How to make a YouTube channel on a computer

How to get the URL of a video with a reference to the time.

To do this, right-click on the video. A black icon will pop up, where the first line will be a link to the currently viewed video. This is done in order to get a clean link, without any extraneous icons.

To copy links, just left-click on the desired line and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

And in the second line, you will copy the link with a reference to the time. And if you paste it into a browser or share it on social networks, then the video will be launched exactly from the moment from which you called the icon with links.

  • Second way to get time reference.

Under the video, click on the inscription “Share”. the red arrow in the screenshot.

Right under the buttons we see a link to the video. To get the snapping, you need to put a tick in front of the inscription “Start”. a green stroke in the screenshot.

If the video is running, then the numbers in the window next to it will change as the video is shown. And next to the link, which is located under the social buttons (pink outline), a tail will appear with the designation of the time binding, of this kind. t = 30s, with the designation of the time in seconds. As soon as the right moment appears, slow down the video, select and copy the link, the time you need will be automatically put there.

By the way, when installing a video on a site, you can also make a time stub, that is, the video will stop at a specified time. How to make a time stub and other secrets of a YouTube player for embedding it on sites, see this article.

I think now you all understand about installing YouTube on your computer. There is nothing particularly complicated. Enjoy watching the video.

Verify account and additional features

The very first step we’ll start with is verifying your account. To enable additional YouTube features and connect channel monetization in the future, you need to confirm it by phone number and specify the country.

How to set up subtitles in videos.

They are shown only in the video where there is spoken speech. Created automatically if the creator of the video has not uploaded subtitles. But they will be available to you only if in the “Account Settings” you have checked the box “Show automatically generated subtitles”.

To see them, click on the notepad icon.

Click on the gear and a drop-down menu appears.

  • Subtitle settings. This section will only appear if you have enabled them in your YouTube Account Settings. Playback. Automatically generated subtitles. Click on the “Subtitles” section.

And in the drop-down menu, first click on “Translator”

And you can choose the language of the automatic translation. By default, there is a translation into the language that you selected when creating your account. Do not be alarmed, but the translation often turns out to be nonsense. Nothing can be done. machine translation.

After choosing the language, click on “Options” and you can customize the appearance of the subtitles. Color, size, font family, background, and so on. Scroll the slider and see everything and customize it yourself as you like.

I didn’t like it, you can reset all settings if you scroll the slider in the options window to the very bottom. And click on the corresponding line.

  • Autoplay. if the function is enabled (in the screenshot it is enabled), then YouTube will play the following videos. The next will be similar videos, which are located in the right column of the video hosting web page. To disable. click on it and the checkmark changes to a circle.
  • Annotations. what they are and how to put them in your video, read here Turn it on and off in the same way as autoplay.
  • We remove the advertisement by simply clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the advertising rectangle.

How to set up the default YouTude player.

To do this, you need to go to the channel settings, and for this you need to click on the channel avatar (on the small photo), which is located in the upper right corner. After that, click on the gear and the channel settings will open in front of you.

Or rhinestone follow this link

And we find ourselves in the channel settings. And we see the sections here.

  • Here we can change the name of the account and the icon, for this we click the link “Change in Google”. And we act as it is already written on the Google page.
  • If you click on the “Advanced” link, you can change the channel URL, password, account information (in this section, you can link the channel to another account or Google page). And you can also set the default entry to this particular channel (if, of course, you have several of them) if you log into this account from Google.
  • Option. add or remove administrators. With this function, you can give access to the channel administrator or whoever will decorate and customize your channel. This is done so that he can go from his account to your channel. In this case, you will not need to give him a password. And at any time you can close access for him.

By the way, if you have several channels, then you can appoint yourself as the administrator of your other channel. This function is convenient in that you do not need to log out of one account in order to enter a channel that is on another account. It will save you time.

  • In the Additional Features subsection, you can view the Channel Status and Features. And you can also watch all the channels that are created on this account and, if you wish, create new channels.

Here you can link the channel to social networks and the channel will automatically post messages when you:

  • upload video
  • add video to playlists
  • press the “Like” button

You can choose what exactly will be published, for this you need to check the boxes in the selected categories.

To be honest, I don’t really like this function, it happens that you delete a video for some reason and the link stops working. Sometimes you need to add something else in the message, and the publication may also be without a picture. And this is not interesting at all. But it’s up to you, maybe it will be a good decision for you.

Here you can choose whether other users will see if you

  • Like the video and save it to the playlist
  • Subscribed to any channel

Tick ​​the necessary categories and do not forget to save by clicking on the button of the same name.

You can also customize the display of ads here. Of course, you cannot completely cancel it, this is not profitable for the video hosting YouTube and Google. But some changes will allow you to make.

In this section, you can configure which notifications will be sent to your e-mail and (or) to your channel.

  • playback of videos, depending on what kind of Internet connection you have, slow or fast
  • enable or disable annotations and interactive if you are not interested in them at all. I do not recommend doing this here, because you can turn them off directly while watching any video directly from the YouTube player.
  • subtitles. to show or not. I advise you not to disconnect, but also connect “Automatically generated subtitles”. they will translate foreign speech.

Here you can connect TVs that have a built-in “Connect YouTube” function

In this case, the channel is deleted, and the Google account will be saved.

Install YouTube on your computer | Computer PEOPLE

Whatever one may say, but the first association with the word “video” can only be called YouTube. The program is so popular that it has become a video idol and today we will consider installing the YouTube application on a computer. You probably never thought that apart from your phone or just a website, you can watch a video through a mobile application installed on a PC.

YouTube channel settings or how to set up YouTube (part 4)

We continue to create our own video channel on YouTube. In the previous posts, we have already successfully created a channel, added a cover for the channel, uploaded the first video and changed the YouTube channel icon. Today you will learn how to set up your channel, let’s talk about the basic settings of the YouTube channel. To get started, go to your channel, in the upper right under the cover of the channel, click on the gear icon.

Next, you will see a window where you can change your privacy settings. Here you are advised to enable customization of the appearance of the Overview page. This function will be useful for those who regularly publish new videos on their channel. You can add a welcome trailer to your channel (which we will talk about in the next post), that is, a video in which you greet your subscribers and guests, or any other video. You can customize the look of video clips. After enabling the parameter, click on the button. Save.

After that, your channel will change a little. You will have a menu with separate tabs, videos, playlists, channels.

Next, at the top of the page, click on the tab. Video Manager to go to the main channel settings.

Further, on the next page, you will see the video of your channel. You will be able to change each video, you will be able to use the following options:

On the left in the sidebar, you will see the main parameters with which you can manage your YouTube channel.

Explore each tab in more detail and you will find a sea of ​​useful and new information for yourself. Success !

How to create a YouTube channel:

Create a YouTube channel for free: First, we need to create an account according to Google’s instructions. The most common and easiest way to use an already created Google Account. By default, your Google username will become the name of your YouTube channel. But you can change the channel name at any time during setup.

How to make a YouTube channel on a computer?

Click the Edit Channel button to access your channel settings. Then click the Appearance tab in the settings area to customize the design of your YouTube channel. It allows you to do things like choosing a background or image color, adding a profile picture or avatar (square image).

Registration of a YouTube channel

If you’re applying for a brand channel (businesses can create one), you can also add a custom banner image to the top of the page. Finally, you can change the layout of your homepage or YouTube channel header by clicking the Favorites tab under Channel Settings. It allows you to choose from four layout options: Creator, Blogger, Network, and Everyone.

How to make a YouTube channel on a computer? create a channel on youtube registration.

“Creator” is perhaps the most popular because it allows you to select one video to appear at the top of the page and then display your playlists at the bottom.

Blogger is interesting for people who add a lot of news videos because they display them in reverse chronological order, for example on a blog. It’s great for your channel if you’re willing to come back from time to time and tweak your YouTube profile to make sure you have keywords that are relevant to the videos you’re suggesting. This is what can really help optimize your content.

How to make a YouTube channel on a computer? create a channel on youtube for free right now.

In the About section, make sure your channel description includes relevant keywords that will be searched for by the people you want to show your channel to. You can also link to your Google account here if you have one. And you can add any other links you want. very useful for SEO. for marketing your own websites and services.

How to make a YouTube channel on a computer?

Hello, we have previously discussed how to download YouTube videos to your computer? Today I want to tell you about how you can create your own channel on YouTube. For those who do not know what YouTube is, you can read it on the Wikipedia site HERE. A lot of people ask this question every day, but it’s actually very simple. How to make a YouTube channel on a computer?

Thank you for your attention to our site! We are waiting for your Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to create a second YouTube channel

How to register a YouTube channel if one channel already exists?

  • We go to the YouTube application or to the website through the browser.
  • Click on your avatar and click on “Settings”.
  • We select “Show all channels or create a new one”.
  • We select the option “Create new”.

Before starting a YouTube channel if you have one previously open, you do not have to start a new mail, since you can link two profiles at once to one mail.

If you are interested in how to open your YouTube channel, do not forget that only email addresses that are open on Google will work.

After you add the second hosting account, you can switch between them using the same button “Show all channels or create a new one”.

How to create a YouTube channel

When you visit, you do not have to think long about how to create a channel, because this resource will certainly offer you to do it.

Such an offer is received in the following cases:

  • You are trying to upload your first video.
  • You want to leave a new comment on someone else’s video.
  • You are trying to create a playlist on this site.

In all these situations, the site will offer you to create your own profile: a corresponding button will appear, by clicking on which you will go to the registration stage.

The next section of our guide will help you find the answer to two of the most popular questions:

  • How to create a YouTube channel after registering from a computer.
  • How to create a YouTube channel from your phone.

In both of these cases, you will need to do the following:

  • Open YouTube.
  • Click “Login”.
  • Click “Create Account”.

The difference between a computer and a smartphone is that in the first case you need to open the website through a browser, in the second. download the YouTube app from Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS).

If you are using a computer, the “Login” button is located in the upper right corner of the screen. If by phone, then in the same corner there is a special menu icon, in which you will find this button.

Further, no matter what device you log in through, before making a channel on YouTube, you will have to register.

We go through a simple step-by-step registration:

  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • We receive a letter in the mail and click on the link to confirm.
  • We go to your new YouTube account from your phone or computer using the password you just invented.

Important: your login, and therefore your account name, will be your mail login. It will not work to change this name to another. Before you open a channel on YouTube, think about how much you like the name of your mailbox in the gmail system. If you don’t want your account to have the same name, make another mailbox.

If you follow all the steps listed above, you will get a free account on the most popular video hosting.

However, there are situations when one account is not enough and you need to add more. So let’s talk about how to create a second YouTube channel.

How to create a YouTube channel

How to register on YouTube and create a channel is a task for everyone who wants not only to watch various interesting videos, but also to comment on them, as well as upload their videos. All this requires additional features, plus mandatory authorization and user identification. All these tasks can be easily solved by registering.

It is important to note that YouTube is one of Google’s services. Therefore, if you are registered in Google mail (gmail) or its other services, you are automatically registered on YouTube. And vice versa: until you open a gmail mailbox, you won’t be able to register on YouTube.

No other mailboxes for registration will work!

Creating a YouTube channel is not the same as registering. This action is more like creating a page on a social network, since you become visible to other users, you can leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев signed with your name. Finally, the created account is a popular way of making money available to those whose videos are interesting to many people.

What does the creation of an account on YouTube give

The question of how to make your channel on YouTube for free is also relevant for those who just want to use video hosting in a more comfortable format (add entries to favorites, set up a playlist), and for those who want to share interesting recordings with their friends. Finally, how to create your own YouTube channel for free is the first task for those who want to make money by posting their video on this service.

So, in our article, we told how to make a YouTube channel, as well as how to add a YouTube channel if you have already created one. We hope you find this tutorial useful.

How to get promoted on YouTube?

If you have an account, you can proceed to its promotion.

YouTube is one of the most loyal and convenient social network for promotion.

It is according to them that YouTube adjusts the videos that are displayed on the right in the “Suggested” tab.

If you put down the tags correctly, then your videos will be regularly displayed next to popular videos.

You also need to register tags with your channel under each video.

In this case, YouTube will transfer people from one of your videos to another.

After you figure out the tags, you will need to go to the description and title.

Here it is advisable to write words that perfectly convey the meaning of your video.

If it is important to just use them correctly in the description, it is also important to generate interest in the title.

And at the end you will need to think about the preview.

Opposition works very well here, as well as highlighting with a red circle.

Clickbait icons (which are not true) can attract people, but the retention of such videos will be very low, which will not help in the promotion.

And one paragraph on what not to do.

Mutual subscriptions or even buying subscribers is a road to nowhere.

YouTube first shows your videos a tenth of your subscribers.

If it is inactive, then the video does not advance further.

How to create a YouTube channel from a computer in 2021 and make money: step by step instructions

Hey! Now YouTube is not just a platform for creativity, but a great way to make money. So let’s figure out how to create a YouTube channel from a computer.

We will also figure out the main ways of promotion and earnings.

How to make money on YouTube?

We figured out the promotion, and now it’s time to understand why all this work.

And everyone creates channels on YouTube, because they want popularity and make money.

After all, this platform will allow you to do what you love and monetize your work.

The easiest way is to monetize on YouTube.

To do this, you will need to grow up to 1000 subscribers.

After that, you will be prompted to set up ads.

And then from each view you will receive money.

But there is one small drawback. You will be paid a penny.

It’s just that the Russian-speaking audience is inexpensive, and YouTube takes more than half for itself.

But this is far from the only way to make money.

You can also make money on advertising by negotiating with advertisers directly.

The audience is already used to the fact that bloggers insert ads, so they treat it neutrally.

Although it is better not to advertise dubious companies, so as not to alienate subscribers.

Well, the last way to make money is donations and subscriptions.

At the moment, this is only an additional source of income.

Perhaps one day our audience will more often support bloggers, but now it is impossible to live on donations and subscriptions.

How to create a YouTube channel from a computer?

If you want to become a real blogger, then you need a YouTube channel.

Now it is the most popular video hosting.

And in 2021, the gap between YouTube and the rest of the platforms will only widen.

YouTube has become so popular that many TV stars move here to make money on their shows here.

After all, YouTube not only has a larger audience, but also there is complete freedom.

To register on YouTube, you will need to first create a Google account.

After that, you can proceed to create a channel.

First open the menu, and then select the function “Create channel”.

Then you can customize the appearance of the pages and do many more interesting things.,

but here we will only talk about one (the most important).

You will not get full functionality without binding your mobile phone.

It will allow you to stream, put a preview, and upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

No more than two accounts can be linked to each number at the same time.

How to create a YouTube channel correctly?. watch the video

So we talked about how to create a YouTube channel from a computer.

To do this, you just need to register an account with Google.

After that you will need to bind your mobile phone,

How to create Youtube Channel on Laptop or PC | Easy Method of creating Youtube Channel

One of them is adding a preview to the video.

To promote on YouTube, you need to correctly register the tags.

With their help, you can ensure that your video is displayed next to the videos of popular bloggers.

They can also be used to link your videos to each other.

Next, you will need to come up with an enticing title and preview.

Try not to overuse clickbait.

Well, you can get money from YouTube using built-in ads, as well as donations from users.

You will get the most from advertisers who find you directly.

Bloggers advise avoiding advertising suspicious projects.

P.S. On our website you can get free courses on making money on the Internet. They are located on this page

P.S.S. It took a lot of time and effort to write this article. And if it has benefited you, then perhaps it will benefit your friends as well.

To do this, click and share with your friends on social networks. And for us it will be the best gratitude and motivation for the future.!

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We continue to figure out how to create a YouTube channel from scratch yourself. In an effort to convey interesting or important information to visitors, do not lose sight of the opportunity to earn money. Creating a YouTube channel on your computer so that it works for free is a waste of time. Any business must generate income that covers investments, otherwise it is considered unprofitable. Therefore, at the initial stage, think about monetization.

The second option is to work with the advertiser directly. To use it, you should indicate your contacts for communication in the description of the video.

Content plan

We continue to figure out how to create your own YouTube channel on a personal computer. Before moving on to filming videos, think about what they will be about.

It is recommended to draw up a plan of at least five dozen related topics that fully reflect the position of the blog.

A good solution is to think over the structure of the videos in advance, distribute them by headings to make it easier for the user to find the necessary content.


If you haven’t encountered YouTube before, don’t worry. there are simple steps ahead of creating a video channel and drawing up a plan for its development.

In the event that the resource is already available, it should be prepared. Probably, videos are published on it that are not related to the content that the user wants to see in the future. We’ll have to delete everything. Having completed this action, we pay attention to the order of registration of the video channel. If you have previously tried hard and created a project that is pleasing to the eye, leave it that way. Otherwise, remove the header, clean everything down to the logo, giving the channel its original look.

Stages of development

Quite often, novice bloggers give up their idea of ​​running a channel for the only reason. they do not know how to develop it. This is due to the fact that there is no tactics for further advancement. Videos are filmed, it takes time, but there is no result. We suggest not to give up, to maintain the intended initial course, to adjust it if necessary, but, most importantly, to follow the instructions step by step on how to create a channel on YouTube.

The process is conventionally divided into nine components that tell you how to make a video blog correctly. Having dealt with each of them, you will understand how to create your own channel on YouTube.

We are engaged in registration

Of no small importance in the question of how to create a channel on YouTube from a computer is its design part. There are a huge number of options for how to accomplish this. By ordering the services of professional designers, you get a beautiful hat, an original logo, a teaser for the main page and an intro placed before the video. Such work will cost a lot, and when you are not sure about the expediency of such expenses, try to do everything on your own.

After you’ve managed to create a new YouTube channel and complete its initial settings, start changing the external features of the main page. At the initial stage, it is recommended to use a beautiful background plucked from publicly available sources. If you don’t know how to create a logo badge, take an attractive picture found on the internet.

make, youtube, channel, computer

Everything is simple here, but when creating an intro for the next video, you will have to work diligently, master the programs for 3D modeling. Take your time with a teaser designed to decorate your channel page.

We are engaged in promotion and advertising

Now you know what it means to create your own channel. Next, you should think about how to promote the video blog, spending time and a certain amount of money on this. The easiest way is to pay for advertising your own project, but even here it is not so simple. You should prepare material for publication, explain to the performer how he should present your video channel, constantly monitor information on increasing the number of subscribers. If the actions performed are correct, it immediately becomes clear where the maximum number of users comes from, which will allow you to focus all efforts on a single promotion option.

Naturally, there are options that do not require investment. Collaboration is proposed as an alternative solution. Meet other channel owners, shoot joint videos, unite your subscribers, thus promoting the channel.

Create and set up a channel

We proceed to the next step of the step-by-step instructions for creating a video blog. After completing all the above points, you need to register and create an account.

After creating a video channel, it should be configured accordingly. This includes the introduction of the name, the compilation of a description with the addition of keywords indexed by search engines, the placement of links to external resources. It is allowed to create playlists at the same time, on which videos of specific headings will be placed in the future.

To facilitate the process of uploading the filmed videos, templates are set up. special fields are filled in, parameters for displaying content on hosting pages are set, etc. There are no channels on YouTube without a “last name”. assign your blog URL. This is not done right away. special requirements must be observed.

How to upload a video to YouTube from your phone or tablet

In order to add a video to your YouTube channel, you do not need to use a computer or laptop, you can also upload a video to YouTube from your phone or tablet connected to the Internet. This is very convenient, since the overwhelming majority of video today is recorded on the phone and it is much easier to upload the video directly than to first transfer it to a PC and only then upload it to the Internet.

There are two options for how you can download video from your phone.

  • Through the mobile version of the site.
  • Through the app.

To download a video through the mobile version of the site, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the site.
  • Click on the icon with a man and log in to the site.
  • After authorization, click on the icon again and now your channel page should open in front of you.
  • Click on the red download icon.
  • Further, the video is downloaded in the same way as from a computer.

Uploading videos via an app is almost identical to uploading videos via a website, but it has its own differences. How does it go.

  • First, you need to download the application to your phone, it is called YouTube.
  • When you start the application for the first time, you will automatically log into the Google account activated on the device, but if you log into some other account on your phone or tablet, you will have to re-enter the one you need through the phone settings.
  • To upload a video to the channel, click on the red button with the video camera image in the lower right corner.
  • Unlike uploading through a website, uploading a video through an application, you can not only select it from the gallery, but also start video filming, shoot a video and upload it to YouTube directly.

How To Create A YouTube Channel! (2020 Beginner’s Guide)

After that, you just have to configure the video as on a PC and download it.

Here you can learn how to download YouTube videos on iPhone

Option two

There is another option for creating a new channel, which is a little simpler than the previous one.

  • Log into your profile and open the main page of the video hosting.
  • Immediately after the search bar, find the video camera icon with a “” icon inside. Click on it.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the option “Add video”.
  • Specify the authorship of the content, by default this will be your Gmail profile data, and click the “Create channel” button.
  • In the window that opens, upload your first video and set the degree of privacy (open access or limited).
  • Wait for the video to download and process.

In this case, an untitled section will be created, you can change this in the settings during the design process. If a public channel is planned, then it must be issued without fail. In the case when the section is created only for personal use, this moment can be missed, at the request of the user.

What is needed to create a personal channel

It is not so easy to create your own channel on video hosting, before you directly start the process, you need a little preparation. First of all, it should be noted that a YouTube profile cannot be created without an active Google account. Therefore, if you do not have one, then the first thing to do is register on Gmail.

After that, it’s better to think through the concept of the channel. If you plan to use it for monetization, and not for storing personal videos with the ability to quickly share them with friends and acquaintances, then you should think carefully about what your channel will be about.

The following directions are popular on YouTube today:

  • video blogs and information directions;
  • beauty blogs;
  • music videos;
  • reviews of films and popular videos;
  • letsplay of different directions.

In addition, educational directions are quite popular, users are more willing to watch training videos explaining how to use this or that program.

If you manage to generate a unique idea and develop your own channel in this direction, then not only monetization will bring joy, but also popularity.

How to upload a video to YouTube from a computer

Now that you have your own YouTube channel, you can upload your first video to it. If you have this in mind, then here’s an instruction on how to upload a video from a computer.

  • Go to YouTube page.
  • Click on the “Add Video” button, which is located in the upper right corner next to your profile photo and looks like an arrow with a line under it.
  • After that, a window will appear in front of you, where you will be offered three options to choose from: download a video from Google Photos, start broadcasting and, of course, download a video from your PC.
  • You can download a video from a PC in two ways: you can drag the video file into the window with the mouse, or click on the window with the left mouse button, after which an explorer will open in front of you, where you will need to find your video.
  • Before uploading a video to the Internet, you still need to prepare it for uploading to the channel, enter its name and description, and if you wish, you can specify who will have access to this video and select a playlist for it.
  • You can use the “Advanced Settings” tab, which is located just above, in order to specify various additional parameters for your video.
  • In addition, you can also place a translation of the title and description of your video in the “Translation” tab and set up ad display in the “Monetization” tab (this function is not available on a channel with a small number of videos, views and subscribers).
  • After you finish setting up your video, do not forget to click on the “Save” button at the top of the window.
make, youtube, channel, computer

After that, the video will be uploaded to your channel. This will take some time, which will depend on the size of the video. During the download, do not turn off the browser or interrupt the Internet connection.

If after downloading the video you realize that you want to change its settings, then don’t worry, you can do it at any time. To do this, go to your channel, find the video you are interested in and to the right of it you will see the “Edit” button. When you click on it, a menu will appear in front of you, where you can choose what exactly you want to change in it. You can change anything from the name to the sound. In addition, here you can delete the video, block it, add subtitles to it and much more.

Create your own YouTube channel on your computer

Today, there are quite a few different video hosting sites on the Internet. However, by far the most popular of these is YouTube. Every day, a huge number of different videos are uploaded to it, new users are registered and new channels are created. And if at some point you also decide to create a channel on YouTube and share your videos with other users, then the first thing you will need to know is how to upload videos to YouTube from your computer and phone? And this article will help you with this.

What you need to know when uploading a video

Like any other project, YouTube video hosting has its own rules. They are described in detail in the privacy policy, however, it is far from a secret that an extremely small percentage of users get acquainted with it, and if they do, then only briefly. Meanwhile, it contains very important information useful for channel owners.

But so that you do not strain your brain in vain trying to find meaning in all this bureaucratic scribble and take out of it what is really important, it was done for you.

Surely the most important information for any video blogger will be the reasons why his video or channel may be blocked. There are only two such reasons on YouTube:

  • Copyright infringement. If any video has already been registered on YouTube, then re-uploading it will be considered an offense and will be blocked. You should be very careful with this point, since anyone can post a video on YouTube for free, and therefore if you upload a video that was not shot by you, then check if someone was ahead of you. Videos with different voice acting or video sequences are considered different. You can completely take only fragments of other people’s videos for no more than ten seconds.
  • Inappropriate content. Content that violates certain social or even legal norms is considered inappropriate. Specifically, YouTube videos containing erotic or pornography, violence in any of its forms, intolerance towards people on any grounds (racism, sexism, etc.), propaganda of drugs, smoking, alcoholism, terrorism or violation of law and order are prohibited on YouTube. Be careful, as for some of these reasons you may not only be blocked, but also brought to administrative responsibility.

For violation of any of these reasons, the video will be blocked. As for blocking the channel, for each violation you will be given a so-called strike, when you have three such strikes, the channel will be banned. The duration of the ban is determined by the hosting administration, and it will depend on the severity of violations, their frequency and the number of bans received before. By the way, strikes also disappear after some time, and this time also depends on the severity of the violation.