How to make factory settings on the Samsung phone

How to reset the phone settings to the factory on Samsung

Most of the owners of smartphones are of the opinion that the reset of settings to factory is what you need to do solely before the sale of the phone to another person. In fact, this procedure has to be performed much more often than before the sale of an old device.

An example is a situation where Samsung begins to work very poorly due to a crowded memory of the device. This problem is easy to solve by resetting the telephone settings to factory. But first, you need to save all the necessary data on another device, including photos, videos, audio and text files. As a result, a clean system will give the user a lot of advantages, because the device no longer does not have garbage in the form of unnecessary data and files of old applications.

In the situation in which the user forgot the password from his smartphone, the phone settings reset also will also help. However, here it is still necessary to know the data from your account or to be able to restore it, since the operating system will not work, and the device will be activated only by half.

And, the most common situation, resetting the settings before selling your smartphone to another user. After all, no one wants to give their old device with all personal data, photographs and social networks.

How to perform a “soft discharge” to the factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy S10

In order to make a soft reset of settings on the Samsung Galaxy S10, follow the following actions:

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Click “General Management”, and then click “Reset”.
  • Click “Database”.
  • The Factory Reset Data screen will warn you about all the data and applications that will be deleted. Scroll down and press the “reset”. You will need to enter your PIN code to continue.
  • Click “Applications” on the main screen.
  • On the application screen, draw a finger to the page on which the “Settings” icon is located (if necessary), and then click “Settings”.
  • On the settings screen, press “backup and reset”.
  • On the screen “Reserve and reset”, click “Reset to factory data”.
  • On the screen “Discharging of the factory data”, click “Detachment of the device”.
  • Click “Delete everything”.

After rebooting the device, you will see a greeting screen and you can configure the device.

Answers to reader questions

And now I would like to answer the popular questions of readers about resetting and cleaning data on Samsung Galaxy S3

Is it possible to save contacts before the discharge of settings?

If you have access to S3, you can make a backup of your contacts to the file or synchronize them with Google or your Samsung accounting. This will allow you to restore your contacts after the discharge.

Why the volume button does not work in recovery mode?

Samsung Galaxy devices have known problems with volume buttons. If your button works with failures, you cannot move along the recovery menu menu. You will need to fix your button to continue reset.

Will there be a reset of settings to factory settings to clean the SD card?

No, the SD card will not be wiped. You can safely store the elements on the SD card before the settings are being discharged. If you want to take additional precautions, you can delete it from the phone after you convey everything you want to save.

And in what sequence do you need to press the buttons on the phone in order to reset data to the factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Earlier in the article “How to return the factory settings through the Samsung smartphone menu” we have already described the first way to reset data through the phone settings. Next, we will describe the second way to restore the performance of the Samsung smartphone using its three buttons, showing this by the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 C ONE UI 2 shell.0 OS Android 10.

On the shut.Off smartphone, you must press the two buttons at the same time: the “louder” button and the “power” button, and hold them for at least 15 seconds.

Screen. Simultaneously press and hold at least 15 seconds of the “louder” and “food” buttons.


After that, the recovery menu will appear on the screen (recovery). Recovery is a special smartphone loading mode that looks on the screen like a text menu.

Moving along the menu positions is carried out by the volume and power volume buttons:. One step up. The “louder” button;. One step down. The “quieter” button;. Choice (confirmation). Button “Food”.

Now the cursor is in the first position of the Recovery menu. “Reboot System Now” (reboot the system now). To reset the settings to factory, we need to move down to the fifth position “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” (erase data/reset factory settings). To do this, click on the “quieter” button four times, and then on the “Nutrition” button.

Screen. Click on the “Quiet” button four times to get on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. Screens. A cursor at the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. Click on the “Power” button.

After that, the menu will open from two positions, where we will be asked to answer the following question: “Escape all user data?””. To confirm, you need to switch to the position “Reset the Settings” by clicking on the “Quiet” button, and then on the “Power” button.

Screenshot. Stand on the item “Reset the Settings” by clicking on the “Quiet” button. Screen. Click on the “Food” button.

After that, the smartphone will begin the process of restoring the initial phone settings.

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How to Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A10S

After some time, the phone will return to the Recovery menu (recovery). We just have to overload the smartphone. To do this, you need from the first position of the Reboot System Now menu (restart the system now) click on the “Nutrition” button.

Screen. Click on the “Food” button from the first position of the “Reboot System Now” menu.

Now you have a completely “new” smartphone in your hands, “how can you just purchase it”. We hope that the reset of settings to factory helped you solve problems, and will allow you to configure the phone “for yourself” more successfully, taking into account your experience.

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no way. There is a way to recover through the recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to clamp a certain combination of buttons on the shut.Off smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most smartphone models.

  • Power button button “Home” button volume or
  • Power button button volume or
  • Power button button “Home” button volume and
  • Power button button volume and

In most cases, the Recovery menu looks as follows.

Navigation is carried out using volume buttons. Choosing. A power key. To reset the settings, you must select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. The phone will go into reboot and return to the factory settings.

And how to recover adjustments to default values ​​without deleting files on the Samsung smartphone?

The smartphone settings application in the “Reset” section have four positions to restore the initial settings:

We will immediately make a reservation that the “data reset” point will not be considered further. Here the complete restoration of factory settings is carried out with the removal of all files and applications installed by you after buying it. To go to the article in order to reset all the data, click here.

Partial reset of telephone settings is carried out when choosing a “reset of settings” item. This action will lead to dumping all the telephone settings, except such as:. Safety settings;. Language settings;. Accounts;. Personal data;. Settings of loaded application.

By selecting the “network parameters” item, all network parameters will be reset, including such as:-Wi-Fi;. Mobile data;. Bluetooth.

Having selected the item “Reset of the parameters of special capabilities” setting up specialists will be dropped to default values. In this case, the discharge of related parameters regarding, for example, keyboard and font size, will not be performed. The parameters of special capabilities in loaded applications will also be saved, like all personal data.

Next, we will describe how to find the necessary points for partial reset of adjustments in the phone settings on the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 under the proprietary shell One UI 2.0 for the Android 10 operating system.

If you have questions or you want to offer your way to reset the settings on Samsung, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.