How to make iPhone icons on samsung. Conclusion

Android keyboard like iPhone

Apple’s smartphones are one of the most popular in the world. But many people are devices, they are not affordable. What to do if you need to get an apparatus resembling a device, but standing much less? Correctly! Adapt your Android to iOS.

As one of the stages of the implementation of this idea is the replacement of the keyboard. On iOS it looks more attractive than on Android. It is not surprising that millions of users are trying to replace the standard keyboard of Android Smartphone. But where to find her? In this, any owner of the smartphone on the Android OS will help Google Play Applications store. It presents many utilities capable of changing the design of the field, which is used to enter characters.

Since the Google Play has a lot of similar applications, among which it is difficult to make the right choice, we have allocated 3 best programs that can help when replacing the standard Android integer with iOS keyboard. Right now we offer to familiarize yourself with our list of proven utilities.

3rd place. New OS 12 Keyboard Themes

This application is compatible with smartphones of any brands from Samsung to Xiaomi. In the center of the utility is a keyboard decorated in iOS 12 style. It is this operating system that is actively used by the owners of the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

The keyboard design is made of a combination of a white and gray background characteristic of Apple’s OS. There is nothing superfluous here, but in order to deal with control elements, you need no more than five minutes.


Also, the developers of the utility (Kawalan Themes) recreated not only the design of the keyboard, but also the sound support of the slippers in the keys. Therefore, if you have a smartphone with a “bang” in your hands, none of the will suspect that this is not an iPhone.

But the main thing is why users choose the keyboard from the Kawalan Themes studio. the presence of intellectual tips of keywords, as on iOS. Thus, the New OS 12 Keyboard Themes is the most accurately recreated iPhone X and XS integration, which will delight any owner of the Android Smartphone.

But before loading, it is still better to familiarize yourself with reviews. The application is regularly updated, and recently, users began to complain about advertising, which interferes with a set of text.


Many users of smartphones running the Android operating system are familiar with this word. But if you are faced with this concept for the first time, then we will clarify this question a little. Lunches are special applications that allow you to fully or partially change the appearance of the desktop and pages of the menu of your device. That is, we can say that here the launcher will be almost a key program in our operation.

Let’s look at the list of the most popular shells:

  • OS9 Launcher HD. It changed the icons of absolutely all standard applications, as well as a large number of There is also a kind of 3Dtouch function that is familiar to the iPhone 6s users. Here you will activate it by double pressing on the program icon. Of the minuses, perhaps, only the presence of an advertising banner on the search page of the analogue Spotlight can be noted. Google is used in the search bar.
  • Ilauncher X. Quite a good launcher, but in it the application icons differ from the icons in the iOS operating system. However, the notification panel is presented here, made in some iPhone design. Of course, it’s far from the ideal, but a good start has already been laid down. Perhaps the developers will update this in their future versions. Among other things, it is also presented, as in the previous program, an analogue of the Spotlight page.
  • Espier Launcher. There are almost all application icons like iPhone: even Compass, Promotions, Facetime. If your device has the rights of the Root Superpoller, it is recommended to put the application in the system/App.

Launcher iOS 14 is one of the best launches that imitates iOS 14 on Android

Imitation of warning

Unfortunately, the functionality of previously described launches to achieve this goal is not enough. Therefore, in order for the notification to be displayed like the iPhone, a separate application will be needed. For example, you can choose between Floatify or I Notifier X. With their help, the notifications will become even closer and dear.

Application “Blocking of the screen and notification iOS 13” for Android

However, on the latest versions of the OS, you will need to disable notifications for their correct operation. This is done through the settings menu. applications. This option allows you to control the smartphone more recognizable compared to Apple products.

Easy way to make an aaiphone from android

For mobile devices for warranty, you can use one method that does not cancel the duties of the manufacturer. To turn android into iPhone in this case, do the following:

  • Visit Google Play and download the Launcher i6 program.
  • Install the service of Lockscreen lock screen.
  • Use Simple iOS Keyboard to replace the keyboard integrant.
  • To complete the transformation, you should download and install Control Center.

All of the above actions will not turn Android into iOS, however, they will be able to bring your device as close as possible to the creation of a California giant manufacturer.

Blocking screen

Launcher ios 14 has a lock screen. But to turn it on, you need a long press on the main screen and press the settings option below. This will open the start settings where you can configure changes at your discretion.

Now scroll down, select the “lock screen” parameter and turn it on. In addition, turn on the safety switch and turn on the punch, pattern or fingerprint parameter.

Now you will have 2 lock screens, you can disable the default lock screen by opening system settings and setting the “no” value for blocking the screen. Now you can get a lock screen in the iOS 14 style.


First download KWGT as well as KWGT Pro key application from Play Store. The cost of the application Pro Key (4.50 US dollars). This is useful because you need to download widgets in unpublished. Then open this link to the Google disk and download all the widgets in your local storage.

Now click and hold on the main screen and choose a widget option. Now scroll down and select the Kwgt 4 2 widget.

After adding, click on this empty widget. The KWGT application opens.

Here, click the folder icon at the top and select Kwgt files that you just uploaded from the disk.

make, iphone, icons, samsung

After you imported all the files, just click on them to start editing, and then click on the conservation option to add widgets to the main screen.

Thus, you can completely change the Android phone so that it looks like the iOS 14 device. Here I added Google widgets, similarly you can apply any widget.

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Setting Iphon Smilers Zfont

After installing the iPhon smiles in the smartphone, you still need to make some settings. Therefore, click on the gear on the main screen.

    In the settings window, find the point “Wallpaper and themes”. In some firmware, before this you need to visit the “screen” section;

Now you can return to the main menu, open messages or messenger and write a message with iPhone emoticons on your Android phone.

How to make emoticons like iPhone in Xiaomi

Chinese company Xiaomi makes a huge number of smartphones for the whole world. Every year there are more and more models of this manufacturer on the market. The next way to get iPhone emoticons is suitable for telephone owners from this company. Each Miui firmware is equipped with an application called “Topics”.

make, iphone, icons, samsung

Here are not only those that were created by developers, but also topics from people’s craftsmen. To obtain emoticons, you need to open topics:

  • Find the search line by topics;
  • Write on the line “iOS Emoji”;
  • Find a font with this name in the results and download it to the phone;
  • Reload your mobile device;
  • Now try to open any editor and select a set of emoticons.

They should be exactly the same as on mobile devices with the iOS operating system. Now you have the opportunity to boast of your friends that you write a message from a brand new iPhone.

Fundamentals of the main screen iPhone

What do we need to reproduce the home screen iPhone? First of all, these are icons-all of them have the same rounded-square shape. Up to four applications can be placed in a docking station at the bottom of the screen, which also has rounded angles.

The iPhone folders have the same shape as the application icons. They show pre.viewing up to nine applications that are in the folder. When you open the folder, it expands to take the entire screen with the name of the folder at the top.

Finally, in iOS 14 and iPad OS 14, widgets finally appeared on the home screen. Widgets retain the classic type of square icons with rounded corners and fit perfectly into the 6 × 4 grid.

How to make an Android home screen look like iPhone

We know the basic elements that we need to get the appearance of the iPhone, but how to repeat all this on Android? There are many launches for Android specially designed so that they look like iPhone. Unfortunately, most of them are permeated with obsessive advertising.

It is better to find a launcher that we can configure to your liking. We will use the long.standing favorite of nova launcher. By default, it does not look like iPhone, but we can fix it.

Nova Launcher offers many settings options. You can spend all day, setting up everything. Fortunately, we provide a backup file that you can download in Nova Launcher and automatically apply all changes so that your home screen becomes like an iPhone.

First download this file to your Android phone. Before you continue, you need to unpack the ZIP file.

How to make a keyboard like an iPhone with a GBOARD input device for Android

Almost all Android devices have one of the three default keyboards: GBOARD. Swiftkey and Go Keyboard. For the next method, we will need the first. GBOARD.

If you have another installed, you have to download this one according to the link provided. Because it is in it that there are suitable settings that allow you to transform its appearance and make it like on iPhone.

Install and select it as the main in the phone:

  • Then open the keyboard in any way, you can create a new SMS message or click write a text in a notebook;
  • Click at the top of the keyboard window on the gear icon to open its settings;

On the iPhone we have the opportunity to install a dark topic on the keyboard. Gboard also has such a function. To do this, you need to go to the settings, select the “Topic” item and click on the fourth theme from the list. Perhaps you can notice the absence of some details. But this is the maximum that can be done with the Android device so that it becomes more convenient.

ANDROID keyboard application “OS 11

In Google Play, you can find an application that will make android the same keyboard as on expensive iPhone.

This is not an independent application, but the topic. New cool theme for the keyboard OS 11.

After you download and install, the system will need to be activated. Only after that she will be displayed instead of a standard topic.

It is presented in white, which brings it as close as possible to the iPhone keyboard.

Panel of quick settings

The fast settings panel in the latest versions of Android has become much more functional. Nevertheless, if for some reason it does not suit you, or you want, like on the iPhone, the panel appears from below, you can install Smart Controller. This application almost completely copies the iOS control point, which is extended from the lower edge of the screen. On the panel there are buttons of turning on-off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aircraft mode, blocking the screen rotation, data transmission mode, as well as screen brightness sliders and shortcuts for launching some standard applications.

You can configure the panel at your discretion. Note that in some cases the application can work incorrectly.


Imessage exchange service is very convenient, but Apple made it so that it is available only on iPhone and iPad.

There are quite a lot of different applications on Google Play that copy Imessage, but the most similar to the “apple” service exchange service is Textra.

How to Turn Android into an iPhone 12 pro COMPLETELY! (no root)

TEXTRA design almost completely copies IMessage. In the settings of the application you can set color, font, and even the dialogue style.

Visual design and settings

A thin setting for yourself is thought out in the topic. changing background images, tuning widgets, weather. There is an opportunity to hang a beautiful visual effect on a photograph of the screensaver:

make, iphone, icons, samsung

A short guide for widget settings and topics can be seen in this video:

The appearance of the smartphone settings is also made in the best traditions of the iOS family. The developer was not too lazy and designed the appearance of the icons in the settings menu, switches and installed updated versions of fonts.

Links to free download

If a message comes out that the “exceeded download limit” write to us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will reload the topic. Or save it on your Self.Disk and download from there without restrictions

You can track the development of the topic, fixes and updates on the pages of the 4PDA forum. [Themes V10] iOS 12X Design (link clickable).

Installation of the topic

This topic is not in the store in the store, therefore it will need to be installed through the section “Topics” in the smartphone. It all depends on your firmware, if you have custom firmware. you can set the topic. It is also worth trying on devices with ROOT access and without it. Write to us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев whether you have to start the topic on your smartphone. And also what other topics you would like to see in our next reviews.

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