How to make a Wi-Fi distribution from a laptop

How to give the Internet from a laptop via wi-fi

To connect to the Internet at once several devices, including a wireless way, the classic Wi-Fi router is most often used. Modern routers do a great job of their task, providing a reliable and resistant connection to interference, but only the router can not always be at hand. The standard situation-you decided to spend several days in the country and took with you only a laptop with a USB modem. It would be nice to be able to connect through it to the Internet not only on your portable computer, but also on mobile gadgets, such as a smartphone or iPod. T.E. There is a need for the use of a laptop as a separate Wi-Fi access point, to which other devices can be connected by analogy with a conventional router. If anyone did not know, the functionality for the implementation of such a task is built into Windows 7/10 operating systems, the main thing is that your laptop is equipped with a wireless adapter.

So, in this article in step-by-step mode, we will consider all the main methods of distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop operating Windows 7 or Windows 10. We will create an access point both by means of the system itself and with the help of the most popular third.Party programs. The source of the Internet for a laptop will be a 3G model of one of the mobile operators. However, all the considered schemes considered will also work in the case of a normal wiring connection of the Internet.

Simple Wi-Fi distribution from a laptop connected by wired connection to Virtual Router

Many who were interested in the distribution of the Internet on Wi-Fi from a laptop heard about a program such as Virtual Router Plus or just Virtual Router. Initially, in this section it was written about the first of them, but I had to make a number of corrections and explanations, which I recommend that you familiarize yourself and after that decide which of the two you prefer to use.

Virtual Router Plus is a free program made from a simple Virtual Router (took an open code and made changes) and is not much different from the original. On the official website, it was originally clean, and recently it supplies unwanted software to the computer, which is not so easy to refuse. This version of the virtual router itself is good and simple, but when installing and loading, you should be careful. At the moment (beginning of 2015), download Virtual Router Plus in Russian and without unnecessary things can be from the site http: // virtualrouter-plus.En.Softonic.Com/.

The method of distribution of the Internet using Virtual Router Plus is very simple and understandable. The disadvantage of this method of turning the laptop into a Wi-Fi access point is that for its operation, the laptop should be connected to the Internet not via Wi-Fi, but either with a wire, or using a USB modem.

After installation (previously the program was a ZIP archive, now it is a full.Fledged installer) and you will see a simple window in which you need to enter only a few parameters:

  • SSID network name. Set the name of the wireless network that will be distributed.
  • Password-Wi-Fi password, consisting of at least 8 characters (WPA encryption is used).
  • General connection. In this field you should select the connection through which your laptop is connected to the Internet.

After entering all the settings, press the Start Virtual Router Plus button (run the virtual router plus). The program will curl up in the Windows tray, and there will also be a message that the launch occurred successfully. After that, you can connect to the Internet using a laptop as a router, for example, from a tablet on Android.

If your laptop is not connected by a wire, but also via Wi-Fi, then the program will also start, but it will not work to connect to the virtual router-there will be a failure upon receipt of IP addresses. In all other cases, Virtual Router Plus is an excellent free solution for this purpose. Further in the article there is a video on how the program works.

Virtual Router is an open source virtual router program that underlies the above product. But, at the same time, when downloading from the official website http: // virtualrouter.Codeplex.Com/ you do not risk installing yourself not what you need (in any case, today).

Wi-Fi distribution on a laptop in the Virtual Router Manager occurs absolutely like in the Plus version, unless there is no Russian language here. Otherwise, everything is the same. Entering the name of the network, password and choosing a connection that should be shared with other devices.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from a computer through a router

Web users are often interested in whether it is possible to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from a computer to the phone using a router. This is possible subject to compatibility of devices. Approaches to the setting for Windows 7, 8 and 10 are almost identical, so consider the general connection scheme.

Why is it necessary? For example, you have a 3G modem. With it, you can connect only one PC or laptop. This approach is unfair. You need to make sure that all devices in the house can connect to this network. The dilemma is how to distribute Wi-Fi from a computer to the phone from the Windows 7, 8 and 10 router through the modem.

First, deal with the compatibility of the router and modem. For example, almost all ASUS models allow you to distribute the Internet for other devices. In the case of TP-LINK, you can use TL-MR3420 or TL-MR3220. There are no difficulties in the case of Zyxel routers. Keenetic DSL, Keenetic Omni II, Keenetic Viva. To receive compatibility data, you need to look into the parameters and find the Wan Port. USB 3G, 4G section section.

For example, consider how to distribute Wi-Fi from a Windows 7 computer with Huawei EC 306 and ASUS RT-N18U router.

  • Ask the USB modem settings. Indicate the country (location), write down the Internet provider. The main settings are indicated in automatic mode, so there is no need to change anything. At the USB adapter point, you can prescribe the name of your modem.
  • Install the Wi-Fi Password that needs to be distributed and set the name.

After saving the settings, the router is rebooted and ready to work. Please note that if the quality of the device suffers, you can try to strengthen the 3G or 4G modem signal or even ADSL does not matter.

If in the future it is planned to use the router only with the modem, you do not need to connect the wired Internet. It is better to turn off the second WAN and leave as the main USB. For this:

If the router suddenly does not see the modem, it is necessary:

make, wi-fi, distribution, laptop
  • Make sure of the compatibility of USB devices and router (if not, distribute Wi-Fi from the computer to the phone through the modem);
  • Check the provider settings;
  • Update the router settings to the latest version;
  • Check that the Internet is paid;
  • Make sure that the modem has found a signal and connected to the network.

To increase the speed of the Internet, you can put an antenna for a modem or even make a Wi-Fi antenna with your own hands.

Now you know how to distribute Wi-Fi from a computer with a router and without it. It remains to choose the right option and put it in practice.

make, wi-fi, distribution, laptop


Distributing Wi-Fi from the Windows 7 laptop is convenient for special programs and utilities. They are very easy to use, some do not even need installation. Of course, there are also disadvantages here:

  • Free utilities usually do not allow you to distribute the Internet: you must first enable Wi-Fi distribution, and then use the way described below;
  • Together with a third.Party Windows 7 program, the virus can “catch”.

You can easily distribute Wi-Fi from the Windows 7 laptop using the Wificreator, Switchvirtualrouter, MhotSpot, Connectifi, Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator or any other program. But there are programs that significantly facilitate life. This is a free version of the paid Connectify or Wificreator. These applications allow you to immediately distribute the Internet, without manually tuning. It is for Wificreator that my instructions are below:

  • Launch Wificreator in administrator mode.
  • In the first tab. Settings of access point. Fill out all the fields. SSID is the name of the connection, Key is the key-paralle.
  • Install from what connection to the PC “comes” the Internet. In the Internet Connection section.

Actions with other applications and utilities will be similar. If something does not go according to the scenario when connecting, you may need to change the general access settings, as described at the end of the first method, or configure the Internet distribution from the laptop via Wi-Fi Windows 7, which will be described below.

Share the connection from the laptop: all methods

The answer to the question is whether the laptop can give out Wi-Fi-“Of course”. Except “Windows 7 Starter”. There this function is not provided. Want to give out Wi-Fi through a laptop-you can apply several methods:

  • Inclusion using the “control center”.
  • Option Win 10 “Mobile Hotspot”.
  • Apply individual programs “Virtual routers”.
  • Introduce command line instructions.
  • Automate the previous item by preserving the instructions to the BAT file.

For Win 7 settings, we have a separate article. But I will briefly mention the method how to turn on Wi-Fi for the distribution on the Windows 7 laptop. In general, all methods except the second are suitable, and the very first is intended exclusively for the “seven”.

Through the “control center”. A method for Win 7

In order to distribute Wi-Fi on the “seven” from the laptop, use the built-in method first:

Such a network ceases to be active when disconnecting all users. But the way to distribute the connection itself is quite simple, although it cannot be called automated.

Through “Mobile Hotspot”-a method for Win 10

For Windows 10, it’s not even worth the question whether it is possible to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop-this is the built-in function of the operating system. She appeared in 2016 after a planned update 1607, so you probably have it. To distribute the connection, just perform such simple actions:

  • In the line of searching the Start menu, enter the “Mobile Hotspot” and go to it.
  • Now it is enough to enter the name Wi-Fi, its password, and besides allowing to transmit the Internet.

This is the most simple way, but it is suitable only for the tenth Windows. However, the following methods can also be implemented in this OS and in previous versions.

With third.Party applications

This is another instruction on how to configure a laptop so that it distributes Wi-Fi. Download one of the PC applications. The most popular Virtual Router Plus, Wificreator, Switch Virtual Router and paid Connectify. You can install others. Management of such utilities is very simple:

  • Run the program.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Determine the SSID network name and password.
  • Set up additional options, for example, launch with the system.
  • Run the network. For example, this is the Start button in Switch Virtual Router.

But there is a nuance here. Most of the free utilities will help create a network, but do not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from a laptop. To do this, you have to perform several actions manually. These actions are very important and will be needed in the methods described further.

How to distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi on PC:

  • Now select the connection icon with which the Internet comes to you. Call the menu on it and then select “Properties”.
  • A window of properties will open. In the “Access” tab, select the connection that you recently created.
  • If there is no network with the desired name, then get out of the properties. Now turn off first, and then turn on the adapter (through the menu after pressing the right mouse button). The desired network will appear in the list in properties. Sometimes it helps to remove the checkmark from the point allowing to share the Internet, save the settings and get out of the “properties”, and then return the checkmark back.

Team string instructions

The command line is a “primitive” method how to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop. Let the Black Screen not scare you. Just perform a couple of actions, and Wi-Fi is launched. This method is applicable to all Windows:

  • Turn on the command line: write “CMD” in the search “Start”. On the emerging icon, click with the right button and open it on behalf of the administrator. A different method is available for Windows 8: Click with the right button on the “start” and click the “command line (administrator)”. In the Windows 10 system, it is called “Windows PowerShell (Administrator)”.
  • Enter the next line by replacing NAME1 in the name, and KEY1 is a key-paralle from Wi-Fi:
  • To distribute the connection, execute the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork line.
  • To stop it, write “Netsh Wlan Stop Hostednetwork”.
  • To change the name or key, fulfill the first command, with new values.

There are two disadvantages here. Firstly, it is necessary to manually enable the transmission of the Internet via Wi-Fi, exactly as described in the previous paragraph. Secondly, Wi-Fi disappears every time you reboot the computer. It is necessary to give it again. But this is easy to solve in the next method.

Using a bat

BAT file-a method of distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop quickly and “automatic”. Take these steps, and the PC will share the Internet every time you start, without occupying system resources by extraneous programs:

Name1 and Key1 should be replaced with the desired name and password.

  • Click “Save as” and enter any name, if only it ends on “.Bat “. For example, “WiFi_start.Bat “. The type of file should be a “other file”. It should not be a “TXT text document”. Save the file, for example, on the desktop.
  • Run the notebook again and enter Netsh Wlan Stop Hostednetwork “. Save as “wifi_stop.Bat “.

How to give wi-fi on a laptop

In the current article, methods of distributing Wi-Fi other devices from a laptop both with regular methods and using the downloaded by.

Turn your Laptop into a WiFi repeater! Wifi extender Hotspot

“Total Access Management Center”

Windows 8 provides the possibility of distributing Wi-Fi, which is implemented through a standard “connection center”, which does not require the loading of third-party applications.

Hot spot

The tenth version of Windows has implemented a new standard possibility of distributing Wi-Fay from a laptop called “Mobile Hotspot”. This method does not require downloading additional applications and prolonged tuning.


This application is completely free and perfectly copes with the task, and also allows you to control all the users of your network. One of the disadvantages is the lack of Russian.

How to make any Windows 10 Laptop as WiFi Repeater as well as WiFi Hotspot Device ?

    Launch the MypublicWifi program on behalf of the administrator.

The “Clients” section will allow you to control the connection of third.Party devices, as well as view detailed information about them.

“Command line

The Windows operating system contains a built.In tool that allows you to configure the distribution of a wireless network. In the following versions of the OS, this function was improved and acquired graphic implementation, but the owners of the “seven” will need to use the console and enter the corresponding command there.

    To get started, find the “command line”, for example, through the “Start” menu.

Now you can take a smartphone or other laptop to check access to the network. If it is still absent, refer to the settings of the network adapter by changing one parameter in it.

Previous versions of Windows

But how to distribute the Internet from a laptop if Windows 7 is installed on it, which does not provide convenient staffing funds to organize an access point? A little more complicated, but there are at least two ways to solve the problem:

  • The fastest and most convenient option will be to use specialized programs. There are a considerable number of them, both paid and free: Mhotspot, Virtual Router, Connectify and others;
  • Through the command line using the command of the Wi-Fi virtual network. This method is more complicated, but the implementation of general access through it is somewhat more stable. Over, it is not necessary to use third.Party applications, which, often, is a decisive factor.

So, the question “how to distribute the Internet through a laptop” is no longer worth it. As you can see, it is not at all difficult to do it at all. Recall that these instructions are applicable to a personal computer, managed by the appropriate OS.

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