How To Open Zip File On Ipad

How to open ZIP archives on iOS in the Notes app

Safari on our iPhones and other iOS browsers cannot handle ZIP archives. Colleagues from iDownloadBlog, to their own surprise, found that the standard Notes application can work with archives, which is regularly improved unnoticed by many users. Now we will tell you how to open a ZIP-archive downloaded from the Internet directly on your iPhone using the Notes application.

How To Open Zip File On Ipad

  • Open Safari and follow the link to the zip download page. The site of the University of Colorado is indicated as an example.
  • Once Safari downloads the file, click “Open In.” and select Notes.
  • In the pop-up window, you can add the note text and also select the note to which you will add the zip file. When finished, click “Save”.
  • Now open the Notes and Note application with the saved ZIP file. Click on the file and it will unzip the contents.

You can also open ZIP archives in iCloud Drive and Mail, and more. Here’s a list of file extensions that you can open on iOS devices using the Notes, iCloud Drive, and Mail apps:

  • .Jpg.Tiff.Gif (images)
  • .Doc and.Docx (Microsoft Word)
  • .Htm and.html (web pages)
  • .Key (Keynote)
  • .Numbers (Numbers)
  • .Pages (Pages)
  • .Pdf (View and Adobe Acrobat)
  • .Ppt and.Pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • .Txt and.Rtf (text)
  • .Vcf (contacts)
  • .Xls and.Xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • .Zip
  • .Ics

Based on materials from iDownloadBlog

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How to open ZIP archives on iPhone. Method 1

Not everyone knows, but you can open some ZIP archives on iPhone and iPad without using third-party applications. Various standard iOS applications are able to work with archives, including Notes, Mail, iCloud Drive and others. Unpacking is performed as follows.

Step 1. Using the Safari browser, go to the page with the archive that you need to download to your iPhone or iPad (archive for example).

Step 2. Start downloading the archive.

Step 3. On the file download page, click “Open in.” and select the “Notes” application.

Note: you can also select “Add to iCloud Drive” to save the archive to iCloud cloud storage. The unpacking process will not differ depending on the selected application.

Step 4. Launch the Notes application and select the note you just created with the ZIP archive.

Step 5. Click on the archive, and then on the page that opens on the button “View content”.

This is the simplest way to unpack archives using standard iOS devices. Alas, this method cannot be called ideal. Ios can only work with the following types of files from ZIP archives:

  • .Jpg.Tiff.Gif (images)
  • .Doc and.Docx (Microsoft Word)
  • .Htm and.html (web pages)
  • .Key (Keynote)
  • .Numbers (Numbers)
  • .Pages (Pages)
  • .Pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat)
  • .Ppt and.Pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • .Txt (text)
  • .Rtf (rich text format)
  • .Vcf (contact information)
  • .Xls and.Xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • .Zip
  • .Ics

In other words, the method, although easy to use, is not universal.

How to open ZIP archives on iPhone

Despite the widespread belief that iPhones and iPads cannot work with archives, iOS devices provide this function. over, i-devices can do this without the need to install any additional applications, albeit with some restrictions. In this tutorial, we looked at two ways to open archives of various formats on iPhone and iPad.

How to open ZIP archives on iPhone. Method 2

There are many more options for unpacking archives from third-party file managers, such as File Manager and Documents. They allow you to unpack various types of archives, and then work with much larger file types than is possible in the standard iOS functionality.

Note: Note that the above applications are free. File Manager with in-app purchases, Documents without.

Unpacking using third-party tools occurs in a similar way to the first method. You also need to start downloading the archive on the Web, click “Open in.”, but select the file manager as the application for saving.

After that, all that remains is to use the unpacking function and start working with files, be it documents or photographs. In the Documents application, for example, unpacking is performed at the first click on the archive.

How to open a RAR file on Linux

If you are using Linux operating system on your computer, I can please you. You do not have to search and download anything, since the distributions of this operating system already have built-in software packages for working with Rar archives. True, this set of programs does not have the usual graphical interface.

To activate them open a command prompt and enter:

Sudo apt-get install unrar p7zip-rar

After that, you can unpack any RAR archive by right-clicking on it and selecting “Unpack here”.

If you need a classic archiver for Linux with a graphical interface, I recommend using p7Zip. An analogue of 7-Zip.

How to open a RAR file on Android and iOS mobile devices

As a rule, on many mobile devices, various archivers and file managers are already preinstalled, which can work with RAR archives. over, most file managers allow you to view archives, in such a way as if the user opened a regular folder.

If there was no program on your device to open the archive, then you can use the options below.

The best programs for iOS that can work with archives.

File Manager is probably one of the advanced managers that cloud storage users will love. Since he can upload archives to the cloud.

USB Disk Pro. Allows you to preview files, and also has a bunch of functions that will appeal to both beginners and advanced users.

Documents 5 is the best file manager that allows you to search for files on the device, copy and move, as well as add to the archive.


A lesser known free open source archiver that has proven itself not only when working with archives, but with disk images.

If the standard functionality of the program does not suit you, you can easily replenish it with specially created plugins.

The main features of the program:

  • Creation of self-unpacking archives;
  • Working with disk images: ISO, BIN, IMG and others;
  • Creation of encrypted archives;
  • Support for installing third-party plugins;
  • Recovery of damaged archives;
  • Integration into the explorer context menu;

I will not list all the features that TUGZip has. As you can see, there are plenty of them here and, probably, even more than the most popular archivers have. By the way, the program is independently updated via the Internet and has support for the Russian language.

Popular programs for opening RAR archives on Android

Total Commander is a popular file manager that migrated from computers to mobile devices. With its help, you can easily open archives on your smartphone, although the program interface is somewhat complicated, because of this, many users are looking for alternative programs.

ES File Explorer is another very popular file manager that, in addition to its main tasks, has a number of additional features that work great on rooted devices.

FX File Manager is one of the few file managers that can work in two-window mode. True, it will not always be convenient for owners of gadgets with a small display.

Amaze File Manager is a less popular, but rather nimble file manager that works without freezing. Loved by users because of the interface that is similar to Google services.


Another completely free open source archiver. If you have FreeArc installed in your arsenal, then you will not have any questions about how to open a RAR file, since the program can work with all popular archive formats.

By the way, those who have already worked with this archiver have probably noticed that it has an excellent speed of performing operations, so it is at least twice as fast as many of its competitors.

By the way, this archiver can be easily connected to such popular file managers as Total Commander and Far.

Distinctive sides of FreeArc:

  • High speed of work;
  • The ability to recover damaged archives;
  • Automatic sorting of archives by date, size, etc.;
  • A huge number of settings;
  • Intuitive interface.

Opening a ZIP file using the Files app

One of the standard iOS apps is the Files app. This application is available on both iPhone and iPad and can be used to open ZIP files.

Suppose that while surfing the web, you stumble upon the ZIP file you want. In this case, you must click on the link that leads to this ZIP file, and then click on the “Download” button. The screenshot below shows how it looks in the Google Chrome browser.

After downloading the ZIP file, the “Open in.” button will appear on the screen. Click it in order to select the program with which you will work further.

The next step is choosing a program. If you want to open the archive using the “Files” application, then here you need to select the “Save to Files” option.

Next, a pop-up window will open in which you need to select a location to save the ZIP file. For example, let’s choose the cloud storage iCloud Drive. Although not essential, you can choose any of the available options.

After that, you need to open the “Files” application and click on the “Places” button there.

This will open a list of locations available for storing files. Here you need to select the location where you saved the ZIP file in the previous step. In our case, this is iCloud Drive cloud storage.

After choosing the storage location for the files, you will see a list of available files. Find the downloaded ZIP file here and click on it to open.

After that, a screen will appear with the name of the ZIP file and the button “View Content”.

Click on this button and you can see the contents of your ZIP archive.

How to open a ZIP file on iPhone or iPad

A ZIP file is an archive file in which other files can be stored. Such archives are used to reduce the size of the source files, to split a large file into smaller pieces, or to combine a large number of files into one. These features are very useful when transferring files over the Internet. Therefore, very often, when downloading documents or other files from the Internet, you can find that they are archived in a ZIP archive.

But, not everyone knows how to open ZIP files and work with archives, especially when it comes to working on such mobile devices as iPhone or iPad. It is this question that we will consider in this article, here you will learn two ways at once how to open ZIP files on an iPhone or iPad.

Opening a ZIP file with third-party applications

As an example, we’ll show you how you can open a ZIP file using the ZIP Viewer. To use this application, go to the App Store, find the ZIP Viewer there and install it on your iPhone or iPad. Then download the ZIP file and click on the “Open in.” button. This will open a pop-up window with a list of programs that can be used to work with the downloaded file. In this window, you need to select the option “Copy to ZIP Viewer”.

As a result, the ZIP file will be copied into the ZIP Viewer and the interface of this application will open in front of you. Here you need to go to the “ZIP Archives” menu.

Next, you need to select the ZIP file that you want to open.

After that, you will see what is in the ZIP archive of your choice.

By clicking on any of the files, you can open it and view its contents.

3.Iunarchiver Pro

The last app on our list, but by no means the most important. Iunarchiver also hasn’t got Russian localization, but it doesn’t have a free version. Opening files follows the same scheme as above, but the creators of the program tried and added a couple of additional gadgets.

The application added the ability to independently create text files, as well as import photos from your personal archive. In addition, as in ZipApp, remote access to the file library from a desktop computer is implemented. However, if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Perhaps one of the main features is editing music playlists right from the application. It is not clear why a program of this type needs such a function, but it will not be superfluous either.

Title: iUnarchiver Pro
Publisher / Developer: YuFanApp
Price: 33 r.
In-App Purchases: No
Download: For iPhone

So, let’s summarize a little. If you need a simple application to open archive files. Go to the App Store for ZipApp. If you are looking for a special program with a bunch of not always useful “bells and whistles”, you can opt for the other two candidates. But if the last program is distributed only on a paid model, then its competitors also have free versions. A huge plus in their piggy bank.

How to open a zip file on iOS

Since not every file can be sent by email, users often pack it into an archive (usually ZIP or RAR) first so that it takes up as little space as possible. You can open such a folder on your computer without any problems. Even standard operating system tools are suitable for this. But what to do if you urgently need to unzip the file on your iPhone, and the laptop is not at hand?

1. Zipapp

A very handy application for opening archives of various formats. Even 7z.Tar.Gz and many others are supported. You can get used to ZipApp in a couple of minutes: the interface is not cluttered with unnecessary elements, however, there is no support for the Russian language yet. Given Apple’s recent messages to international developers, it’s only a matter of time.

How do you start working with him? In fact, there are many options. The first, which is also the most common, is to open an archive from an e-mail application (for example, standard Mail) via ZipApp using a special pop-up window. Then you will be automatically redirected to this application, where the program will ask you for permission to unzip. The procedure takes no more than five seconds in time, files are available immediately and are placed in a separate folder, which once again prevents confusion with names.

I was pleased with the availability of the desktop web version: when you click on the button with the image of the Wi-Fi signal, the application will prompt you to enter it from your computer using a unique address, or to the ftp server. Here you can view a list of all your ZipApp archives as well as upload new files.

I have tried about a dozen of these programs, but my choice fell on ZipApp. In addition to the free one, the application also has a paid version, which differs only in the absence of an advertising banner.

Title: ZipApp
Publisher / developer: Langui.Net
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: No
Download: For iPhone


The second program I would like to talk about is iZip. Its functions are very similar to ZipApp, it also has its own paid version without an advertising banner. However, there are also significant differences that raise it into a slightly different category.

With iZip, you can not only open archived files from email (the whole process is identical to opening in ZipApp), but also get quick access to your music library in iTunes, photos or cloud storage Dropbox. The application allows you to share files via e-mail, send them to Dropbox, even open them in other programs of this type.

The unzipped document can be sent to print here using AirPrint, and the latest photos can be shared on Twitter or Facebook. Such is the universal application capable of many useful things.

Name: iZip
Publisher / Developer: ComcSoft
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: No
Download: For iPhone

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Android Phones

Even modern expensive smartphones are often equipped with a small amount of internal memory. For this reason, their owners, in order to save it, compress multimedia using archivers. This method is used even more often when a large number of files need to be sent.

If you received just such an attachment and you do not know how to open a Zip file on Android, then for you we have created a clear instruction.

  1. We need to install the WinZip archiver. To do this, go here;
  2. Install;
  3. Give appropriate permissions;
  4. Now go to the location where the zip file is located;
  5. Check the box next to it and click on the icon above;
  6. Choose a place to unpack.

Other similar applications will work according to the same algorithm, so one example will be enough to give you an idea of ​​the essence.

What program and how to open a Zip file on different systems?

Archivers are often used to save hard disk space, as well as when exchanging large amounts of data. We will tell and show beginners how to open a Zip file in the best way.

For iPhone and iPad owners

For unpacking on these devices, some people resort to a rather complicated and confusing option. The file is downloaded through the Safari browser and then opened in Notes, and from there it is sent to iCloud Drive.

Such a solution is an indicator of ingenuity, but it cannot be called convenient in any way.

And how to open a Zip file on iPhone and iPad in the most convenient way? Yes, just like on a computer or tablet. It is enough to download the program that will save you from unnecessary actions. Nevertheless, for the owners of such prestigious phones, increased comfort when performing ordinary tasks is also important.

Introducing the most popular software in the Apple Store:

  • Izip. Zip Unzip Unrar. In addition to the standard functionality, it can send a document to print, send by e-mail, compress songs from iTunes Music, etc. IOS 10.0 required;
  • Zipapp Free The Unarchiver. Can import data from other applications and email, as well as transfer it via FTP;
  • The Unzip tool (zip / rar / un7z) is a free utility, but there are pop-up ads. If this does not bother you, then feel free to install it;
  • Winzip: # 1 zip unzip tool is probably one of the most convenient ones presented here. Be sure to appreciate its interface and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately there is no Russian localization;
  • RAR APP is a classic solution that is lightweight and simple.

This is quite enough. You just have to choose the most convenient one, based on your own feelings.

How to open encrypted archives and why you need them?

In practice, opening a compressed Zip file with a password is easy enough. You will definitely see a dialog box that prompts you to enter the code. Otherwise, the operation will be canceled. The number of attempts to enter is not limited and if you forgot it, you can iterate over them endlessly.

There are special programs for password recovery, but they will take a long time to achieve the desired result. Sometimes it even goes for weeks.

How can a file be encrypted so that attackers cannot extract data from it? After all, it may not be about vacation photos, but about important commercial information.

So, our tips for creating a key.

  1. Length from 20 characters;
  2. Be sure to insert special characters, numbers and capital letters.

It’s difficult to come up with this manually, but it is possible. We suggest using online generators that will do everything for you.

Even if someone wants to crack such an archive, it will be an extremely difficult task. If this doesn’t seem enough, you can store it on a flash drive with a fingerprint scanner. Such double protection is too tough for even seasoned hackers.

Even if you lose your device, you can rest assured that further targeted use is unrealistic.

We work online

In conditions where the user for some reason does not want to use the software, you can use special sites that offer to unpack directly from them.

Let’s start with the most popular resources.

  • http://online.B1.Org/online. Works with almost all formats, including the one we need. The developer separately emphasizes that after closing the page, the archive will be deleted forever;
  • https://extract.Me/ru/. Understands split archives and with a set password. There is integration with Google Drive, DropBox and direct download. Concise and intuitive interface;
  • Foreign online service that does not require registration to use.

We must definitely draw your attention to the fact that when using third-party services, no one will ever give you a guarantee that the data will not get to 3 parties. For example, any sites with their databases can be hacked. We strongly recommend specialized software for such purposes.

We work in Windows 10 and 8

First download any archiver you see below. You can even choose paid ones, because they have a test period of 30 to 40 days, during which they work without any restrictions.

We decided to stick with 7Zip, because it is one of the leaders in this open source segment and of course freely distributed. Supports all formats and has a high compression ratio. In addition, there are plugins for integration into Total Commander and Far Manager.

You will not need to remove this software after a certain period of time, so we recommend adding it to your arsenal.

So, the algorithm of actions is quite simple:

  1. Right-click on the archive
  2. 7-Zip
  3. Unpack
  4. Select the path (if necessary to change) and OK

As you can see, the application is integrated into the explorer and you can make a call from anywhere. The interface itself is intuitive, so you quickly control the main functions.