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Browser in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi): built-in Mi, how to choose the default browser or uninstall

In the MIUI 12 system on Xiaomi (Redmi), as in previous versions, it is possible to select a default browser different from the one pre-installed by the company. But it is impossible to remove the Mi browser without outside help, standard tools will not cope with this task.

Read about the removal at the link above, and now I will show you how to get to the settings in which it is possible to assign your own favorite browser as the default in MIUI 12, but first you need to install it.

This parameter will let the operating system know which application you want to open the link or website, Android will stop asking you about this every time or write an error when you try to launch the link.

Go to general settings, find the item “Applications”. Then select “All Applications”. In the upper right corner, click on the “Three dots” icon. In the drop-down menu, we are interested in the “Default Applications” line. We ended up in the menu for selecting programs by default for various tasks and purposes, including choosing a browser. You will see a selection of installed programs that can play the role of a browser in MIUI 12 by default, mark the one that you want to see in this role, in my case it is FireFox. You don’t need to do anything else, go back to your desktop and enjoy your Xiaomi phone.

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Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT Industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply interested in Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but most importantly. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of

The default browser on Android. how to select and change

Modern man is very dependent on the Internet. To access the global network, people use special programs. web browsers. They were subsequently called web browsers. They are available not only on personal computers and laptops, but also on mobile phones running the Android operating system. When installing one or more non-standard browsers, the user sooner or later comes across the concept of “default browser”. How to determine the default browser of an Android device and assign this or that program to the main one? This material will tell you about it.

“Yandex browser”

Reviewer from the Russian search giant Yandex. It is configured in several ways, but the simplest and most reliable of them looks like this:

  • Open “Yandex Browser”, finding it in the list of all applications on the desktop.
  • Go to the main page with quick access panels and search bar.
  • Click on additional parameters, which look like three vertical black dots located to the right of the search bar.
  • Select the item “Set as default browser”.
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Settings” button and enter the browser selection menu among all installed programs.

Note! After selecting Yandex, the window will simply close, and the program will have the privilege of opening links and navigating through them without offering to select another software installed on the phone.

How to Set Google Chrome as a Default Browser in Redmi Note 7 Pro(MIUI 11.0)?

Yandex developers approached the setup wisely

Google chrome

One of the most popular web browsers that comes with almost every build of Android and every device. That is, in addition to the standard browser, phones and tablets often already have Google Chrome. This is not surprising, because it is being developed by Google, which owns the Android OS.

To install Chrome by default, you must:

  • Go to the “Settings” application and find the “Google” item there. Also on some devices this section has its own shortcut called “Google Settings”.
  • Select subsection “Applications”.
  • Open the “Default Programs” tab.
  • Click on the “Configuration” item located in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Browser” from the “Default” section.
  • Go to “Additional settings”. “Default applications”. “Applications”.
  • Select browser “Google Chrome”.
  • Save and apply configurations and exit.

Chromium is easiest to customize from standard phone configurations

Browser settings

This item will be discussed in detail below, since each web browser has its own setting nuances, not to mention the location of these very settings. In general, you need to go to the web browser that the person wants to designate as the main one, find its settings in the interface and in one of the sections check the box next to the “Make main” or “Set as default browser”.

Note! After that, the program will change the system settings, since it has the appropriate rights to do so. If there are no rights, then immediately after checking the box, it will ask for them, with which you must agree.

UC Browser

And finally, the equally well-known web browser of UC Browser sites. To configure it, follow the detailed step-by-step instructions:

  • Run the program.
  • Go to its main menu by pressing the corresponding touch button in the interface window.
  • Select the item “Configuration” (“Settings”).
  • Immediately see the “Set default browser” option and click “Configure”.
  • Choose among all installed programs “UC Browser”.
  • Apply and save changes.

Important! The same actions with this application can be performed in the basic configurations of a smartphone or tablet. It all depends on the version of the operating system and the shell they are using.

Setting as the main browser UC Browser

Following a link

A method that directly follows from the second, but works without changing the configurations in the “Settings” application. The thing is that if for the entire time of using the phone and the operating system a person has not chosen any default browser, then every time he clicks on any link he will see a window asking him to select a program to open a web page.

To set the appropriate setting in this dialog box, you must:

  • Follow any link to artificially bring up a window with a choice and confirmation.
  • Set the checkbox or tick next to the “Use as default” (the text may vary depending on the firmware and Android version).
  • Click on the desired browser. You only need to do this after checking the box.

google chrome as default browser in mobile phone mi

Note! A custom link will immediately open in the selected application, and the program itself will be assigned to work by default. To check this, you can follow the link again and find that it is the desired browser that opens.

Smartphone or tablet settings

An alternative method, which is to go to the configurations of the operating system itself. For its implementation it is necessary:

  • Turn on or unlock your phone.
  • Go to the main menu containing all the shortcuts and find the Settings app.
  • Select the “Applications” section and the “Application Management” subsection.
  • Find the browser that is the default browser and which needs to be deprived of this status.
  • Click on it and go to its properties.
  • Select the option “Delete defaults”.
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Important! After that, when you click on any link, a window will be shown again in which you can select a program, having previously checked the box next to the inscription “Use by default”.

How to choose the default browser on Xiaomi (Redmi) in MIUI 11

A modern smartphone is inconceivable without a browser, and the MIUI 11 firmware is preinstalled with 2 of them at once: Google Chrome and Mi. But how to choose the one that the system registers with the default browser in Xiaomi?

There is a special setting for defining the default program in MIUI 11.

What does this mean and why choose a program? This helps not only MIUI, but also all other applications installed on the phone, to figure out which one is the main one for the browser function in the event that several of them are installed. And it is in this program that the links that you will find in messengers, social networks and messages will be opened.

To get to it, enter the settings, find the “Applications” line. Select All Apps. In the upper right corner, click on the Three Dots icon. In the pop-up menu, click on “Default Apps”. A list of system functions will be displayed, including “Browser”. After entering it, all programs belonging to this class will be shown, it is enough to select the desired one and Android will consider it the main one, and the rest are secondary.

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Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT Industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply interested in Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but most importantly. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of

Choosing the required browser

Perhaps the most popular browsers in our countries are Google Chrome and Yandex Browser. The advantage of the first is its full integration with the eco-system from Google. transferring passwords, recent requests and open pages directly from the desktop version of the browser from the “Corporation of Good”. In turn, Yandex Browser contains developments from the Russian search giant. the usual weather forecast, news, quotes, and more. Their functionality is similar, it all depends on your preferences. it is better to try both at once and understand which is more suitable for you.

So we have decided on the choice of a browser alternative from Xiaomi, now let’s figure out how to define it as the main application.

Tired of the native browser from Xiaomi? Let’s see how you can replace it with something more pleasant in everyday use.

The MIUI firmware from Xiaomi, in addition to its appearance and wide functionality, is so popular, also because of the pre-installed applications. Often, the convenience of using them surpasses the experience of working in applications from competitors for many. The only weak link is the “native” browser from Xiaomi, which not everyone likes. Now we will see how to change the default browser to Xiaomi.

The browser itself from Xiaomi has never been famous for its speed and even stability. Of course, over time and with each new update, the experience of using the browser changes, but is it for the better? Hardly. The application still seems to many to be quite heavy and awkward, and the speed of opening pages leaves much to be desired.

How to change the default browser on a Xiaomi smartphone?

First, go to the Settings of your device. Scroll down the list and find the “All Applications” section. In the upper right corner of this item there will be an icon in the form of three vertical dots. click on it and see a new window. We select the item “Applications by default”.

Among all the application options, select the Browser, go inside this section and look for the browser we need. Click on it and voila. now the links will open in the browser you need.

How to remove Xiaomi browser from phone?

This question simply cannot be answered. Since the native Xiaomi browser is sewn into the system, it will not work to disable it by regular means, and even more so to remove it. To do this, you need ROOT rights, and for people who understand what ROOT rights are and how to use them, there would be no need for additional instructions.

However, there is a way to disconnect the browser from Xiaomi on the Web without obtaining the notorious ROOT rights. To do this, you need to download the ES-Explorer application. After downloading this explorer, you need to go into it and find the System folder in the phone’s internal memory. Inside this folder there will be another Priv-app folder, which contains the files of all programs, including the “native” ones. You need to find the Browser folder and just delete it. Again. we warn you that this method is unlikely to work if you do not have ROOT rights, but some sources claim that a small percentage of users delete the browser without them.

The easiest way to “remove” the browser from your eyes is to clear all data in the “All applications” section, and then remove the icon from the desktop (either in a separate folder or in the space-list of all applications).

Here we figured out how you can change the unloved browser from Xiaomi. Naturally, we are not saying that this application annoys absolutely everyone, and it should be changed immediately after purchasing the phone. If it “suits you”, then do not even bother. it performs all the basic functions “with a bang.” This manual will be useful for those owners of Xiaomi devices who want to try something new and unusual.

How to disable the built-in Android browser?

So we go into the general settings (the already familiar icon in the form of three horizontal dots), then “Settings” and “Chat settings”. Scroll to the bottom of this submenu and find the “Built-in Browser” option. Disconnect it without a twinge of conscience.

How to disable the standard browser on Xiaomi?

How to uninstall the default browser on Xiaomi?

  • Even if you have ROOT rights, you cannot delete it, as you can get a brick.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper corner.
  • In the menu, tap on the line “Default Applications”.
  • Click on “Browser”.
  • And just select another installed browser.
  • After that, all links will open in the browser of your choice.

How to make Google the main browser?

To make Google your default search, follow these steps:

  • Click on the tools icon at the top right of the browser window.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • In the Search section of the General tab, click Options.
  • Select Google.
  • Click on Default and Close.

How to remove the program to open a file by default?

To reset default apps on Android, go to Settings> Apps. After that, select the application that is already set and for which the reset will be performed. Click on the item “Open by default”, and then. the button “Delete default settings”.

What is Mi Browser?

This browser is remarkable for its minimalistic design, making it very easy to open and view web pages. Launch Mi Browser and a home page will open containing a variety of links organized by category.

How to remove Google Chrome from Xiaomi?

  • Open device settings.
  • Tap Apps & notifications.
  • Select Chrome If not listed, first click Show All Apps or App Information.
  • Click Disable.

How to set up the Xiaomi browser?

How to set up the default browser on Xiaomi?

  • Go to the menu by clicking in the upper right corner of the three dots.
  • Select “Default Applications” and click on “Browser”.
  • Specify the browser you need.

Why pictures are not displayed

The main reasons for the incorrect display of pictures in the standard web browser of a Xiaomi smartphone can be:

  • Incorrect settings.
  • Problems with intermediate proxy servers through which the Internet is accessed.
  • Trouble with the site that contains the images.
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In the latter case, the problem is not solved. the pictures will have to be viewed or downloaded from another resource. If the operator is to blame for the lack of downloading images, you can see them by switching from mobile Internet to Wi-Fi. Incorrect Xiaomi browser settings can be changed by enabling the display of images or simply by using another web browser.

Sometimes clearing the cache and deleting cookies, a large volume of which affects the correct display of information, helps to solve the problem. This can be done through the browser settings menu.

How to disable Xiaomi browser

In order to use the downloaded program to work on the Internet, it is not necessary to remove the preinstalled software. It is enough to deactivate it as described above. Despite this, many users are wondering how the Xiaomi browser can be completely removed from the phone.

This cannot be done in the standard way. This requires a program called ES Explorer.

The application must be downloaded to a smartphone and installed. After that, they act in the following way:

  • The phone’s internal memory contains a System folder. You can enter it through ES Explorer.
  • The folder contains the inscription Priv-app. After entering this directory, you should delete the Browser folder.

The difficulty of performing such an operation may lie in the fact that the gadget sometimes asks for Root rights to remove it. If they are absent, access to the change will be impossible.

Those who decide to remove the browser that was installed by the manufacturer of the gadget should take into account one detail.

If the standard Xiaomi program is required again after uninstallation, then you simply cannot download and install it. To do this, you will need to completely update the phone’s firmware.

Screenshots of MIUI Browser for Android

MIUI Browser. the default browser installed in the corresponding firmware. Like MIUI itself, it contains a nice minimalistic interface and “smart” works especially on weak Android devices. The browser boasts support for all modern web standards and is not much inferior in download speed to the same Chrome or Opera.

Like any other modern Android browser, MIUI Browser allows you to open individual pages in tabs and quickly switch between them using a convenient selector. It also supports reading mode, night mode and traffic saving mode. If necessary, the user can create bookmarks, manage downloads from the built-in manager, “expand” the page to full screen, take screenshots, use the text search function and add shortcuts to the panel in a short time to gain access. Of the especially interesting possibilities, we highlight the loading of web pages into the memory of a portable device for further viewing without connecting to the network.

Almost 90% of the area of ​​the MIUI Browser window is reserved for displaying the content of the web page. Nevertheless, the developers still decided to leave two navigation bars. at the top and at the bottom. The upper one is responsible for entering URLs and search queries, and the lower one allows you to quickly return to previous pages, open the tab selector and full options. Overall, the interface is very stylish and intuitive.

Features of the MIUI Browser application

  • installed by default in the official firmware of Xiaomi devices. MIUI;
  • provides good page loading speed;
  • allows you to easily switch between tabs;
  • supports reading and traffic saving modes;
  • can create screenshots;
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system.

MIUI Browser is the default browser installed in the corresponding firmware. Like MIUI itself, it contains a nice minimalistic interface and “smart” works especially on weak Android devices. The browser boasts support for all modern web standards and is not much inferior in download speed to the same Chrome or Opera. Like any other modern Android browser, MIUI Browser allows you to open individual pages in tabs and quickly switch between them using a convenient selector. It also supports reading mode, night mode and traffic saving mode. If necessary, the user can create bookmarks, manage downloads from the built-in manager, “expand” the page to full screen, create

The MIUI Browser application for Android was highly rated by our editorial staff and Google Play, so we are proud to add to your collection. The site team recommends the application for installation.

This application is the official browser from Xiaomi, which is pre-installed on all mobile devices with the original MIUI firmware. It contains all the necessary tools and options.

MIUI Browser is the original software provided by Xiaomi for all users of original production technology. The browser has a simple interface, made in the style of minimalism, like the entire firmware in general. Works fast enough on all, even the weakest, devices. The browser works with all the latest web services, in speed it is no worse in comparison with more famous counterparts such as Opera and Google Chrome.

How to turn off browser notifications in Xiaomi

To turn off the web browser on a Xiaomi smartphone, you can expand the shutter on which notifications are located to full screen. If there are any new messages here, you should open one of them and after the menu appears, move the switch opposite the “Enable notifications” to the “off” position. If the curtain contains no alerts, do the following:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Select “All Applications”.
  • Find and open the web browser settings menu.
  • Turn off notification item.

This will disconnect all messages from the browser. The smartphone will no longer display useless notifications that distract from noteworthy information. The browser itself remains working, links continue to open in it, unless another default option is selected.

Sometimes a user needs to go to a page that he has already viewed recently. To do this, you need to open the history and find the desired item. In the standard Xiaomi web browser, there are only three steps to do this:

  • Open the application.
  • In the settings menu, select the “Bookmarks” item.
  • Go to the “History” tab.

Links to recently opened pages appear on the smartphone screen, sorted by time of visit. You can view them by scrolling down the list. Here you can also clear history by deleting all information about visited sites, which allows you to reduce the amount of used RAM and speed up the work of the web browser.

How to change the browser

To remove the default web browser installed in the MIUI launcher, go to the applications section in the settings menu and select the browser. Information about the program will appear on the screen, including the size of the occupied cache. Here you can erase all data from the browser and stop it.

Complete removal of the application requires the use of a file manager. for example, ES Explorer. To do this, open the System folder, find the Priv-app directory and delete the section called Browser. Sometimes, for such actions, the user has to obtain root rights using special applications.

There are two ways to install a new browser:

  • By downloading it from Google Play. The most reliable option that ensures the normal operation of the web browser and compatibility with the smartphone firmware;
  • By running the APK file downloaded from any resource. In this case, the application may not start, since when installing it, compatibility with the MIUI shell was not checked.

In order for links to open in the installed application, it is recommended to make it the default browser. You can choose this option when going to any web address or through the settings menu.

Change browser

To change your default browser, follow the simple steps. In the “Settings” find the item “All applications”. In the upper right corner, click on the icon in the form of three dots and in the menu that appears, select “Default Applications”, then. “Browser”.

It remains to study the list that opens, decide on the desired program and change it. Use convenient software. As you can see, it is very easy to change it.


The MiStore or Google Play apps offer web browsers for download. Each of them has a set of advantages:

  • Yandex. The browser has a wide functionality, it is considered universal. It is equipped with voice assistant Alice;
  • Google Chrome. The most demanded international software. Pages load quickly, and crashes are rare. Combines all Google applications;
  • Opera’s advantage is turbo mode, which reduces traffic consumption;
  • Firefox allows you to install various add-ons;
  • UC Browser. The software is suitable for those who like to frequently watch videos from their phone. It is equipped with a built-in video player that can play the video stream instantly.
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After choosing a program, you need to download and install it. The process is simple, just follow the prompts.

The preparatory work is done, and all that remains is to change the default application.

How to view history in a browser

Whichever application for browsing sites you have installed, the principle of viewing history is similar everywhere. You need to open the browser and click on the icon in the upper right corner.

From the list, select the “History” item and that’s it. Here is a list of sites visited by the user.

Why Xiaomi browser may freeze

Despite the fact that Xiaomi is a fairly reliable gadget, it can malfunction. This is especially true for pre-installed programs.

The web browser can be slow or freeze completely if the phone is infected with viruses. They affect the registry entry and the file portion of the software, causing problems and slowdowns.

The second reason for freezing may be a software error, for example, a conflict of installed programs with elements of the operating system.

How to change the default browser to Xiaomi and install a different one

Xiaomi smartphones have their own MIUI operating system with a browser. It has many useful features. However, it is possible to download and install other default Xiaomi browsers.

Disabling the default browser

It is not necessary to uninstall the MIUI standard browser. However, users sometimes want to get rid of it.

This cannot be done in the usual way through application management. You will need the ES Explorer program. Pre-download and install on your device.

Now, through ES Explorer, find the System folder in the phone’s internal memory. Click on Priv-app, then delete Browser.

Sometimes the device requires Root rights to perform this operation. If they are not there, then you will not be able to remove the standard MIUI program.

Please note that it will not be possible to return it back. To do this, you need to update the firmware.

Turn notifications on or off

When we install applications, we assume that we will receive notifications. But this does not always happen. To turn on the sound signal, you must perform some actions.

First go to “Settings”, then select “Battery and performance” or “Battery” from the list. Now you need to find the item “Background Mode”, “Power Management” or “Application Activity”.

Click on the “Advanced Mode” / “Do not restrict” button. On the desktop, select “Security” / “Service”, then in the “Settings” menu, click “Permissions”.

After clicking on “Autostart” select the applications from which you want to receive notifications.

If you are plagued by ads and unnecessary alerts, this problem is easy to fix. You need to go to the folders Settings. System applications. Browser. Notifications and disable the latter.

Go back to Settings and tap Notifications & Status Bar. App Notifications. Browser. Then turn off the item “Show notifications”.

Installing default Android apps for file types

The previous method does not allow in any way to specify how certain types of files will be opened. However, there is also a way to set default applications for file types.

To do this, just open any file manager (see Best file managers for Android), including the file manager built into the latest OS versions, which can be found in Settings. Storage and USB-drives. Open (the item is at the bottom of the list).

After that, open the desired file: if the default application for it is not set, then a list of compatible applications will be offered to open it, and pressing the “Always” button (or similar in third-party file managers) will set it to be the default for this file type.

If the application for this file type has already been set in the system, then you will first need to reset the default settings for it.

How to set basic applications by default

There is a special section in Android settings, which is called “Default Applications”, unfortunately, rather limited: with it you can install only a limited set of basic default applications. browser, dialer, messaging application, shell (launcher). This menu differs on different brands of phones, but in any case it is rather limited.

In order to go to the default application settings, go to Settings (gear in the notification area). Applications. Further, the path will be as follows.

  • Click on the “Gear” icon, and then. “Default Apps” (on a “clean” Android), on the item “Default Applications” (on Samsung devices). On other devices, there may be different but similar locations of the desired item (somewhere behind the settings button or on the screen with a list of applications).
  • Set default apps for the actions you want. If the application is not specified, then when opening any content, Android will ask which application to open it in and do it only now or always open it in it (that is, set it as the default application).

It should be borne in mind that when you install an application of the same type that is set by default (for example, another browser), the settings previously specified in paragraph 2 are usually reset.

Default apps on Android

On Android, as well as in most other operating systems, it is possible to set default applications. those applications that will automatically launch for certain actions or opening file types. However, setting up default apps is not entirely obvious, especially for a novice user.

This manual provides details on how to set default applications on an Android phone or tablet, as well as how to reset and change the defaults already set for certain types of files. Separate instruction: How to set or change the default browser on Android.

Reset and change default apps

To reset default apps on Android, go to Settings> Apps. After that, select the application that is already set and for which the reset will be performed.

Click on the “Open by default” item, and then click on the “Delete defaults” button. Note: on phones not with stock Android (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.), the menu items may be slightly different, but the essence and logic of work remain the same.

After performing the reset, you can use the previously described methods in order to set the desired correspondence between actions, file types and applications.

What if the application does not appear when selected? I want to open.html through FBReadef, but they don’t even offer it How to make the phone offer all available applications or so, like in Windows. a list of extensions and a list of programs for them.

You can do this through some third-party file managers. But I just don’t remember through which.

X-plore helps you choose for the file. Total_commander can send a file to any application.

I just can’t configure so that when connecting to a public WI-FI where the site opens in which you need to log in, it opens through chrome. It always opens via html view. Through the running application, I was able to get to the information about the application, but there are no default settings and cannot be reset for this reason, because they are not there. But it is vital for me to open these sites to connect via chrome.

Asus ZenPad 10 Android 7.0. there is no described option in principle. When I first started the video file, I mistakenly chose a standard player that cannot play the video, and the ability to change the selection was gone (how to fix?

Hello. Dmitry. the question is not: are there applications for Android that add device control buttons to the screen / desktop? An example of what a button is for: the buttons for turning off the device or the volume are often broken, so by adding a control button to the screen / desktop of the device, you can move your finger across this screen to turn off the device or adjust the volume. thanks.

and what devices are we talking about? If about TVs or media systems, then there are applications. “remotes” in the Play Store.