How to make iPhone icons on the desktop. Using launches

IPhone design themes (new icons): how to change, where to download, how to make money on this

With the release of iOS 14, users received a new interesting opportunity. to change the design of the icons, thereby creating their own design topics. Interestingly, earlier Apple itself was very categorical of any attempts to customize the system. over, users received not only the ability to create their own icons, but also sell them! One designer said that during the night of such work he was able to earn 9240! Of course, we are interested in how such a scheme works.

For 13 years, iOS has gone to allow users to change the face of the intense. At the same time, the company itself did not offer certain topics or templates, you can arrange a widget or make an icon using any picture. Users could not ignore this opportunity and began to actively use it, showing their creativity. Here are some examples:

How to change the icon on the iPhone or iPad

Any user can easily change the usual or already boring integration integration of your iPhone or iPad. For this:

Open the “Fast commands” application from Apple (if it is not on the device, you can download here).

Follow the path of my commands → “” → Add action.

In the search bar, enter the request “Open the application”, and then select open the application → Select. You will see a list of applications installed on the device.

Choose whose icon you want to replace. The system will appear in the system. Open an additional menu in the form of three points right at the top of the screen and create a name for a new icon. After that, click on the “Add” home “on the item.

Enter the name of the icon on the home screen “badge and name for the screen home”, and then click on the icon.

In the pop.up menu, select the “Select Photo” item, and then set the photo, which should become the application icon. If necessary, you can edit it.

It remains to choose the necessary icon in the photo application opened, and then press the add button in the upper right corner.

Search the icon in the application library

  • We look like all the screens to the left (we need to get to the right!) desktop iPhone.
  • We see a library of applications.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Enter the name of the application (for example: YouTube, Brawl Stars, WhatsApp, Safari, phone, messages, camera, clock, notes, etc.D.) that you have lost.
  • We hold his icon and drag it to the desktop.

Hooray! Victory! And other enthusiastic reviews!

We quickly and decisively move on to the next point of our program.

Expressure time

Because nobody needs him! © Anecdote about the elusive Joe.

That in the iPhone settings there is such a wonderful option as “screen time”.

You ask: “And why is she so remarkable?””

How to Make Custom App Icons for iPhone with Launch Center Pro

I will answer: “Thanks to it, on the iPhone it is possible to disable the use of various standard applications (App Store, Camera, etc.D.), after which these icons these very applications become inaccessible to the user of the iOS operating system “.

Just disappear Look for do not look the sense of zero cool. And how to return them? Open “Settings. screen time” and pay attention to two important options (“always allowed” “content and confidentiality”).

Note? Author, what are you talking about? See what functions were disconnected and try to enable them.

I am generally too lazy to understand this! There is a simpler way? Of course. Again, open the “settings-screen time”, scroll down the screen and click “Turn off the screen time”. If the loss of icons (-Ki) was associated with this, then after the “disconnecting of time” she (they) will certainly appear on your iPhone desktop!

Replacing the lock screen

Lunks only partially help to make iPhone android. Their problem is that they are not able to change the lock screen. Individual applications are engaged in this. such as OS8 Lock Screen. When starting this utility, you get into the settings window. The integral integral, but even without special knowledge, many points do not raise any questions. For example, it is immediately clear that the application allows you to put any image on the lock screen, set the password, and also enter any text.

As for the appearance of the lock screen, then in this regard it looks like his brother from iOS 8. Everything works very quickly, you can unlock the device if desired can be almost in a fraction of a second. You can also go to the Camera application without any unlock. In a word, the application does not provide anything unusual, it just makes the smartphone a little more like iPhone.

If you want to make a lock screen like fresher iOS versions, then pay attention to the Lock Screen I app.O.S 12. After installing it, your Android will look like the last iPhone.

Notification panel

Not all launches are able to correctly replace the notification panel. Therefore, you should definitely install the Inoty Style OS 9 (with Play, the cup market is removed, There were complaints about malicious). As it is easy to guess, it brings to the system the traditional status bar, present in iOS 9. After installing the utility, you will fall into a relatively small menu. Here you need to turn on inoty, after which you can enjoy a full-fledged status bar.

This is not to say that the solution turned out to be functional. But it makes you think that you use Apple’s product. There are differences from the original status bar, but they are minimal.

And in the application menu you can include a functional panel. It will be stretched if you click on a small blue strip located at the bottom of the screen. This panel has buttons that open the camera and calculator, as well as the keys that allow you to turn off the device and use the flashlight. And there are also buttons of wireless intenses and slider levels of brightness. Unfortunately, everything spoils the very blue strip. this element is displayed both in the menu and in many applications. The strip begins to irritate quickly enough.

If you do not like this implementation of the control point, then you can try to separately install the Control Panel application. Smart Toggle.

How to use user icons on iPhone under the control of iOS 15 or new

What are the requirements for creating user applications for iPhone?

If all you need is a worthy shifter of the application badges for your iOS device without the need to upload money, the Shortcuts application is more than capable of justifying your expectations. However, if you prefer to have a lot of cool topics and user application icons, you should purchase extension tools. Although most of the means of changing icons are available for free, to unlock all topics you will need to switch to a premium version.

Change the icon icons to the iPhone using the label application

Now click the “” button add action.

Note. If the parameter “open the application” is displayed in the “Supplements of the next action”, select it. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.3. Then enter the “open application” in the search bar at the top and select it from the search results.

Then click the “Appendix” and select the application for which you want to create your own icon. I’m going to make my own icon for the App Store.

Then give the application the appropriate name and click is ready in the lower right corner of the screen.

Install the glyph as a user application icon on the iPhone

The “Labels” application has a constantly growing library of objects and symbols, which allows you to create various user application icons.

  • Click on the icon located on the left of your name of the application, and then select the color for the icon of your application.
  • Now click on the Glyph and choose one of the many options. Use custom categories, such as “objects”, “symbols” and “people” below, to study various glyphs.
  • After you have chosen the desired icon, click ready in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then touch the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Add to the main screen”.
  • Please note that you can also show this user application icon on Apple Watch, fix it in the line of the MacOS menu and even use it as a quick action on your Mac.
  • Finally, to complete, click “Add” in the upper right corner. Your user application icon for iPhone will now appear on the main screen.

Use the image as an IPhone application icon

If you want to additionally personalize the application icon, you can use your own image as an IPhone application icon.

  • Now touch the default application icon and select “Select photos”.
  • It is important to note that if the image is in the “Files” application, click “Select the file”, and then select the image. And if you want to take a picture, click “Take a photo”.
  • Then select the image from the library of photos. After that, configure the image and click “Select” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Now your image will be installed as an IPhone application icon. Finally, click “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen to finish.

That’s all! The inclined application icon will appear on the main screen. In the future, you can run the application by touching this icon.

  • Although this hacker works quite reliably, it first launches the “shortcut” application before starting the application.
  • If you want to open the application without causing the “Labels” application, turn off the notifications about the labels. To do this, go to the “Settings” application. “Screen time”. “View all actions”. “Notifications”. “Labels”. Now turn off the switch next to allow notifications.

The best applications for creating user icons for iPhone

If you want to perform full setting, you should try the means of changing the icons of applications for iPhone and iPad. Loaded with many exciting applications and topics, they offer you more flexibility to create badges to their liking.

Aesthetic set

Aesthetic Kit is a multifunctional tool for changing applications for iPhone and iPad. What distinguishes him from other means of changing icons is a huge collection of badges (more than 10,000 icons and widgets). Thus, you will have a lot of freedom for experiments. In addition, it also comes with a solid library of widgets that you can use to create attractive layouts.

Installation: (Free, 9.99 US dollars per month)

Brass: customizable icons and widgets.

Another means of changing the application icons that deserves an attentive study is BRASS (more than 5 million downloads). It also comes with a wide set of user application icons, the one and widgets that allow you to decorate the home screen with various models. Although BRASS is available for free, to unlock all the icons and you will need to pay 2.49 per week or 6.99 dollars per month.

Install: (Free, 6.99 US dollars per month)

Create your own icons for the design of the home screen iPhone and iPad

That’s all! So, this is how you can create your own application icons on your iPhone and iPad. As I said above, the “Labels” applications are more than enough so that you can create beautiful application icons for your iOS device.

However, if you want to have many professionally designed icons and topics of applications, means of changing icons are always ready to quench your thirst. Nevertheless, do not forget to share your opinion and inform us of your favorite IOS change change.

How to arrange icons on iPhone or iPad in random order

Download any picture as wallpapers of your desktop for your iPhone or iPad. About where to download the wallpaper and how to do this, we told in detail in this material.

Open the loaded image in the photo application and tap the screen so that the elements of the application integrate disappear.

Important: note that the selected image completely closes the screen (if desired, you can increase or decrease it).

Open the standard Safari browser and follow this link.

Go to the “Create Blank icons” section and then click the “Add” button.

Next, slip by the “Select the File” button and in the menu that appears, select “Mediathe”.

Select the image-screenshot that was made in p. 3. Click the “SEND” button.

After loading on the page, your screenshot with the location of the icons will be displayed.

Select the place where you want to see the empty space in the future, for example, the square “2 × 2”.

Click the “Share” button. In the lower row of action, select the icon “on the” home “screen”.

Do not add a name and do not change the link, but just click the “Add” button.

After these simple actions, a “dummy” with a piece of wallpaper will appear on the desktop. It remains to be placed in the desired position.

Put the dummies at your discretion, for example, in the form of a letter or figure:

By clicking on the dummy, you will immediately open the service page. Return to the previous page of the site and repeat the actions starting from paragraph 8 to add new “dummies”.

So that the “dummy” does not stand out, ideally it is necessary to enable the function “reduction of movement”, for which go to settings → main → universal access → reduction of movement and activate the appropriate switch.

“Dummies” are removed in the same way as any application in iOS.

How to arrange icons on the iPhone and iPad in any place of the home screen using the command application (for devices on iOS 12 and later)

If you want to leave only a few programs on the desktop and. most importantly. to arrange them the way you want The next solution is also offered by the new application from Apple. the command.

However, unlike the previous method, we need only plain “wallpaper” on the desktop. Otherwise, the whole charm of the shaking is lost-you will see the dummy icons, and this is a complete failure. At the same time, this method allows you to add “magic” effects. However, about everything in order.

For this example, we will take completely black “wallpaper”. Such a picture is already in the system settings of your iPhone or iPad: Settings → Wallpaper → Pictures. Black image is the last in the list. Install it.

Now open the command of the command (if you do not have it yet, download it from the App Store (review), by default with iOS it does not come). Here’s what you need to do:

Tap the togla icon with settings in the upper right corner.

Click on the field with the name. So that the name is not visible, copy the characters between square brackets. You don’t need to copy the brackets.

Now change the icon. Click on the corresponding line. Touch the inscription screen “House”.

Here you can shoot a photo or choose a ready.made photo from the library. Of course, it should be the same color as the background pattern on the desktop. We just took a screenshot of black photography (you can download here) and then indicated it as an icon. Click ready.

Now return to the main screen of the created command and click on the Share button, select Add to the Home screen.

On the new screen, press the button again in the lower part of the screen, scroll through the list to the left until you find the inscription on the “home” screen. Click on it.

Ready. our absolutely black icon appeared on the desktop! As you can see, it merges with the surrounding background, and there is a complete impression that there is nothing on the screen except the icons located in a very strange order for iOS.

Do as many icons as you need. To do this, just go to the commands again and repeat the same actions with an already created shortcut.

P.S. By the way, if you wish, you can tie up useful actions for the calendar, work on the Internet, maps, contacts, Apple Music, etc.D. This is already an outrageous level of magic-you just press your finger on a black background, and iOS suddenly begins to do something!

How to create a folder on the iPhone desktop?

Create a folder with applications as follows:

Click on the icon of any of the applications and hold your finger for a couple of seconds. So you will go into the mode of editing the desktop. the programs of the programs will tremble, and crosses will appear above them.

There are 3 calculators in our example. we need to collect them in the folder.

make, iphone, icons, desktop, using, launches

In edit mode, drag one icon to another.

The folder will be formed automatically, and both applications will be in it.

Drag the other applications in the finished folder in the same way.

Click the “Home” button. so you will leave the editing mode.

In one iPhone folder there may be a maximum of 12 icons. The number of folders that will be created is also limited. no more than 180. On the iPad, the limits are less strict. 220 folders, each of which is placed up to 20 icons. You can get around these restrictions only if there is a jailbreak on the mobile device.

Management of folders

When creating a catalog, the mobile device analyzes its contents and independently assigns its name. However, the user can rename the iPhone folder. This is how it is done:

Open the folder, press it in its name and hold your finger for a couple of seconds.

The icons will tremble, and on the contrary the name of the catalog will appear a cross.

Wash the name assigned to the iPhone and enter another. Then click “Home” to fix the result.

You can also remove the application icon from the folder through editing mode. The user needs to open the folder, press the icon and, holding the finger, take it beyond the borders of the folder, placing it on the desktop.

To remove the folder, you just need to remove all the icons from it. In the usual way. by clicking on the cross. the folder with the iPhone do not erase.

How to create a folder on iPhone through iTunes?

To form a catalog on the iPhone, ITUNES can also be applied. Folders are created through Mediakombine as follows:

Connect the iPhone to the PC cable and run itunes.

Follow the device control menu. for this you need to click on the button with the image of a smartphone.

In the “Settings” menu, select the “Program” section.

In the “Home Screens” block, select the page on which you want to place the catalog with a double click.

Grab the mouse cursor and drag it to another.

Rename the catalog. assign him the name that will allow you to quickly find it if necessary.

Click on the empty place. so you will let iTunes understand that editing home screens is completed.

make, iphone, icons, desktop, using, launches

Run the synchronization process.

At the end of the process, the icon on the mobile device will be assembled in the folder.

You can remove the catalog through iTunes in the same way as on a gadget. by removing all icons from it from it.

How to create a folder in a folder?

IPhones should not be able to create folders inside the folders. However, in iOS there are periodically found bugs that allow you to do this. So it was with iOS 8, and c ios 9. The author of this article managed to create a folder inside the folder and on iOS 7. This operation is not easy. it requires dexterity, the first time it may not work. You need to act like this:

Create in the usual folder that you will put inside another folder.

Squeeze your free icon with your finger and drag it to another. so that another catalog is formed. While the folder will be created, “throw” into it the one that was previously prepared.

Video will help to understand how this is done. Watch should be from 1:05. until that moment there is nothing interesting.

The user can remove all applications from the catalog and leave only the folder into the folder. In addition, the owner of the iPhone is able to place the folder with the folder inside in another folder. and repeat this process to infinity.

How to put a password on a folder?

Putting the password on the folder by the forces of the iPhone itself will not work. As safety measures, only the digital unlock code and Touch ID can be used. however, these measures protect the iPhone in general, and not a separate catalog.

You can create a folder with a password using software. On the AppStore, several applications are distributed at once at once, which, by the power of this task. The most famous of them is Folder Lock. This program allows you to place important data in your internal storage under the graphic or digital password.

Folder Lock will not be able to “shoot” the folder created on the iPhone desktop. No application can cope with this task.

Placing data in the Folder Lock directory is necessary as follows:

Launch the application and set the password. Several password forms are available. pattern (graphic), PIN (consisting only of numbers), password (consisting of letters and numbers), Touch ID (fingerprint access).

Indicate the address e-mail. Through this address it will be possible to restore access to secret catalogs if you forget the password.

Select a suitable section in accordance with the type of data that you are going to hide. For example, if you want to hide photos, click on the “Photos” icon. A section intended for storage of applications is not in the list.

In each of the sections there are folders of folders. say, in “Photos” there are catalogs “Friends”, “Family” and others. You can place data in one of the prepared folders or create a new directory. by clicking on the button with a plus.

Next, click on the folder and through “” download the files into this directory.

Delete files downloaded to Folder Lock from the iPhone applications.

Thus, only one who knows the password from Folder Lock or has access to your email can get access to “hidden” data.

To create “packaged” folders, other programs from the AppStore can be used:

  • Secrets Folder Pro (paid, costs 229).
  • Best Secret Folder (free, installed on iOS 8 or more new versions of “Operations”).
  • Lock My Folder Free (free, installed on iOS version above 7.0).

Competent arrangement of icons on iPhone

Before you start saying something and advising how to do better, you should make a reservation that even if the desktop icons are perfectly arranged-this is not enough. Like at home, it is not enough to clean every day. It is necessary to maintain your order. About a year ago, I established for myself the rule called “Rule of 1 month”. What I mean by this:

Regularly check new applications in the App Store

Many use software and do not even think about the fact that applications should be updated. Hundreds of new programs come out every day and often, having sat down, we simply ignore progress. This is especially true for widespread applications, such as a task manager. Even if you replenish your library once a month, in the end, find yourself in the know of the latest new products. On our page in Yandex.Zen, we publish only the latest information. I recommend that you familiarize yourself.

Feel free to delete unnecessary applications

Habits, software, tasks are changing, a new mobile technique appears. No matter how you like the location of all your icons, over time everything will change and turn into trash. Here, not so much the competent arrangement of icons decides here as their presence in principle. If a month later you understand that you do not use one or another application, feel free to let go to the basket (library).

Each iPhone “screen” for its tasks

It makes no sense to make more than three pages of applications. And all of them should contain icons in order, as they need. I propose to devote the first page of applications to working conferences, mobile banking, mail customers, applications for notes and other things. Everything is individual here. Choose for yourself what you use at work. On the second screen I propose to place personal applications. Podcasts, music, social networks, activity widgets and so on. We usually just do not reach the third screen, so there I have all the games and applications of an entertaining kind. Yes, see Lancer with a volume of 2.4 at Avito in the evening, this is nowhere, except in entertainment, do not take.

Drolls to iOS

“Awesome” story that lasts since the very first iPhone.

No, but what to do? iOS. the system is far from perfect, so “get and sign”.

Fortunately, with all these malfunctions, problems and shortcomings of iOS you can (you need!) fight.

How? Very easy! Only three times a day.

Sorry, again I am with my stupid jokes. I will no longer, then only in essence.

So, if you have completely disappeared all the icon icons on the iPhone, it is first of all necessary:

  • Make a hard reboot (instructions for all iPhone models). The most simple action that will definitely help to correct most “glitches” and “bugs” iOS. Verified, so to speak, on personal experience!
  • Reset the screen settings “Home” (settings. the main. reset. reset “home” settings). Yes, this procedure will return the screen settings to the factory installations (you will have to “bring beauty” again and re.arrange programs of programs on the desktop). But! The most important thing is that these very labels will finally begin to display-but this is exactly what you and I, in fact, achieved.
  • Update iOS firmware (best. through iTunes). Why? Firstly, it is always useful. Secondly, suddenly the disappearance of the icons was caused by an unsuccessful installation of a new version of? Thirdly, the update will almost certainly free a little memory.


To be completely accurate, the complete disappearance of icons with the iPhone can cause:

  • The iPhone ends free space.
  • iOS complains about a lack of memory.
  • You ignore these complaints.
  • iOS “offended” and to continue normal work “disconnects” all the labels of games, programs and applications.

It sounds, of course, strange, but in fact. it is it.

What to do with all this? Check how much memory is left on the iPhone.

There is too little free space (less than one gigabyte)? Perhaps this is the reason for the disappearance of the icons.

How to be? Delete something unnecessary (cache programs, useless games and applications, messengers, etc.D.).

I freed the place. there is enough memory, but nothing has changed! Follow the IPhone hard reboot (a link to how I already gave it a little higher).

The icons never returned?! Badly.

Apparently, you should go to the next point of our program.

Change your desktop in iOS 14

Nevertheless, this does not stop many users. this is what some do with their desktop. What do you think it’s beautiful? Share the opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our chat in Telegram.

In addition to the aforementioned method with the “command” application to customize icons, they also use applications with widgets like Widgetsmith. With it, you can create your own widgets with different colors, fonts and design.

Widgetsmith allows you to make your own widgets

Windows 10, more like MacOS

Here, for example, is one of these widgets. If you make all the icons in the orange style and choose the right wallpaper, everything will turn out in the same style.

A few more applications with widgets:

Color Widgets also allows you to create new widgets

Cool thing for monitoring courses of different currencies

Why do you need fast teams in iOS

In general, initially the “team” application was intended to create personalized commands for siri. Thanks to them, several actions can be fitted into one phrase at once. For example, on the command “Siri, we are going home, the assistant will turn on your favorite playlist and lay the optimal route bypassing traffic jams.

In iOS 14 “Fast teams” have acquired additional triggers provoking the inclusion depending on the onset of certain events, for example, when the battery reaches a certain level of charge. That is, if the iPhone is discharged below the given limits, you can configure automatic activation of the energy conservation mode.

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From the very creation of their apple apps stores, it is tiredly that this is the safest place to download them. But more and more often there are malicious programs. Let’s figure out what schemes come up with scammers and what is fraught with users.