How to Make Call Forwarding on the Phone

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about how to redirect from your phone number in a given situation. Unfortunately (and according to a logic incomprehensible to me), all communication operators in Ukraine have different combinations for setting up this service. Although you, in fact, can not bother with all these combinations. After all, it is very easy and simple to forward calls using the settings of your own phone. Find the appropriate item in the menu and simply set the appropriate settings. But there you will see several forwarding options. How do they differ? About this in detail in the examples below in the material.

Call Forwarding Methods

  1. Unconditional forwarding. When choosing this method, absolutely all calls that come to your phone number (from which you set up call forwarding) will be redirected to another number you specify. Example: you are the owner of the telephone “A”, set up unconditional forwarding to the telephone “B”. After this, no telephone “A” will notice a call. All calls will go to the B telephone. Phone “A” can be completely turned off, all exactly calls will be forwarded to phone “B”. This method of forwarding is most often used if you decide to change the phone number and do not want to lose contacts. At the same time, you set up unconditional forwarding from the old number to the new one and get all calls to it.
  2. If there is no answer (in other words, if you do not answer an incoming call for some time, it will be forwarded). The time after which the call will be forwarded is set by you in the phone settings. Example: “if there is no answer” call forwarding is set from 0501111111 to 0672222222. The time after which the call will be forwarded is 20 seconds. There is an incoming call to number 0501111111 and then 20 seconds this call is no different from a normal incoming. If you do not pick up the phone within 20 seconds, the call will be automatically redirected to the number 0672222222. When choosing a time interval, pay attention that the call duration usually rarely exceeds 30 seconds (before answering).
  3. Call forwarding if your number is switched off or is out of network coverage. I think everything here is clear from the name. If during an incoming call your number is turned off (or offline), but this type of call forwarding is configured, the call will automatically go to the specified number. Example 1: an incoming call arrives at your number, you have set call forwarding “if it is off or off the network”. If at this moment your phone is turned off (or offline), then call forwarding will occur. If your number is on, then you will receive a regular incoming call.
  4. If the line is busy (you are talking to someone on the phone). Here, too, everything is very clear. If you are already talking to someone at the time of an incoming call, and you have “if busy” call forwarding enabled, then the incoming call will be forwarded to the number you specified.

The nuances of call forwarding

  • Call forwarding is very useful. But there are nuances that must be taken into account:
  • If the number from which you set up unconditional call forwarding is disconnected by the operator (money is running out on the account, number is canceled, number is blocked, etc.), calls will not be forwarded.
  • The cost of a redirected call is usually set similarly to the price of a simple outgoing call, but there may be nuances. It is better to check with the operator separately (]]how to quickly contact the operator]] )
  • Call forwarding during call forwarding is carried out in the following way: I will tell you with an example: you had an MTS number, you changed it to Kyivstar and set unconditional call forwarding on the old number. An MTS subscriber calls your old number, the call is automatically forwarded to your new Kyivstar number. If you pick up the phone, then: the person who calls your old number will pay as if you were calling to MTS numbers (since your old number is from MTS); for your new Kyivstar number, the call will not be charged (you receive an incoming call); but funds will be withdrawn from your old number as if you were calling from MTS to Kyivstar. Be sure to consider this fact.
  • The number of consecutive redirects is limited by your service provider. Each operator has its own way. So check this information.
  • You can set call forwarding to city numbers, number “0-800”.

As I mentioned above, in order to answer the question “how to disable / make call forwarding?”, It is important to know USSD commands for your operator. You can find all these queries a little further in the material. But there are several teams that are absolutely identical for all mobile operators in Ukraine:



How to disable all redirects?

How to disable all conditional redirects (if there is no answer, if it is off / offline, if busy)?

How to enable all conditional redirects?

Setting call forwarding to MTS

In order to successfully set up call forwarding from MTS numbers, you only need to know the following USSD requests:

Type of call forwarding

The code


How to enable call forwarding

How to disable call forwarding

Unconditional call forwarding (all incoming calls)

How to Make Call Forwarding on the Phone

In our country there are corners where the signal of a part of mobile networks leaves much to be desired. If for some reason you are outside the coverage area of ​​one of the operators, it is best to redirect calls or SMS to a landline or other mobile phone in advance. Smartphone users on OC Android may encounter difficulties. We’ll figure out how to enable call forwarding in different ways.

When can I use call forwarding?

The built-in ability to transfer calls to another mobile number is very popular. You can resort to it in the following cases:

  • You forgot your phone at home, but don’t want to miss important calls (in this case, you will only have one way to set up call forwarding. Through the website of your mobile operator);
  • You went to a place where your operator’s network does not work, but there is a sure reception of others;
  • You decide to change your phone number, but don’t want to lose important contacts.

This service can be used on a permanent or temporary basis. To enable and disable the use of this feature if necessary, you need to know how to make call forwarding.

Using the system settings of an Android phone

The Android operating system has several versions, so it is best to give a general algorithm that is suitable for the most common options. If you have Android version 4 or lower, then the team names may be different, but the general principle will remain the same.

To configure, you will need only the standard applications that are on each smartphone. Call forwarding to another number is performed according to the following instructions:

  1. Launch the Phone app from which you make calls. Its icon is always made in the form of a handset in different colors.
  2. In the upper right corner, find the “Settings” button. It represents three points located vertically or a gear.
  3. Click on it, in the drop-down menu find the “Settings” note.
  4. In the following list, find the line “Accounts for calls”.
  5. If you have several sim cards, then you need to click on the desired.
  6. Then in the list you need to select “Forwarding”.
  7. You will see four options for transferring calls to another phone number:
    • Constant call forwarding (all calls will be transferred);
    • If the number is busy;
    • If there is no answer (transfer is turned on at the moment when voice mail should be connected);
    • If the number is unavailable.
    • Select the desired option, and then enter the number to which calls will be transferred. After that, you just have to click the “Enable” button.
    • After you complete the setup, the smartphone will transfer the data to the mobile operator. That, in turn, will update your settings and you can use the opportunity to receive calls to the desired number.

    Some smartphones do not have the “Accounts for calls” menu bar. In this case, you will need to go into additional parameters and find the “Call Forwarding” item there. You can find different options in it, the one you need is entitled “Voice Call”. The remaining configuration principles are no different from those described above. You will also need to select the situation in which you want to use call forwarding, and then specify the number to receive calls.

    What should I do if my smartphone doesn’t have call forwarding?

    If you could not figure out the settings of your smartphone, then you can use the help of special applications. Popular options are: Call Blocker, Simple Call Forwarding. Let’s consider how to use applications on the example of the latter.

    1. Find the utility in the Play Market and click the “Install” button.
    2. After installation is complete, open the application by clicking on its icon.
    3. Further, the setup takes place in just two clicks: enter the number that will receive calls; set the time in seconds (after this period the transfer will be carried out).
    4. Now click on the “Save” button and activate the widget on the desktop. This widget will also allow you to quickly turn off call forwarding when you don’t need it.

    This application is good in that you can not manually enter the number for forwarding, but select it from the list of contacts. The application does not work only if the call forwarding is not supported by your mobile operator. This situation may be faced by users of small regional companies or operators that have recently appeared on the market, but in most cases there are no problems.

    Set up call forwarding at the cellular operator level using USSD requests

    If you didn’t find the “Forwarding” item in your smartphone’s menu and don’t want to use the applications, you need to contact your mobile operator to help you configure the use of this service. The easiest way is to redirect through the operator’s official website. In most cases, a link to this service is on the main page of your personal account. You can also set up call transfer to another phone number through the mobile application that every mobile operator has. For Tele2, call forwarding is configured only by means of USSD inquiries or by contacting the operator directly. Perhaps, over time, this option will be available through your personal account.

    For people who do not like to use the Internet, it is possible to set up call forwarding via USSD. Requests or using a call. We will dwell in detail on the first option, since it is more convenient. The main operators of Russia (Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline) agreed among themselves and for the convenience of subscribers began to use the same commands to set up call forwarding.

    • 21 phone number for call forwarding #. Enables forwarding of all calls if you are temporarily unable to answer calls yourself;
    • # 21 #. Check the status of a complete call forwarding;
    • ## 21 #. Cancel the full call forwarding;
    • 61 phone number time in seconds #. Forwards calls when there is no answer, choosing the time in seconds you need to set one of the values: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30;
    • # 61 #. Checking the status of the service;
    • ## 61 #. Cancel the use of call forwarding;
    • 62 phone number #. Enables forwarding if you are unavailable;
    • # 62 #. Checking the status of this type of call forwarding;
    • ## 62 #. Stop using this service;
    • 67 phone number #. Turns on call forwarding in case you are talking to another person at the time of the call;
    • # 67 #. Checking the connection status of this service;
    • ## 67 #. Canceling the configured call forwarding;
    • ## 002 #. Disable all types of redirects.

    After entering the selected command, you need to click “OK” or the “Call” key. The service is available only with a positive balance of the phone number to which the calls are being received. This is due to the fact that its use entails small expenses.

    How much does it cost to transfer calls to another number?

    Most mobile operators do not charge a subscription fee for using call forwarding. Previously, this service was used only by businessmen, so there was a daily fee for it, but now it’s free on almost all tariff plans. The only exception is call forwarding to MTS, for which you will have to pay about 30 rubles per month.

    However, be prepared for unexpected expenses. Despite the absence of a monthly fee, operators charge an average of 3.5 rubles per call forwarding to landline phones. If you have a modern tariff plan with the package of minutes turned on, they can be spent, since forwarding is often counted on an outgoing call.

    How to find out the conditions of call forwarding on your tariff plan?

    You can familiarize yourself with the rules for providing call transfer in several ways:

    • Look at the official website of the operator;
    • Contact the subscriber department;
    • Find an information rack in a shopping center or operator’s sales point and take a printout of the tariff plan data;
    • Call the operator on the hotline.

    It is easiest to find the necessary information on the official website of the operator. You need to enter the word redirection in the search bar (usually located at the top of the window) and find a footnote on the terms of its provision.

    In the subscriber department of the operator’s cabin, consultants can help you, they will tell you not only about the conditions for providing the service, but will also give recommendations on connecting. Recently, in the salons, the level of training of consultants has decreased, so often their words have to be double-checked on the website or on the hot line. This is due to an increase in the number of sales of telephones and other paraphernalia in such retail outlets, and subscription counseling has faded into the background. But here you can find a rack with full information on your tariff.

    Each operator has its own free short number, by calling to which you can solve all problems and get answers to questions. Here are the coordinates of the hot lines of the largest operators of the Russian Federation:

    • Yota. 8800. 550. 00. 07;
    • Beeline. 0611 for calls from a mobile, 8800-700-0611 for calls from any phone;
    • MTS. 0890 for calls from a mobile, 8800-250-8250 for communication with the operator from any number;
    • Megaphone. 0500 short number for SMS messages and calls from a mobile, 8800-550-0500 for calls from any numbers, 79261110500 for calls from abroad;
    • Tele2. 611 number for customer support, calling from a mobile phone, 8800-555-0611 for connection from any phone, 74959797611 for calls from abroad.

    All these numbers when calling in Russia work absolutely free. You can connect with the operator around the clock on any day of the week. Sometimes you have to wait 10-15 minutes for an answer.

    Is it possible to set up SMS message forwarding?

    The operators included in the list of their services not only call forwarding, but also transferring SMS messages to another number. Unlike standard call forwarding, this service will be paid. If you feel the need for it, you must contact your provider. We give information from major operators regarding SMS forwarding.

    This service provider has SMS Pro service, which allows you to set up call forwarding to several numbers at once. You can connect it in various ways:

    1. Using USSD request: 1112320 # and call key.
    2. Using the message to the short number 232. If you want to enable the service, enter the PER or ON command in the message.
    3. You can also activate message forwarding through your account on the official website or a mobile application from MTS. Here you can not only activate the service, but also set up call forwarding numbers, enable automatic reply or archive information.

    Use of the service is paid. Rates change regularly, so it’s better to check with the operator in advance.

    Beeline and Megaphone

    We will write about these operators together, since at the moment they do not provide a message forwarding service, but everything can change at any time. Before being upset, call the operator, perhaps the desired option has already appeared in the list of services.

    Tele 2

    This operator allows you to transfer messages to the number of any Russian telecom operator. You can activate this service only with the help of USSD. Request 2861 phone number in international format for message transfer #. You need to confirm the command with the call key or the OK button (depending on your version of Android OC). There is no service charge, you pay only the cost of sending messages (if you have a package tariff, the number of messages is debited from it).

    Can I forward messages to my email?

    If you want to receive messages not on another mobile phone, but on your e-mail, then you need to use the help of special applications. One of the best is SMS 2 Gmail. This application allows you to duplicate all received messages to your email. It is enough to enter the desired address and enter in the program field the keyword received via SMS message. You will receive not only all messages, but also notifications of incoming calls.

    Now you know all the ways that call forwarding and SMS can be forwarded on phones with Android OC. Share the information with friends, ask your questions in the comments.