How to Make Room Design Yourself on a Computer

On the photo on the Internet and on the pages of thematic magazines, stunningly stylish interiors flaunt, which, it would seem, impossible to translate into a modest Russian apartment. Such judgments are erroneous! Everyone can turn their home into a cozy and aesthetic place. From this article you will learn how to make a design project of an apartment yourself in the designer of Interior Design 3D. This program for creating design projects is a budget replacement for professional studios. It will help to organize the space according to your tastes.

Want to see how your home might look after being transformed into 3D Interior Design? Download and evaluate these sample projects created in the program.

Project No. 1.One bedroom apartment with living room and bedroom. Download project

Project No. 2.Convenient kindergarten for a family with a child.
Download project

How to make the interior design of an apartment with your own hands

You can always contact the repair company, entrusting all tasks to specialists. They will make the necessary measurements, offer design options taking into account your wishes and the latest fashion trends. You don’t have to do anything, but:

  • ✓ it is expensive;
  • ✓ it’s a long time;
  • ✓ Your views with the designer on beauty / practicality / convenience may not coincide.

It’s much cheaper and more interesting to take everything into your own hands! In the program Design Interior 3D you will create a detailed layout of the home, which will be the perfect assistant at each stage of the repair.

How to Make Room Design Yourself on a Computer

3D Interior Design will help create an accurate virtual apartment model

7 reasons to make a 3D design project for an apartment in the editor:

  • ✓ step-by-step principle of work in the designer and tooltips;
  • ✓ accuracy in measurements and observance of proportions;
  • ✓ ready-made room templates to simplify modeling;
  • ✓ loading custom textures for the exact embodiment of ideas;
  • ✓ flexible adjustment of all interior elements. selection of dimensions and finishes;
  • ✓ designing simple 3D-models of furniture using blanks;
  • ✓ viewing the result in virtual visit mode.

Install Interior Design on your computer to start creating your ideal apartment right now.

Download Interior Design 3D

Think over the design of a two-room apartment
do-it-yourself 3D

Language: Russian

Distribution Size: 85 MB

  • 1. Download the software by clicking on the button above.
  • 2. Locate the installation file (distribution) in the folder “Downloads”.
  • 3. Double-click on the distribution and follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard.
  • 4. For convenience, add a shortcut to the desktop. Everything is ready to get started!

What you need to create an apartment interior design

Development of the design project of the apartment begins with measurements. You can also cope with this task yourself! You need to arm yourself with a large tape measure to determine the length and height of the walls, a building level for measuring angles, and paper and pencil to fix the results.

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Arm yourself with a building tape measure and measure the apartment yourself

If you are the owner, you probably have a technical passport in your hands, indicating the area, supporting structures, as well as the position of doors and windows. Take it as a basis and complement it with your more detailed measurements.

5 tips for proper measurement:

  • 1. Measurements must be carried out in the same units, preferably in centimeters or millimeters for maximum accuracy.
  • 2. Be careful. compare the length and height of even parallel walls in the same room, they may differ.
  • 3. Consider all the features. niches, ledges, columns, window sills, door and window openings. Their parameters also need to be measured and put on the plan.
  • 4. On the plan of the bathroom and kitchen, mark communications.
  • 5. Do not forget about the electrician. determine the exact position of the outlets or the conclusions for them, as well as about the ceiling lighting in each of the rooms.

Interior Design 3D will help to take into account all the important technical aspects that the design of the apartment repair project involves.

  • ✓ Setting up the workspace. Before creating a plan, adjust the scale of the grid so that you can maintain accuracy. Size is in meters.
  • ✓ Dimensional accuracy. Working on the layout, you can reflect all the features of the premises. recesses, protrusions, partitions. When you draw a wall, the program will mark its current length. You can specify the height and thickness in the desired units by opening the “View” tab and selecting “Settings”.
  • ✓ Distance measurement. If you need to find out what distance these or other objects share, use the “Ruler”. Draw an arrow from the start point to the end. the software will immediately indicate the exact number.
  • ✓ Regulation of the height of objects from the floor. For any added item, you can adjust the degree of remoteness from the floor in the “Properties” tab. This is especially true for placing batteries, sockets and window sills on the circuit.

All these features make ready-made design apartment projects created in the program technically accurate and allow you to avoid making repairs.

The advantage of ready-made templates for projects

If you live in a brick or panel house of a Khrushchev or Brezhnev building, create an apartment project in less than a minute.

Interior Design 3D offers an extensive collection of typical layouts, from one-room to four-room. All significant parameters in them are taken into account and correspond to the real characteristics of buildings. the location and area of ​​the premises, the height of the walls, the location of windows and doors. One click. and the layout of the home will be ready for further work in the editor. You will have the most interesting thing. to choose finishing materials and furnish rooms.

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Choose a suitable layout from the collection and use in your project

In addition, the built-in layouts have another significant advantage. You can create a typical design for an apartment project and tailor it to the characteristics of your home, significantly speeding up the modeling work. To change the area of ​​the room, grab one of the sides and pull. With the same ease, you can move the door or window openings, add partitions or paint on new rooms, making a typical building as similar to yours as possible.

Designing an apartment in a couple of clicks

In Interior Design 3D, anyone can create modern design projects of apartments at a high level. Think over everything to the smallest detail. what suite will be in the kitchen, what color will look best in the bedroom, how to make the nursery comfortable and safe for the child.

You can create a detailed 3D model of your dream housing in the designer in just 5 steps. We’ll go through each of them in more detail.

Step number 1. Draw a plan

If you live in a new building or typical layouts from the catalog do not suit you, draw the diagram manually. Use the wall drawing tool. Each room is a separate closed figure. Neighboring rooms should have a common side, but when drawing, you simply draw one line on top of the other.

Use room templates for even faster room creation

Creating a layout from scratch, you can design a project for a square apartment, a spacious loft with high ceilings or a tiny studio. If you are working on a redevelopment and want to turn a one-room apartment into a two-room apartment, add a partition to the circuit using a special option.

Step number 2. Arrange windows and doors

Having finished with the drawing, proceed to the next step. mark the aisles between the rooms and add window openings.

Click on the button “Add door”. In the catalog you will find doors of different sizes, as well as round and rectangular arches. You can adjust the width and height of each opening to your liking by looking at “Properties”. There you can change the appearance of the door, as well as choose the material for arched slopes.

Place door and window openings on the layout

A similar situation with windows. the editor’s collection includes options for any occasion. You can install packages with the required number of cameras and configure their dimensions. Add a balcony block if necessary.

Step number 3. Pick up a covering for walls, a floor and a ceiling

At this stage, the design projects of apartments of Khrushchev, Brezhnevka and other buildings of the same type acquire unique features. You have to choose a finish.

As part of Interior Design 3D, you will find a selection of materials for designing surfaces of all types. For convenience, the catalog is divided into categories. For walls, paints of all possible shades, wallpaper, brick, tile are provided, for the floor. laminate, parquet, carpet, tile, for the ceiling. panels and tiles.

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Select one of the rooms, go to “Properties” and indicate the type of cladding for each of the surfaces. When choosing, take a break from the features of the room. So, in order to save money, the hallway can be simply painted, in the bedroom you can glue stylish wallpapers, the floor in the living room is covered with carpet for greater comfort, and in the bathroom and in the kitchen it is tiled to avoid severe pollution.

Choose a stylish finish for every room

The program allows you to change the scale of finishing materials by simply moving the slider. This feature is useful in order to make the tile or wallpaper pattern larger or smaller. If you already have in mind the exact texture for wall decoration, and you did not find anything similar in the catalog, complete the editor’s selection with your image. Just upload a picture and use it along with the built-in ones.

Step number 4. Place furniture and decorate rooms

Now is the time to fill the empty space with furniture. Each room has its own set of furniture and decor. Double beds, wardrobes and dressing table. for the bedroom, sofas, coffee tables and racks. for the living room, kitchen sets, dining tables and chairs. for the kitchen.

Of particular importance is the arrangement of furniture, if you create a design project of an apartment of free planning. In this case, interior items contribute to zoning. You use larger objects, such as shelving, sofas and tables, to visually separate one area from another.

Arrange the furniture in the apartment, adjust the size and decoration of objects

You can rotate the added elements by pulling the yellow circle to the side in the 2D diagram. Everything in the same tab “Properties” You can set the dimensions, as well as choose the color and material for each piece of furniture.

Step number 5. Save the layout

You can save the layout as a JPEG image or PDF document. If desired, send the result to print by placing both a 2D diagram and a 3D model on the sheet. So you get a clear free design apartment project that will help you throughout the repair.

Interior design provides for the possibility of intermediate project save. At any time, you can postpone work on the layout, and after that. return to where you left off without losing any changes.

Customize the layout of the layout on the page and save the result

Interior Design 3D. convenient software for planning repairs. You do not have to seek the help of professionals online. create your own design project for an undershirt, studio apartment or big three The result will definitely exceed your expectations! Download the program and turn your modest apartment into a stylish nest with a fashionable cover.