How to manage AirPods Pro sensors. How to update AirPods 3

Useful tips for owners Airpods

AirPods. regardless of the model. a great gift for any holiday, and for the New Year. especially. Apple’s wireless headphones give everyone without exception, as it was in the same song: young and old, bald and shaggy. For some, this is a fashionable accessory, stylishly peering out of ears with white arches, for others-a status thing, for the third-a means of listening to music, and for the fourth-something else. No matter what category you belong to, given that such a belonging can be passing. It is much more important to be able to correctly use your AirPods.

AirPods Pro are cool on their own, but if you know about secret chips, they will become even cooler

How to find AirPods headphones

The first thing that excites the newly.minted owners of headphones, how to find AirPods in case of loss. It used to be quite problematic, because the iPhone remembered only the last place where the connection was broken. But now, thanks to the upgrade of the Locator application, even lost Airpods has become possible.

You can find lost Airpods through the locator

Only two models support such a chip. AirPods Pro and Airpods 3. but this is better than nothing, is it so, is it so? Authered to the “locator”, headphones are pumped up to the extensive Apple infrastructure and continuously distribute the distress signal via Bluetooth Low Energy, which is accepted by people passing by.

AirPods are attached to the “locator” automatically. Therefore, make sure that you have the latest version of the OS, and then enter the “locator” to check that the headphones contacted the account. Just in case, turn on the warning function in case you leave them and begins to move away.

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Apple AirPods new Update released 4A400 firmware version

Wiretapping with Airpods

Turn your Airpods 3 into a hearing aid or use this chip if you need to eavesdrop on someone. Real spy device in a few seconds.

  • Open the settings on your iPhone;
  • Then go to the “control panel”, add “hearing”;
  • Use your AirPods, then open the control point and activate the “Hearing” function from it;
  • Select “Listen in Real Time”.

Protect your hearing

AirPods can prevent hearing impairment. In iOS, you can activate the function “Hearing safety”. She will control the volume level in real time and reduce it to the permissible for your hearing.

You can also see the sound statistics here here.

AirPods Pro: TOP TIPS on Use

The new AirPods Pro wireless headphones are an improved version of AirPods, plus the manufacturer has updated the design, added noise reduction technology and, of course, increased the price tag. For future users of the novelty, we propose to familiarize yourself with several tips on using headphones and their features, which you may not know about.

  • Take AirPods Pro correctly. Apple has developed a special way to get headphones from a case. In a simple way they will not succumb to you. But if you slightly press your finger on the back of each “insert”, they will easily fly out.
  • Turn on the noise reduction for better sound. AirPods Pro is the first Apple-inhabitants with the function of active noise reduction (ANC), which adapt to the shape of your ear and block the outside world so that you can focus on what you listen to. ANC uses the Ambient EQ function, which, according to Apple, regulates the sound signal 200 times per second to optimize the sound in accordance with your specific ear shape thanks to the use of the internal microphone. When the noise reduction is turned off, the Ambient EQ also turns off, which means that the sound quality worsens slightly. Therefore, for the best sound of Airpods Pro, it is better to leave noise reduction on on.
  • By default, pressing or holding the “rod” Airpod Pro will switch you between noise and transparency modes, or you can control the function on your iPhone or iPad. Open the control point on your iOS device. Press and hold on the volume panel to get into the ANC control panel.
  • How to check the condition of wireless charging? AirPods Pro is supplied with a case for wireless charging, and you can charge it using most QI-compatible chargers from third-party manufacturers. The case also includes a new convenient function of checking the charging state at any time. Put the charging case on the charging rug with the front side up. the indicator will turn on for a few seconds, and then turn off when it starts to charge. To check the charge of the charging at any time, tap the cover with your finger so that the indicator caught fire. Pay attention to the color: yellow means that it is still charged, and green means that it is completely charged.
  • Activate noise reduction on one headphone. You can use noise reduction when using only one headphone, which is useful if you prefer to take calls using only one “liner”. To do this, start the “Settings” application on your iPhone or iPad. Further Accessible. ‌Airpods. Click on the switch next to the noise reduction on one AirPod.
  • Access to noise reduction via Apple Watch. Most AirPods Pro users know that they can switch between the functions of noise control or completely disconnect them from the iPhone control point. But few people know that you can also access the same functions at Apple Watch. Just raise your wrist to wake the clock. On the screen “Now it is executed”, click the icon with a triangle and three circles in the lower left corner. Click “AirPods Pro” in the list.
  • Use AirPods Pro as a remote microphone. Wireless headphones support the “Apple Listen Live” function, which uses your iPhone as a microphone and conveys that the iPhone accepts headphones, even if AirPods are in another room.
  • Audio exchange between two pairs of Airpods. If you have iOS 13 installed.1 or later version, the Apple Audio Sharing function allows you to exchange the sound on the Bluetooth of your device with the second pair of Airpods, so that two of you can simultaneously listen to music during running or enjoy watching a film on an airplane without interfering with those who work.
  • Use one headphone to extend the listening time. AirPods Pro offer an excellent stereo audio output, but Apple has developed Bluetooth wireless headphones so you can also use them one at a time. Insert one headphone in the preferred ear, and the other, take into the cover for charging. the H1 chip will automatically determine which one is used. When you hear a low charge of the battery from the headphone that you use in one ear, replace it with another completely charged in a charging case. So you can constantly change them until the charge of the case will run out. Please note that when you use only one left or one right headphone, stereo signals are automatically converted into a monophonic output.
  • Adjust the strength of the sensor. If it is difficult for you to use the power sensor on Airpods, clutching it between the fingers, try to adjust the duration to see if this will facilitate the work.
  • Airpods Pro controls allow you to click once to play, suspend or respond to a phone call; press twice to move forward, and three times to move back. As with pressing and holding, if you have problems with the inclusion of these functions, you can adjust this moment.
  • How to quickly find your lost Airpods Pro. You can find their last well.known location in the Find MY application.
  • If you get a call to your iPhone or Apple Watch, when your Airpods Pro is connected, the call signal will be interrupted regardless of what you listen. To find out who is calling, you usually need to take your iPhone or look at the Apple Watch, but you can also ask siri to say who is calling.
  • How to check the AirPods battery. You can check the state of charging your AirPods using the batteries widget in the today’s tab on your iPhone. Also, when you use Airpods, just ask Siri about it. If you just open your cover for charging, you can also see the condition of the battery. You can also check the battery level of your AirPods on Apple Watch, regardless of whether they are related to your iPhone or directly with your clock. To do this, run up the dial or in the application to open the control point, then tap the battery icon indicated as a percentage. The level of the battery of your headphones will be displayed in the form of a ring below the percentage of the battery of the Apple Watch battery.
  • Reset AirPods Pro. If your headphones do not work properly (for example, if you cannot connect to them or, for example, they are not charged), you can drop them by performing the following actions. Place them in their cover and close the lid. Wait 30 seconds, then open the lid. On the iOS device, go to “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and tap the icon “i” in a circle next to your “Airpods”. Click “Forget this device” and click again to confirm. With an open cover of the AirPods housing, press and hold the button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds, until the status indicator starts to flaste yellow. With the open cover of the case, place your “AirPods” next to the device and follow the instructions on the screen of your device to connect the accessory again.

Headquarters management

The instructions in Russian describe in detail how to set up Airpods headphones and all the values ​​of the Obama generation with a voice assistant Siri, which is activated by double in the 2nd version, an automatic activation of Siri is provided after pronouncing the phrase “Hello, Siri”.

Additional appointment of a voice assistant, a double touch of position. inclusion or suspension of reproduced music.- Switching a pout and a return to the guide to the track.- Stop entertainment.

Application of the voice assistant siri

AirPods 2 users include a voice assistant with the phrase “Hi Siri”, or double through an accessory you can ask siri familiar questions or make telephone calls. Another assistant knows how to control music, change the volume and perform other useful actions.

Thus, basic examples of teams for the voice assistant were written:. Turn on the chosen playlist of music.- Raise the volume.- Open the route home.- Switch the song.- Stop the load.- evaluate the level of charge of the phone battery.

Turning on or disconnecting of the “Auto Generation of the Ear” function

If you want to use your AirPods, you will need to use them, and the main sound will help you. In addition, Airpods headphones suspend and resume the selection when one of the AirPods is removed or suspend the disclosure without renewing it, when the lesion is detected. If the “Auto Generation of the Ear” is included, but AirPods headphones are not used, audio recordings are reproduced through the dynamics of the device.

If the “Auto Officing of the Ear” is disabled, such opportunities are available and all audio recordings are reproduced in AirPods headphones, regardless of whether they are used or not.

What AirPods support the communication mode

Surprisingly, the regime of communication is far from all in Apple headphones. Such an option is available only in Airpods Pro. Neither AirPods 3 nor AirPods Max support this function.

  • Update Airpods Pro until the last firmware (4a400 or newer).
  • On the iPhone open settings. universal access.
  • Go to the Audiovisualization section.
  • Turn on the adaptation of headphones.

However, the settings do not end there. For convenient management of the communication mode, you need to place the corresponding block at the control point.

How to Update AirPods Firmware?

How to add a communication control unit to the control point

  • On the iPhone go settings. control point.
  • Find the item “Hearing” in the list of available controls.
  • Click on the “” button opposite the point.

Thanks to this, managing the communication regime will be much easier.

How to enable communication mode

This control method will allow you to quickly turn on and disconnect the communication mode in Airpods Pro. This will save the battery charge in headphones.

How to manage active noise reduction in Airpods Pro?

The most important innovation of the headphones of the “Air Submarine” that can be controlled by making it active or include external noises, the so.called “transparent regime” are so.called.

  • Management in AirPods Pro: Long press (longtap), on the touchbone touchbar.
  • Management in iPhone: Open the control panel, press and hold on the volume icon, after which the settings with three options will open: “noise reduction”, “shutdown”, “permeability”.
  • Voice control: siri turn off / turn on noise reduction.

At first it seems that you are confused, but after a certain time of use of Airpods Pro, management is already happening without hesitation quickly and easily.

Officially, AirPods Pro should appear in this month, but the most impatient can already buy them in “gray” stores. So let’s talk about their functions, namely about the transparent mode.

In addition, in fact, noise reduction you can make the headphones take background noise around you and add it to music. This will allow you, for example, to hear cars, the voices of people, and so on. a fairly convenient mode for safe movement around the city, and Apple calls it transparent (Transparency). Such a function works thanks to ventilation holes in headphones, as well as special microphones and smart in.

It is also worth remembering that all AirPods Pro settings only work in iOS 13.2 and newer. On older versions of the OS and in Android with Windows, they will behave like ordinary Bluetooth lunards.

There are three ways to enable this mode. The easiest. with the help of the headphones themselves. Just squeeze the “leg” of any headphone, and they will switch between noise reduction and a transparent mode with a voice notification:

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The second method is through the control center. Open it and press it for a long time or strongly on a volume slider. It will increase in size, and under it it will be possible to control noise reduction, including a transparent mode: you can turn on the transparent mode:

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The third method is quite long and inconvenient, but since it is. it also needs to be told about it. Go to the Bluetooth settings, then click on the I icon “I” next to Airpods Pro. In the menu that opens, it is also possible to switch the operating modes of headphones:

How to enable calls about calls in Airpods

AirPods can notify who is calling you at the moment. Comfortable

In one of the latest versions of iOS, Apple added to AirPods to support the function of announcing incoming calls, notifying the user about who exactly wanted to contact him. This is especially convenient, because now you will know the name or number of the defiant without picking up the smartphone in your hands. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Phone” and activate the announcement function, selecting either headphones, or headphones and a car media system as an announcement as source.

How to connect Airpods to MacBook

This is not to say that Aeropoda headphones were designed to work in tandem with iPhone. In the end, there are times when you want to watch a movie or music video on a big screen, and then you need to establish a connection with MacBom. This task is fulfilling, the connection steps will be the same for all MacBook models.

If you have never connected Airpods to your iPhone, this is what you need to do:

  • Open the charging cover in which the headphones are located;
  • Press and hold the conjugation button on the rear panel of the case;
  • Open the parameter menu in your macbook and go to the “System Settings” section;
  • Touch the Bluetooth section;
  • In the device that opens, select AirPods and click connect.

Check sound playback. If it does not pass through the headphones, go to the Bluetooth menu and in the sound settings (dynamics icon) check Airpods as an audio signal output device.

You can also easily connect your etheric pods to a computer with the Windows operating system.

How to connect AirPods to a device with Android OS

The H1 processor, which nourishes Airpods Pro (W1 in the headphones of Gen 1 and Gen 2), eliminates the need to “dance” during the conjugation process with the main device, but only if you have a compatible iPhone or macBook. For owners of Android devices, this is not so simple, but not hopeless. Here’s how to “mate” Airpods and Android smartphones and tablets:

  • Open the AirPods headphones;
  • Press and hold the conjugation button on the rear panel of the case to start the conjugation process;
  • On the Android phone, open the settings menu, select Bluetooth;
  • In the device list, find Airpods and click connect.

The connection with the Android device must occur. But keep in mind that since these are not iOS, some functions (for example, automatic stopping of playback when removing one of the headphones from the ear, sound reding, sensory control, the possibility of tuning the microphone) will be unavailable).

Setting up gestures, for example, the purpose of the “double touch” functions will also be unavailable, but the double touch will work as the “playback/pause” button.