How to Move Photos from Computer to iPhone

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Last updated February 26, 2021 by Jack Robertson

It is difficult for iPhone users to view and edit photos from computer to iPhone as iPhone is less compatible than Android phone, which cannot copy and paste images from computer to iPhone like on Android phone.

Sometimes the confusion with ‘How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone’ might hit you when you are done editing some of the images, upload some photos from the camera, or upload some interesting image files online. In fact, it’s just a piece of cake. transfer photos from computer to iPhone. You can complete the task easily with some iPhone transfer tools like iTunes. iCloud. Google Photos & iPhone Transfer.

In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to use the above 4 software to transfer images from computer to iPhone with less effort and maximum benefits.


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Method 1 Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone using iPhone Transfer

Have you been looking for an easy and quick way to transfer pictures from computer to iPhone? Try echoshare iPhone Transfer.

As a professional iPhone management tool, echoshare iPhone Transfer can help you transfer tons of files between your iOS devices and your computer.

  • Multimedia connection: You can transfer data from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPhone and vice versa.
  • Multiple data compatibility: The program supports dozens of file types such as videos, photos, audio, contacts, messages, apps and app attachments, etc.
  • High speed transfer: As soon as you start transferring files, echoshare will complete the process within a few seconds.
  • Maximum Security: Unlike iTunes, this iPhone Transfer will never overwrite the data on your iPhone or cause any data loss.

possibilities are waiting for you to explore, and now let’s use this tool to transfer your photos from PC to iPhone.

Step 1 Download iPhone Transfer to your computer for free

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to iPhone Transfer

After installation, run the program. Take out a suitable USB cable and connect your iPhone to your computer via this cable.

Then unlock your iPhone and click Trust on the screen to allow the computer to access your iPhone. IPhone Transfer now recognizes your iPhone and syncs with it quickly.

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Step 3 Start photo transfer

On the echoshare interface, click the Photo icon.

iPhone Transfer will display all iPhone photos and albums in the right pane. We can start transferring photos from your computer hard drive to iPhone right away.

Click on Import. select import files or folder, browse and select target image files or folder, click Open. to confirm.

Tip: You can copy your photos to a specific album.

First, check Albums in the left menu and click on it. Then look at the right pane and double-click the album you want to import the photos into. Click Import and select photos.

Then iPhone Transfer will prompt you to download the application to your iPhone to have a more stable and secure transfer. Take out your iPhone, turn on the camera and scan the QR code in the window to install the app on your iPhone.

When the download is complete, open the app on your iPhone and click ‘Allow to approve the app to add photos from your computer to your iPhone.

Finally, click Installed on Desktop Version and iPhone Transfer will work to transfer photos from PC to your iPhone.

Don’t want to download the app? Sure, no problem.

Hit the Quick Import Photos Without App option and click Yes to start.

Then iPhone Transfer will transfer photos from your computer to iPhone without using iOS app.

Method 2 How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with iTunes

When it comes to transferring media files from computer to iPhone, iTunes is always inevitably popping up in everyone’s mind.

As the primary and recommended official iOS data management software, iTunes helps us back up, restore, enrich and update our iOS devices. Also we can use it to transfer data from computer to iPhone.

However, due to the nature of iTunes, there is a chance that you will experience data loss when transferring photos from PC to iPhone. If you’re using a new phone or your photo gallery isn’t important, iTunes is still a good tool.

Let’s see how to use iTunes to transfer photos from your PC to iPhone.

Step 1 Sync iPhone with iTunes

Download and install the latest iTunes on your Windows PC. Then connect iPhone to PC and iTunes syncs with iPhone automatically.

Step 2 Prepare to transfer photos

Click on the miniature iPhone icon to enter the data transfer interface. Then find Photos in Settings.

Check the Photo Sync option to allow iTunes to add photos from PC to your iPhone.


In iTunes, you can only import a whole folder, not just files. So, you better move all target photos to one folder first.

Also, if there are sub-folders in that selected folder, you can decide which folders you really want by checking the Selected folders option and checking the target (s).

By the way, if there is any video in that folder that you want to transfer to your iPhone, check the Include video option. In this case, iTunes will transfer all videos and photos from this PC folder to your iPhone.

Step 3 Transfer Photos to Your iPhone

Now all the information is clear and we can complete the transfer using iTunes. Find the bottom right corner of the interface and click Apply.

iTunes will start syncing this picture folder to your iPhone. You will see a progress bar at the top of the interface. When Sync “xx’s iPhone” (step 5 of 5) mark disappears, the process is complete. You can disconnect iPhone from computer and check images in Photos app.

Tip: Why Not Try the iCloud Photo Transfer App?

Apple offers users iCloud access through and the iCloud app. We found that the web version provides almost the same features and functions as the desktop version. But the app has so many drawbacks that the web version doesn’t. For example:

  • Autorun Violation: The iCloud app will launch on your PC when you turn it on. To make matters worse, automatic launch cannot be disabled.
  • Storage Panic: As soon as you enter the app, it syncs all data and files from cloud storage with your PC’s hard drive, putting additional stress on the machine.
  • Privacy leak: Other users can view iCloud photos on your computer without entering a password.

I think we’d better log into and transfer photos from our PC to iPhone via the page.

Step 1 Sign in to

Login to on your computer and sign in to your Apple account.

How to transfer photos from Windows computer to iPhone and iPad

Want to transfer photos that are stored on your Windows computer to your iPhone or iPad? Many of us take pictures with a professional camera and save them on a computer for later processing, but if you want to access them on your mobile device, you need to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes first. Yes, someone will say now “Apple has stopped supporting iTunes!”, But on Windows this is still an effective way to move photos.

There are several ways to transfer photos from computer to iPhone or iPad.

Earlier versions of macOS and Windows use iTunes to sync content to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch using a wired or wireless connection. Previously, it was impossible to even activate a device without iTunes, but now everything is much simpler. In macOS Catalina, iTunes moved to Finder; on Windows, many still use it to transfer content to iPhones and iPads.

It should be noted that we will be talking about moving photos from computer to iOS, and not vice versa. You can now transfer photos from iPhone to Windows without iTunes, there are tools built into the operating system for importing images.

How to Transfer Photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad

If you have not previously synced your device with iTunes, you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi wireless sync function in iTunes, and you will need to connect your iPhone with a cable. First of all, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer in order to proceed with this operation.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer using the original USB to Lightning (or USB to USB C) cable and open the iTunes app on your computer.
  • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon, which is right next to the Music tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Go to the device page in iTunes

Photo sync must be enabled

Select the folder where your photos are stored

Now, if you go to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, you can access all the photos you’ve chosen to sync on your computer.

If you have HEIC photos, you might find this article helpful on how to open it.

However, connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer over a wire is gradually becoming a thing of the past. If you don’t want to rely on a USB to Lightning cable for transferring content, you can turn on Wi-Fi sync in iTunes for wireless transfers. However, for this to work, your PC and iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer without iTunes

With services like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive, you no longer need to use iTunes to transfer photos and videos. If you’ve set up iCloud on your Windows PC, you can easily sync all your locally saved photos from iCloud and access them on any Apple device signed in to the same iCloud account within seconds. And if you’re using a Mac, your images are automatically synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone using iCloud

ICloud cloud storage is created specifically for owners of Apple devices. This cloud allows the iPhone owner not only to create backup copies of his phone’s data for their subsequent restoration, but also provides ample opportunities for storing a large amount of various files, including graphics and photos, as well as accessing them from any device. In addition, iCloud has two more distinctive features. “find iPhone” (tracking a lost or stolen device) and the ability to distribute the photo taken by your gadget to all your other devices from Apple.

Open the iCloud storage page in your computer’s web browser: and sign in with your personal Apple ID.

Click on the “Photos” icon to launch the iCloud Photos app.

Click on the “Download” button. In the left pane of the window that opens, select the folder with the photos you want to copy to iPhone.

Select the necessary photos in the folder and click on the “Open” button in the lower right corner of the window. Wait for the process of copying images to your iPhone to complete.

To display photos on iPhone, you need to activate the “iCloud Library” function as follows: open the “Settings” menu in your phone, select the “iCloud” tab, click on “Photos” and move the slider to the right, activating it.

How to Transfer Photos and Videos from Computer to iPhone

How to transfer photos from a computer to an iPhone via iCareFone

ICareFone program differs from other similar programs in high speed and user-friendly interface. A distinctive feature of the utility is the ability to work directly with a connected device without unnecessary file transfers, i.e. as a regular file manager. This fact greatly simplifies and speeds up the procedure for moving various files between your computer and iPhone. The utility also provides the ability to backup and restore data, delete junk files, including cache, cookies and temporary application files, fix system errors, determine if the system needs to be updated, and block ads and application banners. At the same time, the manager we need to move files in Tenorshare iCareFone is available to absolutely all users in free mode.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Launch the iCareFone program on your computer.

Select the “control” tab or click the photo (quick access) icon on the home interface.

Select the Import option, select your photos and click Open. To transfer folders of photos, select Import Select Folder, select the folders and click OK.

In iCareFone app, you can import below image formats: png, jpg, jpeg, heic, mov, mp4, m4v and gif. To do this, you need to install the iCareFone app on your iOS device. Open it and allow access to your photos.

After the transfer, you can unlock your iPhone and go to the Photos app

After the drop-down tab appears, you can select a folder (or subfolder / several subfolders), the photo of which will need to be uploaded to your iPhone.

Highlight the photos you want in a folder or an entire folder (subfolder / multiple subfolders).

Press the “Apply” button and wait until the process of copying images to your iPhone is complete, after which the photos will be available for viewing and performing other operations on your iPhone.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

IPhone owners often need to transfer graphics or photos from their computer to their iPhone. Such a need may arise if the owner of the phone wants to always have important or memorable photos at hand, as well as to be able to show certain images to friends, relatives or acquaintances. In this article, we will analyze the possible ways to transfer graphics and photos from computer to iPhone.

4.How to Upload Photos from Computer to iPhone via Dropbox

To upload photos from a computer to an iPhone, it is not necessary to use iCloud, you can also use any other cloud storage (for example, Google Drive, Yandex Drive, Dropbox, Cloud, etc.), depending on your email account and 9 personal preferences. We will consider this operation using the example of the popular Dropbox cloud. In case you want to use another cloud storage, the algorithm of actions will be similar.

How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS

Open the Dropbox storage page in your computer’s web browser: and sign in with your email address and password, or sign up (if you don’t have a Dropbox account yet). You can work with the program online or download the Dropbox application and install it on your device.

From the menu located on the left pane, select the “My Files” tab. Create a new folder for your photos by clicking on the “New folder” icon in the right pane of the window.

Open the folder and drag the photos you need to copy into it using the left mouse button held down, or upload images by clicking on the “Upload files” button on the right pane of the window. Wait until the process of downloading images is completed (the download process is displayed at the bottom of the window with the remaining time).

Log into your Dropbox account from your phone, using the same identification information, and open the folder with photos you just created. You can download photos to iPhone by clicking the Download button or watch photos directly in the Dropbox cloud.

Thus, you can choose the simplest, most convenient and preferable way for you to transfer photos, as well as if you can upload a video from your computer to your iPhone. transfer photos from iPhone to computer. download video from iPhone to computer. backup and restore iPhone, etc. We recommend using iCareFone.