How to make Instagram like on iPhone

How to hide an account in older versions of the application on the iPhone

Now you need to figure out how to make an Instagram account private from an iPhone. On older versions of the application that were available for previous models of smartphones, the instructions look like this:

  • Open the app.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner.
  • In the “Account” tab, move the “Closed account” setting slider to the “Enabled” position.
  • Check parameter.

Important! This method is suitable not only for Apple technology, but for Androids from various manufacturers.

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You can also create an account closed from strangers on the old version before the update

What is the difference between a closed profile and an open one

Everything is obvious here. The open page is available to everyone and if there are materials on it, they will be visible to absolutely every user registered with Instagram. If the account is closed, then its contents will be unavailable. You can see it only if the owner accepts the application and allows access by adding to subscribers. If he does not want to do this, then the application will hang.

The appearance of a closed account in which nothing can be seen

How to close Instagram profile from iPhone

Nowadays, the Internet has become so popular that even the most narrow-minded and conservative people began to actively use it. Many have social media accounts to share photos and opinions. Sometimes people want their records and other materials to be seen only by their loved ones, friends and trusted people. Most service developers provide this option. This article will explain how to close an Instagram profile from an iPhone, and how a closed page differs from an open one.

How to close Instagram profile from iPhone in new versions of the program

The general design of the interface and the settings of the program on newer versions of 2020 are practically no different from the old ones, but this item needs to be disassembled. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Launch Instagram.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the “Profile” tab and find the button with three horizontal lines.
  • A menu will be brought up in which you need to select the “Settings” item.
  • Find the “Account Privacy” setting.
  • Set profile type from open to closed.

Important! Through such manipulations, the account will be completely closed from those people who are not subscribed to it. It is worth considering twice if the owner needs it.

In order not to close access to everyone, you can block one or more users

Why hide your Instagram profile

People close their profiles for several reasons:

  • Ensuring privacy. A person who cares about his private life and is not a public person does not want any user of the social network to have access to his photos and videos. That is why the account is closed, and relatives, friends and some acquaintances get into the circle of trusted persons.

You can close your account in a few clicks

  • Promotion. This motivation is controversial. There are two possible cases: either more and more people will start subscribing to the user, as they will be interested, or the account will never see new subscriptions again. The first case is rare, because for its implementation the page must really be interesting, and people must subscribe to it based on the recommendations of friends. This can be, for example, a personal blog.
  • An empty account. Sometimes users create empty accounts in order to simply watch someone and look at other people’s photos. They don’t post their own materials. For this, the page is closed. why are there extra people on it, if there are no photos, and the user does not go there.

Sometimes a closed account helps to become more popular

Benefits of a private Instagram profile

The benefits of this type of page directly depend on the motivation of the people who close it. First of all, the complete inaccessibility of the page and all materials published on it from the outside is ensured. In addition, the user can protect himself from unwanted visits if his page does not contain a single photo.

Important! Controversial, but still an advantage is the ability to become more popular. If the profile is closed, then there may be something interesting there, which means it is worth subscribing.

This type of account allows you to hide your content from unwanted people.

What is an Instagram business profile, how to close such a profile

An Instagram business account is a simple profile that is tied to a particular company registered on a social network. It must be bound to a similar page in Such pages have additional features and advanced functionality.

Regarding whether it is possible to close such an account, we can say with confidence that it is not. If a user has a business account with connected statistics, then it is impossible to hide it. There is one way, but it is based on the reverse translation of the page status to the usual one. This is due to the fact that such pages were invented to promote brands and increase their awareness. Nobody will know about a company if it is not available in the search.

Creating a business profile is a business that is not available to everyone and everyone

So, the user now knows how to close the profile on the iPhone on Instagram and why people do it. Sometimes this happens for the sake of personal safety and privacy, and sometimes a person just wants to increase his popularity, which is not always the case.

How to update Instagram on iPhone

If you update the social network for sharing Instagram photos, you can not only add many new functions to your gadget, but also get rid of frequent crashes, slow page loading speed and program errors. This is a very important step that every user must follow. Old and unstable versions are gradually no longer supported, which means they can cause account hacking and constant problems with logging into the network.

Important! Some older devices like the iPhone 2, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 have versions of operating systems that the social network hasn’t supported for a long time. over, new games and other applications are also unlikely to be installed on iOS below version 7.

How to update Instagram on iPhone 5s

The fifth model was released with OS versions from 6 to 10. Most developers with the release of iOS 11 updated their applications and now they are not available in this form for owners of devices with older operating systems.

Don’t panic. Apple’s store is quite thoughtful, if the user cannot find the current version of the program, he will offer to install an older one. This also happens with the iPhone 5. It only works if the software was purchased or downloaded from this Apple ID. over, you need to understand that outdated versions will have bugs and problems that have been fixed in new updates.

How to update Instagram on iPhone 6 and 6s

  • Unlock phone.
  • Go to AppStore.
  • Find in Instagram search.
  • Click on the “Update” button, if available.

Important! If there is no button, then two outcomes of events are possible: the smartphone system has not been updated to iOS 12 or the application does not require updates.

The application may freeze if it has not been updated to a stable version for a long time

How to update Instagram on iPhone. reinstallation instructions

Social networks are at their peak of popularity today. Almost every person who previously had a negative attitude towards the Internet is now an active user of instant messengers and social networks. You do not need to pay for messages and calls in them, and their functionality is multifaceted and wide. One of the fastest growing social networks for sharing photos and videos is Instagram. Despite all its charms, it can let users down and not update to a newer and more stable version. This article will explain in detail how to update Instagram on iPhone of different models and what to do in case of errors.

Updating the Instagram feed

Updating the news feed is necessary in order for it to start showing new entries that were added by the subscribed users and friends of the person. This process should happen automatically, but only then the application is minimized or reloaded. In order not to do this, they act easier and update the feed itself. To do this, go to the home page with all the news and new posts, and then slide your finger from the top of the window to the bottom. The update process will start and the feed will be replenished with new publications, if there is anything.

How to update Instagram on iPhone 7 and newer

At the moment, one of the most popular Apple phones of past models is the iPhone 7. It’s not for nothing that people are so often looking for how to update Instagram on the iPhone 7. It originally came out with iOS 10, and then, in 2020, it received iOS 13. This means that new versions of Insta will be quietly installed in the phone’s memory, but on condition that it is updated itself. The procedure repeats the update on iPhone 6 and 6s.

Why the update won’t install on iPhone

The update may not install if the smartphone operating system is not compatible with the latest Instagram version available. In this case, you need to install the appropriate software, if available. The fact is that old iPhones are simply physically unable to “pull” the new iOS.

If the process stops in the middle or does not want to start at all, although the “Refresh” button is available, then you need to:

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Find a list of all installed applications and among them select “Instagram”.
  • Stop the program and then uninstall it.
  • Restart the gadget and try to install the new version of the program again.

How to link f3 on Instagram?

To solve the question of how to make f3 on Instagram, you need to download the utility from the portal. The choice of resource depends directly on the OS of the device used. After the standard download, the software automatically opens. Then you will need to go through the standard registration. To activate the product, just touch the icon that is located at the bottom left. Attention will open a menu where you should select the Share function.

It is allowed to perform such an operation in Direct or in the Stories section. If necessary, you can place the exact address permanently at the top of your account. You need to write it in the section where links to a specific portal are indicated.

After a quick fix of such a problem, the user will explore the content. There will automatically appear a desire to write an anonymous question to the user. The implementation of such a manipulation looks like this:

  • You need to follow the link that was posted by the owner of the page.
  • The notification will be sent to the recipient and will automatically be visible in a special section.
  • The answer to the question is written. It can be in the form of text, photo, or as a choice of one option.
  • After recording, touch the shortcut of the social network.
  • An option is selected for the person who wishes to share the answer.

Stories are often used to ask an anonymous question. It is possible to register text or photos in the feed. Some profile owners choose the Direct section.

In the first case, an instance with an answer to a previously asked question will be presented to the attention. In such a situation, you need to click on the Recipient button in the instagram. Through it, you will be able to share information with other users. The operation is considered available, but there is no way to find out the name of the author.

How to make an anonymous question on Instagram in f3?

To perform such an operation, you will need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

After downloading and launching the product, you will need to create a survey with anonymous questions. To achieve this goal, you need to follow these instructions:

  • The application is logged in;
  • Below you should find an icon with a view of a house;
  • Click on the copy link option;
  • The received address is placed in the profile;
  • A story or post is laid out in the feed, in which you should write that a link is indicated in a certain place;
  • A specialized session is being held. At this stage, you can create an attractive background for the publication and to attract subscribers.

After carrying out these manipulations, you can create a full-fledged platform for communication. over, users will ask more than answer. In any case, the interest in the account will be automatically increased.

How to increase followers on Instagram in iPhone iOS || 2019

How to make f3 on Instagram: on Android and iPhone

How to make an f3 app on Instagram is a question with the need to get an answer to which the owners of accounts on a social network periodically face. This is a fairly common problem for people using such an application. Having studied the information in this article, it becomes clear how to connect a social network and a popular utility. The advantages and features of the product are presented to your attention.

Summing up

The described cool application is used for incognito communication. An iPhone and Android user can write an anonymous message without showing their name and receive replies to them. The most interesting of them are allowed to repost to other people and other social networks. Instagram users are attracted by the presence of a field for forwarding messages, a variety of built-in search tools and the ability to publish posts in the style of a popular social network.

How to make Instagram on Android like on iPhone

The versions of Instagram on iPhone and Android differ only in external design, all other functions are completely identical. Both versions will allow you to: post photos and videos on Instagram, upload and view stories, comment, write to direct, like photos and videos, process them, and so on.

Unfortunately, none of the developers, including on various thematic forums, give out the secrets of the change. So the only working way to make Instagram on Android like on iPhone is to install iPhone emulator.

At the moment there is a popular working emulator for Instagram. Cider iOS Emulator, so we are looking for its latest version and download it. Then we register in the AppStore and from there we download our iPhone Instagram.

How to make Instagram look like it is on iPhone: step-by-step instructions

It’s no secret that the application looks different on different operating systems. Therefore, many users are looking for a way to make Instagram look like it is on the iPhone.

What else to consider before making Instagram look like an iPhone on your Android phone

Before downloading the emulator, think again. are the minimal visual changes in the interface worth the risk? After all, rash actions can easily turn a new phone into a piece of plastic, suitable only for a paperweight.

How to design Instagram on a computer like on an Android smartphone

If you want to make Instagram on your computer, like on Android, this is the installation of a program that will create a modern Android smartphone on the screen of your PC.

  • Install the program. NoxPlayer.
  • We go already from your virtual phone to Google Play, download Instagram.

The advantage of this method is that in addition to Instagram, you can install Tik Tok, other applications and even games.

Let me fantasize for whom this method is useful. For example, you are an office worker and a telephone in your hands will annoy colleagues and bosses. Maybe you are a parent who gave your phone to your child to play. And, of course, an SMM manager, who would find it easier and faster to do his job on a computer. If you have something else, please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to copy Instagram profile link from iPhone?

Now let’s move on to copying links to profiles, because this is also very popular among iPhone users who love Instagram.

The situation, in general, does not change, just now you want to share not just a link to a photo, but a link to the entire profile so that friends can see the entire account at once.

  • click on the profile name;
  • in the upper right corner we are looking for three points;
  • click Copy Profile URL.

The instructions are very similar in principle, so it will be difficult to get confused. Follow my steps, and if something is unclear, then screenshots have always been the best helper.

How to copy a link to an Instagram photo or profile from an iPhone

Instagram has already taken one of the top positions in terms of the number of users for a long time. Therefore, using Instagram, iPhone users often have questions.

Versions are constantly updated and sometimes you just don’t have time to keep track of what exactly has changed. Today we will consider how exactly you can copy a link to a photo and a profile referring to the version of Instagram on the iPhone.

The steps are simple enough, but sometimes we need a little push to figure out exactly how to do a particular action. We will understand the details and screenshots.

Now you know a little more about your beloved Instagram and how you can copy links to a profile or just a regular post (photo) directly to your iPhone.

I think the instructions are more than clear and now you can implement everything yourself. If you have any more questions about this social network or others, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

On the social network Instagram, there are many accounts with the same first and last name. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the right person. for this you will have to look through more than one profile from the search. Fortunately, the developers have provided the ability to access the page through a link. By clicking on the address, you can see the account you need. However, some users don’t know how to copy Instagram profile from phone. This issue will be discussed in the article.

How to Copy Link to Instagram Photo from iPhone?

Imagine a situation that you are flipping through the news feed on this social network and suddenly, you really liked the photo that you already wanted to share with a friend.

How to get likes in instagram for iPhone users

If a friend is on this social network, then of course you can share it via Direct. But there is also a method when you can simply copy the link of the publication you like.

This action can be reproduced in this way:

  • select the desired publication and click on three dots on the right;
  • click Copy link;
  • go to the desired program, insert the link.

By following these steps, you can share almost any post with your friend. But there is one point, if you are subscribed to an account and it is closed, then your friends will not be able to see the post.

Copy link to your profile

Since most users are on Instagram using a mobile app, let’s start the tutorial with this one. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to copy a link to your profile on either iOS or Android. If you go to your page and open an additional menu, you will not find the necessary items in it. Therefore, a mobile application will not work for copying links to a personal account to the clipboard.!

But you can still get a link to your page from the iPhone. This will require any browser, for example, standard Safari. Open it and follow the instructions:

  • Go to the Instagram website. Mobile version will open automatically.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Go to the fourth tab where your profile with photos is located.
  • Tap on the address bar. A full link with the specified name of your Instagram page will appear here.
  • Select a line and copy it to the clipboard with standard iPhone functionality.

The presented method is the only option to get a full link to your personal Instagram profile. But using the standard features of the application, you can copy any other links. to user profiles, publications, and so on.

There is a more complex option that uses a mobile application. You need to open your page and click “Edit Profile”, then select the “Username” line. Highlight your nickname and copy.

Now you need to compose a complete link to the site yourself. It consists of the name of the resource and the name of your account. The final URL should look like: We agree that the option is not entirely convenient, but you do not have to use a browser.

via browser

The first step is to log into your account through a mobile browser. To do this, go to the website and click “Login”. In the window that appears, specify the username and password for the profile. After that, authorization should occur on the page.

Then we go to the tab with the image of a person, which is located at the bottom of the display. Now it’s enough to copy the URL of the open page and send it to a friend.

By clicking on this link, a person will be taken to your profile.

How to link to Instagram on iPhone

The Instagram mobile application is much more convenient than the official website in terms of functionality. However, it also has some limitations in terms of capabilities. Today we will figure out how to copy an Instagram link from iPhone to your profile and whether it is possible. Official social network applications on iPhone and Android are practically the same, so this instruction can be considered universal.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone

How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone without update installed? The function works on devices running iOS not earlier than version 13. Color inversion implemented in smartphones:

  • with 7 specifications;
  • from version 10, support has been added only in software and selected sections;
  • Version 12 delighted fans of Apple devices with the introduction of Smart Inversion.

Instructions for changing the background by inverting:

  • start the configuration of the portable device;
  • click the line “Basic”;
  • tap “Universal Access”;
  • select the command “Display adaptation”;
  • set the “Color Inversion” slider to the active position and tap it;
  • enable type of design inversion.

The browser version of the messenger is changed thanks to the Night Mode for Instagram application:

How to make dark Instagram theme on iPhone

How to make Instagram black, users are interested that they intend to follow the trends of social networks. Photo hosting developers have picked up the baton of changing the appearance of applications, and now the “night” version is available to adepts.

In April last year, VK was marked by the addition of discussions that put blackout in the interface. Members of the Russian service write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and receive a new design. But Instagram fans don’t have to add “letters of happiness” J

The editing function is built into the OS; in the article, let’s talk about activating dark mode:

  • by standard means. mode settings or color inversion;
  • third party utilities.

Refrain from using unofficial web browser plugins. Download software from trusted sites to avoid profile data theft or virus invasion.

over, such software changes the background in the browser without touching the photo hosting application. And the App Store does not contain utilities for changing colors (more relevant for Android), so choose the standard method.

Features of the dark Instagram theme on iOS

Here are the reasons that prompted developers to put on a black design:

  • improving the perception of content, which is achieved through styling. Setting up a dark theme on Instagram will change the experience of monitoring posts posted by members on the iPhone. The unusual effect of displaying content adds solidity to the published images;
  • reducing the burden on vision associated with the duration of the use of mobile devices. After all, when a person “hangs” at the smartphone for a long time, the Focus of the eye organs “dries up” and blurs;
  • research-based battery savings. LEDs built into AMOLED displays do not need additional lighting. And white is the most costly battery in terms of battery resources.

The recommendation, which is relevant for all types of gadgets, is to lower the brightness in order to conserve battery life. Since Instagram practices light tones, regular surfing can drain your phone quickly.

The counter-argument advanced by opponents of the black cover is the appearance of ripples in the eyes. However, try it firsthand before drawing conclusions. a bunch of users do not fall back on a white interface.

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How to switch between dark and light Instagram themes on iPhone

How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone? Let’s move on to discussing the standard methods for installing the interface, which are relevant for owners of the 13th version of the OS:

  • open your smartphone settings;
  • tap the combination of the words “Display and brightness”;
  • check the “Dark” checkbox to change the design;
  • go to the social network program and discover a new design.

You can put the black mod faster using the “Control Center”:

  • based on the configuration of the “iron” pile from top to bottom (from the right edge) or up;
  • tap the icon shown in the screenshot;
  • mark the first icon with black and white semicircles.

It is also available to enable the dark OS independently. The mode is automatically set at nightfall. Open the familiar Screen and Brightness frame and activate the Auto slider. If necessary, set up the black background schedule by clicking “Parameters”:

  • touch the inscription “Set up a schedule”;
  • select the time interval for the topics.

Adding a dark theme on Instagram will reduce the strain on your eyes on the iPhone. Dimmed lighting does less of a hindrance to melatonin production.

How to create an Instagram group for correspondence and sales

How to create a group on Instagram, messenger users are interested in according to the latest trends. Sociologists conducted a study and found out the tendency of the people to unite into communities. This behavior is caused by the tendency to move away from the “personality cult” and to initiate communication on an equal footing.

Maintaining public accounts is an investment of time and money. But such work pays off by increasing the rating on the vastness of the social network. Initially, business profile creators are interested in building their customer base.

However, the full-time functionality hinders commercial intentions. The Instagram developers did not envisage the creation of groups as such, as opposed to other media platforms.

Let’s see how to get out of the situation:

  • make a business profile;
  • “File” a group in Yandex.Direct;
  • join Threads software. Insta’s partner launched to exchange messages with friends. \

On Android

Let’s proceed to the step-by-step instructions for registering an account:

  • tap the registration button in the main frame of the official client;
  • specify the method. by number, e-mail or;
  • dial the code from the SMS or letter in the confirmation field;
  • fill in the name of the group instead of your own initials (input field for the first and last name).

Activate Doing Business Mode on Android:

  • run profile configuration;
  • select the command to switch to the commercial version;
  • mark a category among the available options;
  • click on the inscription to edit the new account;
  • tap the “Change profile photo” button and set an avatar;
  • save your edits.

On iPhone

The developers of Threads software have teamed up with the social network and presented some kind of compromise on how to make an Instagram group. This is about creating a community of select bloggers texting. The function was named “Close friends”:

  • go to Threads;
  • log in to your profile;
  • tap “Menu” at the top left of the main window;
  • at the top of the catalog, indicate “Choose close friends”;
  • when registering the next group, select at least three messenger participants whom you plan to see in it;
  • in the top bar of search queries, you are free to find a user. Next, you need to mark an empty circle near the nickname in order to attach a person to the public.

How to create an Instagram group: step by step instructions

Before you rush into battle and open a community in a photo hosting, we advise you to think about the “little things”:

  • search for an idea that can “catch” the attention of fans. After all, today the unions of the participants have become commonplace. Therefore, it is definitely easier to create a marketplace and post information about products for free;
  • approval of a group name that differs from competitors and attracts people. The number of members of the social network is more than 1 billion, and it is increasingly difficult to uniqueize the name;
  • it is not enough to know how to create a group. on Instagram, “write down” publications promoting the business. It is recommended to take care of posts before page design.

Continuing the theme of content development, we will highlight a number of points that should be taken into account when filling a photo hosting site:

  • setting hashtags as a prerequisite for the visibility of posts for the target audience;
  • adding geolocation, which allows you to search for interested subscribers;
  • advertising services to users whose fans have similar preferences to your followers;
  • setting up a targeted advertising campaign;
  • automation of target audience finding through the service. The portal allows you to set the parameters of the community that the robot will look for. provides the ability to parse fans of a competing party. In general, configure the search parameters once and monitor the activity of adding people to the profile.

How to create a group in Yandex.Direct

It’s time to pay attention to the media platform module called Direct. There are situations where it is appropriate to exchange messages through a designated system. So let’s see how to make an Instagram group:

  • enable Direct;
  • indicate the post that claims to be familiarized by the association of users;
  • select the personal accounts of the recipients of the picture / video. future chat participants;
  • initiate sending a newsletter to the formed contingent.

After creation, the correspondence is recorded in the memory of the official client of the social network. From here it is possible to place on the phone arbitrary information concerning the selected group.

The only limitation on receiving pictures is the black list. If a person has entered the community as an outsider, then he is not able to monitor the chat news. In other cases, the history of records in Yandex.Direct will be displayed.

How to create an Instagram group on your phone

Before you start promoting a business through a photo hosting service, we advise you to take care of registering a new account. The use of the previous page, the information of which is available only to the owner, is not always justified.

Create a business profile and manage it as a community for a fan base. Such a maneuver is not prohibited by the photo hosting policy. The registration procedure is the same for personal and commercial pages.

How to create a private group on Instagram

Finally, let’s return to the “Close friends” option and analyze the algorithm for adding users to a photo hosting:

  • start the Instagram client;
  • tap the main photo of your account at the bottom right;
  • two options are provided based on the used mobile OS:
  • click a nickname and select the “Close friends” command if you are working on an iPhone;
  • tap the three stripes at the top right of the frame and mark the line with the same name if you are using Android;
  • before creating a group, in Instagram, select the inscription “Start” to activate the list of your own followers. The application offers names that are available for adding to the private community;
  • At this stage, a link has been posted leading to a briefing page about the work of “Close friends”.

    • when you form a closed group for the first time, select “Create a list”.

    From now on, when you select the corresponding menu line, a list of your favorite fans will be displayed. Tap the Add button at the top right to find additional followers. Tap “Add” again, but opposite the initials of the found profile.

    What is the problem?

    At the next launch, the program stops working as expected. That is, all functions remain in place, only they are signed in English. The problem may arise even for those who have not touched the application settings in any way.

    Alternative way to fix

    If you followed the steps described above on Instagram and the problem of translating the interface from English to Russian remains, do the following. Similarly, go to the settings, but do not select the first item with the desired name. Yes, yes, not every option signed as Russian actually helps to fix the situation.

    The reason why Instagram is not in Russian is not quite usual: the fact is that there are two positions on the list, both of which are formally signed correctly! But when choosing the first of them, the Russian language in Instagram is not put at all or only part of the program points is translated.

    The second acts as a means to redesign the interface. It usually sits somewhere in the middle of the list. The full name of the item that allows you to remake the view as needed can be different. someone talks about the additional word Russian, someone mentions the name with duplication. If you’re not sure, try both. And do not forget to restart the application, otherwise the changes in the settings will not be applied and everything will remain the same.

    The standard way to install Russian on Instagram on iPhone

    Let’s start with the official instructions on how to set up Instagram in the much-desired Russian language (by the way, it is almost identical on both common platforms. on the iPhone and on Android). Ideally, these recommendations should work without difficulties, but in fact, you may need another option, how to switch to the desired type of program. Here’s what the developers recommend to do to bring the interface back to the way it was shown before:

    • Run the app if you haven’t already. You can find it by the corporate icon.
    • Before switching Instagram to Russian on iPhone, you need to go to your personal profile. To do this, use the button at the bottom right, where the account logo is displayed.
    • The next step to change the language on Instagram to Russian on the iPhone is to open the menu from which you can go to the settings (aka Settings). To do this, click on the gear icon, which is also located on the right, but not at the bottom, but at the top of the Insta screen. Then select the required item.
    • If it is not clear how to translate Instagram into Russian on iPhone, find a subsection with language parameters in the menu that appears (in English it will be Language). Open it.
    • To put the Russian language in Instagram on the iPhone remains simple, almost like one touch, the action is to scroll through the list and find the desired item in it.
    • Instagram will ask for confirmation in the form of a standard iPhone form before changing the language on Instagram to Russian. If you do not understand which button to press (for example, you do not understand the inscriptions of the current Insta interface), just select the right option.

    If the language on Instagram was and remains English (or some other), then to change it to Russian, just restart the application.

    How to install Russian on Instagram on iPhone

    It’s hard to imagine a world without Instagram, this social network has become very popular, where a minimum of actions are needed to upload a cool photo. But the application does not always keep the standard of simplicity and work properly. The next update brought iPhone users a serious problem: the normal Russian language disappeared on Instagram. precisely, formally it remained, but when choosing it, for some reason, the interface does not want to return to its normal appearance. Some of the items (or even the entire application) are shown in English, despite the fact that you planned to download and use Instagram on iPhone in Russian. It’s time to figure out what happened and how to make Instagram in Russian on the iPhone.

    What else can be done to fix

    If after switching and even restarting the situation does not change, try a tougher trick. restarting the smartphone itself. Depending on the model, the actions may differ, but the result should be the same. After specifying the second option and rebooting, the application usually recognizes the settings correctly.

    However, in this case, the application may also choose the wrong option from the list of language options. Therefore, if you repeat the difficulties, come back again and follow the procedure described above to adjust the program settings, then restart it.

    Of course, the developers will fix this point and, as before, it will be possible to download Instagram to your phone for free and immediately use it in Russian. In the meantime, you will have to follow one of the indicated methods in order to return the program to its usual appearance and publish fresh photos without language problems, mark friends’ pictures with likes and communicate in direct. Well, or learn English. because it will always come in handy.

    What are Instagram live streams and how they work?

    Live streaming is a convenient way to connect with your followers and friends. It consists in transmitting information in real time. By recording a live broadcast, its organizer can share with viewers the situation, news, answer questions, and so on.

    If someone is broadcasting live, then most often they have two main reasons. First, they want to get to know their audience better. Second, they want to increase engagement with their profile and be visible. The second reason has to do with the rules for displaying posts on Instagram. The publications appear not according to chronology, but according to their activity. Therefore, there will always be more popular posts ahead. Since live broadcasts are collected by many people, they are at the top of the tape and stand in front of the stories. That is, it is difficult to miss them. And if there is a notification about the start of the broadcast, then it is simply impossible.

    Using this function, you get the opportunity to tell or show something in 1 hour. You can also invite other bloggers to the broadcast, receive feedback from viewers in the form of hearts and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, attach stickers with questions from stories, and save the entry.

    How to Live Stream to Instagram on iPhone?

    Live streaming is no big deal. The main thing is that you have a device from which you go on air (iPhone) and an acceptable Internet speed. The latter is necessary for high-quality communication and a guarantee of a good image.

    How to start a live stream on Instagram on iPhone:

    • Go to the section for creating a new story and scroll down the screen to the inscription “Live”.
    • If you are going to answer the questions, then click on the cards with a question mark located to the right of the button “On the air”.
    • Set your camera to front mode if you want to know how you look on the screen and if you get into the lens of your phone. If you wish, you can make face masks.
    • Now you can start the broadcast by clicking on the button and waiting for the connection to be verified.
    • The screenshot below shows what the screen looks like when the option is enabled. You can: attach question stickers, share photos, invite guests, use masks, read viewer Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
    • When finished broadcasting, click on the “Finish” button. And confirm your decision.

    Live Instagram on iPhone: What You Need to Know?

    Instagram has a lot of cool and useful features. And with each update, the social network pleases users with something new. Once upon a time, videos, stories, presets, masks, IGTV and live video appeared. It is the last option that will be discussed below. Instagram did not discover America by introducing this function to itself, but adapted it for its audience. Below we will tell you what a Live-Video is on a social network, how to make a live stream on Instagram on an iPhone, save it, and why you can’t run it.

    How to save a live stream to Instagram on iPhone?

    Many bloggers save the post and then share it with their subscribers. This allows people who have not been able to get on the air to watch it. And for those who have seen, get acquainted with m again.

    You can share Live Video within 24 hours. It will be located in the story window. By clicking on it, the user will be asked what exactly he wants to watch: a story or a broadcast.

    How can it be preserved? It is enough at the end of the recording to click on the “Save” button. It is located in the upper right corner of the gadget screen. The recording will be saved to the device gallery.

    Live Streaming Tips

    Here are some tips to help you get a cool live stream:

    • Write an outline for a future recording. Thanks to him, your dialogue will be structured, and you will avoid incoherent jumping from one information to another.
    • Rehearse. Speak the written outline, choose a pose in front of the mirror, check the network connection and the sound of the voice.
    • Alert your audience ahead of time. To do this, you can make an announcement, both in the feed and in stories.
    • In order not to be distracted by Комментарии и мнения владельцев, immediately announce to viewers that you will be giving answers to questions at the end of the recording.

    Why I can’t start streaming?

    Some users face problems starting the broadcast. What could be the reason, and how can it be corrected:

    • Most often, the inability to make the broadcast is associated with failures in updating the application. In this case, you can complain to the developers and wait for them to release an additional version with fixed bugs.
    • Due to network failures. I need to check my internet connection.
    • Due to glitches in the application. Reinstall it and try again.

    Live streams are a powerful tool for interacting with your followers and customers on social media. Neglecting them means missing out on a great opportunity to build relationships. Broadcasting helps people get to know the pages they subscribe to better. And blogs get to know their audience.

    Memoji on Android

    Only owners of Android smartphones with version 10 can create personalized emoji on Android, as well as on iPhone. For owners of gadgets with this operating system (but an older version), the instructions for creating and using such personalized emojis differ dramatically. In this case, you will have to resort to installing additional applications.

    Emoji for Instagram

    Many social networks and instant messengers, including Instagram, have been swept by a wave of new personalized emoticons. Users liked them very much, however, not everyone was able to make them on their smartphone. Officially, they are only available to owners of iPhone version 13 and owners of gadgets with Android 10. However, enough time has passed and many alternative opportunities have appeared that help make such emoji for Instagram on different devices. It is to this topic that I want to devote an article and suggest that you familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions for creating and using personalized emoticons.

    Emoji (Memoji) on iOS

    Let’s start by understanding how to make Memoji on iPhone. I will also tell you how to use them on Instagram.

    How to use Memoji from iPhone on Instagram

    You can use Memoji in Stories by adding them to photos or videos like regular emoticons. When it comes to adding memoji to Directe, this is a little tricky. In fact, you can attach them, but the memoji will not be sent in the form of a sticker (as in any other messengers), but in the form of a picture. Users who receive a message from you will see the emoji you created in the middle of such an image, and the edges will be filled with black.

    How to use Memoji from Android on Instagram

    Having created your emoji in one of the applications, you can save them to your phone and add them to stories, just as the owners of iPhone or smartphones with Android 10 do. The only difference will be in the way they are inserted.

    To add memoji to Stories on Android, you need:

    • Open Instagram story creation mode, add a photo or video.
    • Go to add texts mode and turn on the keyboard.
    • Click on the word “GIF”, find an icon that looks like a stationery carnation. The collection of images stored in your gallery will open.
    • Select the memo you created earlier and add it to the story.

    If you can’t find this “carnation” in any way, then you will have to install one more add-on on your phone. the SWIFTKEY keyboard. You can also download it from the Play Market. Install the keyboard add-ons on your smartphone and repeat the emoji adding sequence again.

    How to create: step by step instructions

    So, let’s start creating memoji from iPhone:

    • Open any messenger (for example, “Messages” or open Direct on Instagram) and go to the mode of creating a message.
    • Click the Animoji button and then the monkey image.
    • Swipe right. You will see the inscription “New Memoji”.
    • To create your own emoji stickers, you will be prompted to adjust parameters such as gender, head shape, skin color, hairstyle and hair color.
    • Customize your character based on your personal appearance and click “Finish”.

    Create memoji on old Android versions

    To make the same custom emoji, but only on Android, you will have to download one of the following applications:

    • ZEPETO;
    • Bitmoji;
    • Face Cam;
    • Dollify;
    • Animoji. Animated AR emoji in 3D.

    In addition, the Play Market has many applications in which you can download ready-made sets of such stickers (without the possibility of editing). If you manage to find a character similar to yourself, it will save you time.

    Many of the listed applications are not Russified. However, their intuitive interface makes it possible to create memoji even without knowing English.

    Emoji for Instagram and other messengers: what is it

    The correct name for this type of emoji is Memoji. This is a completely new type of emoticons, and their trick is complete personalization. Thus, memoji make it possible to express emotions not only with the help of classic emoji sets, but to create completely individual emoticons that have the same appearance as their owner in real life.

    Memoji look like cartoons that look a lot like you. You can give them the individual appearance you have. Such emoji will only characterize you and it will be more convenient for you to express emotions on Instagram.

    The first people who got the opportunity to create personal memoji were the owners of the iPhone 12 software version. This feature is now available for all iPhone 13 versions. You can create memoji on Android too. However, in this case, you will have to tinker a little longer, since this function is not officially provided in this operating system. But, as I said above, there is a way out of this situation, and even owners of a smartphone with Android can make personal, personalized memoji.