How to open an APK file on PC. How to create an APK file from the application

What is the agricultural file and how to open it

The term “APK” is heard by many users, some even understand its purpose. Decryption is this. Android Package Kit. This is an archive that contains all the data: assets, libraries, program codes.

The APK file is slightly reminiscent of the exe files that are in Windows. This format is used to download a program from a source or distribute it on devices, running Android.

When you need to download the application from Google Play, the file of the file of the file with the desired program is automatically generated.

There are several positive points when the agro.industrial complex is installed manually:

  • You can not wait for new updates to go on Google Play, and immediately manually download the desired file.
  • APK expansion provides assistance in installing the application not from the store, but from other sources. But here you need to be careful, since unverified sources can harm the computer. Together with the agro.industrial complex, you can download the viral program.

Therefore, answer the question, APK files. what is it, you can just. This is the main format with which Android works. With its help, you can easily and quickly install applications and their distribution.

Features of the format

APK format has some features:

  • It cannot be converted into another format;
  • The creation of the archive is compressing the contents based on Jar;
  • In the format, ZIP refers to the subsection;
  • through the Eclipse programs with the ADT, Google Android SDK plugin, you can make changes;
  • File agiles are not encrypted.

How to Open APK File for Android App

Substracted files that have an APK extension are stored in the Google Play store. All data are in the root folder Data, where you can get through the conductor.

BlueStacks. fast Android emulator on a computer

BlueStacks developers say that its fourth version is the fastest way to launch Android applications on a computer. They focus on the convenience of using the program for mobile games. You do not need to bother with it, how much the smartphone is charged, and also turn on the “not to disturb” mode in order to get rid of regularly pop.up notifications, incoming factors and other distracting factors. This is a new level for mobile entertainment, with which you can use a convenient physical keyboard and other thematic tools.

Since the developers sharpened the Android emulator for games, they paid separate attention to BlueStacks performance. The fourth version of the system is faster than the third eight times. over, the developers promise that she is faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9 six times. BlueStacks imitates Android Nugat ( not the newest version of the Google mobile platform, but it also most often copes with all the duties assigned to it. This became more possible by updating the graphic engine, which better copes with all the necessary software.

Bluestacks works with tabs. The first default is intended for the “Applications Center” with Software recommended for the emulator. The second called “My Applications” is an integral android integer with a home screen with selected programs and games, a lower dock with software, which is most often used, as well as a menu for a complete set of installed applications (standard and user). Running programs and games open in the form of additional tabs, and with the help of them you can work with several applications at once.

BlueStacks has a “camera” that uses a built-in computer webcamer without problems. In a set of standard applications, there was also a place for the “calculator”, “file manager”, “settings”, the location cartographic program, the Chrome browser and the Search Apps Software Software. The system integrates also has three standard buttons for going to the home screen, return to the previous menu and call the multitasking panel. Bluestacks shell works quite confidently to use it on an ongoing basis. Simple applications fly, simple games are also in order.

Nox App Player. a simple emulator for any software

NOX App Player is another Android emulator that can be used both on Windows and MacOS. The developers of this decision also argue that it operates on the base of Android 7, but in the settings of the operating system the version of Android 5 is indicated. In fairness, in BlueStacks, an point with the assembly number is generally hidden. Nevertheless, it is difficult to say that it is critical for an emulator that should simply run specific applications. no more, no less. By the way, the creators of NOX App Player also position it as a productive game solution.

NOX App Player works with the mouse (trackpade) and keyboard, supports gamepads and can simultaneously run several windows of the same program. This should be especially useful in mobile games that involve social interaction. Theoretically, it will turn out to pump your character faster or get some additional opportunities in multi-user collisions. Nevertheless, this will definitely completely kill the whole plan of the developer of the game, which focused on its use on one specific gadget. Good or bad, you decide.

NOX App Player developers focus on advanced users, so they displayed a separate button for installing applications from APK files. Bluestacks also has such an opportunity, but it is implemented through a “file manager”. this is a little longer, but this method does not have other shortcomings. As for the software, there is the application “Files” and separately “ES conductor”, “browser”, “contacts”, “gallery”, “loading”, Google Play and not only. There is also a software menu that NOX App Player developers recommend trying as part of their emulator.

Unlike BlueStacks, Nox App Player has no tabs for open applications. you have to use the standard multitask menu Android menu. Nevertheless, if you compare this pair of emulators, then the speed of work is most upset here. This decision is significantly inferior to the competitor in smoothness and performance. On a computer, it will not be possible to comfortably play quite simple games like Subway Surf. There are enough bugs. for example, not all applications are displayed on the home screen after installation.

How to convert APK file

Although the program or file conversion service is usually necessary for converting files of one type into another, they are not very useful when working with APK files. This is due to the fact that the APK file is an application designed to work only on certain devices, unlike files of other types, such as MP4 or PDF, which work on various platforms.

Instead, if you want to convert the APK file to ZIP, you should use the instructions described above. Or open the APK file in the file extracting tool, and then pack it in a ZIP file or just rename the file.APK in.Zip.

File renaming this way, this is not a file conversion. And this only works in the case of APK files, because the file format already uses ZIP, but it simply adds another file extension (.APK).

As mentioned above, you cannot convert the APK file to IPA for use on iOS, and you also cannot convert APK to EXE to use the Android application in Windows.

However, you can usually find an iOS alternative, which works instead of an Android application, which you want to install on your iPhone or iPad. Most developers have the same application available on both platforms (both APK for Android and IPA for iOS).

As for the APK converter in EXE, just install Windows APK and then use it to open the Android application on your computer.

You can convert the APK file to BAR for use with the BlackBerry device by just downloading the APK file to the Good E-Reader APK online converter to BAR. Wait until the transformation ends, and then download the Bar file back to the computer.

Launching APK on Windows 10 through emulators

On the Internet you can find a wide variety of Android emulators, but the most popular are the following products:

You again need to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of using everyone in more detail.


Bluestack is a program designed to launch Android applications on computers with Windows 10 operating system. You can download and use it freely, but advertising banners will be periodically surfaced.

Note! The main advantage of the program is its full emulation of Android, including the ability to download and install applications from Google Play.

Instructions for using the Bluestack program look like this:

  • Run the program by clicking on its shortcut several times with the right button.
  • The program window will be displayed, into which the user needs to drag the desired document with the extension.APK. It is important to take into account that the dragged element should be independent of the cache, otherwise all attempts will end in a mistake.
  • After dragging the file to the emulator, the latter will take a little time to unpack it.
  • At the end of the installation, BlueStack will notify the user that the program is installed.

How to Open APK Files. File Extension APK

Features of using the Bluestack program

Important! At the end, to start the application, you will need to go to the “My Appendices” tab and a double click on the right mouse button to start it.

Nox Player

No less efficient Android OS emulator called Nox Player. Its advantage is undemanding to the technical parameters of the hardware part of the computer.

  • Download to computer file with extension.APK, the system will be proposed to open it.
  • If this does not happen, then the user will need to put the cursor on a specific element, once press the left mouse button. From the drop.down list, select “Open using”.
  • Among the available programs for opening, you need to choose NOX Player and click on “open”.
  • Further, the user will need to slip with the right button and alternately select the “Properties” tab, then “install”.

With the correct and consistent performance of all actions, the standard conductor will start on the computer, it will remain in it to register the path to a specific document and select it by clicking on “open”.

There are many ways to open format documents on the computer.APK. Which use depends on the personal preferences of the user. The vast majority of them have approximately the same set of tools, so it is definitely not worth purchasing the most expensive product, at first you can limit yourself to free programs or a trial period.

How to extract APK from an installed application

To extract an element from an already installed application, it is necessary to use the help of software. APK Extractor is suitable for these purposes.

To extract, you must follow the instructions:

  • Download from Play Market and install it.
  • At the first launch, give permission to access folders and multimedia.
  • Then call the lateral menu and open the “My Applications” tab.
  • In the list, select the desired program and mark Chekbox.
  • At the bottom of the screen, press the “Export” button.

Why does APK do not open on Android and how to solve the problem

Opening problems are if the file itself is damaged or has a configuration error. Then you need to download the element from another source. If a syntactic error occurs, then the manifesto is damaged. In this situation, you also need to download the application from another resource.

If the installer does not start, then it is required to give permission to install applications from unknown sources.

note! It often happens that the file is created for a specific version of the operating system, for example, for Android 5. If the installation is made to the older version, then an error will fly out. It is necessary to find the installation package for your version of the OS.

If you need to install the program that is already installed on the phone, it is recommended to delete the previous version, otherwise the software conflict may occur.

You can open and extract APK using file managers or archives. Thanks to this, editing and changing the software application code. You need to download software only from proven sources, some of them may contain a malicious software code that is masked for the desired application.

How to open an APK file on a computer

For the Android operating system, there are a lot of interesting and useful applications. It is not rare that these applications are interested in users who do not have Android smartphone. Fortunately, this problem can be solved without buying a new device. Instead, you can just open the APK file on the computer and use the application you need.

There are many different programs to launch APK files on the computer. We have already described some of them in the article “How to launch Android Games on PC”. But most of these programs are too heavy and complex. Therefore, I don’t want to install them for one APK file. In this article we will offer you an easier way to open APK files on a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

So, in order to open an APK file on a computer, we will need NOX App Player. This program is free and you can just download it from the official website of the developer (link). NOX App Player installation process is extremely simple. Run the EXE file and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

After the installation is completed, the loading of the Android operating system will begin. It will take another 20-30 seconds. Then you will see the desktop.

The first thing you need to do is go to the NOX App Player settings and enable Root. To do this, click on the gear button, which is located in the upper right corner of the program.

After that, we transfer the Root function to the ON position and save the settings using the button at the bottom of the screen.

After the root is turned on, you can open an APK file. To do this, click on the APK boot button, which is located on the right side of the NOX App Player program window.

After that, the program will report that APK files can be opened with simple drag. But, this function works incomprehensible how, so we click on the I Know button in order to continue.

After that, the usual window selects the file. Here you just need to select an APK file that you want to open on a computer.

After that, the installation of the APK file in the NOX App Player program will begin. After the installation is completed, the application will start automatically, and an icon will appear on the Android desktop to start this application manually. Pay attention, sometimes, and the first time the application refuses to start. In this case, you just need to open it again, and it will work.

open, file, create, application

If you need to simulate any android smartphone to interact with an open application, then there is a tool panel on the right side of the program window.

It should be noted that you can also open the APK file literally. To do this, click on the APK file with the right mouse button and select “Open another application“.

After that, a window will open to select an application. Here you need to choose any archiver (for example, 7-ZIP) and click on the OK button.


The Android BlueStacks emulator is a proven and working option that imitates the home screen of mobile devices and allows you to fully launch applications and play. He interacts with the Google Play store, so you can download mobile programs directly through it by entering your account. But, despite its popularity, the program is quite demanding on system resources, so it is difficult to achieve smoothness when using the application on low.power PCs.

Bluestacks 5 is available 32-bit and 64-bit version of Android 7 Nougat.

But in addition to the application store, the emulator works with files in APK format, which are downloaded to the computer. Download Bluestacks, install it, then act as follows:

  • Run the program. This can take some time, depending on the technical characteristics of PC.
  • On the panel on the right, press the icon in the form of an arrow directed down with the inscription “APK”.
open, file, create, application

By default, the shortcut will appear on the computer desktop, so you can quickly start the game/application through the emulator. This is also possible to do this through the BlueStacks integer, choosing the desired software from the list of my games installed on the tab.

BlueStacks supports hot keys, so you can open an “conductor” to search for an APK file if you simultaneously stick the Ctrl Shift B keys at the same time.

If necessary, the APK file can be set the program through which it will open when the document is setting the document directly from the folder on the hard drive. This is done through the context menu: the “Properties” item or the option “Open using”.


Droid4x is another emulator that allows you to run games and applications designed for Android devices. The program is designed for 4.2.2 versions of the operating system, therefore, is compatible with most software. It is distinguished by a simple and understandable intensity and performance. To open a file in APK via Droid4x, do the following:

    After installing the emulator, all the APK files that are on the computer will automatically open through it. For launch.

All installed Android programs are added to the emulator integration, so you need to start it and select the application to start the application.

open, file, create, application

Where and how can you download APK files on Android

When there is an understanding of what the APK installation file is, then there is a reasonable question where such archives can be downloaded and how to do it. There are actually a lot of places, but they are divided into only two types: official store and resources. Further more about this is described.

Google Play Store

The most massive and popular sources of APK files is the official digital store from Google Play. It is also the safest resource from which you can download any applications without fears that they can harm the gadget or steal personal data.

Important! Google Play by default is preinstalled into each release of even the oldest version of Android, so downloading it is not required separately, which is very convenient.

The only nuance is that the store does not make it possible to download all the components separately, but immediately downloads APK and sets it, that is, unproving occurs in automatic mode. This is convenient for most users who are not interested in what is inside their game or program. The final result is important to them.

The safest way is to use Google Play

Unofficial sources

For experienced users, it is much more profitable to get a ready-made APK file at the output, which can be unpacked and edited. Even if this is not necessary, then and unofficial sources will be by the way.

The point is not only that with their help you can get a file without its automatic installation. They offer many programs and hacked games that violate the rules of placement in the official Play Market store, but are very useful. So, in the store you can’t find hacked programs, mods to them, applications for obtaining the rights of a super.user, etc. D.

note! Any download with resources can turn out for the user by the fact that he will bring the virus to the operating system, which will disable it or will quietly steal passwords or minute using the system resources of a smartphone. You need to be extremely careful and download games or programs with time.tested sites.

To access some foreign resources, VPN will need some foreign resources

Do I need to unpack the downloaded application

If the file was downloaded in APK format, then it can simply be installed. If third-party websites distribute it in the RAR or ZIP archives, then before installation you will need to unpack them in any place in the internal memory that is available to the user.

Only developers need to unpack the APK installation file for hacking a paid application in order to improve it and distribute on a free basis. A simple person does not need this, he is unlikely to understand something when unpacking, as he will see many files with code and incomprehensible data from which the final program is assembled.

All icons on the desktop are APK applications labels

open, file, create, application

General description of the extension

APK file format refers to extensions from the category executable formats, its full name. Android Package File.

APK file is an application created for the Android mobile operating system. This file format refers to archival executable applications, the file was developed by the APK expansion programmers of Open Handset Alliance with Google Corporation. Android Smartphones are capable of opening a file that has an extension.APK using the full.time tools in the Android system. Each Android application is compiled and placed in a file that includes the program code (it contains.DEX files), some resources and elements, as well as the file extension.Manifest.

What else can cause problems with the file?

The most common problem due to which users cannot open this file is an incorrectly assigned program. To fix this in Windows OS, you need to click on the file on the file, in the context menu, put the mouse on the “Open using” item, and select the “Select the Program. “. As a result, you will see a list of installed programs on your computer, and you can choose the right. We also recommend putting a checkmark opposite the “Use this application for all APK files”.

  • Try to find the right file on another source on the Internet. You may be lucky to find a more suitable version. Search for Google: “Filetype: APK” file. Just replace the word “file” with the name you need;
  • Ask you to send you the source file again, perhaps it was damaged during transmission;

You know other programs that can open APK? Could not figure out how to open a file? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will add an article and answer your questions.