How to make a voting in WhatsApp chat. Using additional services…

How to create a survey and share it in WhatsApp

Everyone loves a good survey and when they are asked about their opinion. We are in, we recognize this, so we often conduct reader surveys. So, if you have an active group of WhatsApp, and you want to conduct a survey to collect a collective mind? Does WhatsApp provide the ability to configure a survey or do you need to use a service?

The advantage of using a service is that you can use it on the phone with WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktop computers. There are no differences and restrictions. In addition, this is free, and who doesn’t like free?

Although there are many sites offering the WhatsApp survey services, I chose HandyPolls because it seems very simple and understandable. He does not ask you to load or install anything, so it can be safely used without fear of harmful.

So, first go to HandyPolls and click the large button “get to work” at the top. Although the site offers to register and enter the system, this is not necessary to use the service.

Then you will be invited to introduce a question for a survey and possible answers. To add a new answer, just click Enter on the keyboard to go to the next line. After all the answers are introduced, click “Create and copy the link”.

Now you can send it right in WhatsApp. If you do this on the phone, select “Share in WhatsApp” will automatically send a survey to the WhatsApp app. If you are on the computer, the WhatsApp desktop application will open.

You will be asked who you want to send a survey in WhatsApp. Therefore, select your contact or group, and the survey will be sent to this contact or group in the form of a new message. As you can see, each answer has its own unique URL voting.

When you click on a link for voting (a hint, this is the number one you need to click on), you get on the HandyPolls website. The gray strip will show how you voted. You can also see the current results in general.

If you want to control your polls more, for example, be able to edit them after they are published, you need to register a free account. But for simple polls, registration is not required, and many people like it.

How to quote a message in WhatsApp

If the group is active and the new message is constantly coming, quoting is the best way not to get confused, who, to whom and what is answering.

To quote someone, you need to press a few seconds to the message, and then choose the arrow indicating to the left (this is the first arrow). Thus, the quoted message is attached, it remains only to dial the answer and send.

How to disable automatic download photo and video in WhatsApp

One of the most stunts with WhatsApp that you must know will help you save mobile Internet traffic.

There are several ways to save the WhatsApp Internet traffic, still receiving notifications and messages. First, disconnect the ability to download media files through a mobile network. This can be done in the settings for this, click on three points in the right in the upper corner, then “Settings”. “Data and Storage”. “Media Automobile. Mobile Network”.

In this section, you need to remove the boxes from the media content that does not need to be downloaded using mobile Internet. After that, in order to watch the photo or video in the chat, you just need to click on the file, and download will start. I especially recommend turning off the video, as they have a lot of weight and eat traffic most.

Adding and organization of voting in WhatsApp. launch a survey online in group chat


Thinking how to make a survey at WhatsApp, you need to remember that you can conduct voting among ordinary and business users of the messenger. Studies in WhatsApp help to quickly make decisions on various issues. from plans for the weekend to choosing objects for city improvement.

Is it possible to create a poll in WhatsApp without additional services means for creating polls at WhatsApp are missing. To get around such restrictions, you need to use third-party applications or chat bots. Using additional services, you can conduct polls for different topics for free, and then see detailed results.

Any of the described services, after making mandatory data, generates a message containing a question and answer options for which you need to vote by transition to related links or entering the Chat-Botu directives. This message should be transferred to the group chat so that everyone can express an opinion on the problem posed.


The peculiarity of this questionnaire is that it is a bot that works on one of the current numbers through the Vatsap API for business. The service gives clear tips in Russian during the creation and passage of voting.

Before making a survey at WhatsApp using Chat2Desk, you will need to add number 7 (911) 955-45-10 to the contact list on the smartphone. After that, you need to start the chat with the specified subscriber, sending the latter to “make”.

Further steps to write a survey are as follows:

  • Introduce the question.
  • Indicate the number of response options.
  • Enter consistently possible options.
  • Turn on or off the choice of several answers using the yes or no commands.

If all the data is entered correctly, a message will come from a number ending at 4510. The latter needs to be sent to group chat.

The user who wants to take part in the vote must follow the link in the received message, and then introduce in the opened conversation with the subscriber 79114510 his version of the answer to the presented question. The team consists of 2 Latin letters and numbers, for example MN1.

The duration of the survey in Chat2desk is limited to 23 hours. If you need to complete the study forcibly, send the “end” command.

To receive a report on the survey, it is necessary to transfer the chatbot the relevant directive. Both teams can be sent only by the creator of voting to Chat2desk.

Using Chat2Desk, we make a poll in WhatsApp.


This service allows voting in WhatsApp using a free application for Android. In addition, Pollie does not require registration.

To launch voting for Watsap in this way, you will need:

  • Install the Pollie application.
  • Press on the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Enter a question and at least 2 answers to it. If necessary, you can add explanatory pictures.
  • Click on the button.

As a result, an online survey in Pollie will be created. To send a survey to the WhatsApp public, click on the corresponding button and select the messenger.

Depending on the selected response, the user must click on one of the links in the received message. After that, a page will open in the browser with a notification that the voice was left. At the end of the message sent from the Pollie application, you can familiarize yourself with the survey results.

We use the Pollie application. To create a survey.

Poll For All

This is another mobile application for the operational creation of polls in WhatsApp. The service is available for phones with Android and iOS. Questionnaires in Poll For All are constructed almost in the same way as in Pollie.

Differences are the location of the buttons, as well as more flexible research settings.

In Poll For All, you can set the end of the voting, add explanatory pictures from the Pixabay store and allow the addition of your answers.

Poll For All to create polls in WhatsApp.


The peculiarity of this Android application is that it is available only in English. In addition, Voliz connects contacts of contacts with the names of the latter in the address book of a smartphone.

To organize voting for Watsap in Volis, it is required:

  • Touch the large green button at the bottom of the main window Voliz.
  • Write a question with a length of not more than 120 signs. Entering the Cyrillic alphabet is supported.
  • Introduce the answer options.
  • Press the continuation button (Continue).
  • Send the created survey to the group.
make, voting, whatsapp, chat, using, additional

When the user selects one of the links in the voliza received from the Voliz, voting information will be transferred to the service. After that, the survey results will appear in the author of the study in the corresponding application.


Using this application for Android and iOS, you can construct not only questionnaires for Watsap, but also quiz.

Suggestify has an attractive intensity and has a rich set of functions:

  • decoration with the help of pictures;
  • highlighting questions and answers with hashtags;
  • the possibility of choosing from typical sets of answers (for example, “I agree, do not agree”);
  • tuning time of survey activity;
  • by giving voters the authority to change voting.

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The only drawback of Suggestify is the need for registration using a Google account.

How to answer users and quote them in the WhatsApp group

Using this function that significantly improves communication in WhatsApp, you can transmit a text message to a specific participant in a common chat without notifying other users. Mention in “WhatsApp” is possible on PC and smartphones. For access to this function, special symbols @ (dog) are used.

The addressee, which is in the same group with the messenger user mentioned by him, will receive a special notification. It will be accompanied by a melody set in parameters, regardless of sound settings for the selected community, which is the advantage of this function.

The notification title has the format “Sender@Talking name”, and the name of the recipient and brief text are given at the bottom. The full version of the messenger will also be highlighted in the community integer with the symbol “Dog”.

Another useful feature of the function is that it is allowed to note several participants in the conversation at once and even write different messages to them.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with all the messages in which the user was noted as part of a specific group chat. To do this, you will need to click on the @button, which will appear in the lower right corner.

On Android

To mention individual participants in a group conversation on a smartphone with OS “Android” follows:

  • Put the cursor in the input field and enter the symbol @.
  • Choose from the user’s list that appears to be mentioned. The name will be highlighted as a link, and the cursor for entering the text will shift to the right.
  • Get a message and press the Sending button.

If necessary, the creation of mention can be canceled. To do this, you need to erase the completely text field in the chat. Then enter and send a new message to the whole group.

On the iPhone

The mention of individual people in group dialogs on the iPhone is carried out in the same way as in the Vatsapa version for smartphones with Android. The only difference is to present a list of people in a conversation. The height of the list is adjusted to the number of elements, and the names and avatars are displayed on a white background without rounded edges.

Web version

To contact a specific person in a group through a web version or an application for a computer, you will need:

  • Go to group chat.
  • Dial in a line for messages symbol @. To do this, switch to an English layout, and then press Shift together and number 2 in the upper horizontal row.
  • When a list of contacts in a group conversation appears, select the required recipient by click.

The symbol “@” will become gray, after which the name of the addressee will be displayed in blue. To add another subscriber to the mention, you should enter the “dog” again, select the required element from the list and send a message.

How to note a person with a link to “WhatsApp

Before you write in the “WhatsApp” group to a specific person by the link, you should find out his number by opening the information about the contact. On the smartphone, this page needs to be scrollful until the required information is in sight. In the web version and the application for PC, the phone number will be displayed directly under the avatar.

Then you need to dial in the browser link At the end of the address, substitute the number without additional signs, starting with 7 (the link should look something like this: WA.Me/79012345678). After it is opened in the browser, allow the launch of the messenger upon request from the URL API.WhatsApp.COM for switching to chat.

Why are polls and voting in WhatsApp

As mentioned above, WhatsApp has a huge audience of users. In this connection, this service is suitable not only for communication, but can also serve as a tool that allows you to conduct business and conduct statistical research on different products and services. Thanks to statistical research, you can find out the market conditions and choose the best direction for expanding the capabilities of the company.

Therefore, the most often voting function or polls in chats in messengers are used by businessmen, entrepreneurs and different people who need to establish contact with the target audience. At the expense of polls, several useful tasks are solved at once, both for the organizers and for the interviewed. The organizers will learn the opinion of their products or services, that in turn allows them to improve their quality, and those who answer users will subsequently be able to use a higher level of services or get a better product.

In addition to the above, the surveys receive the following advantages:

  • Are included in trust with their potential customers.
  • Learn the opinion of others about their products or services.
  • Receive information regarding important aspects of the interests of the target audience.
  • Increases the recognition of his brand.
  • Receive new information that can serve as a basis for further development.

As you can see, the creation of polls is a very useful thing that allows you to achieve excellent results with the right approach.

How to implement voting and polls in WhatsApp

At present, you can implement voting or polls in WhatsApp using special chat boots in the form of computer programs, individual applications or through the use of special services providing such services. Chat bots with skillful programming are able to solve a variety of problems, including polls and voting. However, the creation of a chatbot in the WhatsApp messenger is a rather complicated process, since the service does not have an open API that allows third-party developers legally connecting their programs to it.

Thus, for the WhatsApp messenger to create a chat-boot that realizes the survey, not everyone can, but only a specialist in technologies can program in certain languages. However, anyone who wants to conduct a vote or make polls in Votsap can take advantage of another available solution. To do this, you need to place an order for the development of the necessary chatbot in a special company that is engaged in such activities. Finding such companies is easy on the Internet by making an appropriate search query.

In most cases, such companies are developing chat bots with wide functionality in the following procedure:

make, voting, whatsapp, chat, using, additional
  • Create a prototype of the program and make various adjustments, in accordance with the required optimization for the specified parameters.
  • Develop a bot capable of perceiving any actions of users.
  • Make changes to the program code depending on the wishes and requirements of the customer.
  • Make support of their software product in the process of its functioning.

Where to order a bot

There are a lot of organizations on the Internet that develop special bots. The provision of such services is carried out for a very small payment. The transfer of such companies is pointless, since they can easily be found by driving a corresponding proposal into the search engine.

Such organizations specialize in the development of chat bots with great functionality. They can offer the following:

  • Prepare a prototype bot for a messenger and make all possible adjustments to optimize technological processes.
  • Develop a bot that is able to accept any user requests.
  • Make adjustments at the request of the customer.
  • Maintain the created product before its launch and throughout the subsequent work.

After installing the bot, the polling process in WhatsApp will proceed much easier and easier. For their use, you do not need to install additional software, which will significantly extract them over the rest of the applications.

“Smart” computer programs in the popular WatsApp messenger help to find a common language with clients, which greatly simplifies life to businessmen and people who prefer an active lifestyle on the network.

Chatbot functions

The selected and installed bot will help tote votes in WhatsApp. Its functions in the survey:

  • He invites all users who are indicated in contacts on the phone to participate in the survey.
  • Carries out votes, and after its end, he processes the results and demonstrates them in an impersonal form.
  • Keeps records of identification as well as demographic data about each user.
  • He learns what the chosen target audience is interested in.

With the help of the listed actions of the chatbot, you can find out a lot of useful information, the use of which helps a lot in the development of business on the Internet.

The role of bots in polls and votes

A bot is an electronic “interlocutor” performing certain tasks. The program is designed to facilitate, improve the actions performed on the network. Bots, whose tasks include creating votes, perform the functions for identification:

  • conduct anonymous polls;
  • View personal material;
  • recognize the user;
  • send invitations to a survey to users.

These functions will help to develop the company and form marketing moves. Chat bots are easy to master, do not require the establishment of additional programs.

Bot adaptation for Messenger Wottsap is a difficult process. This is due to the lack of programming language developers. Even the IT specialist is not in force to connect the bot to the application. Therefore, you will have to order a chat bot that arranges surveys from specialized third-party organizations.

A virtual consultant recognizes the messages of the participants of the conversations using a pre.prescribed code. Developers of “smart” programs will facilitate the task of users. a program, without introducing algorithms, will be able to independently achieve certain goals.

Order Bota for Chat Service

A virtual assistant can be easily purchased on the Internet. Taking a request to the company for the development of chat bots, the client has the opportunity to buy a smart program, respectively with available means. Electronic consultants differ both in cost and quality. Organizations work with the following orders:

  • production of bots processing user requests to achieve the result;
  • Correction of program prototypes;
  • launch of the bot;
  • Product support.

Chat Bot in WhatsApp is useful in making contact of an entrepreneur with a potential client. Communication with a client is a way to improve product quality.

make, voting, whatsapp, chat, using, additional

The user does not need to spend funds on the installation of programs. the bot used is valid without additions.

The functional work of the messenger attracts people with various goals. WhatsApp. a platform for the implementation of many ideas. Despite the lack of direct optimization of online voting and polls, users will be able to quickly create surveys for productive work in other ways.

The main ways to create a vote in WhatsApp

There is no function to open a survey in the messenger. Therefore, you will have to use alternative means. There are special online services that expand the functionality of the messenger.

Bots are also used. software that implements additional options. The developers of the messenger complicated the process of introducing the bot, but you can still perform this action. I propose to consider detailed instructions for the use of all funds.

Special services

The use of online resources is the easiest way to launch a survey. Some services work free.


The online service works with chat bots, instant messengers and users in a single window. This allows entrepreneurs to closely contact customers at all stages of sale of goods or services. The service works on a special issue: 79119554510. It needs to be entered into the phone book. You can also enter the chat with this contact using url wa.Me/79119554510.

Chat2desk allows you to contact customers.

How to make a survey at WhatsApp via Chat2desk:

  • Send the command “Create” to the above number. Set the topic of the competition or the question posed.
  • Enter the number of response options. If necessary, activate the possibility of choosing several points.
  • Indicate the texts of the answers.

After these actions are performed, the system sends a notification with voting data: the name, question, answers, link. The message is sent to participants through a private or group chat. After the crossing the link, the interlocutors send the number of the right point to the conversation. Through the “Report” function, you can track people voting for one or another option.

make, voting, whatsapp, chat, using, additional

The “end” command is intended to complete the work. Automatically the vote ends after 23 hours.


The application is downloaded from official catalogs for free. You can start working with him immediately after installation. Registration is not required.

A survey in the messenger through Pollie is added as follows:

  • Press the “Create” key, marked with the icon “”. It is located on the lower toolbar.
  • Add a topic, description, if necessary, load the image. Indicate at least 2 answer options.
  • Send a finished link to a group or private chats.

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The Pollie application works after installation.

The service helps manage the functions of the survey: connect the ability to change the option, view the number of voters, set the duration. You can participate in the vote openly or anonymously.

Poll For All

This is another interesting resource that helps organize a competition in WhatsApp. Convenient integration and the presence of ready.made templates facilitate the use of the service. As a result, you get a finished link that can be sent to friends.

  • Press the “Create” key. Choose the type of survey: created from scratch or finished template.
  • Indicate the topic. Upload the picture, add a link if necessary.
  • Set the types of answers. You can use ready.made formulations, write your own texts or add dates using a calendar.
  • Determine whether the names of the voters can be seen, whether your own answers can be introduced after the survey is completed.
  • Stir options, place a vote. Links to social networks and instant messengers, the system issues automatically.

You can start working with the service only after registration.

You can use the “Google” account or Apple profile. It is possible to identify users through


The program works in the same way as previously considered services. It has a simple and understandable integration, so it will not be difficult to understand the program.

Make a competition or voting in “WhatsApp” on the phone using Voliz: as follows:

Whatsapp System Design: Chat Messaging Systems for Interviews

  • Launch the utility. Give the program access to the phone book and “Watsap”.
  • Press on the “” toolbar “icon on the icon. Enter the topic, description, add at least 2 response options.
  • Press the Share key. Choose a personal conversation or group to which the survey will be sent. Participants will receive a text message with reference. The answer will be counted after pressing the selected option.


A bright beautiful application can be installed through an official catalog. With it, the vote can be directly sent to the conversation. The program is downloaded for free, but registration is required.

  • Select the type of survey: competition or private. Download the picture (optional stage).
  • Enter the topic, formulate answer options, insert a hashtag (if necessary).
  • Finish the answers using the “” icon “. Choose a duration, configure additional options using the tips given by the system.

Polls in WhatsApp

To create and start the WhatsApp-question, send the text to create a WA WhatsApp number.Me/79119554510. Next, you will be invited to take four steps:

  • Send a question for voting, for example, “Where will we go to rest?””
  • Indicate the number of response options. Allowed from two to ten options.
  • Enter the options for the answers for which the participants will vote. They need to send them one at a time in each message.
  • Indicate whether it is possible to choose several answer options.

Then you will receive a message with the topic of the survey and the response options with the prefixes. Copy or send this message to the participants to the group chat or to private messages. Participants will receive a link to go to the voting chat. If you create a survey in group chat, then you do not have to be an administrator

Keep in mind that after creating a new survey, the current survey will be completed.

By link WA.Me/79119554510 you can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll.

The survey participant must send the praofix of voting and the answer to the WhatsApp’s response to number 7 911 955 45 10 10. This information is contained in the message that the participants of the survey sends the participants.

If the survey was created with prefix B, then you should send B1, B2, etc.D. for the above number.

By link WA.ME/79119554510 You can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll in WhatsApp and vote.

The first method (if you have contacts of participants):

When starting a vote, the creator comes a message with a question, answer options and prefix. The creator sends this message to the participants to the group chat or to private messages. Participants are crossing the link to chat with number 7 911 955 45 10.

The second method (if you do not have contacts of the participants):

After creating the survey, you will receive information about it: the survey number, voting prefix and other data. This information, as well as the topic of the survey and possible answers, you should bring yourself to the participants of your survey yourself.

By link WA.Me/79119554510 you can immediately go to the desired chat with a poll.

You, as the organizer of the survey, will receive a summary of the survey in WhatsApp with each new voice received. All response participants will receive a report with the results at the end of the survey.

Our main product Chat2desk-business communications with clients through messengers, social networks and online chat. WhatsApp surges are made on Chat2desk and demonstrate our technologies to the general public.

By default, the survey lasts 23 hours. You can complete your survey ahead of schedule by sending the command to the end. Keep in mind that when creating a new survey, your current survey will be forced to end.

Polls have two settings that are set when creating a new survey:

The creator and participants of the survey can send the team a report to see who voted for which of the answers.

No, because we check the sender number. For one answer, you can vote only once.