How To Make A Tv From An Lcd Monitor

What is the way out of this situation? Everything is very simple, remake the monitor on the TV, especially since it is really not difficult to do this. Firstly, today, probably, everyone has a monitor from a computer. Secondly, even if it is not there, the new one is still much cheaper than a TV device.

How to make a TV from a monitor? There are several different ways. Everyone can set up a TV with their own hands, the main thing is to follow the instructions. In the future, it can even be used to receive cable channels.

Monitor as a TV

It may seem to many that it is impossible to turn a monitor into a TV, but it is not. To implement this plan, you need a little free time. Let’s start by choosing a monitor. which one is most suitable for such functions?

How to Make a TV From an LCD Monitor

The experts conducted large-scale testing, checking the performance of a huge number of different monitors, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results of the study in order to make an objective decision. The leading position is held by the popular South Korean manufacturer Samsung. Remaking such a display on TV is quite simple.

The second place was shared by Sony and LG, offering consumers updated screens with an exclusive design. You can use a computer monitor as a TV, regardless of manufacturer.

Using a monitor as a TV, you need to consider a parameter such as screen resolution. Naturally, if it is high, then the image quality will be appropriate.

Perhaps the main difficulty for a beginner will still be the lack of special skills. For example, not everyone can solder a module or connect a component. To avoid mistakes, follow the instructions or contact a specialist for help. The system unit is not needed, the main thing is that there is a screen and a power supply to it.

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TV from an old CRT monitor

Displays with a cathode ray tube have lost their popularity with the advent of liquid crystals. However, few people sold or threw out CRT monitors that were no longer in use, prudent owners hid them, as they say “for later”. Actually today the time has come when you can make a TV from the old screen, breathing a second life into unnecessary equipment.

The main condition is the presence of a VGA connector; without this interface, it is absolutely impossible to turn an old CRT monitor into a full-fledged TV device. However, all old screens were equipped with this port for connecting the PC system unit.

If you absolutely do not understand anything in the connection diagrams, the basic components of a computer, then it is unlikely to turn an old monitor into a TV, certain skills and knowledge will still be required to achieve the task.

For the created product the following components and accessories are needed:

  1. The most important functional device of television equipment is the module responsible for adjusting the color of the image. The quality of the broadcast image depends on the correct operation of this node.

The color module from the TV AIWA TV-1402KE

  1. Radio channel. this module selects intermediate frequencies among all incoming signals, which is necessary for television broadcasting.

Radio Channel Modules 40-32V6GM-NIUI2XG

  1. The control unit is the part responsible for setting up and controlling the TV in manual and remote modes.

Samsung TV control unit UE32F4500AKXKZ

To make a TV yourself, connect the missing nodes and insert them into the screen body, after connecting them with cables to other base modules. It is possible that to enhance image quality, resistors will be needed, they need to be soldered. Then a comprehensive check is carried out.

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A modern consumer is gradually abandoning a stationary PC. It is not surprising, because you can purchase more compact and no less functional laptops, netbooks. Therefore, if you still have a liquid crystal monitor, then do not rush to throw it away or sell it, since you can make a TV out of it.

  • splitter and cord for connecting digital television;
  • antenna and cable to connect it.

To connect a new TV, you will need at least 2 outlets. for the tuner and power adapter. Connect the antenna cable and plug in the plugs. From the back, you need to fix the tuner and power adapter.

The tuner is equipped with a built-in speaker, its sound will completely satisfy the needs of the average user. Aesthetes and music lovers will have to additionally purchase an external speaker system to expand the range of the sound range. What options? For example, you can take a soundbar or a recreation center with a subwoofer, even ordinary speakers will do.

The TV from the LCD monitor will perfectly catch the channels, but HD broadcasting will remain unavailable. perhaps this is the main drawback.

If we compare the image quality of liquid crystal and CRT displays, then the advantage is on the side of the former.

How to make a TV with a high-quality picture from the monitor? When making a TV from a monitor, you should consider several important points that largely determine the image quality:

  • signal response time;
  • viewing angle;
  • illumination;
  • depth of dark tones;
  • contrast.

The LG 710 monitor, like the LCD from other manufacturers, has a long response to the signal. The viewing angle is also very small. These are too significant shortcomings. The bottom line is that the transmitted image will be of high quality as long as you sit clearly in front of the screen, a slight tilt will cause black spots, the picture will be distorted.

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It is impossible to solve problems associated with insufficient black depth, which is why LCD monitors have lost competition with LED displays.

In most cases, tuners are connected to the TV via the VGA connector. However, if the required interface is missing, you can always use the adapter adapter.

An external TV tuner for the monitor is the easiest way

The DVB-T2 tuner is designed to receive various digital channels. To configure television broadcasting, the most ordinary antenna will be enough, some make it from the remnants of a coaxial cable.

How to make a TV out of a monitor without a computer? First you need to connect the tuner and the screen using an HDMI cable, most likely a VGA adapter is required for this. There should be no problems with the purchase of the converter. It remains to connect the antenna and speakers.

Using special converters, you can connect to the monitor and other equipment, for example, a game console, various players and even a laptop.

Naturally, absolutely everyone is interested in the financial side of our experiment. A tuner costs from 1000 rubles or more, as for the adapter. its price is 250 rubles. Speakers can be taken from an old computer or music center.

Today you can also purchase a Smart TV set-top box, which will allow you to connect to the Internet and play media content online. As for the price, they cost an order of magnitude more expensive. from 2500 rubles and higher. However, the functionality will also expand significantly. Therefore, the purchase will fully justify the money invested.