How to Make Sound on the Phone

How to Make Sound on the Phone

I was surprised to learn that many people understand anything like remote work or remote learning, from email and telephone to Skype, WhatsApp, or Viber chats, and far from everyone knows about the existence of cloud-based services. Very helpful. Well, some of the potential users simply do not want to mess with unfamiliar products. They say, “difficult, unusual, we really somehow.” And in vain, because any specialized service for conferencing will easily give odds to household communicators. Yes, and it’s very easy to configure.

So, ZOOM is a modern and very convenient tool, equally suitable for conducting training events (including at school, university), and for telework. However, with no less success, it can be used to celebrate a birthday or a collective game of “Monopoly”. In a word, wherever you want to collect a certain number of participants in interactive interaction. Of course, everyone can talk at the same time and see each other.

In addition, using ZOOM, you can organize screen sharing, create “rooms” for collaboration, show a screen (including a mobile device), work with documents placed in Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, use group chats for the exchange of text, images and other media content in real time. A recording of the meetings is also available, so no event will be forgotten. And yes, the solution is cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter, Windows, MacOS or Linux, Android or iOS. Just go to the site and get started.

Step one: by going to the official website zoom.Us and clicking on the “Login to the system” link at the top, we get a classic registration window. If you want to quickly. Please through Google or Facebook, and for the corporate segment there is also SSO (Enterprise SSO, ESSO).

After checking (by date of birth) it will be offered to create an account. As a result, the user will be in the main menu of the browser version of the application. There you can immediately install plugins for popular browsers and email clients (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook), set up your first conference or join an existing one. And also get acquainted with the help system and take a training course (which, in my opinion, is redundant. Everything is extremely simple).

But it’s best to download the client part to a PC: after all, the standalone version is more reliable, more stable and more convenient. As a rule, this operation is offered during the registration process, but you can also independently follow the link at the bottom of the screen.

OS recognition works fine: for example, I was immediately offered to install a client for Linux.

Having launched the installer, you need to wait until the procedure is completed and a dialog box appears, from which the work with the product begins.

Please note: the product definitely needs an Internet connection, so even in the start window (bottom right) there is an icon for accessing network settings where you can specify a proxy server if necessary. If it is required to connect to a corporate resource, be sure to consult with the person responsible for it or the IT administrator.

It’s time to get started. If you have an ID or a personalized link name, you can join an existing conference by clicking “Join a Meeting”. If not, click Sign In, after which you will need to enter the username and password specified during registration on the site.

The main application window contains a minimum of elements: at the top. A menu that allows you to switch between conference modes, at the top right. An activity indicator (“available”, “busy”, “out of place”), a little lower. Avatars (the “Gear” icon that allows access to settings).

The main window on the right shows the calendar and the list of scheduled conferences, and on the left. The control buttons. With their help, you can create a new conference, join an existing one, schedule a pending event and enable the translation of your own screen into the stream. By the way, you can broadcast not only the screen, but also a separate application.

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In the “Settings” there is the ability to check the camcorder and sound (the “Mute when entering the conference” and “Do not start the right away” items may be very useful). Experienced users or IT specialists will tell you how to best customize the program for your needs. But in the vast majority of situations their intervention will not be required. The settings offered by default create a universal environment.

After theconference is opened, the participant receives the following options:

Invite other participants by e-mail, using MS, SMS (mobile users) or conference ID;

Include a demonstration of your desktop or window of a specific application;

Chat in group or private chat;

Do many other operations.

By the way, all this is available in the free version of the application, which makes it an ideal choice as the main tool not only for telework, but also for tele-education. This is evidenced by the restrictions imposed on the free license: no more than 100 participants with the opportunity to hold meetings lasting no more than 40 minutes. The only caveat is that the possibility of free connection is realized only for two (tête-à-tête) interlocutors, and for three or more, an organizer license (from 14.99 per month) is required for the person who creates the newsgroup.

The Zoom application has gained particular popularity today. It is designed to create remote conferencing online on different devices. Many users have difficulty using the program. Therefore, today you will learn how to adjust the sound in the Zoom application on your mobile phone. And also why you can not hear the interlocutor, and how to connect the sound in the Zoom.

  1. How to connect and configure Zoom on a mobile phone
  2. How to Join a Zoom Conference
  3. Setting permissions of the Zoom application
  4. To configure the resolutions and sound for Zoom in the phone, you need to open the settings:
  5. What to do to connect the sound in the Zoom application on the phone
  6. Why can’t I hear the voice in Zoom on the computer
  7. Other reasons why there is no sound in Zoom on the phone and PC
  8. instruction

How to connect and configure Zoom on a mobile phone

It’s best to use conferencing using the Zoom app on your mobile device. For iPhone, you can download it from the App Store, for Android mobile phones on Google Play.

Launch Zoom from the desktop icon

Zoom needs initial setup.

Select gear icon

After starting, you need to click on the gear icon.

And select the “Conference” item.

Further procedure:

  1. At this point, select “Automatically connect to audio conferencing” and select “Use the Internet”;
  2. Below in the conference settings you can find two points: always turn off the audio and when entering the conference. Turn off these settings so that you can attend other people’s conferences with the ability to talk and see people you are talking to;

Change microphone and settings in Zoom

  • The remaining menu items you can edit at your discretion. They affect the operation of sound and indirectly.
  • The following is the process of entering the code into a foreign conference by code. Or register an account in the Zoom system if you want to create your own full-fledged conference.

    How to Join a Zoom Conference

    Often, users are invited to an existing conference program Zoom. In this case, the organizer must provide a special code for access. You can’t connect without it, so if you don’t have the code yet, contact the creator and request it. But even with an access code, users often encounter the fact that no sound is heard in the application.

      To enter, you need to click on the blue button at the bottom of “Enter Conference” on the main screen;

    Click on the “Enter the Conference” button. The first empty line will require an identifier from us. But before you enter it, change your name;

    Change your name before entering the Zoom conference.

  • The character set is located below. This is your nickname in the conference, click on the line with symbols and enter your name;
  • Pay attention to additional parameters of the conference. Here, turn off the “Turn off sound /”;
  • Change settings to enable audio and

  • Now back to the empty line to enter the conference ID. Paste it or write down, we will also need a password from the conference, which you also need to get from the creator.
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    Another important point is the resolution settings that you must provide on the phone with Zoom.

    Give Zoom all the necessary permissions.

    If you clicked “No” or “Cancel” on the permission to access the microphone, the application will not be able to use it. And you will not have the opportunity to communicate with other participants. Therefore, for each access request for the Zoom application, you must agree.

    Setting permissions of the Zoom application

    If you accidentally refused to access the application to the microphone or camera on the phone, Zoom may not have sound, or you may not hear the person you are talking to. Why is this happening and can it be fixed?

    Click on the gear icon to enter the settings

    To configure the resolutions and sound for Zoom in the phone, you need to open the settings:

    1. Find and select “Applications”;
    2. In the list of all applications, you need to find Zoom and select it;

    Find Zoom in the list of applications. In the application settings, find the item “Permissions” and also select it;

    Set application permissions

  • A window with access points will open. Here items with permissions that you rejected during installation will be turned off. Accordingly, they need to be included.
  • Check the Zoom permissions if you don’t remember whether you rejected any of them or not. Because disabled access can be the reason that now there is no sound in the application or you can not be heard by other participants in the conference. As well as the lack of pictures ors of other participants in Zoom.

    What to do to connect the sound in the Zoom application on the phone

    We learned how to enter the conference and check the sound and parameters before entering. This is very important, since at the initial stage any missed part can be a difficult to determine cause of the lack of sound. Or other problems that appear in the Zoom application on your computer and phone.

    Now imagine that you managed to enter the conference, but the sound is still not heard:

    1. Pay attention to the buttons that appeared in the conference window. With their help, you can control the application settings on your side of the session;
    2. If there are currently no buttons on the screen, touch it;

    Click on the screen if there are no buttons at the moment. Press the button in the form of headphones and the signed “Connect sound” button below. Then you should start to hear other conference participants;

    Activate audio and in the application menu

  • If you have any problems with the, click on the button in the form of a crossed out camera at the bottom of the panel. Thus, you turn on the front camera on your device, and other participants will see you;
  • It is also worth paying attention to the icon at the top of the window in the form of a microphone in Zoom. Using this icon, you can turn off the sound for a short time so that others do not hear you. It can be crossed out, another touch will turn on the sound on the phone.
  • Check the sound on in the upper left in the application

    The specified parameters in the interface of the Zoom mobile application are the main sources of adjustment and sound control. If after these settings there are problems in the application with sound (playback on the device or the absence of other participantsc), try reinstalling the application. And again connect to the conference on the same principle.

    Why can’t I hear the voice in Zoom on the computer

    Similar problems with sound in Zoom appear on a computer or laptop.

    If you connected to the created conference, but there is no sound in the application / other conference participants cannot hear you:

      At the bottom of the menu, click on the microphone icon. Probably at the moment it is crossed out by a red line. After these actions, a sound should appear;

    Click on the microphone icon in Zoom. If several devices are connected to your computer, click the arrow next to the microphone icon;

    Click the arrow next to the microphone icon

  • In the drop-down menu, click on the microphone that you use to communicate in Zoom;
  • Also select the speakers in the list that will be used to output sound to Zoom;
  • The same settings apply to the. If there is no image, click on the crossed out camera at the bottom of the menu;
  • Additional settings can be opened by clicking on the arrow to the right of the camera icon. Here you can also specify a webcam explicitly;
  • Open the sound settings in the drop-down menu. Here we have the opportunity to test the devices that we have chosen for output or input (microphone and speakers);
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    Open the sound settings in Zoom On the left, select “Sound” in the menu and check all the sound parameters.

    Select the Sound section in Zoom

    Perhaps one of the parameters is configured incorrectly, for example, mute when connected to a conference. In this case, you need to fix the settings and save these settings.

    Other reasons why there is no sound in Zoom on the phone and PC

    If you don’t hear only one of the participants of the Zoom conference, advise him to configure his application. But if you are convinced that the problems in the program are on your side, it is worth checking the device itself. A microphone or speakers. This can be done in the device settings.

    Check the device in the system settings

    You can check the operation of the device on your phone or on another PC.


    In the you will learn how to adjust the sound in Zoom on your mobile phone. And also why there is no sound during the conversation, the interlocutor is not heard and how to connect it.

    Wondering how to increase the volume on Android Samsung? Although the phones of this brand are distinguished by relatively loud speakers, however, not always audio or files have high-quality sound for full playback on them. There are several ways to increase the level of built-in speakers using in-depth settings or third-party applications.

    Set up the sound on your Samsung phone

    To debug sound on the device, use the standard volume rocker. This is the name of the buttons located on the side of the chassis, above the power button. By pressing the button down, you can make it quieter, up. Respectively, louder.

    On the latest versions of Android, when you press the sound buttons, not one scale appears, but several. Using the touch screen, you can separately adjust the speaker volume during conversations, multimedia playback, system and program alerts. Just drag the value on the desired scale with your finger.

    How to increase

    1. Sound effects are also customizable through settings. You need to open the phone menu and select “Settings”.
    2. Then select the “Sound and Vibration” tab.
    3. Among the parameters, select the desired one and configure each of them manually.
    4. Save the edited parameters.

    How to make it quieter

    To make the phone quieter, just press the lower button on the rocker. You can also lower the level on special scales in the settings menu as described above. Android also has standard modes that let you automatically adjust the sound. For example, if you want to not only lower the noise level, but completely remove it, select the Do Not Disturb mode. And if on the contrary you want to hear a call or a message signal on the street, select the appropriate item.

    How to make the speaker louder

    Not all android users know that the speaker volume frames installed in the system are conditional. In fact, its capabilities are much greater, however, in order to avoid unnecessary load and breakage, the developers are laying down not the maximum value, but 20-30% less.

    You can set the maximum level through the developer’s menu. To get into it, on most devices just type the command ## 3646633 ##, in the list that appears, select the item Hardware Testing, then Audio.

    A screen will open on which there will be 2 points. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Going into the first, you debug the sound through the main speaker, the second section allows you to edit the volume in the headphones.

    Opening the section, you will see the Type parameter. Click on it and select Media. In the Level line, you need to set Level 0. In the upper and lower values, set new numbers, the maximum value is 255.

    Save the settings and restart the phone. The speaker settings change, not only when playing music, but also when making calls, program and system signals.