How to make the font on the iPhone bigger

How to increase font size in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13

Gone are the days when you used Safari’s “pinch to zoom” feature to increase the font size of a website on your iPhone or iPad. With the latest features in iOS 13, Safari has updated! From managing downloads to automatically closing Safari tabs, it’s easier to use Safari. And now to make text bigger in Safari, it’s no longer a scaling game!

Although you can still read content by zooming in and out, you need to scroll in either direction because it doesn’t fit on your screen. But with the recent changes in Safari, you don’t need to scroll or zoom to increase the font size of the site on your iPhone or iPad. Today I’m going to talk about a simple method you can use to increase text size in Safari.

How to change the font size on your iPhone (larger / smaller / bold)

While Apple has limited font style changes on the iPhone, it also meets basic requirements based on your vision.

If you have difficulty reading small texts, you can increase the font size. If you don’t like the large font size, just reduce it.

The settings for changing the font size on your iPhone are very simple:

On your iPhone, open the Settings app, scroll down to find Universal Access. Tap Display and text size and hit Increase text.

Drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to get the font size you want.

Note : If you want to increase the font size, simply enable Large Access Size then drag the slider, and applications that support dynamic type will also change the font size when you drag the slider.

The easiest way to enlarge text on the iPhone

In order to use this function it’s not necessary to do any additional settings. Pinch-to-zoom. one of the main features of the original iPhone, it allows the user to zoom in on the text in various applications with a multitouch. This function has long been familiar to users, but just in case, let us remind you how it works: in order to enlarge text or image in an application, touch the screen with two fingers and move them apart in different directions. Pinch-to-zoom does not work in all applications, but standard applications such as Safari, Photos, and Mail support it.

I’d also like to assign the Smart Zoom function to the Pinch-to-zoom function. In the same standard applications, or applications that work with text and images, such as third-party browsers (Google Chrome, Puffin), you can increase the displayed content by quickly clicking twice on one spot.

Increase text size in iOS settings

The previous method is obviously not suitable for visually impaired users. But there is a more radical solution, allowing you to enlarge the text in any app that supports the Dynamic Fonts feature. In order to activate this function, do the following:

Go to the Settings menu. Basic. Text Size

Move the slider to a position that works best for you

Once you’ve made these simple settings, all apps that have Dynamic Font available (and there are quite a few) will display text according to your preferences.

If this increase seems insignificant to you, try another way:

Go to the Preferences menu. Basic. Universal access

Select the larger font section

Large dynamic font and move the slider when the text size is visible to you

With this feature, we also increase the text size only for apps that support Dynamic Fonts. But as you can see, this is where we can have a much bigger impact on this setting.

How to increase the text size on your iPhone or iPad from the display settings

Go to Settings → Tap on Display and Brightness.

Click on Text Size.

Drag the slider to the right to increase the size. A rough idea of how the text will look is displayed above the slider.

Text Size. This is just one of the settings you can use to increase (or decrease) the font size. There is another accessibility setting that Apple has added to the iPhone / iPad.

How to change (increase or decrease) the font on your iPhone

This is where we’re interested in the Text Size option;

make, font, iphone, bigger

It remains to place the slider in one of the 7 positions, and the text above it will increase as you move the slider.

In case you need larger font options, go to Settings → Universal Access → Display and Text Size → Enlarged Text and set the Enlarged Size switch to Enabled. After that, there will be additional options for getting larger text sizes.

It’s worth adding that users with low vision can also apply the iPhone’s virtual screen magnifier to a selected area of the screen.

We covered how to activate Lupa and use it in detail in this piece.

How to zoom in Safari

If you need to resize a page in Safari on iOS, you will need to:

Changing the scale of the page is not very convenient. But someone probably needs it

Although Safari’s settings allow you to resize the page, it’s still not resizing the font. In this case, it simply changes the dimensions of the visual elements of the site, as if you were just pinch-to-zooming it with a gesture. Of course, it’s not very convenient. But it is possible to simply change the font size on the site.

This option allows you to change just the font without affecting the layout

  • Click on the letters “a” or “A” on both sides of the icon “100%” (this changes the size of the font itself);
  • Watch how the font changes and choose the right size.

This will really change the font itself, not disrupting the layout. And the settings will take effect only for the particular site. For example, if I change the font size in Safari on, everything else stays the same. That is, you will have to configure each site individually. This is done in order not to disrupt the layout of all web pages if something goes wrong.

The “Zoom” function on iPhone, iPad and iPod

You can make other elements of the interface bigger by using the “zoom in” feature. To enable it, go to “Settings” → “Basic” → “Universal Access” → “Zoom” and activate the top switch.

After that, double-tapping the display with three fingers will enlarge the area you clicked on. To move across the screen, tap the display with three fingers and swipe in the desired direction.

The function has several options. If you activate the “Smart Selection” mode, the main text window will move and zoom when the keyboard appears, but the keyboard will not.

To make it easier to pan the selected area, turn on the controller display. You can use it not only to move around the screen, but also to bring up a menu with zoom controls. You can adjust the transparency of the controller.

You can also make the zoom area becomes not the whole screen, but a window of limited size. Then you will be able to pan the selected area with one finger instead of three.

Among other options: the ability to select one of the available filters and set the zoom level limit.

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