How To Open The Back Cover Of A Honor Smartphone

How To Open The Back Cover Of A Honor Smartphone

Many modern mobile devices are now manufactured with a single case. As a rule, this is done in order to maximize the protection of component parts from penetration from outside by moisture, dust, and also dirt. In addition, it is less likely to damage the case, which, due to its integrity, becomes more durable and reliable.

But sometimes the user needs for some reason to disassemble the smartphone, opening the back cover. Most often this is done in order to check parts, as well as change components, such as a battery. But many users are starting to spin the Honor mobile device in search of some way to open the back cover, but to no avail. Nevertheless, even independently you can successfully disassemble your Honor smartphone without any troubles.

Preparing to open the lid

Before you begin any mechanical process to work with your Honor mobile device, you must turn off the power. This is done so that there are no accidental button presses, as well as for a more safe shutdown.

The back panel of the Honor smartphone is fixed to a hot glue specially designed for this purpose. Therefore, before directly disassembling the phone, it is extremely advisable to use a hairdryer, warming the entire case for maximum heating. In this case, the user should monitor the process, not being distracted by external stimuli. It is important not to allow overheating, since in this case, it is possible to damage the elements of the mobile device.

It should be borne in mind that hot glue will be needed after the preparatory stage. After all the manipulations with the mobile device, you will have to fix the back cover again, for this it will be necessary to generously coat the panel with hot glue, and then firmly press the cover for a few seconds, with some effort.

You can disassemble a Honor mobile device at home. It is not necessary to have any special tools.

To independently open the back cover of a Honor smartphone, you will need the following devices:

  • a small screwdriver to remove the screws on the device;
  • a special suction cup, where at the end there is a ring with which you can lift the lid of the smartphone;
  • plastic card, if there is no special pick for repairing a mobile device.

Once the necessary tools are found, you can proceed to the direct disassembly of the Honor mobile device.

Opening the back cover of the smartphone

The algorithm for analyzing the entire body of the Honor mobile device will look like this:

  • Turn off the power of the smartphone by pressing the special key, wait until the device is completely turned off.
  • Pull out the SIM card slot.
  • Preheat the body of the device with a hairdryer.
  • Fix the suction cup with the ring on the back cover of the phone, after which the pick (if it is absent, use a thin plastic card) to separate the back panel from the smartphone case.
  • Completely remove the cover, which is held on a special glue.

After carrying out all the necessary procedures, it will be necessary to replace the glue on the back cover of the device for the most reliable fastening, and then put the panel in its place, with some effort, fixing it.