How To Open Ports On A Huawei Modem

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In terms of port forwarding mechanism adsl router Huawei HG532E nothing different from their classmates. not for the worse, but not for the better. Everything is as usual. to open the port, you must register it in the modem’s web interface, then be sure to allow the application or game for which we are forwarding in the security rules of the computer’s operating system.

How to open a port. sequence of actions:

1. In the address bar of the web browser, enter the ip address of your HG532E. Login for authorization is admin, default password is admin.

2. In the menu of the modem settings interface, select the “Advanced” section and the “NAT” item. We are interested in the “PortMapping” tab:

3. In order to create a rule for forwarding ports on a Huawei modem, you must click the “New” button. The empty rule window opens.
In the “Type” field, select the “Customization” checkbox.

Below, in the list of connections “Interface” we select the Internet connection. in my example it is INTERNET_R_0_33.
In the “Protocol” list, select the protocol used by the program. TCP or UDP. If you do not know which protocol your application or game uses, set both to TCP / UDP.
Enter the port that you want to open in the “External Start Port” and “Internal Port” fields.
In the “Internal host” field, you must specify the IP address of the computer on the local network for which you are forwarding.
In the field “Mapping Name” write the name of the rule. for example, “torrent”.
Apply the settings by pressing the “Submit” button.

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4. Check if the port is open and accessible from an external network using any online tool, for example,
When everything is done correctly, the result will be as follows:

If suddenly the test shows that the port is closed. check again that it is spelled out in the rules of the firewall or the Windows firewall.
Also, when checking, it is desirable that the program or game for which all this was done is launched.

P.S. Another option with which you can make a computer visible from an external network is to add it to the Demilitarized zone. But then it must be borne in mind that with this option, the computer will be completely open to the Internet, and not any particular port. This solution is suitable for DVRs and webcams.

In the “NAT” section, select the “DMZ” tab. In the field “Host address” enter the IP of the computer that we want to open and put a daw “DMZ. Enable”.
Click the “Submit” button. Done!

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Andrey. port 80. this is the web interface of the router. The remaining ports must already be watched. I do not consider the utility. it is a stupid tool. use web tools like 2ip.
Another moment. 8000 and 37777. what is this? What services are hidden behind them and on what?

For some reason, port forwarding on Huawei does not work for me. I tried everything, and the same router (and not one) has already been configured and has been working for several years. The provider (Rostelecom) assures that there are no restrictions on their part. Where to dig? firewall rules?
My question is, who used the DMZ? If I add IP machines to DMZ, will other clients be able to work or not?

DMZ can interfere with the rules of the virtual server, since everything will be redirected to the IP that you specify.

How to Open Ports on a Huawei Modem

Good afternoon. I have a Huawei HG532e Ukrtelecom router, I connect via IPoE, I get the settings automatically, port forwarding is done according to your article. Recently connected a static IP, in the connection status it is. But I can’t connect to the router at this address. I tried to connect it in another place, where the same Ukrtelecom, but with a dynamic IP, is also a failure. I am inclined to think that it is a matter of setting up a router, but I don’t know where to look.