How to make calls from iPad using SIM card

How to make calls from iPad or Mac to cell phones

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The iPhone (Cellular) feature in iOS and macOS lets you make and receive calls, and write SMS messages from iPad and Mac. Despite its convenience and ease of setup, it is rarely used by users. The reason for this is most often the banal ignorance of people that such a function does exist. In this tutorial, we will fill in all the blanks and show you how to make calls, receive calls and write text messages from iPad or Mac.

IPhone (Cellular) allows users to make and receive calls, and send text messages from an iPad or Mac. In this case, the iPhone may even be in another room, its help after setting up and activating the function will not be needed.

How to use iPhone (Cellular) on iPad

In order to make a call using the iPad, just click on the phone number in the contact book, or any other application that automatically detects such data. In order to call a specific number, you need to launch the FaceTime application, enter the phone number in the search field and click “Call”.

To accept a call on the iPad, you just need to move the slider in the incoming call window in the traditional iPhone way.

How To Place Phone Calls On iPad and iPod touch

What settings need to be made

Before activating the settings that will allow you to receive cellular calls from iPhone to iPad and Mac, you need to make sure that:

  • All devices signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • All devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • All devices are signed in to FaceTime with the same Apple ID.

Then you need to enable the “iPhone (cellular calls)” function itself:

  • On iPhone: in the menu “Settings” → “Phone” → “Calls to other devices” → “Allow calls”.
  • On iPad: Go to Settings → FaceTime → Calling from iPhone
  • On Mac: Launch the FaceTime app, choose FaceTime → Preferences → Calling From iPhone.

How to use iPhone (Cellular) on Mac

In order to call a cell phone from a Mac, you need to point to a contact in the “Contacts” application (or any other with the function of identifying contacts) and select “Call [phone number] from iPhone”. Just like on iPad, you can call from Mac to numbers that are not in the contact book. To do this, you need to launch FaceTime and enter the phone number in the search field.

WePhone | official site

iOS: Free app without ads Pros: Nice rates, simplicity, test call

The WePhone app has a simple and pleasant design. which was extremely pleasing, because the service site literally catches the eye with some clumsy.

After downloading the app from the Appstore, no configuration or registration is required. Only a few permissions to access iPad features.

On the first, test call, the user is immediately given 10 cents. Not very generous, but enough for one or two minutes of communication with almost any mainland. Thanks to the very, very affordable WePhone rates.

We used the trial minute by calling a mobile number from the Megafon Siberia network. The minute cost 9 cents; there is no connection fee. A call to the target subscriber takes about ten to fifteen seconds, about twice as long as with a regular long-distance telephone call. But the sound quality could be called impeccable (better than with a regular 3G mobile connection).

The called subscriber, during a conversation, displayed an incoming call from a Moscow landline number. At the same time, the program has the ability to activate the display of any of its numbers, as if the call is being made from it. To bind, a short call from an American number will be sent to the specified number, by which a four-digit confirmation code will be called in a metallic female voice.

How to call regular numbers from iPad?

Apple iPads, even in the Cellular version (with a built-in LTE modem), cannot make calls. At all. The user can install a third-party messenger or use the Facetime service, but there will still be no way to contact the required subscriber using a regular landline or mobile number.

The solution to the issue lies in the use of third-party telephony services, for which only a stable Internet connection is enough.

In this article, we do not undertake to cover the entire market for such solutions; there are, indeed, a lot of them. Even Google Hangouts has been allowing you to make calls for quite some time, and to some numbers in the United States and Canada. absolutely free. Instead, we will look at three relatively convenient, popular and versatile software products, and try to choose the best one.

Rebtel | official site

iOS: free app without ads For: wide range of tariff options, three minutes for a test call

Rebtel has been present on the market in question for a long time. The seriousness of the application and the site is immediately noticeable, and not only in a good, but also in a bad sense: for at least some action with the program, you will first have to bind it to your phone number. To do this, he will receive a call from a Russian landline number from Moscow or St. Petersburg, where a metallic English voice will offer to press one in tone mode to confirm the action.

When registering, the user is not given “free money”, as is the case with WePhone. Instead, three trial minutes are activated, which can be spent to call absolutely anywhere. After the trial minutes are spent, you will have to fill out the profile with your personal data and put money into your account. Almost all available tariff plans are limited in terms of region and time, and generally do not look particularly cheap by Russian standards. However, they will still save you a lot of money if the user needs to make frequent calls abroad. Especially to European and North American countries.

A test call to the same number as in the case of the WePhone gave normal voice quality. For the called subscriber, the call looked like it was made from the number to which our Rebtel account was originally linked.

Skype | official site

iOS: Free app without ads For: Ability to ditch the phone entirely

Unlike the Windows version of the app, Skype for iPad doesn’t get boring with ads. I. as opposed to the android version. does not collapse every five minutes for no reason.

True, three stars out of five in the App Store still indicate that Microsoft does not devote enough time to work on stability.

Calls can be made either without a subscription or on a recurring billing plan. The first option can be described as “put money into your account and call”; it is suitable only for rare calls, because for calls without a tariff plan, the cost will be much higher, and the so-called connection fee.

The second will require you to link your credit card to your Skype account and select a specific rate. It will not be so cheap, but it will still be very beneficial in case of large volumes of conversations with other countries. Once in a certain period of time, the cost of the selected tariff will be debited from the linked card. Sometimes Microsoft also organizes various promotions, offering to try some paid plan for free for several days or even a month. The trick lies in the fact that to activate the offer, you need to confirm the bank card number, and at the end of the trial period, money will be debited from it (if you do not disable the subscription in advance). Not everyone will notice.

In our test for voice quality, Skype unexpectedly turned out to be slightly worse than the services described above. which, however, is probably compensated for by the lower consumption of mobile traffic. If Skype does not provide low rates and maximum voice quality, then why do we need it, the reader will ask?

The answer lies in additional capabilities. Skype allows not only making calls, but also sending SMS-messages, and you can also purchase your own internationally accessible number in one of 24 economically developed countries. Ireland, Germany, USA, Hungary, Australia. The complete list is shown in the image just above. The purchase can be used in the same way as a regular telephone number; receive calls and messages, as well as call yourself. This separate service is not cheap, for example, 30 euros (approx. 2000 rubles) per year for a room in New Zealand. But for frequent travel or business, such a thing may be simply irreplaceable.

calling from ipad with mobile sim,ipad में सिम डाल कर करें कॉल,ipad with calling feature

Installing the program is not more difficult than installing other software, but it differs in the need to bind a mobile number.

Difficulties arise when downloading an application to iPad devices without a SIM card slot. In this case, you can use a number that is often used to receive an SMS with a code to activate the application. In the future, the number will not be used.

When installing Viber, it is proposed to synchronize contacts, which is very convenient. It is easy to make a call, as this program is easy and understandable even for a simple user. First you need to open the program and select Contacts, having decided on the number, press Call. To send an instant message, select the corresponding icon under the contact.

Is it possible to call from Apple iPad

The developers of Apple tablets did not foresee the possibility of making calls using this device. Even from a tablet with a built-in LTE modem (Cellular version), you cannot make a call. The owner of the gadget can download a third-party program or use Apple’s video calling service, but only to the iPhone user. It is still impossible to call a subscriber of a mobile operator.

The solution to the problem is to use special programs and services for making calls, which are used when connecting to high-speed Internet.

So, let’s take a look at the most popular ways to make calls from Apple iPad.


You can call from iPad to mobile and landline numbers using Skype. To do this, you need to download, install the program, and then register.

To make a call to a mobile number, you need:

  • Log in to Skype and deposit money into your account;
  • Enter the Calls to phones menu;
  • Enter the required number or open the Address Book to select a contact.

In the latest version of Skype, when dialing a number, contacts whose numbers match the entered digits (as well as contacts you recently called) are displayed, making it easier to find the right person.

The required phone number can be saved, and recent contacts are displayed in the Last tab, from where they can be called or send a message.

To make a call to a Skype contact on a mobile number, you need to log in to the program, select a contact or enter the desired name in the Search. Click on the contact and click Call.

This option is only possible if the Skype contact has information about the mobile number. If there is none, then you can enter it yourself.


The peculiarity of using SipNet for calls from iPad is the use of an open SIP protocol. Calls are cheaper than Skype. To start using, you need to register a mobile number in SipNet, after which the called subscribers will display your number.

How to Call from iPad to Mobile Devices. The Complete Guide

No one will be surprised by a person who conquers the Internet or takes pictures with an Apple iPad. However, noticing a user who calls using this gadget, there is a genuine surprise. The reason is that the tablet manufacturer does not provide a function for making calls. And the presence of a SIM card is explained by the need to connect to the Internet, in the absence of Wi-Fi. Owners of iPads have a question. how to call a mobile phone? There are several ways to fix the manufacturer’s flaw.