How to open a flash drive on a tablet Huawei Mediapad

How to connect a USB flash drive to a Huawei tablet? Currently, external drives have also remained in demand, despite the presence of cloud storage or internal memory cards. If computers or laptops have a separate USB input, then tablets do not. Then the question arises, how to connect a USB flash drive in this case? The article will consider the available methods.

How to open a flash drive on a tablet Huawei Mediapad

Can I connect a USB flash drive to the Huawei tablet

Can I use an external drive in Mediapad? Yes. For this, there is a special OTG cable that serves as an adapter. The device is used in gadgets with the operating system Windows or Android. For Apple, it does not fit, this technique does not accept external drives.

Directly, bypassing the adapter, using a flash drive will not work. Get an OTG cable.

On the one hand, it is equipped with microUSB, which is connected to a tablet PC, and on the other, USB itself, where the drive is inserted. Previously, for correct operation it was required to install drivers, now, starting with Android version 3.1, there should be no problems. The developers have provided a similar connection method. That is, any modern gadgets will seamlessly accept a USB flash drive. Additionally, it is worth noting that the OTG adapter is suitable not only for flash drives. With it, you can connect mice, keyboards or wireless modems.

Instructions on how to connect a USB flash drive to a Huawei tablet

  1. Connect the OTG to the drive and device.
  2. A notification about a new connected device will appear on the display.
  3. If an error about an impossible connection appears on the screen, then restart the gadget and repeat the procedure.
  4. To open a USB flash drive on a Huawei tablet, install the file manager or explorer. For example, Total Commander or ES Explorer. You can download them from the official Google Play market.
  5. Open the drive through the program, select the desired fauna and transfer to the device.

Common mistakes

In some situations, the system may display an error. For example, often users cannot find a connected USB flash drive. To solve the problem, just use the Total Commader Explorer. Go to the root location and find the folder called USB.

The second common problem is the insufficient voltage of the gadget. Suppose you are trying to connect a drive with an impressive memory size. Probably the tablet just does not have enough energy. Try using a flash drive with less memory. There may also be problems due to the “USB Debugging” option not being enabled. The function is activated through the gadget settings. It is necessary that the item “For Developers” appears in the parameters. For this:

  1. Go to the About Tablet PC section.
  2. Press the “Build Number” tab several times.
  3. A notice “You have become a developer” should appear.

Next, go back to the settings and go to the section for developers. Find the option “USB debugging” and check the box. The following problem may be due to the wrong format. Tablets can only accept FAT32. Verify that the drive is in the correct format. Insert it into the PC, right-click on the detected device and click “Properties”. If NTFS is installed, close the window and click RMB again, select “Formatting”. During the procedure, specify the desired file system. First, do not forget to transfer the stored data to a computer, otherwise, after formatting, all information from the flash drive will be deleted.

If none of the above gives a result, then make sure the adapter cable and connectors are working properly.

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