How to Overlay Video On Video On Android

How to Overlay On On Android

Using a smartphone, you can not only shoots, but also edit finisheds using special editing applications.

If you want to share the with your friends or post it to Instagram or at Youtube, then before downloading it must be prepared. For example, make color correction, trim the beginning or end, replace the audio track. Next, we will tell you how to put music on a on an android and what applications will be needed for this.

Applications for overlaying music on. Inshot

Inshot Is a full-fledged editor for photos ands on Android. The application is free and supports almost all popular file formats. Via Inshot You can replace the audio track, add special effects, text, stickers to the, and even trim the. Application supports HD-resolution and features for quick export ofs to social networks.


Androvid Is a multi-functional editor with many built-in tools. Using the application, you can create slide shows on your smartphone, crop and paste the, add text, music and other effects. Androvid supports functions for quick compression, as well as converting finished files to MP3 tracks.


Lomotif Is a free editor for easy editing. With the application, you can quickly overlay music on a. For this in Lomotif integrated library with 30 second excerpts of songs from iTunes. Among other features are tools for automatically creating clips froms stored in the gallery, as well as a library with filters, animations and other effects.

How to overlay music on a

Using the applications described above, you can easily replace the audio track and put music on the already captured without any problems. In this manual, we will tell you how to do this using the application. Inshot, but you can use any other editor. Instruction:

Step 1. Run Inshot and on the main screen, tap “Create a new”. After that, select the desired from the gallery.

Step 2. The application will offer to immediately trim the. Do this or refuse to immediately go to a full-fledged editor.

Step 3. Click on the button “Music”, to overlay a new audio track on the. And in the list that opens, switch between sections “Recommended” (use library with tracks) and “My music” (use audio from the device).

Step 4. Select the desired track and press “Use”. If necessary, you can preview it right during editing.

Step 5. After that, you can move the audio track through the, adjust the volume, add additional tracks, change other parameters. To switch to audio editing mode, simply click on the desired track.

Step 6. If necessary, you can impose additional effects, filters on the. Click on the button “Save” in the upper right corner, and then select the quality to save the edited version of the in the device’s memory.

This completes the process of replacing the audio track. You can share the resulting directly through the application with friends or publish on social networks.

In this article we will tell you how to easily and quickly overlay in popular editors. They work with recordings of almost any format, they have excellent conversion capabilities, they have menus in Russian and, importantly, low system requirements. With these programs, you can either mount the clip by adding various effects, or edit the finished one, perform color correction, audio mixing, scaling, add a logo or arbitrary text.

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How to overlay one on a second in Movavi Suite?. Program features

This application is popular among experienced users and beginners, primarily due to its intuitive interface and a large set of necessary processing tools. Here you can quickly create slide shows, clips, capture an image from a screen or camera, and even immediately upload your amateur recording to social networks. To get started, start the program from the shortcut and select “Threaded”.

Select and download files

The mode screen appears. The main part of the pasteboard is occupied by the preview window, under it is the timeline, on the right side is the panel where the list of fragments will be displayed. At the very bottom of the screen are markers, buttons for playback control, cropping and deleting. To select and insert a into the project, click on the “Open file” button.


The slicing process is very simple. Using markers, you need to set the beginning and end of the fragment to be cut. You can get many different parts from one clip. News will immediately appear on the panel, and by clicking the “Save” button, the files will be created in the folder where the main is.

Adding a new file and fragments

To create a clip from the received parts, you need to add them to a new project. We go into the editing mode and click the “Add Files” button (shown in the screenshot). In the explorer, select several fragments (if you wish, you can import pictures, music) and they will immediately appear at the bottom of the screen on the timeline.


To save a new clip in avi, mp4, wmv, etc. Format, click on the button in the lower right corner. A window with export settings will appear. Here you can choose the appropriate format, audio codec, as well as choose a template for optimal display on a smartphone or TV. To start coding, click “Start” and wait for the process to complete.

Insert one into another in the Editor. Program benefits

The MONTAGE application has an intuitive menu, a huge selection of effects, transitions and modes. It will allow you to resize, adjust the image, overlay the image in the, convert to almost any format, add a title track or background music. However, there is no recording functionality. After downloading and installing, you need to run the shortcut. The start menu will open, as shown in the screenshot. It allows you to choose one of several actions. Create a new project, open an existing one, etc.

Mode selection and import

First you need to add a from which individual parts will be cut out later. Click “File” and indicate the path to it. Now click on the “Cut” menu. A new window appears, the main space in which is the preview area. Below it is a button for downloading a file (shown on the screen).

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The main window of the slicing mode opens. A list of fragments is located on the right side of the screen, and a playback and editing panel at the bottom. First of all, you need to use the markers to set the start and end times of the fragment. Next, just click the “New fragment” button and the selected segment will be added to the list. In the same way, you can trim the, getting any number of new fragments.

Adding received fragments

Now, from severals, you can compose a new by combining the parts together, changing their sequence, adding news and photos. To add, you need to create a new project, click on the “Add” menu and in the explorer find and select all the suitable files. Then they will appear on the scale below, where you can change their sequence, apply effects, set up a smooth transition, adjust the transparency of the track, etc.


It will remain to save all changes. Select the “Create” panel. Here you can choose the format, codec, image quality, approximate size of the new file. Click the “Create” button and wait for the conversion to complete.

Now on the network you can find a large number of editing applications. The editors presented in this manual differ from others in their advanced functionality, many effects, and wide mount options for bloggers and ordinary people. For example, Suite from Movavi is equipped with a useful “picture-in-picture” function, which allows you to insert a or picture into a small box on the top roller. And with the help ofMounting, even a beginner can perform overlay. At the same time, the transition between the two clips can be done with effects. All you need is to follow the step by step instructions.

The desire to try yourself as a blogger arises among many users and owners of Android devices including. In fact, it’s very exciting to have your own YouTube channel or upload qualitys to Instagram, VK, Telegram, etc. In this regard, the question of how to put music on a on Android is more than relevant, so today’s material will be devoted to this topic.

The six best editors

In the market of mobile applications in sufficient numbers multifunctional tools are presented, with which you can directly processs directly from your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Split a clip into several fragments;
  • Use inserts from special transitions;
  • Rotate image;
  • Insert desired captions or audio tracks.

Below we will talk about the most popular editor programs that will help you make an excellent with music on your device.


An excellent photo / editor that can be confidently positioned as one of the best tools for overlaying sound on in smartphones with Android OS. The number of installations is approaching the figure of 500 million, which convincingly confirms its relevance.

The program allows you to shoot pretty high-quality directly from the device, for this there is a set of special lenses in the built-in HD-camcorder:

  • For basic and music;
  • Selfies with all kinds of effects and filters;
  • For shooting in real time, etc.
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After the footage you can immediately start editing:

  • Trim
  • Combine multiple clips;
  • To provide musical accompaniment;
  • Use the loop playback function;
  • Apply blurry background effects and transitions, add stickers and various sounds, change the speed, etc.


Convenient, multifunctional editor with which you can make your clip a product worthy of being presented on any resource.

The program has a trimmer function that allows you to trim / cut unwanted fragments, the built-in transcoder converts the to the desired format, and Joiner helps to combine several clips in one clip and add a musical composition.

In addition, the application has a lot of interesting tools:

  • Ability to create slide shows with the addition of a music track and the effect of fading;
  • Adding a text component;
  • Overlay music using an audio / mixer;
  • Lots of effects, frame capture and more.

AndroVid applies to free and paid basis. In the first case, you will have to “enjoy” watching the advertisement, in the second, get an expanded arsenal of tools.

KineMaster. Pro Editor

An excellent professional editor for Android devices with a full range of functions and support for multi-layer, as well as text and images.

With KineMaster, you can precisely cut or trim the, use multi-track audio, etc.

In addition, among the features of the program, the following should be noted:

  • Directly from a smartphone online it is possible to perform audio / recording;
  • LUT color filters available;
  • A huge number of various effects (sound and visual), free music, etc.;
  • Different types of animation;
  • There are various sound filters, allowing, among other things, to carry out a voice change.
  • Much more.

Work with KineMaster is carried out by subscription, and in the trial version, free use is possible, but not for commercial purposes.

InShot Editor

A very good, absolutely free, photo and music editor with a large set of tools to adjust the size, apply a variety of special effects, compression and conversion, add stickers, overlay text or music on the, etc.

Working with the program is quite simple:

  • Install the application;
  • Select a file on your device;
  • In the settings, activate the item “music”;
  • From the compositions proposed by the program, select the desired track;
  • We set the parameters, after which our will be demonstrated accompanied by the selected melody.


You can not ignore the editor from EnjoyMobi Editor Studio when the question is how to put music on a on Android. This tool has become a real hit, as evidenced by the nearly five hundred millionth number of installations.

The application is endowed with a very simple interface and a ton of all kinds of functions:

  • Several hundred free music tracks for overdubbing;
  • The ability to shoot selfies (there is a camera with a special mode and various effects);
  • A huge arsenal of settings;
  • You can add your own musical composition or many musical segments;
  • A lot of fonts for overlaying titles, dubbing, various special effects and much more.

Another interesting utility, certainly worthy of your attention, which offers quick and easy editing ofs. Please watch the that will introduce you to her work:

And that’s all for me. Stay in touch, good luck to everyone!