How to open iPhone headphones

How to disassemble vacuum headphones

Consider the analysis of droplets using the example of Philips vacuum headphones.

  • Gently pry off the silicone ear pads with a screwdriver (you can use a file or nails) and remove them.
  • We take a clerical knife and carefully cut a seam, after which we move the halves of the case with a screwdriver.
  • If there is a need to remove / replace the speaker, then carefully solder the wires and disconnect the speaker:
  • The headphone mesh can be easily pulled out by prying it with a thin needle:

That’s all. The earphone is disassembled. Also assembled in the reverse order. Only the previously glued parts will have to be glued again.

How to disassemble vacuum headphones:

How to open Samsung headphones

In the vast majority of cases, the cause of a headphone malfunction is a broken wire near the connector. however, it also happens that the wire breaks at the input to the earphone. It also happens that you need to disassemble the earphone for some kind of mod. This is not always as easy as it seems. The article will show you how to disassemble a vacuum earphone similar to a standard Samsung headset and not only.

Why press like that at all?

We figured out how to press, now let’s figure out why to press. The front wall is glued to more often with some kind of Chinese super-glue. This glue is very strong, but at the same time fragile. When squeezed with pliers, you will hear a slight crackling sound. If you can hear it, then you should not press harder, otherwise the earpiece itself will crunch. In this manner, gently squeeze in a circle along the joint.

Using pliers

Tricks with a knife will not be enough, and in order to disassemble the earpiece, you will have to seek help from pliers:

If you take standard pliers, then jaggedness will remain on the earphone, so flat-nosed pliers without teeth are desirable. But even with this, the earphone can be damaged, for example, in my case, the coating has come off the ear cups a little. some kind of varnish, the existence of which I did not even suspect so for greater accuracy it is better to press through a cloth.

How to disassemble the earphone

Each earphone has two main parts and they are glued together with glue. which makes it difficult to parse.

In order to disassemble the earpiece, first of all we pass the edge of a knife or blade along the joint of the parts in a circle:

For the sake of clarity, I will call the silver part in front of the speaker the front wall. and the back white part with the earcup.

Using pliers

Tricks with a knife will not be enough, and in order to disassemble the earpiece, you will have to seek help from pliers:

If you take standard pliers, then jags will remain on the earphone, so flat-nosed pliers without teeth are desirable. But even with this, the earphone can be damaged, for example, in my case, the coating has come off the ear cups a little. some kind of varnish, the existence of which I did not even suspect so for greater accuracy it is better to press through a cloth.

How to disassemble over-ear headphones

Plantronics GameCom 388. Disassembled Ear Cushion

Generalized instructions for disassembling any full-size / overhead headphone model looks like this:

  • Removing the ear pads.
  • Unscrew the screws on the headphone case.
  • Carefully take out the speaker.
  • If you need to replace the speaker, then carefully solder the wires coming from the speaker.
  • We unscrew the remaining screws on the headband and the headphone case, if there is a need for a complete disassembly, for example, when replacing individual parts of the earphone or headband.

(Basically, the ear cushions are removed quite easily and are held on small latches, but in some models of headphones, for example, Beats, they can be additionally glued. In this case, you will first need to carefully peel them off with a thin scalpel or knife, if they do not peel off by themselves when trying There may also be headphone models in which the ear pads are additionally screwed with one or two screws to the headphone case, for example, in some Sony models.)

On-ear (full-size) headphones are the easiest to disassemble. For this we need:

  • Phillips screwdriver (according to the size of the screws on the headphones);
  • A thin knife or scalpel (you will need it to carefully peel off the ear pads planted on the glue, as well as for other trifles);
  • Soldering iron;

Features of AirPods

Airpods Pro look similar to the original Airpods, but have a wider front to accommodate silicone ear tips for comfort and noise cancellation. Tips come in three sizes to fit different ears.

Airpods Pro wireless headphones feature a new, innovative force sensor on each bar that responds to gestures that can be used to play / pause and skip music, answer and end phone calls, and switch between Active Noise Canceling and Transparency modes.

open, iphone, headphones

Can Airpods Pro Connect to Android?

Connect headphones from Apple can connect to all devices that have Bluetooth supported.

Apple earpods Full cleaning For perfect sound |#apple #Clean #earpods

To quickly pair your device, do the following:

  • Open the settings, find Bluetooth in the list and turn on.
  • Open the top of the case and hold down the back button for a few seconds. And wait until the LED inside the case blinks white. this means that the headphones are ready to pair with the phone.
  • In the list of connected devices, select our AirPods and connect.

You won’t get all the included features that you would have with an Apple device. The Airpods battery indicator will not appear on your phone, and Siri will not be able to answer any of your requests. However, you can download the Assistant Trigger app. to display the battery life of the phone, and launch Google Assistant after double-tapping the earphone.

Troubleshoot Airpods with Android

If you’re having trouble pairing your Airpods with Android, it’s best to start by resetting your headset by pressing the button on the back of the case. You can also try rebooting your Android device.

As additional troubleshooting steps, you should make sure Bluetooth is turned on on Android, there is sufficient charge on Airpods and the branded charging case.

How to connect Airpods to Android

You can try playing music, podcast, or any other audio on your device, and the sound will be streamed through Airpods. As long as Airpods are connected to Android, sound will be output from the headphones.

Airpods can also be connected to a Windows PC just like they can to a Mac. Essentially, they work just like any other Bluetooth accessory or speaker.

If you use your Airpods with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android, you may need to disconnect the earbuds from one device for another to detect it.

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If you’re having trouble connecting Airpods to Android, resetting Airpods can help. Also try restarting your Android device. Do not forget that Bluetooth must be turned on on it, and the headphones with a case must be charged.

You should be aware that not all Airpods features will work with Android. For example, activating Android Personal Assistant will not work. The same goes for automatic pause. However, the rest of the earbuds will work just fine.

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Who said the comfortable and popular Airpods wireless headset can only be used with iPhones? Owners of gadgets with Android will find it useful to learn about the capabilities of their device with Airpods. It’s easy to connect a headset, although it’s even easier on iOS. After turning on and pairing the device, the user will have at his disposal the same famous wireless headphones.

Before starting to use it is worth making sure that the charging case for the Airpods and they themselves are sufficiently charged. The headset should fit inside the box and Bluetooth on the Android device.

How to connect headphones from iPhone to Android

Airpods Pro are Apple’s most popular accessory right now. Many Android users are wondering how to connect Airpods Pro headphones to Android? In this article, we will explain the benefits of the new headphones and how to connect them.


The first are included in the set of iPhone 5, 6 and their intermediate modifications with the index “S”.

Apple ditched analog audio output in 2016. iPhone has lost an extra hole, which has improved the protection of the device against moisture. The headphones plug into the same input as the power cable and have the same jack. Fully digital EarPods are available on 7, 7 Plus models, as well as the latest smartphones of 2017, which include 8, 8 Plus and X.

There is no constructive difference between them, with the exception of the connection connector. The heads in which the speakers outputting sound are located are made in the same way.

Apple Headphones

Wired EarPods come in two versions: with a standard 3.5mm jack and a Lightning contactor.

Purification technology

Along the contour of the lattices of the main and side speakers marked with arrows, we first “pass” with a toothpick, removing the largest clusters.

After that, moisten a cotton pad in a solution of peroxide, put the headphones on them with protective nets down. Thus, the liquid will not get inside, and the sulfur deposit will dissolve. You can also use a stick to clean your ears.

IPhone cords are sheathed with biodegradable materials and tend to pick up all the dirt. The initially white wire quickly turns gray and the headphones look frayed after just a few months of use. Walking over it with a cotton pad dipped in peroxide, you can return them to their former whiteness. The Airpods case can be tidied up in the same way.

Use a damp stick to walk along the inner surface of the lid to remove accumulated dust. There are contacts at the bottom of the charging sockets, so only dry cleaning should be used to clean them. Additionally, you can blow out the nests with compressed air from special cylinders sold in computer stores, or use an ordinary medical pear.

If after cleaning it seems to you that the sound has not improved and there are suspicions of poor contact of wired headphones with the device, you should pay attention directly to the iPhone connector. Like any construction hole, it is susceptible to dust particles entering and contact can be lost over time. In most cases, it will be enough to use compressed air to remove small blockages and restore the sensitivity necessary for the connection.

How to clean iPhone headphones

Released in 2012, the iPhone 5 received significant changes not only in design. Apple has ditched the old charging connector and over-ear headphones that were used in the iPhone 4 and iPod. The new model has received a set of ergonomic EarPods with a non-separable body. Over time, even with careful handling, the speaker mesh gets dirty and then users think about how to clean the iPhone headphones.


Apple’s wireless headset is called Airpods and is an accessory. It does not come bundled with the company’s smartphones and is sold separately. Proprietary technologies allow devices running iOS 10 and 11 to automatically recognize such headphones by connecting via Bluetooth.

Outwardly, they are similar to their wired counterparts, and their speakers are also susceptible to earwax contamination.

The included charging case collects dust under the cover and also needs to be cleaned periodically.

Set of tools

Earwax is a protective secretion of the body and is designed to naturally lubricate the ear canal and protect it from bacteria. In the process of chewing food, it is discharged into the auricle and, due to its consistency, easily adheres to the speaker grilles on the headphones. At home, four things are required to remove sulfur from them:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • cotton swabs;
  • cotton pads;
  • wooden toothpicks.

How to properly clean earwax from iPhone headphones

How to clean iPhone earphones from earwax is of interest to many users, since a person is most often encountered with this contamination. The most popular method for removing sulfur at home is with a cotton swab. They are soft and fit well. They are used to clean all parts of any kind of headphone. You can use the sticks in their usual form or moisten them in a solution.

It is easy to clean the outer surface with cotton pads, especially if the headset has lost its color. They are also used after cleaning, when it is necessary to remove the remnants of liquid products. Discs clean wires well. This part of the device can be rinsed with plain water by squeezing a cotton pad well beforehand.

How to clean iPhone headphones with rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is used much more often than peroxide, as it evaporates faster from the surface. This greatly speeds up the cleaning process and reduces the risk of speaker flooding. First, you need to carefully remove large particles of dirt from the mesh with a toothpick.

Note! EarPods have side grids that should also be cleaned.

After removing significant contamination, you need to take ear sticks and treat them with alcohol. Remove excess liquid from the sticks with a tissue before cleaning the headphones. Wipe the surface of the headset for a few minutes until all the dirt is gone.

In addition to regular alcohol, formic alcohol is often used. However, it should be used with extreme caution, as it is more caustic and can damage the coating. It can be used to clean the internal parts if you cannot remove dirt with a regular cotton swab.

What you need to clean your iPhone headphones

Bad sound, which is barely audible, as well as the appearance of plaque on the mesh and surface of the headphones, suggests that the device needs to be cleaned. A standard cleaning kit includes several items: cotton pads and sticks, toothpicks, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. These are the most suitable products for safe and effective cleaning.

open, iphone, headphones

How to disassemble iPhone headphones

To understand how to disassemble iPhone headphones, you need to study their structure. The headset consists of two parts, which are glued together in production with a special substance. To properly reassemble the device, you must purchase glue in advance. Otherwise, the headset will not work again.

Note! Both parts of the earbuds are perfectly matched in size and shape, so there is nothing to catch the instrument during disassembly. For this reason, it is impossible to open them without traces of hacking.

To disassemble the device, you need to find a thin seam on the surface and walk over it several times with a scalpel. Each time you should go deeper, but without extra effort, so as not to damage the headset. The actions are repeated until both parts are corroded.

There is an opinion that it is possible to disassemble the air of the pods by turning one part away from the other, and also to assemble it. This is true, but the reception works only on fake equipment. The same technique works on the headphone net, where it is enough to pry it off with a needle to detach it from the case.

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Opening the headset with a scalpel

In original devices, everything is kept on a special glue, which ensures reliability and safe operation. After you can disassemble the device, both parts are carefully spread apart. Do not jerk them, as the components are connected by a wire. Finally, you need to clean the headset and close it back.

Why iPhone headphones get dirty

Any objects that a person uses in everyday life lose their true color over time, become covered with dust and dirt. This is due to contact with the environment. Earwax is released continuously and this process is considered the norm. Even if the user constantly cleans the passages, this will not protect the device from contamination. When listening to music, earwax is deposited on the speaker mesh. In addition, the headset is in daily contact with other surrounding objects. Lint, dust and food particles can get inside when the headphones are in your

The headset is cleaned 1-2 times a month.

Is it possible to disassemble headphones from an iPhone

How to disassemble iPhone headphones is of interest to many users. Genuine Apple earbuds have a peculiar shape and are therefore not cleaned from standard cleaning. Wireless and wired options are considered collapsible, but this is very difficult to do. This feature is due to the fact that the manufacturer wanted to protect the device from damage by water and other liquids. Because of this, there are no open latches on the surface for disassembly. The speaker head can be opened with a sharp knife or scalpel.

Note! For reassembly, you will definitely need quality glue.

Experts do not recommend disassembling headphones unless absolutely necessary, since cleaning is easy to carry out in the usual way. Be careful when handling the speakers as the surface is easily damaged. In the first step, large dirt can be removed with a toothpick. Then a cotton swab is soaked in a cleaning agent and the surface of the headphones is treated. Be sure to follow this sequence so as not to push the debris into the interior of the headset. The procedure is repeated until all dirt is removed.

How to open iPhone headphones

As mentioned earlier, you need a scalpel to open the iPhone headphones. Some people use a knife, but the blade is often not sharp and thin enough. Therefore, in order to cause minimal damage to the appearance of the device, it is advisable to use a scalpel. After passing several times along the seam, the headphones are separated into two parts. One contains a speaker and wires, and the other contains a mesh through which sound passes. For reassembly, it is advisable to use Moment glue. It is applied in a thin layer to the seam of the headset on both sides and connected. After that, it is recommended to leave the headphones for a few hours so that the glue is firmly attached.

Note! The further functioning of the Airpods and the protection of the interior from moisture and dirt depend on neat and consistent actions.

How to Disassemble and Open Apple Earbuds from iPhone

Warning: Do not disassemble EarPods and Airpods by yourself! Even if you can put them together, they will no longer sound the same, due to damage to the special membrane that prevents sound from penetrating into the back of the earphone.

Partially open Apple headphones

After you manage to break the glue layer, you can open the EarPods. Do not jerk them very hard in different directions, because they are indirectly interconnected by a wire. As you can see in the photo above, a driver and an insulating membrane are attached to the inside, a wire goes to the driver, which passes through the inside of the earphone. Thus, if you jerk the parts too hard in different directions, you will have a chance to tear the wire and disable the headphones.

Parse the EarPods driver

Now let’s disconnect the driver and the protective film. By the way, EarPods have a paper driver membrane rather than a plastic one, which makes them sound more natural and even. But for the same reason, it is highly undesirable to expose headphones to water. There are rumors on the Internet that the headphones were washed in the washing machine, then dried and they play like new. Yes, EarPods with a certain amount of luck can remain functional after washing, but the sound quality will drop. Paper is paper, and once wet, it will no longer be the same.

Why you need to disassemble Apple headphones

If the headphones are in good working order, then you need to disassemble the headphones for only one purpose. to clean the protective nets from earwax, dust and dirt accumulated on them. If a lot of debris accumulates on the mesh, the sound will stop passing through it normally and you will feel that one of the headphones is playing quieter than the other. Of course, this situation is unpleasant, which is why they want to disassemble the headphones.

However, just for cleaning the EarPods, you can do without a complete disassembly. You just need to have some handy tools to clean the external protective mesh and get back the original volume level of the headphones.

But if you are very interested in what is hidden inside the headphones for iPhone, I will show you in the photos so that you do not disassemble your own headphones.

Start parsing EarPods

The EarPods are made up of two parts, which are glued together securely at the factory. Disassembling the headphones and assembling them later will not work without special glue. over, even if you have glue for assembly, you will not be able to disassemble the headphones without traces of hacking. both parts of the body are perfectly matched in size and there is nothing for the tool to catch on. Also, the EarPods are very firmly glued and you won’t be able to pry them off and spread them apart with a sharp tool. donated one pair of earbuds to show you how they are made and alert your curiosity.

Nevertheless, if you are on fire and want to disassemble the iPhone headphones, you will need a durable, thin and sharp tool, such as a scalpel. You need to find a seam on the case of the headphones and gently walk over it with a scalpel several times, each time going deeper and deeper and trying to cut the glue and separate the two parts of the headphones.

There are videos on the Internet that the EarPods case can be disassembled simply by unscrewing one part from the other, and then also assembled by simply snapping one part of the earphone into another. This is only possible if the Apple headphones are fake. There may not be any glue at all and they can really be disassembled by simply snapping off a couple of small latches. But we are talking about real headphones, and they are tightly glued into a single whole and you cannot disassemble them without a scalpel.

The same goes for the protective metal mesh, there are videos on the Internet that you can pry them off with a needle or even the bristles of a toothbrush and disconnect them from the earphone. It is possible, but only for fakes. In original Apple headphones, the grids are very tightly held in the case and it is impossible to get them out without damaging them.

How to roll and stow the EarPods in the box

Packing your EarPods is easy. Having practiced just a couple of times, a person will be able to do this constantly and without any problems. The packaging process is as follows:

  • The cable must be fully extended. There should be no knots or tangled elements on it.
  • The inserts are installed in place. Nothing can be confused here. If for some reason difficulties arise, you can look at what kind of device it had initially (at the time of purchase).
  • Start winding the cable around the special cable gutter counterclockwise. This is done until it comes to the volume control.
  • There is also a special place for the regulator in the box, in which it fits perfectly. It is very important to ensure that the wire is not pinched anywhere.
  • It remains only to twist the remaining amount of wire and remove the plug.
  • The assembled headphones are closed with a lid and stowed away in the carrying area.
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Important! It is best if the headphone box is in a bag or inside a jacket It is not recommended to put them in jeans or pants. When walking or squatting, the plastic structure may crack and become unusable.

How to put EarPods back in the factory box

How to pack Airpods in a box

Devices from the iPhone XR or 5 S, or any other version of the phone have special, factory boxes in which it is very convenient to store and carry them. In addition, it is a wonderful gift case that does not need additional packaging.

whats in Earpods? Earpods disassembly.

It is best to fold branded headphones in the original packaging. This will help increase their shelf life.

Step-by-step instructions on how to put iPhone headphones into a box is as follows:

  • Insert the inserts directly into the slots of the package. It’s not difficult, just remember how they were originally when you bought.
  • The wires are wrapped around the case. You need to reel counterclockwise. Given the depth of the gutter, they will fit perfectly as well.
  • The volume control is retracted into a dedicated place for it.
  • It remains only to wrap the rest of the cable around the box.
  • From above, everything is covered with a lid. The packaging process is complete.

Important! Tying and tying the device in a knot is highly discouraged. Such handling will inevitably lead to deformation of the cable and quick breakdown.

Where to put the headphones

The most reasonable solution for storing headphones is to use a branded box. It is ideal for packing and storing fixtures. In addition, with its help, you can neatly roll the wires so that they do not get confused in the future.

What to do if iPhone earbuds get tangled

How to roll up iPhone earbuds so that they no longer get tangled in your ? This question arises not only among users of Apple products, but also other people. There are many options and methods for how you can twist headphones so that they do not get confused.

On the Internet, it is proposed to twist the wires with a special knot, remove them from them in plastic boxes or fabric covers. If desired, storage space can be made with your own hands.

Several options suitable for storage and carrying:

  • Use an old plastic card or thick cardboard. A pair of holes are made for the earbuds and the plug. The wire is wrapped around a cardboard (card).
  • A container from an old (ended) lipstick is also suitable as a case. The wires are wrapped around three fingers. The earbuds and plug remain on the top, while the bottom stays in the lipstick cap. So the device is easy to carry and take out at the right time.
  • Another option with a plastic card and a thick rubber band. The wires are twisted around the fingers, then fixed to the card with an elastic band.

There are really a lot of options, but it is worth remembering that the conversation is not about ordinary headphones bought for 100 rubles, but about those intended specifically for the iPhone. How to pack iPhone headphones so that they do not get tangled, in a box or tied according to a certain method?

Best way to carry your headphones

Correct carrying and storage is a guarantee of long service life of the equipment. The basic rules for storing and carrying the device, allowing it to extend its life, are as follows:

  • Take care of the wires. First of all, this concerns the fact that you cannot leave the device anywhere. It is best to put your headphones in a bag in a special container. So the wires will be less likely to get tangled, frayed and become unusable.
  • Do not carry them in pants or back s of jeans. Pinching the wires is almost one hundred percent damage.
  • Do not overcool the device. That is why, in winter, the wires must be under the clothes. Do not leave the device in the cold or in the car during the cold season.
  • Keep children and pets away from wires. The latter just love to gnaw them.

How to fold your iPhone headphones into a box

The well-known company Apple produces branded devices for its products, including headphones. This is a quality product that allows you to listen to music and audio books. Branded devices are expensive and it becomes a shame if they become unusable due to improper storage and transportation. The article addresses the question: how to roll iPhone headphones into a box, what needs to be done to extend the life of the device.

How to properly fold your iPhone headphones into a box

The process of packing iPhone earbuds into a box is not as complicated as it might seem. You can just use the branded box and not worry about another container.

Alternatively, if you do not want to constantly suffer with winding and putting all the elements in the nests, you can use the same Airpods box as a case.

Important! It is not necessary to use the original box. For the same purpose, a small cardboard or plastic container will do. The main thing is that there is a reliable cover that would not allow falling out.

Easy Way to Assemble iPhone Headphone Case

The headphone case is made from the same branded packaging or using another suitable box. If abilities allow, you can make a case yourself from cardboard, plastic, wood and other materials at hand.

How, then, to fold the iPhone headphones into the box, using it as a case:

  • The middle part is carefully removed. In other words, a component with special holes for earbuds and a volume control. In this case, you need to start from the corner. Since the structure is assembled conscientiously, you have to make a little effort. By prying the edge off, you can remove the core with a thin, sharp object. The main thing is not to scratch the bottom.
  • The elements left without a core create a wonderful case that you can use to store and carry your headphones. Only the bottom of the box and the transparent lid will remain on the hands.
  • The headphones simply roll up around the fingers, and then fit into the container and covered with a lid.

This use case is considered quite convenient. Since the structure is durable and well fixed, the device will not fall out, not damaged, and the wires will be significantly less tangled.

The main thing when using such a case is to ensure that the wires do not lie in a tangled state or tied in a knot. Both options have a bad effect on their condition and further use.

For the same purpose, you can purchase a small gift box that can be used as a case. A small package with a secure lid will do. The main thing is that the headphones lie neatly, and the wires are not pinched anywhere.

Branded devices are distinguished by their reliability and convenience, but that is why they require special treatment and careful storage. How to properly handle the headphones from the iPhone described above.

Regardless of which option the user chooses, it is necessary to remember the main rules: do not overcool the accessory, leave children and animals in the access zone, and leave them in the s of pants and jeans. Only with the right approach, the device can work for a long time, delighting with high-quality sound.