatives while blocking banks in Apple Pay.

Is it possible to use Apple Pay in case of blocking it in

Most likely, it will be impossible. It is likely that there will be some semi-legal ways of bypassing Apple Pay sanctions, but it will be dangerous to use them financially and illegally.

Perhaps the safest method will be tied a foreign card of a bank unlotted in Apple Pay. But in this case, you need to find the owner of the card that you completely trust. But this option will not work if you try to pay through the terminal, which is connected to the bank blocked in Apple Pay.

There is Apple Pay will be blocked, the client will not lose money. If everything is simplified, then Apple Pay is a kind of virtual copy of the physical bank card. Even if all smartphones are completely banned in, then money from your card will not go anywhere. But for payment, you always have to use the card itself, not a smartphone or smart watch.

Apple Pay supports most banks around the world that use Visa, MasterCard or the world. The user is not prohibited from using cards that were issued in other countries. A full list of supported banks is posted on Apple 4.

Iranian experience inpass the restrictions of Apple

Not the first country that falls under Apple restrictions. So, in 2018, the inhabitants of Iran were faced with much more serious problems. the entire App Store simply blocked in their country. At the same time, in an Islamic country, it was officially impossible to buy products of an American company.

Nevertheless, Apple users began to bypass restrictions using private virtual networks (VPN). Even accounts in which Iran was indicated as the main Apple ID region worked with this technology.

According to data in this republic, almost 70% of the population has smartphones. this is about 57 million people 3 people. Over time, in the country, their analogues of all large applications appeared. Cloob instead of. SnApp instead of Uber and even its own CAFE BAZAAR app store (though only for Android smartphones). Iran’s practice shows that it is extremely difficult to stay in digital blockade in the XXI century.

Popular questions and answers

The head of the IOS reference of 65Apps Vladimir Shutov answered the main issues related to the possible blocking of applications in the AppStore.

Is it possible to use applications that are already deleted from the AppStore?

If Apple fully or partially blocks access to applications, to functionality or to the AppStore, restrictions will not go out even by turning off the auto.renewal, the shift of the region in the settings or VPN. Apple will be able to force the devices forcibly, if necessary.

When blocking the AppStore iPhone, of course, will perform the main function of the phone, but only those applications that have already been installed on the device by the time of blocking will be used. Downloading and updating applications will not be available. Purely theoretically. this is possible.

Also, when blocking the AppStore, mobile applications for iOS will not be able to create new products and produce updates for existing applications. But in general, the development scenario with the block of the functionality of the AppStore or iOS is unlikely.

Is it possible to put a application on the iPhone?

Even if there are problems with access to the AppStore, there are many unofficial IOS app stores that are not approved by Apple itself. This is quite risky-the user can get a couple or two of the viruses in the kit with the application, since such tables do not check the placed products. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning the existence of such an option for downloading the desired application, but only in extreme cases.

Using a QIWI pitch

Since May 6, 2022, this method no longer works.

This method also remains relevant, however, it is more timely. Before paying, the QIWI wallet must be subsped to public services. This is done in order to obtain the status of “Basic” in the QIWI payment system, which allows you to pay in favor of Apple.

If your wallet already has the status of “basic” and you have passed the personality check, then in this case it is necessary to act in the following order:

  • We purchase a code to replenish the balance of the App Store and iTunes on the QIWI website. This is done here.
  • Enter your phone number. We are waiting for SMS. In it, the code of the voucher replenishment.
  • We go to the iPhone in Apple Music. Click on the profile picture (upper angle on the right). Click use a gift card or code. Enter data.

After that, you can also pay or extend your Apple Music subscription.

Using a phone number

Works with interruptions, but so far relevant.

This method still continues to be a worker, but from May 11 it is only suitable for owners of SIM cards of MTS and Beeline. The possibility of payment from a mobile account from Megaphone, Yota and Tele2 is disabled.

In order to tie your phone balance, you need:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Next in Apple ID (from above).
  • Go to the payment and delivery point and select a mobile phone.
  • Enter the phone number and confirm it by SMS;
  • Draf this method of payment to the very top (above the cards).

Everything, now you can pay for Apple Music subscription using your mobile phone account.

If you have another mobile operator, you can try to tie the number, but most likely nothing will work.

Payment of Apple Services using a Gift Card of the App Store or iTunes

You can purchase a card from one of the official apple sellers.

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  • To activate it, you must enter the App Store or Apple Music.
  • In the upper right corner there is an entrance entry, we find “use (extinguish) a gift card or code”. You can apply the camera or enter the value manually.
  • After you confirm the actions, the contributed amount will appear on your Apple ID account.

Payment using a foreign bank card

If you have a bank card issued abroad, then there is no need to look for alternative payment methods. The maps of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey are popular with the popularity of.

How to Fix ‘Your Payment Method Was Declined’ Error in Your iPhone ? [ 100% Solved ]

Since March 2022, the requirements for the documents necessary for opening an account with documents have significantly increased. At the moment, almost nowhere can you do it remotely.

You can get and draw up a bank card of Kazakhstan remotely with delivery in. Details see the telegram of the HTTPS: // T television.Me/Visamastercardrussia.

How to pay for subscriptions after sanctions on iPhone

The beginning of events in Ukraine caused a sharp negative reaction of the West, which fell to a powerful sanctions rink. The American digital giant. Apple has stopped supporting users, and blocked their access to applications via App Store. Because of this, fans of apple gadgets have lost access to their favorite digital store and news available there. Subscriptions and extension of which are currently inaccessible and the extension of. Is it possible to circumvent sanctions on your iPhone and pay for the desired subscriptions? We will tell in our material.

As you know, in connection with the start of events in Ukraine, a number of economic sanctions were introduced against Western countries against March 10, 2022, the Visa and MasterCard payment systems announced a temporary termination of work in the market. On March 24, Apple disconnected the binding of cards of the Mir Pays Pays to “Apple Pay”, depriving owners of these cards with the opportunity to buy (extend) subscriptions.

Owners of apple smartphones were massively emigrated to pay for subscriptions using QIWI wallets, but on May 6, Apple stopped receiving payments from these wallets.

The owners of the iPhone have the only way. payment through a mobile phone. If payments were originally accepted from all domestic mobile operators, then by early May 2022 payments from the operators “Megafon”, “Yota” and “Tele2” were ceased to be accepted. On the date of writing this material (09.06.2022) payments from Beeline and MTS operators are available with various interruptions.

Lack of payment of Apple subscriptions automatically entails their shutdown from thousands of users. Apple automatically transfers users to a free tariff from 5 GB of storage in the cloud service of ICLUD, the functionality of other paid subscriptions and services will be completely unavailable.

Accordingly, there is a need to find alternative ways to make paid subscriptions on the App Store. Let’s look at how the state of June 2022 can pay for popular subscriptions from Apple. music, applications, cloud, games and others.

Pay the App Store Subscriptions from the mobile number

The remaining real way, allowing to pay for subscriptions after imposed sanctions on the iPhone, is a way to pay through mobile numbers of MTS and Beeline operators and Beeline. Payment from these mobile operators, although interrupted, works.

To select this payment method, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone;
  • Tap your last name and name (account “Apple id”);
  • Next, select “Payment and Delivery”;

Change the region of our Apple ID to Turkish

Open Apple ID, select the section “Content and purchases”

“Change the country or region”, then select Turkey on the list and accept the agreement

After you will have a window indicating the payment method and address. In payment methods, select None. Fill in the address as follows. Index: 34379, city: Izmir, street: Lenina.

After that, go to the App Store and make sure that the region is changed. Understand this is easy. the Interais will partially translate into English. Plus you will have games and applications that are not in the App Store. For example, Diablo Immortal or Grand Theft Auto.

After that, we need to replenish the Apple ID balance with Turkish lira.

We replenish the account of the Turkish Apple ID from a bank card

To do this, I advise using the Podpiska service, it makes it possible to purchase gift cards with a face value of 50 or 100 Turkish lire using a bank card. Order with the code replenish the Apple account will come to you by mail.

By promotional code PDGRKN10, get a 10% discount for the purchase of a gift card.

By the way, so you can pay yourself not only Apple Music, but also YouTube Premium.

for the most popular subscriptions in the Turkish App Store are these:

ICLOUD 200 GB. 19.99 lire/month, 2 TB. 64.99 lire/month

And it turns out very profitable. For example, if you buy a gift card for 100 lire for 584 rubles (taking into account the discount on the promotional code), you will receive as many as 5 months Apple Music for 116 per month. Continuous advantages.

In general, take a discount and use your health. Now about how to activate the Apple gift card.

Inaccessible App Store: How to Pay Subscriptions for the iPhone now

Since March 10, it has become inaccessible to pay for purchases on Visa and MasterCard cards in the foreign App Store. Together with him, the opportunity to pay Apple Music and ICLOD tariffs disappeared. But this does not mean that the Apple store has become completely inaccessible to residents tell how to pay for subscriptions and applications for the iPhone even in the conditions of sanctions.

The App Store is a platform for buying applications on Apple smartphones. On March 1, the company stopped sales of its products in the territory and recently limited the work of its payment service Apple Pay. In turn, the Central Bank warned that purchases on cards in the App Store would not be for and advised to put money in advance on the Apple ID account and bind the phone number to the account.

How to save paid subscriptions and the possibility of purchases in the App Store:

one. Buy in one of the stores Re: Store ITUNES and App Store Gift cards, which you can use at any time to replenish the account through a special Apple ID code. However, it must be remembered that soon Apple stores can close.

Bind a card of any bank of the Mir payment system to your account.

You can replenish the account directly from the card, if it still works, since the shutdown does not occur at the same time at all. To do this, go to the App Store, in the upper right corner, press the icon of your profile, find the button “replenish the Apple ID account”, select the face value 1000, 1500, 3000 or enter your amount by clicking on “Other”.

four. You can replenish the balance on Apple ID through the application of a mobile bank. In the “Payments” section, click “App Store” and select the provider “App Store iTunes”. Then you need to indicate the amount of the replenishment and your phone number to which the activation code will come.

You can pay for iPhone applications not only through the card, but also through the phone number. Mobile numbers of Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Yota operators are supported. To do this, in the App Store settings, you need to tie your phone number instead of a card.

If you want to return the money

Due to the blocking of Apple services, some wanted to return the money from the Apple ID account. However, at the moment it is impossible. An alternative may be a refund for some subscriptions and applications, books, music and other purchases.

To do this, go from browser to the website Reportaproblem.Apple.COM and complete the entrance, then click “I need”, then select “Request compensation”. After you need to indicate the reason for the return of funds and click “Next”. Then choose an application, subscription or other purchase and click “Send”.