How to Make Your App For Iphone 5s

People like to watchs on YouTube. Some even “live” there, and this can be understood and forgiven. Well, there are so many interesting and cool things (and as many stupid and unnecessary ones, by the way).

It is a pity that watching a always requires a more or less tolerable network connection. Although NO! After all, you can download YouTubes to your iPhone or iPad, and watch them at any time convenient for you. In this article I will tell you how to do it.

The best way to view offline

One of the latest YouTube app updates for iOS brought an unexpected surprise. The YouTube app now has a “Save“, Which allows you to downloads from YouTube without leaving the application.

On the other hand, some inconsistent step on the part of Google, but oh well. The main thing is that now we are comfortable with you and there is no need to “dance with a tambourine.” Actually in the picture below everything is clear.

The main thing to remember is that videos will be stored in the phone, provided that your iPhone does not lose internet connection for more than three days.

Perhaps further reading does not make sense, but still.

I have been using the following approach to watchings for a long time: I download a bunch of clips from YouTube to iPhone and, as a free minute appears (in transport, in the queue, on the way to the garage.), I look through them one by one, and then delete them.

I try to save precious minutes of my life. After all, everything needs to be done! And time, as you know, is an irrevocable resource!

By tradition, I offer your choice of several ways to downloads from YouTube to iPhone. The first way is using an iOS application. The second way. using a computer with further copying the to the iPhone.

Recently, YouTube has changed the conditions on its website, according to which it is FORBIDDEN to download content using offline viewing applications. There is a condition, but experience shows that not all developers listen to it.

Applications for downloadings from YouTube still make their way to the App Store, but over time, in the same way, they fly out of there. To replace them come similar applications and almost always from the same developers.

Such a routine is obtained. Therefore, enter in the search field in the App Store the query “download»And install a couple of the first applications from the issuance. Be guided by the description and rating.

At the moment, the App Store produces quite a few applications for the request “download”. I would focus on the first two, because they are usually the most popular, and therefore the most working.

I specifically do not give the names of applications, because issuance is constantly changing. Applications stay in the top not so long, because Apple throws them out of the App Store, but they are replaced by the same ones with a different name.

In fact, all these programs are regular browsers that allow you to downloads from any sites (not just YouTube).

Download YouTube to iPhone using iOS app

As you already understood from the name of this method, we need a specific iOS application from the App Store. I will say right away that this method is the most optimal and effective. You do not need a computer to download the. Let’s take it all step by step.

STEP 1. Download one of the applications from the App Store that you found in the App Store for “download”.

STEP 2. Run the downloaded application and go to the section Browser (button at the bottom of the screen). In the address bar, enter:

STEP 3. Find the you need and run it. When the image is full screen, tap on the screen to display the control buttons.

Among them, you will see a backlit diskette. This is the button for downloadings from YouTube. We click on the floppy disk and select Download in the window that appears below.

STEP 4. The selected will begin to be cached (downloaded) to your device. You can view the status of downloadeds on the page Downloads. You can access saveds in the section Files.

That’s it! Now downloaded YouTube on your iPhone. You can views only in the program that you downloaded at the beginning of this method. If you are sick of advertising inserts, get rid of them by updating the program to the PRO version (for 0.99).

If for some reason you do not have the ability or desire to download applications from the App Store, there is also a way out. And this will be the next way to download YouTubes to iPhone.

Save from YouTube to computer. then record on iPhone

Did not like the first method? Try the second one! Now we will save the from the YouTube site to the computer, and then transfer it to the iPhone.

STEP 1. Find the on YouTube that you want to download on iPhone.

STEP 2. At the top of the browser (from the address bar), select and copy the URL address leading to the YouTube page with this.

STEP 3. Now go to, paste the copied URL into the line with the inscription “Just paste the link»And press ENTER.

How to Make Your App For Iphone 5s

STEP 4. After the link has been processed, a preview and button will appear on the screen Download.

STEP 5. To the right of the button Download You can choose the format and quality of the. We need a format Mp4 or 3GP. Choose quality at your discretion. From my own experience I can say thats in 720p quality were launched on the iPhone with a bang, while 360p didn’t even want to write to the iPhone.

So, now on your computer there is a file in a format suitable for iOS devices. All we have to do is transfer the file to your phone or tablet. There is a separate article on the site “How to download or movie on iPhone or iPad”, although I also gave short instructions below.

STEP 1. Run the program on the computer iTunes and connect the USB cable to the iPhone.

STEP 2. Click on the icon Movies in the library, and then on the File menu, select Add to Media Library.

STEP 3. In the window that opens, find your file and double-click on it. The name of the movie should appear in the library section. Just in case, check the tab Homes, because chances are that downloadeds from YouTube will get there.

STEP 4. Now just drag and drop the to your iOS device. The file will be copied.

STEP 5. The downloaded on iPhone YouTube can be viewed in the regular application.

Use a USB flash drive

If you have a gag reflex when you mention iTunes, I understand you perfectly. Recently, I got one miracle device that solved a lot of issues when transferring information from a computer to an iPhone. This is a miracle device. flash drive for iPhone.

You can still download the file from YouTube to your computer, and then copy it to your iPhone using a USB flash drive. How to do this, I described in detail in the article “The ideal flash drive for the iPhone.” Be sure to check out, as this accessory from the category must have.

To summarize, I want to say. Both the first and second methods are good and the main thing is that they work. In the first case, to download the from YouTube, you do not need to have either a computer or a cable, which, in turn, is convenient.

The second way is a little tricky, but without advertising and any restrictions. Choose you, friends!

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