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How does the HP ProBook 4535s understand?

Today we will be disassembling the HP ProBook 4535s laptop to clean the cooling system and replace thermal grease.

To get started, get rid of the battery. We move the latches as shown in the bottom photo and take out the battery.

To remove the cover from the bottom of the laptop, unscrew the two screws. The photo shows which feints you need to unscrew, as well as where they are located.

Under the cover just removed, we can see many important elements that make up a laptop. RAM, hard drive and wireless module. We can see a part of the radiator of the laptop cooling system. But, this is just part of it. To fully get to the cooling system, you have to disassemble the laptop case.

Now, we unscrew the four screws and pulling the special tab located on the laptop hard drive, we take out the hard drive from the case.

We take out the optical drive. To do this, unscrew the screw that holds it, and then push it out of the laptop case.

Disable the wiring from the wireless module. These wiring goes to the antenna of the laptop. The module itself can not be removed, it will not bother us to disassemble the laptop, it is enough to disconnect only the antenna wires.

Before disassembling the laptop case and removing the keyboard, you need to unscrew a few screws. Two screws hold the keyboard, the rest fasten the laptop case. The screws that hold the case together are located at the edges. The screws are hidden under the rubber plugs, which must be removed before loosening the screws.

There are three countersunk screws that are hidden under the DVD drive of the laptop. Do not pull out the drive, do not remove these screws. And if you do not unscrew these screws, then you will not disassemble the laptop case. Isn’t it a vicious circle?

We proceed to remove the laptop keyboard. Two screws with which she was screwed, we have already unscrewed. But, the keyboard is still glued in some places with two-sided tape. So, lifting the keyboard up, you need to carefully unstick this two-sided tape, and then turn off the keyboard cable. In my opinion, everything is extremely simple and clear.

Having removed the keyboard from the case, we begin to unscrew the screws that the same keyboard used to hide. Also, we have to disable several loops. Look at the photo below, everything is marked and shown there.

Well, now, we disassemble the case of our laptop. It is most convenient to act as shown in the following photo. From the upper right edge of the body into the slot insert a pick, to play the guitar. We draw them first down, and then around the entire perimeter of the hull. By breaking this, the latches fastening the laptop case.

Having opened all the latches of the case, do not rush to remove the top cover of the laptop. You need to disable the loop, which can be seen in the photo below.

How to Open a Laptop Hp Envy 17

Having removed the top cover, we begin to prepare for removing the laptop motherboard. Turn off all the cables and unscrew all the screws that are marked in the picture. After that, the motherboard can be safely removed from the case.

To remove and clean the cooling system, I recommend removing the cooling fan first. Remove one screw and unplug the cooling fan power connector.

Now, nothing will stop us from removing the main cooling radiator. To remove it, unscrew the screws that I marked in the picture. It is advisable to unscrew the screws crosswise. Or by numbers, as indicated in the picture.

It is also advisable to change the thermal pad under the black plastic sticker. Having unfastened it by half, starting from the side where the round battery of our laptop is located. After peeling off the sticker, under it we will see another small cooling radiator. It is on this radiator that you need to change the thermal pad.

Of course, we clean the removed cooling system before putting it into place. We apply a completely new thermal compound to the laptop chips and fasten the cooling radiator.

Well, that’s basically it. The laptop was disassembled and dusted. Thermal grease was replaced at all places where it was supposed to be.

There is a detailed on this topic. To whom my article and photos were not enough, they can watch at least a detailed.