How To Open My Computer In Windows 10

How To Open My Computer In Windows 10

Where is my computer in windows 10

Most users are used to the fact that my computer icon is on the desktop.

In windows 10, you won’t see it there until you install it yourself. In general, in Windows 10, it is located in the same place as in previous versions, only it has a different name. this computer.

An easy way to access it is to write the word “computer” in the search. it will immediately appear at the very top.

However, you can do it even easier. open any folder and immediately see it. the icon will be on the left side.

If you need to frequently access this icon, then best of all bring it to the desktop.

It’s not hard. Just three clicks. Here is a detailed description with pictures, there you will also find an interesting file.

Although my computer does not have an icon in windows 10, its functions are exactly the same as in the figure eight and seven.

That’s all. By clicking on the link you will see how to display all the icons. Successes.

Create a shortcut “my computer” on the desktop in Windows 10

Welcome dear readers! Many users have long switched to the windows 10 operating system, saying goodbye to such a once-native seventh and eighth.

However, despite the increasing popularity of the latest system, people who were not used to innovations did not appreciate the upgraded capabilities. Most likely, the whole point is that people perceive updates quite negatively and in order to understand that the new is better than the old, it takes time and its own example of use.

But, nevertheless, there are problems due to which ardent fans of the old operating system still reproach the developers with Microsoft very much. Basically, these complaints are due to the fact that users can not understand some simple, at first glance, functions.

One of these problems, which can be solved in a very elementary way, is called in the Internet search engines “How to find My Computer on windows 10?”

For people who have already figured out the new, tenth operating system, this strange question is likely to be perplexing, but for those who are just starting their acquaintance with windows 10, this information will be very useful. Do not worry, we will help you and tell you about all the intricacies of this system.

The first way, and probably the most common one that can be offered, is to enter the word “My computer” into the search engine. Finding “Search” is also not difficult. To do this, you just need to look at the taskbar, it is no different from the previous ones, on Windows seven and eight. Click on the icon, after which at the very bottom you will see a line where you write the desired word.

The second method is slightly different from the first. In order to get into the window that you need, you just need to right-click on an empty spot on your desktop. Before the user there will be a window where it is required to select the item “Personalization”, and click on “Themes”. All actions are performed in order to find the “Desktop Icon Settings”. Here, a person can choose the necessary icons for himself, and remove those that he does not use. Then turn on the “My Computer” icon.

The third way is to simply dock the window on your taskbar. It’s simple, and so “My Computer” is always at hand. In order to add an icon to the taskbar, right-click on it and select the desired icon.

Do you have a need to look often at My Computer?

Then, it is best to select and save the icon on the desktop. Remember that on windows 10 there is no similar icon, as on previous systems, it is still quite possible that instead of “My Computer” the user will have the inscription “This Computer”. Know that this is one and the same.

We hope that this article was useful for readers, and you figured out where my computer is located in windows 10.

How to add a computer icon to the desktop in Windows 10

It’s convenient to work when the main controls and links to frequently called components are at hand or in a very visible place, for example, on a desktop. One of these components is the “This Computer” icon, formerly called “My Computer”. Today we’ll figure out how to put My computer on the desktop in Windows 10 / remove it from there by all possible means without resorting to extraneous applications to accomplish this task (tweakers).

The question of how to bring the computer icon to the Windows 10 desktop is still being asked on the forums, but its frequency of occurrence is much lower than it was in the first months after the release of the “tens”. This is because valuable articles began to appear on many sites, which were called to help users solve the problem and disclose it in its entirety. Why do users have such a need? The explorer icon that opens a window with a list of all devices for storing binary information (hard drives, solid state drives, flash drives and other digital devices) is by default absent on the desktop in Windows 10. The ways to place its icon are not the same as those users saw in Windows 7 or XP.

There are at least three ways to add my computer to the Windows 10 desktop. We will consider them in more detail, giving detailed instructions for each of them.

Method number 1

In the “top ten” there is an applet responsible for displaying several system icons on the desktop. It is familiar to users from previous versions of the operating system, but the method of calling it is different.

  1. Call the desktop context menu.
  2. Select “Personalization.”

Another option for calling the same window is as follows.

1. Call the “Parameters”, holding Win I.

2. Go to the “Personalization” section.

Further, in both cases, we perform the following actions.

3. Go to the “Theme” tab by clicking on the vertical menu item of the same name.

4. Click on the link “Desktop Icon Settings”.

By opening the window of the same name you can specify which system icons you want to display on your desktop and which ones you want to hide, because they include not only My Computer.

5. To show the desired icon, put a check mark next to it and click “Apply” or “OK” to close the window with saving the specified parameters.

There is another option. the execution of “Rundll32 shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk.cpl ,, 5” in the line “Run”, which is called by the key combination Win R.

Method number 2

The next option to put My computer on the desktop is to create an object shortcut. Through it, you can open Explorer in the appropriate directory.

1. Open the explorer window.

The quickest way to do this is with the Win E key combination and through the shortcut in the Taskbar.

2. Open the contents of the directory for which we will create a shortcut on the desktop.

3. Reduce the open window in such a way as to display the area of ​​the desktop free from any elements on either side of the open window.

4. Grab “My Computer” with the left mouse button and drag it onto an empty space on the desktop, thereby creating a shortcut.

As a result, we get the desired shortcut with the ability to set its name and change its icon on the “Shortcut” tab in the element properties.

Method number 3

There is another option to display the “My Computer” icon, as well as all the others, on the desktop. The number of actions and the complexity of the instruction is slightly higher than the graphical methods for solving the problem given earlier, and this section is useful to few, but for the sake of completeness of the topic it will also be considered.

It is no secret that all the settings of Windows 10 are stored in the registry. Access to these parameters is carried out directly, through the registry editor, or indirectly, through third-party applications (tweakers) or through the graphical interface of the operating system (as in the first version).

1. Call the shell window, while holding down the Win R hotkey combination.

2. Enter regedit in the text line and execute the command by clicking “OK” or pressing “Enter”.

3. Expand the HKCU branch, where the configuration relating to the profile of the current user is collected.

4. Go to the Software subsection.

5. In it, we expand the Microsoft directory, where we follow the path of Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer.

6. Open the Advanced directory.

7. Call the window for editing the “HideIcons” parameter and set its value to zero.

If the key is missing, create it (type DWORD 32 bit).

To apply the settings, restart Explorer or log out of the system and log in to Windows 10 again.

Open This Computer By Default Windows 10

You notice that clicking on the shortcut to the explorer. opens before you “Fast access”, not this computer (or my computer the old fashioned way). Not everyone likes this and today we will tell you how to make this computer open by default in Windows 10.

To make this computer open when you open the Explorer shortcut is not difficult and will take no more than a minute! At the beginning, clicking on the shortcut to the Explorer you see “Fast access”

So that clicking on the shortcut of the conductor in front of you immediately opened “This computer“, you need to do the following:

1.Open “Conductor”: you can go to “Start” and select, or on the taskbar;

2. In the top menu, select the tab “View” and a little lower “Options”;

3.In the tab “General” opposite “Open File Explorer for:” select “This computer”. Click “To apply” and “OK”

That’s it, in such a simple and most importantly quick way, you did so that instead of quick access this computer immediately opened in Windows 10. For today, everything, if there are add-ons. write comments! Good luck to you :

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