How to make the alarm clock on the iPhone quieter

How to change the volume of the alarm clock on iPhone and iPad in iOS?

You do not know how to change the volume of the alarm clock on your iPhone and iPad? In this article we will look at all available solutions to this problem.

Many Apple users have recently reported that the iPhone and iPad alarm clock volume is not loud enough to wake them up. Others have noted that it’s so quiet that they can’t hear it even while awake.

As unfortunate as it may be, a silent alarm on your iPhone can lead to very unpleasant consequences. If you encounter this problem on your smartphone or any other iOS device, you should solve it immediately.

To start the alarm clock, you need to use the following methods.

  • On the first work screen, tap on the clock icon. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • Swipe the screen in a downward direction. The search field will appear. It is necessary to enter the line “clock”.
  • If you make a move in the opposite direction. from the bottom up, the control panel will open. To turn it on, tap on the clock icon.
  • Voice control with Siri is available. Press and hold the button to start the alarm. After that, you just need to say the correct phrase. For example, you can just say, “Wake me up at 6:30 a.m.”.

After entering the application, you need to set the alarm clock. In the upper right corner of the screen you can see a “plus” sign. Tap on it.

At the top of the page you can see a menu, where the line “Add” will be active. Then you set the alarm clock. Set the parameters in accordance with the available instructions. After confirming the entry by clicking “Save”, the alarm clock will be set.

Sometimes the alarm does not go off after you set it. This can happen for one of the following reasons:

  • Time zone was set incorrectly. You need to check this parameter and correct it if needed.
  • Vibration and sound may have been disabled during setup.
  • The smartphone was configured incorrectly. In this situation, you need to reset to the factory settings and set the parameters anew.
  • Wrong firmware was installed on your smartphone. In this case, you need to find the most current one and install it again.

You can solve the problems yourself without contacting the service. First you need to check the settings. If it was not possible to fix it, you need to reboot the phone. If it is necessary to check the firmware you use and install the most actual one.

When the call is triggered and the person is awake, it is necessary to mute the sound. If phone is blocked at that time you need to turn it on. If it is already unlocked, you just need to tap on “OK” button.

You can see how the smart alarm on your iPhone works by watching

How to Increase the Volume/Sound of Alarm on iPhone | Alarm Louder

How to change the ringtone?

You need the right melody for a pleasant wake-up. You can select an alarm tone for your iPhone under Settings. You can choose standard music or set your own.

  • Open the Clock section of the Home screen
  • Go to “Alarm Clock”
  • Tap the item with the desired wake-up time. You will see a menu of options for the alarm.
  • Click on the “Ringtone” section.

A list of all available sounds will open.

An alarm clock will pull you out of your slumber so you don’t miss class, or your favorite show or movie. Set an alarm on your iPhone or iPad to make sure you don’t miss the big game or oversleep for work.

Open the Clock app on the Home screen.

Click on the “Alarm Clock” tab (the second icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, which looks like an alarm clock).

Click the “Add” button (the plus sign on the top right).

Press and hold the first scrollwheel. This number will set the hour for your alarm clock.

Drag your finger up or down to adjust the hour you want for your alarm clock.

Press and hold the second scrollwheel. This wheel represents the minute portion of your alarm time.

Drag your finger up or down to adjust the minutes to the number you want.

Press and hold the third scroll wheel. This is where you set whether the alarm time will be for AM or PM. If you have set the unit for 24 hours, you will not see AM or PM.

Move your finger up or down to toggle between AM or PM.

Press the “Save” button (it is located in the upper right corner of the screen).

Your newly created alarm will now appear on the alarm clocks screen and automatically go off.

Alarm clock will still sound loud, if your phone is in silent mode, or even do not disturb, so you can rest knowing that you will be woken up in time. If the alarm sounds quiet, you can set the volume of the alarm on your iPhone.

Now you know how to set the alarm clock on your iPhone or iPad! If the volume is not enough, turn on the flash.

How to change the alarm clock ringtone on iPhone

Setting the correct melody is exactly the same important element for some, which affects the quality of their awakening. On the iPhone, fortunately, this item is not different from the Android system, because the change of the melody is located in the same section as the alarm clock, or, to be more precise, in its settings.

You can set not only the melody, but also other parameters. Music can be changed as a factory default, that is you can put those melodies which are offered by the system, and you can put your own, which you like best. The setting also takes place in the alarm clock. To do this, click on the “Clock” icon, which is also located on the start screen. After that, go to the same Alarm Clock section. If you click on the alarm clock you want to change the melody to, it opens the settings where you can choose not only the melody, but also the sound and the interval.

Click on the item “Tune” and choose the song you like the most. As a rule, you can also choose your own song. This is done in the same section, just make sure that the song you want is available in the memory of the phone.

With the right settings, waking up will be much easier than it was before. About what kind of melody is good for waking up, for quality lifting and great mood, you can watch in this video

Configuring the alarm clock for iPhone how to do it correctly?

Most smartphone users prefer to use the built-in alarm clock rather than the old big clock. It is understandable, the phone is always at your fingertips, you can switch on several signals, set any ringtone and adjust the volume. In this article we will tell you how to adjust the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone.

Why does the iPhone ring an alarm clock that does not exist??

Let’s return to the message of our reader. It writes that every day, including weekends and holidays (which is most unfortunate) the phone will be his at exactly 6:35. At the same time the main timers are set to a different time. Before writing to our editorial, the author checked all his old (disabled) alarms, but they have a completely different time. It seems that there is an evil spirit in the device, which does not let the owner of the smartphone sleep in peace. It’s a mystery. But this is for those citizens who know nothing about the Sleep function.

The Sleep option is integrated into the Alarm Clock app (relevant for iOS 13 and later). Then the option moved to the Health app. Well, okay, there is a chip in the OS and there is, why then it blows the user’s mind every day. The thing is that when you first set up your iPhone, many gadget owners do not really read what the system asks them on the screen, thinking to adjust all the necessary options later. So it turns out that poking anywhere can ruin a person’s morning.

To exorcise the evil spirit from the Alarm Clock, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the Health app.
  • Go to the Sleep tab.
  • At the bottom of the list is your schedule section.
  • In it, you should tap on Full Schedule and Settings.
  • At the top of the window there is a line Sleep Schedule, which must be disabled by moving the toggle switch to the Off position.
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Why there is no sound, doesn’t ring the alarm on the iPhone?

Here are a few steps to make sure your alarm is loud enough:

Check the volume level to see why the iPhone alarm clock doesn’t go off. iOS has two different adjustments: ringer volume and multimedia volume. Multimedia volume controls the volume in apps, games, music, and videos, while the second volume is used for ringtones, notifications, system alerts, and for the alarm clock.

So for your alarm to be loud enough, go to the home screen and use the volume button, turning the volume up to maximum. Keep in mind that if you turned up the volume at “Multimedia” rather than “Ringer,” you’re adjusting the wrong volume. That’s why I’m asking you to go to the home screen. On it, you can adjust the ringer volume.

One point you should not ignore is that there are two volume options on your device:

Hidden alarm ringtones

With the arrival of iOS 14, a sleep tracking feature has been added to smartphones. It is an alarm clock with additional parameters: sleep time monitoring and analysis. But you don’t have to use advanced tracking features, you can turn on sleep tracking in order to take advantage of hidden alarm ringtones. The Sleep Tracker option has 9 additional wake-up tones that you won’t find in the standard Alarm Clock app on the iPhone.

  • Open “Clock” → “Alarm clock”.
  • Press “Configure” in the Sleep/Wake section.
  • Activate the function and select the time of lift.
  • After that you will see the new melodies in the alarm clock settings.
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