How to operate the TV without a remote control

Lost the remote control. How to use the TV

Remote control. it is an integral part of any modern equipment, including TV. However, they tend to get lost, break or quietly fail. What to do in this case. How to turn on a TV without a remote? How to connect a set-top box or watch a USB flash drive? How to adjust channels or picture without remote control?

It seems that the purchase of a new or repair can’t be avoided. But it takes time, can’t you do without remote control at least temporarily?? In most cases. you can. Let’s look at the options.

How to turn on an LG TV without a remote control

There are three ways to turn on an LG TV without a remote control. These are simple and easy ways that do not require you to buy additional equipment.

Use the physical power button on your TV

All televisions, smart or not, have a physical power button on the device. It can be on the front or the sides. So, on your LG TV, just press the power button to turn it on. You can also press the button to turn it off. Once you’ve identified the power button on your LG TV, you can use the following two methods, which will show you how to use your cell phone as a remote control.

Use the LG ThinQ app

LG has created a special app for all its devices, whether it’s a washer, dryer, or even a Styler. Since they also make TVs, you’ll be able to use this app to control your TV. Here’s how to do it.

  • Download the free LG ThinQ app for your Android or iOS device.
  • Turn on your LG TV using the first method mentioned above.
  • If you’ve been using your TV for a while, it will already be connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Now open the app and make sure your cell phone is also connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Press the plus icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You will now see a list. Under the “Home Appliances” heading, select the TV option.
  • The app will start searching for LG TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • When you see your LG TV on the list, select it.
  • Your TV will now display a code. Enter the code into the LG ThinQ app.
  • You can either associate the app with your email ID or simply tap “Skip” on your phone.
  • Select the “Move to Home” option in the app.
  • You will see the remote control scheme on your cell phone,
  • There will also be on and off buttons that you can use to turn your LG TV on or off.

Use the Infrared Remote app

Now, to use this app, your Android device must have an infrared blaster on the device itself. Otherwise, you can always buy an add-on that you can connect to your mobile device. You can simply download any of the infrared remote control apps available on the Play Store for free. By installing the app, you can easily control your LG Smart TV right now. Most basic functions will work right away.

How to turn on an LG TV without a remote control

Remote control TV or, as it is often called, just a “remote”. a device that allows you to switch programs, adjust the sound and other settings without leaving the couch. a thing extremely convenient. Although the first TVs with remote controls appeared in our country in the early 90s, today they are so integrated into everyday life that many do not know how to do without a remote control. Nevertheless, manufacturers of modern models of TVs provided for this possibility, so any LG TV is easy to turn on or configure manually.

If the batteries in your remote control are dead, or you can not find it, or the remote control is broken, then you can still use your LG TV: turn on and adjust all the functions, to the fullest.

Button placement may vary from model to model and is detailed in the TV Owner’s Manual. You’ll need the Operation and Function Controls section, which shows schematically the location of all the function buttons and describes in detail which one is responsible for what.

What are the buttons on your LG TV?

All televisions have standard pictogram icons for the function buttons, which are very easy to understand.

The TV remembers the last channel you watched on it last time, so the next time you turn it on, the demonstration will start on it. Some models feature a “default channel” selection, you can select and activate it in the TV settings.

Another way to control LG TV without a remote control is to use a smartphone instead. This feature is supported by TV models released after 2012. The TV must support the following parameters:

  • The ability to connect via Ethernet (local area network),
  • Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • The “Remote Control” option,
  • Smart TV or Internet TV option.

You will need to install the LG TV Remote app on your smartphone. It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones.

How to control your TV without a remote control

Given the special capabilities of modern televisions, you can safely turn on the device, as well as switch and adjust various TV parameters without the intervention of the remote control. As for the sequence of actions, each device has a manual, which will help to solve any problem.

The TV can be turned on with a special “Power” button, which is located on one of the panels of the body or using a smartphone. However in the latter case the user will need to install specialized software.

Before you turn your TV on, first make sure that the LED on the front panel is lit. If this is not the case, it means that the device is not connected to the network. In addition, it is worth checking the power supply and the functioning of the antenna or router. It is also worth remembering that many new TVs are equipped with touch buttons that start to glow when you turn them on.

How to turn your TV on and off without a remote

When the user loses the remote control or this element simply fails, you can use the manual panel to turn the TV on and off. As mentioned earlier, the sequence of actions is always specified in the instruction manual. If such instruction is absent, you should study the meaning of these or those keys beforehand.

For switching on and off the TV device is responsible for the “Power” button, but sometimes this procedure can be carried out by the “menu” key. When one of the described buttons is pressed, the indicator on the TV panel should light up.

Setting and switching channels

When the user has understood the power-on procedure, it is necessary to determine the options for switching and tuning channels. As a rule, when the system is activated, the monitor will default to the program that was started last before the TV was turned off. Also it is worth to note that in many modern TV sets you can independently choose the channel which will be displayed at switching on. As for changing the broadcast sources, this procedure is carried out identically for all models of well-known manufacturers.

To switch channels, you should use the buttons that have a picture with arrows pointing in different directions. These same elements are required when selecting many parameters in the basic settings of the system. If these keys are missing or failed, you can set the same function to the volume control in the TV settings.

Also do not forget about the advanced TVs, on the panel which are special control units, whose appearance resembles a joystick game console. It is a single key, which is designed to perform many tasks. In principle, it resembles the analog of the old smartphone. With a twist you select actions, and by pressing in the center of the button you confirm the target.

As a rule, this control unit is often equipped with TVs manufacturers LG and Samsung. To understand the basic rules for using this element, you need to read the following instructions:

  • Open the main TV menu by pressing and holding the joystick in the center section.
  • A special window will appear on the screen displaying a list of useful tools.
  • Further it is required to choose the necessary function by choosing the joystick direction (for example to change brightness).
  • Find and press the section with the contrast change.
  • Change the contrast by using the joystick in different directions.
  • To save the set parameters press the center of the joystick.
  • To successfully exit the main menu, you need to hold down the center of the control unit for a few seconds.

operate, remote, control

Any function of the TV set can be changed in the same way. The main advantage of such a control unit is the possibility to set a sequence of channels. By performing this action, the user will be able to find the desired program more quickly. What manipulations will have to be performed:

  • Enter the control center by pressing the block again.
  • Find the section with the channel settings, and then select the manual tuning.
  • Press “ОК” button to confirm the action.
  • Open the tab with the programs.
  • Allocate an individual number to each program independently.
  • To switch between the channels, just use the volume knob or the arrow buttons.
  • Each time you assign a number you must press the confirmation button.
  • Select the color of the region.
  • Adjust the sound parameters.
  • Start automatic channel search.

Adjusting the sound

As mentioned above, to change the sound settings you can use the volume knob or go into the main TV settings and look for the corresponding box. This method is suitable for absolutely all TVs.

Tuning without remote control

There are TVs that have one big button that looks like a joystick. It is easy to operate by pushing the center button. Let’s look at the particularities of working with the joystick using an example of adjusting the contrast:

  • To begin, simply press the joystick in the center for a couple of seconds to open the general menu.
  • Then you will see a window listing the parameters available on the screen and you should select the necessary one.
  • In the given example we select the “Contrast” button by pressing up or down the buttons of the joystick. Then lock this function by pushing in the center.
  • Change the contrast with the left and right keys. You can also press the center button to save the selected parameters.
  • To close the menu keep the central button pressed for several seconds.

This principle is relevant for setting various parameters and functions. You can manually adjust a certain sequence of channels so that later you can find them quickly. To do this, select “Channel Setup” and click on the subsection “Manual Setup”. Under “Programs” each channel can be assigned its own specific number. You can also adjust the sound characteristics and color of the region. Next, the found channels are stored in the memory of the device, and to find additional channels perform all the above steps again.

Can I use my phone as a remote control for my TV?

If your phone has an IR port, download a TV remote app, such as the AnyMote IR Smart Remote. It can control not only your TV, but also any device receiving the IR signal. You can use your phone with set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereo equipment, and even some air-conditioning systems.

Open “Home” “Settings” “Sound” “Sound output. Select a receiver (HDMI) from the list. Open the Main Menu Sound Settings Speaker Settings. Select Receiver (HDMI) from the list.

How to control the TV from your phone via WI-FI

Use any brand of smartphone as a remote control when connected to a smart TV. To control from your smartphone follow these steps:

  • Make sure the devices are on the same network;
  • Download and install the utility on your smartphone. Launch it, select TV, follow the instructions in the program.

Android smartphones offer additional features. View media files, videos, and photos. Listen to music on your TV connected to your smartphone.

Samsung TV app

Download the Samsung Smart View remote control app. Allows you to control your TV without a remote control from your phone. Works with Smart TV models over Wi-Fi.

Your phone and TV must be in the same network.

Intease reminds you of a TV remote. To work, do these steps:

  • Launch the app on your phone;
  • Displays TVs available for connection. Select a device.
  • On the TV screen you will see a code that you type on your smartphone.

You’ll be able to control remotely and transfer media content from your device to your TV.

LG app

Download LG TV Remote app. Run on your smartphone, select: The app will detect the TV. A code will be displayed on the screen. Write it in the app.


Direct control. Moving your finger on the smartphone screen works like a mouse cursor on the TV. Files are displayed on the screen from your smartphone.

Software for Sony

Called TV Side View utility. Feature. TV is detected automatically in the communication range of the smartphone, after entering the code from the TV screen. You can work with the Sony Video and TV SideView utility from both Android and iOS

Philips TV Remote

The feature is to switch channels, adjust the volume, view the TV menu, without interrupting the broadcast.

Check the app’s compatibility with your TV at the online support site.

Controlling the TV via your smartphone

Download a special application to use your cell phone as a remote control. There are several effective programs to fully control your TV. However, the best option would be exactly TV Remote. This program is suitable for absolutely all TVs. You can download the software from the AppStore or Google Play.

Install the app. Synchronizing your cell phone with the TV can be done in several ways:

Much depends on the model of TV and phone. One of the main advantages of this program is considered an intuitive and simple interface. In the app you will find only the commands you need.

Absolutely all TV models have such an option as child protection. The function assumes the locking of all the buttons of the manual control panel. You cannot deactivate child protection without a remote control. Some models may be an exception, but for this you will have to enter a special password. So be sure to study the manual beforehand.

That’s all. Now you know that you can control your TV without a remote control. It is enough to use the manual control panel.