How to Open Hidden Files on a Computer

Menu item Folder properties (called or through Start. Settings. Control Panel. Folder properties, or through My computer. menu Service. Folder properties…) allows you to configure the methods of working with files and folders, as well as the way the contents of folders are displayed.

If the menu item Folder properties unavailable, then, as a rule, this indicates possible virus infection of the system (see What to do if the menu item “Folder Options” is not available?).

How to display hidden files and folders

How to Open Hidden Files on a Computer

Sometimes after restoring a menu item Folder properties unable to set switch Show hidden files and folders: after setting this switch, the switch is set again spontaneously Do not show hidden files and folders.

How to use the option Show hidden files and folders

So that in Folder properties enable option Show hidden files and folders we will use Windows Registry Editor:

To restore an option Show hidden files and folders you can use the rescue boot disk (type ERD Commander or Windows miniPE edition):

1. Before you begin to eliminate the consequences of a virus attack, you need to “treat” the system (otherwise all further actions are useless and meaningless).

2. Before you start manipulating with Windows Registry Editor, need to log in with an account Administrator.

3. When working with Windows Registry Editor caution should be exercised. Misuse Registry Editor can lead to serious problems, up to reinstalling the operating system!

4. Remember that prevention is easier than cure! Use firewalls and reliable anti-virus programs with regularly updated databases.