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How to Make on Android

Almost all modern smartphones have an excellent camera that allows you to capture important and interesting moments. But suchs are quite easy to remove from the “Gallery” and lose access to them if there is no synchronization with cloud storage. Therefore, many are interested in how to recover deleteds on Android and whether this is possible at all.

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How to recover deleted on Android without a computer and programs

There are situations when urgent recovery is necessary, but there is currently no access to a personal computer. Or the hard drive’s memory is full, and there is simply nowhere to install a special utility. Few people know that lost materials can be returned directly to your smartphone. You can use convenient and effective for this. Applications.

Undeleter (root)

A popular application for Android devices that can be easily downloaded from Google Play or from any other reliable service in the APK format, just be careful with viruses. The program can recover deleted messages, photos, archives ands.A large number of formats are supported, and the most common types are restored completely free of charge.

But without root-rights can not do, when it comes tos. The Superuser mode is not needed only when restoring images, and then be prepared for the fact that you will not receive full-fledged photos, but only thumbnails.

Undeleter saves data either to external storage or to Google’s cloud storage, thus protecting information from being deleted again. Now consider the algorithm of actions:

  1. After installation, we find the shortcut on the main screen, open the utility.
  2. Root rights are immediately requested, we provide access.
  3. In the next window, select which memory you want to start scanning from: internal memory or memory card.
  4. The scanning process begins, taking on average up to 5-10 minutes. We can observe this procedure in real time.
  5. As soon as the program finds all deleted materials, they will appear on the screen. It remains only to select the necessary ones, mark them with checkmarks and click on the restore button.

GT Recovery (Root)

A worthy alternative to the above application, working without access to a computer, but with mandatory root-rights. GT Recovery recovers photos on Android, SMS, correspondence in messengers, documents ands. Most of the features are completely free.

We start the program, select what type of information needs to be restored, and again indicate the memory section. You can simultaneously scan an external and internal drive for just by putting two checkmarks. In the previous application, such a function is missing.

After submission, the standard scanning process begins. You can minimize the application and do your own business on the phone. Successful completion will be indicated by a pop-up notification in the upper curtain.

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Now reopen the utility and see a list of the materials found and their quantity. We note whichs we want to restore and select the folder to save them. Done. Please note that only recently deleteds are guaranteed to be found, but those that were deleted more than a month ago are in doubt.

DiskDigger (without Root)

A very simple application that also does not require a computer connection and functioning without root rights (if there are no rights, the program will perform a limited search for deleteds), which is a huge rarity. The first steps are the same: download, install, select a drive and start scanning.

As soon as the program finds all deleted materials, you can see them in separate sections: messages, photos,s, and restore from there. Files are returned to their original location., there is no save function in the cloud storage or folder selection, which is rather inconvenient if there were problems with the internal memory, as a result of which the data disappeared.

How to recover deleteds on Android through a computer

If the above methods were ineffective, you should resort to a reliable and proven method. PC recovery. For this, there are a huge number of special programs, and all we need is it is a USB cable, access to a PC and a good utility.

7-Data Android Recovery

The program is specifically designed for the computer and does not require root rights. Unfortunately, there is a drawback, and this is paid software. But in terms of functionality, the tool is simply magnificent, the interface is intuitive, there are no extra and intricate options. How to recover accidentally deleted from it?

  1. To start turn on on the smartphone “Developer Mode”. This is an important and necessary moment.
  2. Now connect the phone to the computer using the cord.
  3. Run the utility, wait until she detects the device. Choose a memory section (internal or external media).
  4. Search for deleted information begins. It usually takes a little longer than in Android applications, as each file is checked very carefully.
  5. Scan results appear, which we view and select the desired. Next, just click on it. “Save”. Note! Save the materials to your computer, and then simply transfer them to your phone. That’s all, the work in 7-Data is successfully completed.


One of the best recovery programs, developed by a company known for releasing the Ccleaner utility. The application is completely free and is freely available on the Internet. Also features advanced and very convenient functionality. Go:

  1. The first steps are the same as in the previous program: connect to the computer, start the tool and select the media.
  2. Next, Recuva asks us to determine what type of information we will recover. We see third section below called “Video”. But the fact is that when this item is activated,s with the resolution.Mp4 are simply not detected by the program and it skips them without the possibility of recovery. Therefore, we better choose “All files”.
  3. The process begins, which we observe in real time. As soon as it is completed, we see a list of materials where colored circles are located opposite the name: red, green and orange. And these are not simple notations. Red means the file cannot be restored anymore, orange. File is damaged, 50 to 50 recovery success, and green. The file will be restored without problems.
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Ontrack easy

A fairly powerful special program, which, unfortunately, will have to pay. Free version does not exist. But the functionality is similar to free applications, you will not find any new tools in it. Therefore, we recommend using Ontrack only in cases where other utilities do not help, otherwise it is useless to spend money.

How to recover deleteds on Samsung and Xiaomi

It is believed that many standard operations do not work on Xiaomi and Samsung due to other Android software, but in fact, this is far from the case. The firmware, of course, is very important for a smartphone, since it controls important system processes, but it is based on the Android operating system.

Absolutely all options, of course, will not be effective (in your case), but you will definitely find the most convenient and acceptable method for yourself.

instruction for restoring without Root rights. Answers to popular questions

As you can see, recovering deleteds on an Android phone is quite easy. There is a wide range of methods and programs for this. Have a question? Write us in the comments. Good luck!

Videos confidently wins screenshots in all respects. They give more information, and watching them is much more interesting. And thanks to applications that “know” how to record a screen on Android with sound, and share it with friends, everyone can do it. Let’s look at the best recording programs.

How to record screen on Android: TOP 5 ways. 1. DU Recorder

Available at link https://goo.Gl/qbzsYX. Without reservation, the TOP application for recording from the Android screen:

  • Convenient;
  • Fast
  • Without payment.

At the first start, you only need to allow access to files.

By default, it is controlled through pop-ups, but you can get by with the notification curtain.

There is even a mini FAQ for the job.

The main section has training and a button that starts the recording.

The gear hides the parameters.

First you need to give access to the microphone.

As well as the picture on the display.

In the curtain, the interface for control will be displayed.

The finished movie goes to the library.

Total: An excellent tool for capturing from an Android screen. Set necessarily.

2. Mobizen

Available at link https://goo.Gl/mcFBAC. Another popular solution. It is distinguished by the fact that it has separate versions for Samsung (https://goo.Gl/Kp4t2S) and LG (https://goo.Gl/WQtM4A), so use them if you have devices of these brands. However, note that the translation is lame in places.

At launch, a demo premium is offered without watermarks and ads.

Short training is immediately shown.

After clicking on the circle, the control is displayed.

Disables it by dragging it to the bottom of the display.

For work it is necessary to allow use “on top of others”.

This is done in the settings.

You will also need to allow access to the drive and screen recording with Android sound.

You can configure almost everything.

There is a wizard for automatic selection of parameters.

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When recording a, a timer will be displayed next to the circle, and when clicked, items will open to pause or stop completely. You can take a screenshot on the go.

The finished is invited to view or delete.

There is no built-in player, one of the installed ones is involved.

Total: the original version of how to record from the Android screen. An interesting control compensates for some flaws in the logic and translation.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

Available at link https://goo.Gl/oMoSQ8. A demanding application that requests permission before installation.

The program is paid, otherwise you will have to endure advertising and other disadvantages. Remember to allow pop-ups.

To do this, open the settings.

Management. The icon on the left, by clicking on which additional menu items are opened.

You can pre-configure the settings for recording from the Android screen.

In the notification curtain, buttons for pause and stop will be displayed. Previously, the program will ask for permission for sound and display.

The recorded file will open in a pop-up window where you can share, delete or edit it.

Total: A lot of settings and a fairly convenient interface, but the ads are distracting. And too many things she needs to be allowed.

4. Record from Android screen. Record games

Available at link https://goo.Gl/KknACC. Another way to make a screen on an Android phone. Also requires enable overlay, sound and display.

Shows terrible ads every time it starts. The first time will add a short tutorial.

There are practically no settings.

The curtain looks familiar.

The finished clip can be shared or deleted.

They ask for money for refusing advertising.

The interface as usual floats, gives a couple of buttons.

Total: There is no pause. There is no built-in player. At the same time. Millions of users, apparently because of simplicity. Perhaps the paid version has more features, but I don’t want to buy it.

5. Game Screen Recorder

Available at link https://goo.Gl/kaBcS7. Promises to work correctly in different gaming applications. Immediately asks to allow the use of system functions.

At startup, it will show self-promotion, however, without translation.

The main section offers to add applications / games.

The gear opens quite rich settings.

Before you write something, in English you will require to enable the mode on top of all (it is configured as standard).

The interface is simple. One button. The first press starts the, the second stops.

The file can be sent to friends or deleted. For viewing uses third-party players, if they are in the system.

Total: Potentially good application, concise interface and extensive features. Gamers are worth a try.

How to record from an Android screen without programs

Finally, we will figure out how to shoot from the Android screen without programs. It all depends on the installed applications of the device itself. For example, Xiaomi has a “native” program.

And even with the settings.

So check the menu of your device, perhaps everything you need is already in the kit.