How to Make Brightness on a Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

The fact that in poor lighting works poorly is known to all. Therefore, it must be added. Let’s consider several options for increasing the screen brightness on a samsung, acer, dell, hp, sony, asus laptop in windows 7, 8, xp and vista operating systems.

It should be noted right away that there is a difference between XP and the rest. The developers began to look at the convenience of work starting from whists, including increasing the brightness of the screen. In earlier versions, more emphasis was placed on stability.

But as for laptop models: samsung, acer, dell, hp, sony or asus, there are differences with brightness settings (meaning to increase the brightness of the screen, almost none).

First, consider the simplest and fastest way to increase the brightness on a laptop screen.

How to Make Brightness on a Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

To do this, use the keyboard shortcut. The first is FN (usually the inscription is blue and is located at the very bottom on the left side). The second F6. it is it that increases the brightness of the screen on laptops, while the F5. decreases.

I will not 100% say that this is exactly what will happen on all models of samsung, acer, dell, hp, sony, asus, but if there are some changes then they are not significant. For convenience, keys are drawn on the keys. The solid sun. dim the brightness, with a clearance inside. add.

If for some reason you cannot increase the brightness on the screen of your laptop (Samsung, acer, dell, hp, sony, asus) as described above, then open the control panel, find the “screen” option there and on the left side click the brightness setting.

Then at the very bottom you will see a slider (as in the figure below), move it to the right side, thereby increasing the brightness of the screen of your laptop.

There are true cases when it may not work to increase the brightness of the screen. This does not concern the software, but the physical components of the laptop. For example, a monitor light lamp burned out or the screen itself dipped.

Although this happens quite rarely, it is possible. As for the lighting lamps, they cost about 100, and the screen “sags” very rarely.

I am now writing on a laptop that is 8 years old and has not yet noticed any deviations in the brightness of the screen, although it sometimes works for three days without turning off.

In general, the card is responsible for the brightness of the screen. If you open its settings, then the brightness can also be increased. Another point.

All are led (executed by commands) of the driver, therefore, if something does not work for them, you should look, it is possible to update.

So for example, if you have an ASUS laptop, then look at the ATK Hotkey utilities for brightness, if they are not, download and install.

This article, of course, describes only general (universal) ways to increase screen brightness on samsung, acer, dell, hp, sony, asus laptops.

Needless to say, you may have “individual” problems. Then write in the comments. we will decide. Good luck.


I read the whole article. I do the same. but nothing changes for me. Notebook. Samsung NP470r5e. In all settings, the maximum brightness is set, everywhere “high performance” is turned on, but the brightness does not change. It only becomes brighter after connecting the power and rebooting. Laptop week. How to be

Harutyunu: = 410852 In order for the function keys to work, you need to install one of these programs (only for Samsung laptops). Easy_Display_Manager. or for laptops fresher. Samsung Control Center

Hey. the button for increasing the screen brightness does not work. worth xp. acer model. before brightness increased when disconnected charging from a computer. and immediately I take out the wire (charging) and the com turns off altogether.

Something I do not understand “when I disconnected charging from the computer.” And what kind of charging does the computer have, it works on your battery.

Now the computer only works on a network with charging. and if you take out the charging wire, it just cuts off and that’s it. I have a laptop

So the battery is no longer operational. I can’t now describe in more detail how to increase the brightness in your case. all computers and laptops work on Windows 7. You seem to have turned on the “energy saving” mode, you need to switch to another one.

Roughly this is done like this: click “start” (the first button on the taskbar from the bottom left), then the control panel and find the “Power” section.

There, find the line for setting the power plan. There should also be a slider to adjust the brightness. if it does not work, it means bad drivers. you need to update / install.

In XP, the screen should increase brightness when you press the fn button and the right arrow.

Thank you, Yaroslav Ivanishyn, now I know how to change the laptop brightness

Hello. I read your article and did everything as described. Nothing helps. I have a CLEVO M570TU, when the battery is charged at 10%, it reduces the brightness. The buttons do not respond; in the Power Control Panel, the brightness slider has generally disappeared for a long time. I tried to update the driver, the system says that it is not required. I have Windows 7 Ultimate. Tell me, what can be done.

When running on battery power, the system automatically enters the power saving mode. To change this, go to the control panel, press “power”. There you will see two modes: balancing and energy saving.

Opposite each of them there is a line “setting up a power plan”. click. A new window will open for you. In it, some changes can be made, but to adjust the brightness and so on completely for yourself, click on the bottom: “change additional power settings”.

Here you can do whatever you want with brightness, both when working on the mains and on the battery. Do not hurry. By clicking on, you will gradually see all the settings.

Dite natalas on the laptop, I don’t know what, but I literally pressed a couple of keys in the ctrl or caps lock area shorter somewhere on the left and the screen somehow turned gray, the colors faded and some hieroglyphs went down below. I didn’t think of a smarter way to restart the laptop but it didn’t help (((The hieroglyphs disappeared but the colors were dull, I know that I wouldn’t have touched it, but there was nobody to help. I added brightness to the FN F6 keys but still didn’t help much. The main thing when the laptop is loaded is that the brightness colors are good. How to fix these “sudden” settings tell me?

Maria. and what operating system is installed and the name of the PC?