How To Make Instagram Black On Honor

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About black theme for Huawei and Honor

The dark colors are pre-installed on smartphones. This applies not only to the modern shell EMUI 9, but also to other phones with the Android operating system. Starting from Android 4.4, Huawei and Honor provide their customers with the ability to change the main system color. This parameter is built in by default.

The XDA Developers forum has unveiled a version of Deep Black that allows you to change your phone’s base system skin from white to black. The author of the idea is a user with the nickname “maurydes”.

How To Make Instagram Black On Honor

The main features of such a shell for Huawei and Honor smartphones:

  • Significant savings in battery power;
  • Does not strain the eyes;
  • Distinct icons and labels.

Below is an example of what the black design looks like on Huawei.

Battery saving comes from the fact that the dark pixels of the AMOLED screen are deactivated. Since this type of display requires additional battery consumption, savings when using black colors immediately have a positive effect on the charging frequency.


There is no need to download additional applications to change the color of the design. Everything is done in the “Settings” section. You go to the display options, and select the “Themes” section there.

It is possible to get to this place by holding an empty space on the desktop. After a short vibration feedback, the editing window will open. It will be possible to select a desktop image, a lock screen image, a color.

How to enable dark theme on Honor and Huawei: setup and installation

The dark theme for Huawei and Honor phones is in demand among modern users. It is stylish and convenient, visually looks more aesthetically pleasing and practical. Themes based on dark tones have more expressive application icons, widgets, status bar. All modern flagships come in a dark color or shade by default. If your smartphone supports light or color, and you want to change it, then use the guide below.

How to make a dark theme on Honor and Huawei

It’s free and takes a couple of seconds. Let’s take a step-by-step how to enable dark theme on Honor and Huawei:

  • In the “Themes” section, choose Deep Black, or another that you like;
  • Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data transmission;
  • Download Deep Black (to download you need to click “Download” next to the name);
  • We open;
  • At the bottom we press the “Install” button.

After a couple of seconds, the display will change the color setting to the selected.

To optimize the operation of the device, a reboot is required. Then all the textures and stylized icons can immediately dive into. Phone design can be changed an unlimited number of times.

If this solution does not work for you, it is possible to install another third party app for the black theme. But they all weigh a lot, and this will affect the performance of the phone. Braking will be especially noticeable if the RAM is 3 Gb or less.

Fill with color

If you repost the photo to your story and want to change the back design, you will need the standard Fill option.

The first way to change a photo is to fill the photo with color:

  • To go in edit mode to Stories and click on the pencil.
  • The palette of colors to change will open.
  • Choose the shade you want and fill the area around the photo.

You can make a colored background in Instagram stories not only for repost photos, but also in your own publications.

Returning white

The dark theme does not spontaneously appear. To do this, you need to activate the night theme first. There are cases when the black theme appears on its own when updating the mobile phone settings.

You can change the background on Instagram to white by the actions inverse to setting the black tone.

Disable night reading mode:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Screen Option.
  • “Night mode” and click “Disable”.

You can make a white background on Instagram through a personal computer by disabling the Instagram DarkMode extension.

For stationary computers

Users with a personal computer for dimming are recommended to use the browser extension.

  • To make a dark background on Instagram for PC go to Google Chrome.
  • Open the browser menu by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Additional tools”, and the option “Extensions”.
  • In the window that opens, type in the search for Instagram DarkMode.
  • Download the extension.

After installation, enable the extension.

How to make a black background on Instagram

The black theme is built into most social networks, including Instagram. The default theme in Insta is white. The included mobile phone with a white screen shines like a light bulb, attracting the attention of prying eyes.

In order to flip through Instagram in the evening or at night and not glare with a white screen, we recommend turning on the black theme.

Changing the color in the setting will darken the display of sites only on the owner’s mobile device. This means that subscribers will see the author’s profile in a standard white color.

How to change the color tone on Instagram for visitors and subscribers read below

There are three known ways to darken the screen. A step-by-step guide on how to make a dark background on Instagram by device type:

For iPhone

Starting with iPhone 7, “Color Inversion” appears in the standard menu, which changes the shades of the theme and buttons.

To make a black background in Instagram on iPhone, go to your account:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Basic” option.
  • We turn on the adaptation of the display through “Universal Access”.
  • Turns on dimming through activation “Smart. Inversion”.

A short video on how to make a black background on Instagram lasting 1 minute 22 seconds:

Pipette option

To change the background in Instagram Stories inside photos, use the Eyedropper option.

Draw paint from the palette into the virtual eyedropper and add a new shade to the selected element in the photo.

Lack of Paint Bucket and Eyedropper tools in a limited number of paints from the social network palette.

Applying filters for stories

Filters are used to change the background in the Instagram story on your own and repost pictures.

To enable filters:

  • Switch to edit mode.
  • Choose “Masks”.
  • Click “Filter”.

A basic set of filters will allow you to change the color in Instagram Stories behind a photo. The set contains both static solid colors and animated filters.

Inside the app

Recently, a new function has appeared on Instagram, which users have been waiting for for many years. Now it is possible to change the theme color on Instagram itself, without resorting to various tricks, as before.

To do this, go to the Instagram menu, select Settings, at the very bottom we will see the “Theme” item:

We go to this point and then select the topic we need:

Enjoy the dark theme:

How to change the background on Instagram

There are two ways to change the background on Instagram: change the setting of a mobile phone, and create an account according to your own design.

How to view your blacklist on Instagram on your phone and PC

How to view the blacklist on Instagram if a regular user was added there by mistake or if you need to unblock a previously blocked account? Chs allows you to protect your page from annoying users of the social network. After blocking, a person will not be able to view your publications on the page, published stories, leave comments under photos or videos, or mark “Like”.

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A special section has been created on the social network where you can easily view all blocked accounts and, if necessary, unblock them. Below it will be considered where the emergency is in the official applications of the social network on Android and iPhone, on a computer when using the desktop version of the site.

How to view the blacklist on Instagram via phone

To view the list of people who have been blocked, you need to go to the settings of the social network. The blacklist function is available only in the official Instagram application, if you are using the desktop version, you can only add and exclude specific users from the list through the main page of someone else’s account.

In the settings of the social network there is now a section “Blocked accounts”, “In silent mode” and “With limited access”. In the settings, you can familiarize yourself with the features of each section and choose the most suitable one. Depending on the required degree of activity restriction.


The procedure for viewing people who have been added to the black-list on smartphones and tablets with the IOS operating system is almost the same as on smartphones running Android.

The only difference is that to go to the settings section, the user needs to click in the upper right corner of the main page of his account on the gear image.

If you need to exclude a user from the blacklist for one reason or another, you need to go to the section according to the above instructions, hold down and hold the desired account for a few seconds to call the context menu. From the menu, select the item “Unblock”. After that, the user will again be displayed in the subscribers and subscriptions section, will be able to watch your publications, leave comments and likes.

On Android

How to view your blacklist on Instagram on Android? Follow the step-by-step instructions to get to the emergency:

  • Launch the social networking mobile application on your smartphone. The method works only in the application, in the mobile version of the site there is no section.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Upon entering, the user is automatically taken to the “Feed” section, where all the latest publications of subscribers are shown. You need to go to the main page, for this, in the bottom menu, click on the circle with the avatar image.
  • On the main page, in the upper right corner, click on the icon with three stripes to call the side context menu.
  • In the list that opens at the very bottom, click on “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Confidentiality” section.

Next, you need to decide on the list with which you want to familiarize yourself. The username and avatar will be displayed in the required section.

How to view Instagram blacklist on a computer

There is no blacklist on Instagram on a computer as a separate section. Users of the desktop version can block annoying users, but it will not work to see all accounts that have been blocked for one reason or another.

To add a user to an emergency from a computer, you need to follow a few SIMple steps:

  • Find the account you want. This can be done through the publication in the feed, through comments under a specific post, in the search or in the list of subscribers if the user is subscribed to your page.
  • On the main page of the account in the upper right corner, click on the button with the image of three dots to open the context menu.
  • In the section that opens, select “Block”.
  • Specify the reason for blocking your account.

Please note that you cannot find a blocked account through subscriptions and in the section with subscribers. If you need to exclude an account from the blacklist, you will need to find it through other users or through likes and comments left under old posts.

On Android

Black background on Instagram on Android is available through the Dark Mode and Themes For Instagram apps. The disadvantage of them is that they open a mobile view and are dangerous for the device. For example, they carry viruses or are designed to get data about the page.

How to use Dark Mode Theme on Instagram:

  • Download and Install Dark Mode Theme. Open App.
  • Enter data from the page on Instagram.
  • Confirm Login.

Extensions for browsers with a dark theme

For the computer version of Instagram, other tools are provided for changing the design. The extension is proposed for the Google Chrome browser, the latest version.

  • Go to Google Chrome. Three dots on top.
  • Additional Tools. Extensions.
  • Google Chrome Store. Instagram DarkMode.
  • Click: “Get”,
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Go to the social network. Click on the “On” icon.

On Instagram, the dark theme has not been added in official apps (for Windows 10 or browser). When downloading third-party services, you need to be careful about filling in the fields with personal information. Also, check activity through the “Authorization” section and change the password if the service is not working or a notification appears: “Action blocked”.


With iOS 7.0, there is a color inversion feature. Unlike other operating systems, iPhones have Classic and Smart. The second allows you not to completely change the color of all media files, but only the background and buttons.

How to make Instagram dark theme through color inversion on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”. General.
  • Accessibility. Turn on “Display adaptation”.
  • Color Invert. On.
  • Enable “Smart Inversion”.

How to put a dark theme on Instagram

On Instagram, the dark theme is not a standard color scheme. To change the design of the application, you need to download additional plugins or applications.

There are other options for setting a black background for earlier versions of Android and iPhone, how to set it up correctly.

How to change your Instagram theme to dark

Black theme on Instagram is possible through mods and browser extensions. In the first case, only the browser version will be available to the user.

Another, unusual way is to set color inversion. But this method has a significant drawback. The shade of not only the interface changes, but also videos, photos.

Three ways to change the color:

  • Applications. Mainly for Android devices;
  • Inversion of color. For iOS devices;
  • Extensions. For browsers on PC.

New design on Instagram

One of the updates added a theme change. Through the Instagram settings, it is possible to change light to dark.

Select social network interface:

  • Go to Instagram. Go to settings.
  • Select at the end of the list: “Subject”.
  • Specify parameters.

The change is available on new versions of the application. Therefore, if the function is missing, you need to go to the Play Market and update Instagram.

The dark theme changes the display of the main windows, but does not affect images, videos. The same settings can be specified using the item: “Screen brightness” on the smartphone. If the user transfers the entire phone to a new design, then all Instagram will automatically change the style.

How to make a black background on Instagram?

On Android

Android smartphone owners can download the Dark Mode for Instagram app from Google Play. Step-by-step instructions on how to change the color using the utility:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • In the search bar we find Dark Mode for Instagram.
  • Download and install the application, await the verification process.
  • Run the application.
  • Log in to it by entering your username (nickname), phone number or username, password from your Instagram account (at your own risk).
  • The utility will open (after authorization) the Instagram page in a dark background, albeit in the browser version.

When you scroll through the feed in the browser version, comments and likes are available, but you cannot watch videos on IGTV and live broadcasts. The functionality of the browser version of Instagram is limited. However, a dark interface theme will appear. Buttons and background environment will change.

Another drawback. You have to leave one profile in order to switch to another.


There are two possibilities to switch the background color:

  • Inversion function in iPhone settings.
  • Smart. The ability to change the color of the interface, but not touch the content.
  • We go into the settings of the “apple gadget”.
  • Go to the section “basic settings”.
  • Open the “universal access” tab.
  • Go to “display adaptation”.
  • Choosing the inversion mode.

The classic inversion will change everything, and the content will change too. The “Smart” function has been added only to iOs version 12 devices and is available through optimized official services.

How to make Instagram dark theme

How to make a black background on Instagram. Have you asked this question? Recently, there has been a hype about dark topics on various social networks. Users spammed the phrase “dark theme” in the comments of official and large communities, and their account became dark. In the contact settings, you can uncheck the box and return to the standard, light theme. Does Instagram have such an opportunity? Let’s figure out if a popular social network has a dark background and how to enable it.

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A dark background helps when viewing content at night. Reducing the burden on the eyes and vision in general. Black background is included on YouTube,. How to enable on Instagram:

  • There is no direct function in the settings.
  • Download and install third-party software or install a modification.
  • Invert the color settings of the phone screen, but then everything will change. A black and white background will appear in some places. Not a very user-friendly option. The design of the smartphone, shades and colors of photos and videos will change completely. But we don’t want to change the content settings, only the theme.

We will deal with all the nuances and utilities.

How to make a black background on Instagram in a story

Stories are a popular format for presenting content today. A dark background is needed in the story if you want to submit text information or several photos, reduced in size. And the background environment is important. This automatically generates a gray color (or the color in the shades of the uploaded image or photo) around the reduced publication. There are several ways:

If you have any questions. Let us know Ask a question

  • Download and install the Unfold application.
  • Open it, click on “” to create a story.
  • Black background automatically generated.
  • Add photos for stories.
  • Save the resulting combination to your smartphone.
  • Uploading to Instagram Stories.

You can install other applications that allow you to do this editing by adding covers to the stories in the background.

  • Selecting the text addition mode.
  • Add text.
  • Click on the circle in the bottom corner and select the background color.

How to make a black background on Instagram when flipping through the feed?

There is no official setting for the dark theme in the Instagram feed yet, but you can use a third-party service or customize the smartphone display. Better to use a light theme.

How to make Instagram black on Android Honor

If you are the owner of Honor 10, Honor 8a, Honor 7a, Honor 8x, Honor 8, Honor 10 Lite, Honor 20, Honor 7c phones. And you are interested in the black instagram theme, then you may be in for a surprise.

The black theme has already appeared on Instagram, but so far this can only be done on phones with the Android 10 operating system and on some Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie.

But do not rush to leave the page, I have one idea, otherwise you will have to wait for dozens, besides, not everyone will wait for it.

I have one idea and I will share it with you now. I don’t know if it will rent it, because there are a lot of Honor phones.

Black Instagram theme for Honor phones

To try Instagram in the black version, you need to activate the dark theme in the system settings, more precisely the night mode.

The problem is that you won’t find it there, but the enthusiasts took care of this, they created a dark theme specifically for Huawei phones.

There is another way. It’s a little more complicated. You need to download the file at the bottom of this post.

Only it is not installed. You need to manually drop it into any folder, and then move the content to Huawei / themes using Huawei tools. Then in the settings go to themes / my themes and just select it, and confirm the installation.

Yes, it’s more difficult, but those who really want to have a black Instagram on their Honor phone should try it (I’m sure most will succeed). Later I will make detailed instructions, for those who fail.

In night mode, the Instagram background turns black and the buttons and text appear white. Menu bars are distinguished from the rest by a shaded gray background.

That’s just that everything will be exactly like this to us your Honor 7a, 10, 8a, 10 Lite, 8x, 7c, 8, 20. After installing the theme I proposed, I still can’t say, unless you share in the comments.

In general, lovers of dark themes have something to note. Dark Mode has become the trendiest addition to the app this season today, without which it is almost impossible to appear in the Google Store or App Store.

It is more or less successfully implemented by all major players, although it should be admitted that not everyone is in a hurry with this.

Although the messenger received its dark clothes, not everyone still has the ability to apply it. There is SIMply no such option in the application.

The only chance to see Instagram in black is to change the colors of the operating system in the phone settings or with an external application.

From time to time, our favorite smartphone apps undergo various changes.

New features come after updating apps we are using or getting completely new graphics like black theme.

Not all users rate these changes positively, mainly because we are very attached to something that we know perfectly well.

Just a few days or weeks is enough, and we already forget how it was before the improvements were made.

The new graphic design will be a great relief for users’ eyes. It emits much less light, which makes viewing Instagram content after dark much more convenient and safer for our eyes.

This night fish will also help you if your smartphone’s battery life is poor. Success.

How to make a dark Instagram theme on Android, iPhone and PC

It is possible to make a dark theme on Instagram through the functions of the application itself. The latest update added a change to the color scheme for the interface, without installing a new operating system or third-party utilities.

  • How to make a dark theme on Instagram
  • On a smartphone
  • In Android settings
  • In iPhone settings
  • Background changing applications
  • For iOS
  • For Android
  • On a computer. Browser extensions
  • Instagram’s own capabilities
  • How to remove black theme

On a computer. Browser extensions

There is a plugin for the Google Chrome browser that adds a black theme to Instagram. The user needs to go to additional tools to see a list of available extensions. The advantage is that the new color scheme will be available for different pages and sites.

How to add background change:

Depending on the plugin installed, an icon will appear at the top to switch to the light theme. The user will be able to change the display of elements, specify parameters for the dark time of day. For example, enable “Dark-mode” on all or selected pages.

For Android

For the Android operating system, there is also an application that changes the background to dark. Dark Mode.

Its functions include changing the color scheme of individual utilities, social networks, instructions:

  • Download and install using Play Market.
  • Open. Select applications in which the theme will be changed.
  • Confirm. Open

Also, the user will find options for utilities aimed only at Instagram. The only drawback is that the switch for the light theme may be missing. Therefore, the account owner will have to delete the application to return to standard mode.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

Previously, in order to change the theme to dark on Instagram, users had to install software from the Play Market or AppStore, apply color inversion. After one of the updates in the section: “Settings” a switch appeared. The account owner can choose which display theme he likes best.

Options for changing the theme on Instagram:

  • Use the standard option;
  • Download the application from the Play Market;
  • Use screen inversion or mode selection (Android 10 and iOS13);
  • Via browser extensions (computer version).

In Android settings

To enable dark mode on Android devices, you need to go to the settings and update the OS (if version 10 is not installed).

  • Lower the notification curtain. Click on the icon: “Menu”.
  • Screen. Dark theme.

Next, the entire color scheme of the smartphone will be changed. The second option is adaptive inversion, which is available on phones with OS 8 and 9. How to go:

  • Open “Settings”. Accessibility.
  • Scroll to the item: “Color”. Inversion.
  • Select: “Adaptive mode”. Confirm.

Smartphones that do not support this feature have the usual inversion. In addition to installing a black theme on Instagram, the color of the menus and images will change. The mode assumes reverse correction: blue turns red and white turns black. But it is not recommended to enable, as it affects the performance and vision of the user.

For iOS

By installing DarkMode Safari, the smartphone owner can change the display of the interface in the browser.

To install and change:

  • Go to the AppStore. Enter the name or follow the link above.
  • Download. Install.
  • Open Safari and DarkMode. Confirm background change.
  • Go to Instagram.

To switch the mode from light to dark, the user needs to go to the Safari settings. Next. Choose a suitable theme and open Instagram.

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On a smartphone

Built-in functions will help you create a dark background on your smartphone for Instagram. For the Android 10 and iOS 13 operating systems, the scheme can be changed through the “Dark Mode”. It does not turn on automatically, but is necessary if you use your smartphone at night or in low light.

Other methods how to enable:

  • Use inversion. Go to smartphone settings and select the appropriate function;
  • Install an application to change the background;
  • Use the “Dark theme” in the device settings.

Instagram’s own capabilities

On Instagram, you can set a dark theme by going to settings.

At the bottom of the list, a section of the same name appears with a choice of mode:

  • Open Instagram. Log in.
  • Go to the section: “Settings”. Scroll down.
  • Theme. Dark.

The function is available in new versions of the application. The user needs to go to the Play Market or AppStore to install updates for Instagram. Owners of outdated smartphones or without operating system updates will not be able to install the new version. Therefore, there are options with third-party applications or changing the color scheme of the screen.

Background changing applications

Background replacement apps require connection to system settings. On Android, the user must allow inclusion on top of other windows. Smartphone owners can find utilities to change the menu shade through the Play Market or AppStore.

  • Darkmode For Safari. For iOS device owners;
  • Dark Theme. For Android and some application changes.

For iOS smartphones, there is a color change version for the built-in browser only. This means that nothing will change in the application itself. Suitable for users who often log into the social network using the web version.

In Android applications, there is not always a change in Instagram or other popular utilities. This is because the color change can be blocked by the program code. Therefore, such functions are not available to the developers of the new design.

How to install dark theme on Instagram

On Instagram, the dark theme is not an official color scheme. But using mods and system settings, the user can achieve inversion of the interface.

  • How to create a dark theme on Instagram
  • Setting up dark Instagram on Android
  • Activating Black Instagram on iPhone
  • Can I make a dark Instagram theme on Windows 10

Activating Black Instagram on iPhone

Black background on Instagram on iPhone is possible through two functions: Classic Inversion and Smart. The latter was added in iOS 12 and only changes the interface, without changing the pictures and images in applications. But this only applies to optimized and official services.

How to change the theme on Instagram:

  • Go to the “Settings” device. General.
  • Accessibility. Display Adaptation.
  • Inversion. Select one of the options by moving the slider.

Selecting “Classic” changes the color of all objects displayed on the screen. If the function is not available on your smartphone, you need to install the Instagram application. But the software product is offered only for owners of devices with Jailbreak. There is no dark theme for Instagram in the AppStore.

How to create a dark theme on Instagram

Dark mode is necessary at night to reduce brightness and strain on vision.

Users have two options for how to change the color:

  • Inversion of shades. This will change the display of photos and videos;
  • Mods and applications. For Android and iOS systems.

When installing modifications to a smartphone, the user must remember about the security of the profile. It is not recommended to download unofficial applications due to the risk of account hacking and virus attacks. By default, the color scheme is changed in the browser without connecting to the Instagram app.

Color Inversion is an accessibility feature on Android and iOS platforms. In addition to Instagram, the theme will be changed in the device settings. This will change the tints in photos and videos. Using such an application format for viewing content will not work.

Setting up dark Instagram on Android

It is possible to make Instagram dark on Android through the Dark Mode For Instagram application. The service connects to a mobile browser, then. You need to log in to the system.

How to use and customize the dark theme for Instagram:

  • Download Dark Mode For Instagram.
  • Install application. Open.
  • Enter username and password from the social network.
  • Login.

The disadvantage of the app is that you won’t be able to watch live streams, IGTV or use the full account settings. The browser format assumes limited functionality, without settings for business pages and work with content. Also, switching to another profile without exiting the first is not available. That is, the user will have to log out of one account each time to get into the second.

Can I make a dark Instagram theme on Windows 10

Dark theme for Instagram on a computer is possible through third-party extensions and utilities.

To install additional tools in the browser:

  • Go to Google Chrome. At the top there are three dots “Options”.
  • Select from the list: “Additional tools”.
  • Extensions. Shop.
  • Enter in search: Dark theme for Instagram.
  • Install. Confirm download.

Next, you need to go to the social network and launch the extension by clicking on the corresponding icon. Only the interface will change, but the text will also become light. In contrast to the standard mode, in the expansion the colors are less contrasting and therefore, it is easier to see comments and descriptions under the photos.

Blacklist on Instagram: find, add and remove

How to enable or disable notifications in Istagram

How to download and install Instagram APK on Android

How to unblock a user on Instagram: via phone or computer

Installing old versions of Instagram for iPhones

How to link Instagram to VK on Android, iPhone and PC

Why Play Market doesn’t work on Huawei and Honor: reasons, problems and will it work?

Why the Play Store does not work on Huawei and Honor is a question that arises among many owners of the presented smartphones. Android is not a perfect operating system, and it can throw errors at times. Consider what to do if the connection fails and the market refuses to work.

Factory reset and clear cache

The next solution involves resetting the service settings. Instructions:

  • Find the Applications tab in the smartphone settings.
  • Select the required program from the list.
  • First click “Erase Data” and then select “Clear Cache”.

When will Play Market stop working on Huawei

The store has stopped working? Above we have described all possible causes and solutions to the malfunction. Initially, do not rush to take certain actions, wait, perhaps there was a technical problem on the Google servers. If the program does not start in the near future, then pay attention to the described solutions.

Google servers problem

The next reason may lie in a technical malfunction of Google servers. The specialists are already aware of the problem and are working on solving the problem. If a server error occurs, then the user can only wait and after a while again check the service performance.

Will Google Play work on Huawei

Set up date and time

If Google Play does not work on Huawei and Honor, then the time and date settings may have gone wrong. The time zone must correspond to your location, it is better to set automatic detection.

Resolving Application Conflicts

Sometimes installed programs interfere with the normal operation of specific applications. Pay attention, maybe recently software was installed on the smartphone, after which you noticed the unstable work of the GP. Remove recently downloaded apps.

Google Play stopped working on Huawei and Honor: reasons

Also, the program in question cannot be removed. The only way to erase the market from the smartphone’s memory is to change the firmware or perform the procedure through the ROOT right. Due to the fact that it cannot be removed, many users consider it part of the operating system, which is a misconception.

Also, the functioning of the program depends on the state of the operating system. Internal processes that are hidden in Android can interfere with the normal operation of the market, and the user will receive an error notification. Below we will explore in detail what to do if Huawei has problems with Google Play.

Debugging the download manager

The download manager could disconnect, which made it impossible to download programs from the market. Probably, there is a virus on the phone that disabled the presented process, or a system error has occurred. It is recommended to scan your phone for malware.

Go to the settings in the tab with applications, find the desired process and enable.