How to Pay Apple Music Bonuses Thank You

Any loyalty program is launched to work more effectively with the audience by bank transfer, to attract new customers and encourage regular ones. It enables participants to accumulate “virtual money” on a special account for purchases and participation in promotions (calculated from the amount by which the client made a purchase or paid for the service from the “partners” of the bank).

Or exchange for discounts up to 99%:

  • to pay for hotels, for air and train tickets;
  • to attend concerts, performances and other events.

How to Pay Apple Music Bonuses Thank You

New Promotion

Since June 4, 2017, a new offer from Sberbank Thank you has been in force. Apple Music. Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and PC. Program participants can now receive in exchange for 169 rubles (price for one subscriber):

  1. Month of subscription if the user is already registered in the service.
  2. Ninety days, for those who register for the first time.

Useful! DFor comparison, a Google Play subscription costs one hundred and eighty-nine rubles.

Or save money and use other options of a paid subscription (for a month in rubles):

  1. Student. seventy-five, for college students and for university students. The preferential price is valid for four years, after which the tariff will change to “individual”.
  2. Family. two hundred sixty nine, for six users. You must ask the organizer to invite him to the appropriate family group in order to join an existing one.

After the trial period, the subscription is renewed automatically, but only with an individual subscription. The code expires on January 4, 2018.

Reference! New information appeared in the menu – You can purchase an annual subscription worth 1,690 rubles., The amount is equivalent to a fee for ten months, that is, it turns out, 60 days of service for free.

New service

The world’s fastest growing subscription service, Apple Music, is some merging of applications:

  • music“;
  • service;
  • Spotify
  • Internet radio
  • music social network.

World of entertainment

For your information! Mediateka – A fund of manuals, books, paid and free licenseds, sound recordings, computer presentations, teaching aids and training. As well as technical support for creating and viewing.

Unique features

Connect brings together artists and their fans. Musicians got the opportunity to share new materials with the audience, fans, in turn, have access to reliable information first hand and can respond to it with likes. Plus, you can create your own playlists (a selection of and audio content for playback using a player or radio) and share with friends.

Interesting! Apple Music is a rather voluminous project, which includes the Beats 1 radio station. All musical compositions, directions, genres and styles played on the air are selected by leading experts in the field of music: Pharrell Lanscilo Williams, Elton Hercules John, Drake, Dr. Dre and others.

Smart technology

At the first launch, Apple Music will offer to note preferences, indicating artists and genres. In the future, the system will track your favorite tracks, memorize tastes and adapt to them, and all thanks to Siri. This is a personal voice assistant with artificial intelligence that uses speech processing to answer questions and give recommendations. Each user adapts individually.

Step-by-step instruction

It’s important to know! After activating the promotional code, you will need to register using certain conditions of the agreement between Apple and the user.

All that remains is to update iOS on your device or iTunes on your computer. This is the future that has come. Fifty million songs, you can listen to without ads. There is no longer any need to sort through torrents in search of an album that might not be pleasant at all. All music is broadcast with a 256-kbt bi-track in AAC format.