How to make the screen bigger on a laptop

How to adjust the screen if the resolution settings are out of order

Users face this problem most often after installing (reinstalling) the operating system. Another reason for this situation. User change the resolution settings for a specific video game or program. How to fix:

  • using the right mouse button, go to the desktop settings;
  • find “Screen Options”, go to the settings menu;
  • in the “Resolution” line, select the value at which the desktop image fills the entire screen, without black frames and stripes. Usually, the best results are obtained with the parameters marked with the word “Recommended”.

How to expand the screen to fill the entire monitor

Sometimes, when you turn on a computer or a laptop with Windows OS, you may find that the image of the desktop on the screen has narrowed, or greatly reduced, and is surrounded by a black frame. Why such a failure can occur, and how to expand the screen to the entire boo monitor. you will learn from this article.

How to expand the screen to fill the entire monitor if the video card drivers are missing

This problem can occur if you recently installed or reinstalled Windows 10, or replaced the video adapter. As a rule, in the process of reinstalling the OS or replacing the video card, temporary drivers are automatically installed on the PC. If you do not download the specialized ones right away, over time you will face the problem of a shrinking screen.

To make sure that the reason for the incorrect display of the image. in the absence of drivers, go to the display settings menu. You will notice that in the item “Resolution” the drop-down list of permission parameters has disappeared (or it will be reduced to two options). Then go to “Device Manager”. Here in the item “Video adapters” it will be written “Standard VGA graphics adapter”, and in the item “Other devices”. “Unknown device”. How to fix: Download the necessary drivers from the disk that comes with the video card (or OS), or download them from the manufacturer’s (developer’s) website. The drivers are installed automatically. After installation, restart your PC.

How to extend the screen when connecting an additional monitor to the PC

If you have a second screen connected, while on the main one. incorrect display of the desktop is most likely the cause of the problem. in the connected display. How to check: Disable the second screen. If the main image is normal, then your hypothesis is correct.

  • go to the display settings menu;
  • find the item “Screen resolution;
  • select the main monitor in the “Display” line;
  • set the recommended parameters in the “Resolution” line.

Why the screen has narrowed. main reasons

Possible reasons for this situation:

  • Screen resolution is set incorrectly.
  • Video card drivers missing.
  • The user has connected an additional screen to the PC.
  • The settings of the monitor itself are out of order.

How to expand the screen through monitor setup

If you have checked all of the above causes and none of them apply to your situation, monitor auto-adjust will help solve the problem. Note the row of buttons located on the front or side of the monitor. Among others, you will notice the “Auto” button. To start the auto-tuning process, just click on it.

How to expand the screen (make elements / text larger)

Resolution and scaling (on Windows)

The size of the elements and, in general, the “pictures” on the screen depends on the resolution set in the Windows settings (video drivers).

I note right away that each monitor has its own “native” resolution recommended by the manufacturer. When setting a resolution other than the native one, the image may be blurred.

The screen size is significantly different, and the resolution of both is 1920 by 1080!

How to adjust screen size in Windows 10 | Microsoft

Also note that monitors of different diagonal may have different “native” resolutions.

So many modern small laptops with a diagonal of 13.3 (12) and large monitors with a 22-inch screen can have the same resolution of 1920 by 1080 (HD, the standard today).

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Of course, if you open the same picture on these two monitors. then on a 13-inch screen. it will be very small (and here you can’t do without scaling at 125-150%!).

Where in Windows the resolution and scaling settings are:

  • press the WinR button combination (the “Run” window should appear);
  • enter the command desk.cpl and press Enter;
  • then display options will open: they may look different in each version of Windows. For example, what the settings window looks like in Windows 10 is shown in the screenshot below.
  • you just need to set the resolution and select the scaling (see the screen above). It is better to do this empirically specifically for your PC / laptop (pay attention to the “recommended” Windows settings, as a rule, they provide the best picture quality on the screen).
  • In addition to Windows settings, you can use video drivers: in their control panel, as a rule, there are much more settings and, in addition to the resolution, it will be possible to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

    To open the video driver settings. use the system tray in the right corner of the screen (next to the clock).

    As a rule, if you have video drivers installed, there will be an icon. You can also just right-click on the free space of the desktop and in the menu that appears there should be a link to Intel / Nvidia / AMD.

    For example, in the Intel Control Panel, to change the resolution and scaling, you need to open the “Display” section.

    Please note that color settings are also available in the menu on the left (which in some cases can have a strong impact on image clarity and quality).

    If you do not have a link to the video driver control panel, then most likely you simply do not have updated drivers.

    The fastest and easiest way to find “native” hardware drivers and update them is to use the specials. utilities

    How to expand the screen on a computer (laptop) to its normal position (small details, text, numbers are invisible)

    Tell me how you can make the text on the screen larger (generally all). Otherwise, it is very difficult to read the text, some elements are invisible.

    In the browser, I was tortured to press Ctrl and turn the wheel (but at least here you can adjust it), but what to do in other programs.

    In general, the most often described problem occurs when the screen resolution (or scaling) is incorrectly set. Then many elements in Windows and programs will be small and it will be difficult to read something.

    However, I will make a small remark: if you are using a program that is too old, it is possible that it does not support scaling in Windows, therefore, it is in it that the elements will always be small (regardless of your OS settings). But this is a special case.

    And so, let’s move on to the pinpoint configuration of the system.

    Clarity and quality of text / fonts

    As for the text, it is difficult to read it, not only in those cases when it is small. but also when it is not clear (by the way, many do not imagine that the displayed text on their screen. it can be even clearer and easier to read).

    Meanwhile, in Windows there is a special. a tool for adjusting the text. ClearType. With this function, you can customize the displayed text as clearly as possible, exactly for your monitor and your vision.

    • press the WinR button combination;
    • in the “Open” line enter the command cttune and press Enter.
    • then the wizard for setting the clarity of the text will start, and you will need to select the clearest section of the text one by one (there are several of them). Based on this data, Windows will make the text display better on your screen.

    Choose the clearest text displayed on your screen

    If the problem is with games (e.g. blurry fonts)

    In the Windows settings, we set the resolution of the desktop (explorer), but the games being launched can change the set resolution to their own.

    Therefore, a tip. go to the game settings, and look at the set resolution, it is advisable to change it to the optimal one.

    True, not every video card is capable of “pulling” the recommended resolution. games are very demanding on the hardware, and to reduce the load, a lower resolution is automatically set.

    make, screen, laptop

    I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the optimal settings for Intel video cards in different games.

    Graphics settings for WOW Legion (clickable)

    2) Pay attention to parameters such as: detail, anti-aliasing modes, blur, range of vision

    Often, the listed parameters directly affect the smoothness and clarity of the image in games. As a rule, it is possible to choose the best option for your PC / laptop only experimentally, by trying different options.

    I also note that when setting the parameters for higher quality graphics, the load on the PC hardware increases, and it can become so that the game starts to slow down. So, in the search for a “balance” of picture quality / performance, it is not always possible to achieve the optimal option.

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    Often, a problem in games is observed when using a non-optimal version of drivers (I think that players with experience will agree that sometimes one version of drivers works much better than another).

    over, it is almost impossible to determine the best version without experiments. Therefore, I recommend downloading 2-3 driver versions from the official website and checking each of them one by one (a little confused and long, but sometimes it’s worth it).

    How to properly remove and install a new video driver. step by step instructions

    How to get out of the situation: how to make elements larger

    This tool is available in Accessibility in the Windows Control Panel.

    Full address: Control Panel \ Accessibility \ Ease of Access Center

    After turning it on: you can zoom in on a specific area simply by hovering the cursor (see example below).

    In this way, it is quite possible to read small text, make out a tiny picture or any other element.

    Magnifier work. on hover. the items under the cursor are enlarged

    2) “Hot keys”, which are valid in most applications

    As a rule, most programs have hotkeys for zooming in:

    • Hold Ctrl and press or zoom in / out the picture on the screen;
    • Hold Ctrl and turn the mouse wheel. a similar action;
    • Alt Enter. full screen mode;
    • Ctrl 0. default scale.

    If you have a laptop / computer with a small or not very high-quality screen, then, as an option, you can always connect a larger screen (for some tasks, you can even use a TV). It is quite simple to do this, in most cases you will need a simple HDMI cable.

    How to connect a monitor to a laptop (detailed instructions with all the “not obvious” points).

    The monitor is connected to a laptop: now you can comfortably work with large graphs, tables, drawings, etc.

    Zoom in on Windows

    As a rule, the operating system of the computer is free to set a certain scale of the display itself, but no one bothers the user to make their changes. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

    • In the Windows settings, go to the “System” section.
    • In the area “Scale and layout” select the item “Custom scaling”.
    • We adjust the scale, click “Apply” and re-enter the system, since only in this case the changes will take effect. Remember that such manipulations can lead to the fact that all elements will be poorly displayed.

    You can also enlarge the screen by decreasing its resolution. Then all shortcuts, windows and panels will become larger, but the image quality will decrease.


    ZoomIt is a product of Sysinternals, now owned by Microsoft. ZoomIt is a specialized software, and is primarily intended for large-scale presentations. But for the screen of an ordinary computer, it is also suitable.

    ZoomIt does not require installation, does not support Russian, which is not a serious hindrance, and is controlled using “hot keys”:

    • Ctrl 1. enlarge the screen;
    • Ctrl 2. drawing mode;
    • Ctrl 3. start the countdown (you can set the time before the start of the presentation);
    • Ctrl 4. zoom mode, in which the mouse is active.

    After starting the program is placed in the system tray. There you can also access its options in order, for example, to reconfigure the “hot keys”.

    Increase from office applications

    Obviously, using the “Magnifier” or specially changing the display scale to work with applications from the Microsoft Office suite is not very convenient. Therefore, these programs support their own zoom setting. In this case, it does not matter which of them we are talking about, you can increase or decrease the work area using the panel in the lower right corner, or as follows:

    • Switch to the “View” tab and click on the “Scale” icon.
    • Select the appropriate value and click “OK”.

    Increase shortcuts

    Using your keyboard or mouse (Ctrl and mouse wheel, Ctrl Alt and /.), you can reduce or enlarge the size of shortcuts and folders in Explorer. This method does not apply to open windows, their parameters will be saved.

    To enlarge the screen on a computer or laptop, the standard Windows application “Magnifier” (Win and “”), located in the system settings in the “Accessibility” category, is suitable. There are three ways to use it:

    • Ctrl Alt F. maximize to full screen;
    • Ctrl Alt L. activate a small area on the display;
    • Ctrl Alt D. dock the zoom area to the top of the screen by sliding it down.

    Windows 10. How To Change Screen Resolution and Size

    Ways to enlarge the screen

    All methods of hardware screen resizing can be roughly divided into two groups. The first includes the operating system‘s own tools, and the second includes third-party software. This will be discussed in the article.

    How to enlarge the screen on a laptop

    Enlarging the screen on a computer or laptop is not such a difficult task. The average user will promptly name at least two options. And that is only because this need arises quite rarely. However, text documents, folders, shortcuts and web pages cannot be displayed equally comfortably for every person. This means that this issue requires a solution.

    Zoom from web browsers

    Similar possibilities are provided in browsers. This is not surprising, because most of their time people look through these windows. And to make users more comfortable, the developers offer their own tools for zooming in and out. And there are several ways to do this:

    • Keyboard (Ctrl and “/.”);
    • Browser settings;
    • Computer mouse (Ctrl and “mouse wheel”).
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    Fast and simple. this is how the above methods of enlarging the laptop screen can be described, since none of them can cause difficulties for the user. And if some are limited to certain frames, and the “screen magnifier” may seem to be of little use, then ZoomIt is just what you need.

    In addition to this article, there are 12388 instructions on the site. Add to your bookmarks (CTRLD) and we will definitely be useful to you.

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    Using Magnifier

    Windows has a built-in tool that allows you to zoom in on the entire screen or a specific part of it for a while. This is very convenient when reading any information written in small print. This feature is called Magnifier. To call it you need:

    • Log in on the laptop to the “Control Panel”.
    • Select the section “Accessibility”.
    • Go to the “Image Optimization” tab and check the box next to “Enable Magnifier”.
    • Configure the information display mode and the scale of the picture on the screen at your discretion.

    Expanding the screen on a laptop and entering full screen mode

    Almost all modern software for Windows is equipped with a graphical interface. When launched, it automatically selects the window resolution that is recommended for a particular laptop model. However, fans of video games, and ordinary users, are often faced with the need to change the standard scale of the monitor or even switch to full-screen mode. Let’s consider how to increase the screen resolution and make the picture size larger on a laptop.

    Change display resolution

    If you need to make the screen resolution on a laptop larger, for example, to comfortably display a picture in a video game, or return to the standard mode after the monitor settings crash or the drivers fail, follow these steps:

    • Hover the cursor over a free part of the display and right-click or right-click on the TouchPad.
    • In the list that appears, click “Screen Resolution” or “Properties”, and then the required item. It all depends on the version of Windows installed on the laptop.
    • Use the slider to set the resolution that suits you for comfortable PC operation.
    make, screen, laptop

    In the same section of the settings, it is possible to stretch the desktop, increase the scale of the displayed text, change the screen orientation (expand or narrow it), etc.

    If, after a system failure or exposure to malware, images and applications do not open in full screen, the problem may lie in the incorrect operation of the drivers for the video card. To bring the monitor’s functioning mode to normal and stretch the picture, you need to do the following:

    • Update drivers and download software to the video card installed on the laptop. You can find the required software on the disk that comes with the laptop, or download it from the official website of your PC manufacturer.
    • Launch the downloaded application and set the required resolution in the display settings. Here you can also select full screen mode, adjust monitor brightness, frequency and some other parameters.

    Ways to change image parameters on a laptop

    There are several ways to change the screen scale on a laptop:

    • increase (decrease) display resolution;
    • use the “Screen Magnifier” function;
    • change the information display parameters in the settings of the required application.

    Which option to use depends on how and where you want to increase the screen size on your laptop.

    Change application settings

    The need to change the parameters of the picture often arises when surfing the Internet, because the small scale of some pages makes you strain your eyes, which makes your eyes get tired quickly. Fortunately, browser developers have provided the ability to change the size of the displayed information.

    To stretch a page in the Yandex browser, you need:

    • Enter the settings of this application by clicking the corresponding icon located in the upper right corner.
    • Use the “” and “-” buttons to make the image wider or narrower to your liking.
    • If you need to set full screen mode, click the button in the form of two arrows.

    In the Internet browsers Mozilla and Google Chrome, the scale and full screen mode are set in much the same way. When the mode of displaying information in full screen is activated, the upper and lower panels with all the tools disappear. To return the browser window to the standard form, press the F11 function key or the FunctionF11 key combination on the keyboard.

    You can stretch a picture on a laptop in almost any application using the keyboard. To do this, hold down Ctrl “”. The same can be done using the TouchPad. It is enough to put two fingers on the touchpad and pull them slightly in different directions.