How To Make Sms Newsletter From Computer

How to Make SMS Newsletter From Computer

On the Internet you can find a huge number of user requests on how to make a free SMS newsletter.

For instance:

  1. SMS mailing for free
  2. free sms mailing via the Internet
  3. free sms mailing program
  4. free bulk sms

There are similar requests from users who visit our site, for example, the latest similar requests:

  1. how to make SMS mailing for free via the Internet in Kostroma
  2. cheapest sms mailing perm
  3. how to write cheap with tele2 in belgorod sms
  4. low cost sms newsletter to attract new customers
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These requests are most often caused by either the reluctance to pay for SMS mailings at the official tariffs of telecom operators, which in the last year have grown either several times, or tens of times, or the reluctance to enter into official contractual relations that require compliance with the law regarding liability for SPAM, unreliable advertising, etc.

Consider alternative ways to send SMS messages:. 1) Sending SMS messages through the sites of mobile operators.

  1. Is free
  2. Do not need a contract with a mobile operator
  3. Anonymity
  1. Inability to send bulk
  2. An advertisement of a telecom operator through which you send a message can be added to the message
  3. Inability to use for commercial purposes.
  4. Unable to set sender field signature.

2) Sending SMS messages from your phone or via a GSM modem.

  1. Cheap SMS mailing: sending is carried out at your rate;
  2. There is no need to conclude a direct contract with a mobile operator;
  3. Ability to use for commercial purposes;
  4. Easy to send: no need for a program for mass sending SMS from a computer via the Internet
  1. The impossibility of mass sending: sending speed and the number of SMS are limited;
  2. Unable to set sender field signature.
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3) Sending free test SMS newsletters:

  1. The ability to test SMS sending for free before concluding an agreement;
  2. The ability to specify the signature of the sender field;
  3. Good speed of sending and delivery of messages.
  1. Free tests mean extremely small volumes of mailings.

It doesn’t matter which alternative mailing option you will use, but in the case of SMS advertising mailings, you must first obtain the consent of subscribers to receive messages. Therefore, we recommend sending SMS messages through traditional mailing channels.

Pluses of traditional mailing channels:

  1. Ability to use the alphabetic signature of the sender field;
  2. High speed of sending and delivery of messages;
  3. Fully official work in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  4. Possibility of commercial newsletters;
  5. Saving customer bases, statistics, etc.

Cons of traditional mailing channels:

  1. Expensive;
  2. It is not possible to use the phone number as a signature of the sender field;
  3. Tight control by mobile operators.
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Our company offers you a completely free test SMS newsletter!