How To Open Rar On Iphone

How to Open Rar On iPhone

Since not every file can be sent by e-mail, users often first pack it into an archive (usually ZIP or RAR) so that it takes up as little space as possible. You can open a similar folder on your computer without problems. even standard operating system tools are suitable for this. But what if you urgently need to unzip the file on your iPhone, but the laptop is not at hand?

1. ZipApp

A very convenient application for opening archives of various formats. even.7z.tar.gz and many others are supported. You can get used to ZipApp in a couple of minutes: the interface is not cluttered with unnecessary elements, however, while there is no support for the Russian language. Given Apple’s recent messages to international developers, this is only a matter of time.

How to start working with him? In fact, there are many options. The first, it is the most common, open the archive from an email application (for example, standard Mail) through ZipApp using a special pop-up window. Then you will be automatically redirected to this application, where the program will ask you for permission to unzip. The procedure takes no more than five seconds, the files are immediately available and are placed in a separate folder, which once again prevents confusion with the names.

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I was pleased with the availability of the desktop web version: when you click on the button with the Wi-Fi signal, the application will offer you to log into it from the computer using a unique address, or to the ftp server. Here you can view a list of all your archives in ZipApp, as well as upload new files.

I tried about a dozen such programs, but my choice fell on ZipApp. In addition to the free one, the application also has a paid version, which differs only in the absence of an advertising banner.

Title: Zipapp
Publisher / Developer:
Price: Is free
In-app purchases: No
Download: For iPhone

2. iZip

The second program that I would like to talk about is iZip. Its features are very similar to ZipApp, it also has its own paid version without an advertising banner. However, there are significant differences that elevate it to a slightly different category.

Using iZip, you can not only open archive files from e-mail (the whole process is identical to opening it in ZipApp), but also get quick access to your music library in iTunes, photos or Dropbox cloud storage. The application allows you to share files using e-mail, send them to Dropbox, even open them in other programs of this type.

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An unzipped document can be sent here to print using AirPrint, and share fresh photos on Twitter or Facebook. Such a universal application, capable of many useful things.

Title: iZip
Publisher / Developer: Comcsoft
Price: Is free
In-app purchases: No
Download: For iPhone

3.iUnarchiver Pro

The last application on our list, but by no means by value. iUnarchiver also did not get Russian localization, but does not have a free version. Opening files follows the same scheme as above, but the creators of the program tried and added a couple of additional lotions.

The application adds the ability to independently create text files, as well as import photos from your personal archive. In addition, as in ZipApp, remote access to the file library from a desktop computer is implemented. however, if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Perhaps one of the main features is editing music and playlists directly from the application. It is unclear why a program of this type has such a function, but it will not be superfluous either.

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Title: iUnarchiver Pro
Publisher / Developer: YuFanApp
Price: 33 p.
In-app purchases: No
Download: For iPhone

So, to summarize the small results. If you need a simple application to open archive files. go to the App Store for ZipApp. If you are looking for a special program with a bunch of not always useful “bells and whistles”, you can opt for the other two candidates. But if the latter program is distributed only according to the paid model, then its competitors still have free versions. a huge plus in their piggy bank.