How to Open Docx Document on Android

How to Open Docx Document on Android

Word documents are the most popular and used. Often the question arises, how to open the DOC on Android? The goals can be different: just read the texts, edit and save, forward to other users. An overview of popular readers of Word files read on.

Applications for opening and editing DOC

DOC is a typical document used in offices and just for publication. Word files, as a rule, contain text documents, and the progenitor of this format is Microsoft Word. Therefore, native applications can also be used when reading documents.

Kingsoft office

A convenient program for opening DOC and DOCX on Android smartphones and tablets. The application is convenient to use and has a convenient simple interface that looks great both on smartphones and on large screens of tablets and computers.

This application is designed for office suites and allows you to not only open DOC and DOCX files on Android devices, but also edit them.

  1. Not only DOC and DOCX formats are supported, but also TXT text documents, XLS spreadsheets or others, PPT presentations, PDF text documents.
  2. Convenient, quick search for the necessary documents in the memory of the Android device using the manager.
  3. Convenient work with mail applications.
  4. There is the possibility of using cloud storage.
  5. Work with bulk files up to 200 megabytes.
  6. The presence of a special keyboard for editing and expansion.
  7. Support for most of the other features specific to office programs.
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Download. Office Suite Free

A free program, usually used for paid office programs. This is a set of office applications with which you can create, view, edit, forward, save office documents. Kingsoft Office Suite Free supports most of the file formats used every day:.doc.docx.rtf.txt.ppt ,, dbf.txt, xlsx and many others.

The package consists of three main tools that allow the user to create presentations (Kingsoft Presentation), spreadsheets (Kingsoft Spreadsheet) and work with text (Writer). In addition to the above formats, Office supports PDF files and work with built-in graphic and multimedia (Flash) objects. Key features:

  1. Work with most document formats.
  2. Built-in search bar Google Search.
  3. Go to PDF files.
  4. Ability to switch tabs.
  5. Saving under code.
  6. Preparing for printing and printing.
  7. Support for OLE Automation.

Download. File Readers DOC, DOCX

However, editing is not always needed, often Word documents are simply read. Then you can safely use a number of other programs.


The program for reading books with software in Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. Supported formats: fb2, txt, epub and others. Installed for free, compatible with android version 1.6.0 or higher.

  1. Support for multiple languages.
  2. Auto setup to use slide mode.
  3. The presence of built-in dictionaries, which are often used when reading both fiction and scientific-cognitive literature.
  4. Reader mode selection. 1 or 2 pages at once, depending on consumer habits.
  5. The presence of several modes of brightness, color, a variety of fonts, text display styles (3D images of pages, when you can scroll several pages forward or backward).
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Download. Doc viewer

Free program for viewing any Microsoft Office Word documents (DOC, DOCX). Allows you to open, view and print DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT files. It does not require installation and use of Microsoft Word. It has many viewing options equipped with functions: panoramic view, zooming, image rotation, mirroring, etc. Performs the function of sending files by e-mail.

  • simple, convenient interface with accessible themes;
  • flexible settings. according to user needs;
  • a wide range of possibilities for working with text, including creating notes, bookmarks, color highlighting, highlighting the necessary quotes, memorizing, saving;
  • built-in translator that helps to translate a word or phrase immediately without dictionaries. while reading;
  • color, font settings, creating your own font in addition to the 12 available;
  • many options for turning pages, the presence of three animated effects;
  • different reading modes, the most common. “day / night”;
  • customizable long read notification;
  • supports reading aloud;
  • control and support of the device’s memory card;
  • the ability to add OPDS directories;
  • convenient file system, sorting files and books according to user criteria;
  • Saving reading statistics. The choice of program is up to you, depending on your functions, gadget capabilities and priorities.
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Download. Doc reader

Easy to use program that allows you to open and view documents in the DOC and DOCX format. To work with it, you do not even need to install an office suite. In addition to Word documents, it supports RTF and text formats.


Universal, convenient reader for Android, which has all the necessary functions for convenient reading books, magazines, watching comics, listening to audio recordings and others. The reader provides full-fledged work with such formats as: docx, cbr, html, mobi, xps, odt and others.


There are a number of other editors that allow you to work with documents in the DOC format. Of course, Microsoft’s office suite is on the foreground in this list, since this company created this format. But if something does not suit the functionality of these programs, then you can download other applications.


The following provides an overview of the FullReader application.