How to make a tripod for a phone with your own hands


Why is it needed? This device has two main purposes:

  • First. This is a fixation of the phone when shooting photos and videos. T.To. I lead my own. This device will help me shoot better videos and release my hands so that I can manipulate them in the frame. This is very convenient if you shoot alone. It will also help to photograph small objects more clearly. Since the phone is rigidly fixed on a tripod, the photo will turn out to be better than the photo from hand.
  • The second purpose of this device is watching films or videos. By fixing the phone into it, you can reliably install it on the table or other even surface and enjoy watching your favorite movie.

There are a lot of options for performing such a tripod. I tried to design it in such a way that as few materials as possible to manufacture the parts of this device as possible.

Revenge for growth ⁠ ⁠

After reading a post about revenge for a long time, I also decided to share the story for which it seems to be a shame, but it seems that I didn’t decide).

I grew up late from their peers, being the son of my parents (who had the growth of 183 cm and dad 190) to grow in any way, and thanks to the diagnosis, delay in sexual development due to problems with the thyroid gland, by the age of 14 I was a schking 158cm among their home giants).

Once on the May holidays, we went to barbecue to our relatives, as usual, everyone drank fun, and one of my father’s relatives, or rather his cousin (Uncle L.) In a fit of fun and Ugar, he began to openly mock me to the public. “Look, my little son has already grown out for the 15 years, he has grown up on a moped on the brides, but you still can’t mature, you look at what a small probably receiver or mother walked on a haha,” the very interesting and offensive in all this situation is that my father is that my father And the mother all this time listened to this conversation and there was not a share of indignation on their faces, but only a smile. At that moment I thought, well, now, well, right now, my dad will knock on the table with his fist and put my offender in his place, but this did not happen to the surprise, and I could not resist and burst out, the only ones who reassured me my grandmother, who also also reassured me was at this alcohol festival, Комментарии и мнения владельцев towards Uncle L. There was no one from anyone.

The apogee of the whole of Bacchanalia was my personal conversation with Uncle L. During which I was invited to check the Preschu for breaking through (by the way uncle l. There was a stocky 170.Tall 40 year old former paratrooper with the hands of a dad sailor). For my refusal, I received a blow in my stomach with such force that I fell to the ground and panting in pain could not even call for help. This act of upbringing “What are you not a man or to withstand the fucking fucking” was seen by Uncle L. But she closed her eyes on it and pretended as if she had not seen. I somehow got up from the ground, I told my parents about what happened, but there were no attempts to find out from my offender the details and the question of why, alas, there was no. This blow and public humiliation of me and my family sowed in me an incredible sprout of revenge and hatred for this person, as well as a resentment against my father and mother that they did not stand up for me. And every trip to the village to relatives and the type of uncle l. Accompanied by inner panic and plans of revenge from the category, now I will grow up the same thing and so I will smear him. To my happiness, in the future, from 15 to 18 years old we moved to another city and I have not traveled to the village since then.

My health has improved and from 14 to 18 I stretched to 194 cm and weighing 95 kg. Fortunately, the therapy and endless pills helped (but not everything was so rosy because at the cost of a sharp jump in growth, as I understand it, the increased fragility of bones is therefore my legs and arms often I broke up.I was engaged in basketball).

In May, before the universities entrance to universities, my family and I decided to visit relatives. Which we have not seen for so long. Everyone gradually pulled up to the celebration and drank and of course there was among them and he was Mr. Uncle L., who seeing me and lifting his head to look in my face just dryly said “normally you waved”. To which I just said nothing, because with his form in my solar plexus, it was as if that “educational” pain that was presented to me by testing my press, as well as the memories of his words in my address.

Time was approaching in the evening, women tea were in a gazebo in the yard, men were smoked near the gazebo and discussed something. I am standing next to my pretty drunken Baty and the company of men with Uncle L, listening to conversations for life and about politics, I remembered that here it was, not so it is the time of my revenge that has been accumulated in me and either now or never now.(I did not develop a revenge plan, it just arose at that very moment with me)

I asked my uncle. L with a stretched laugh and a smile on the face. “What uncle l. Let’s check your press !”. He told me with a grin. “Haha do not joke so young, let’s not finish”.

The refusal in my case was not accepted and I, with all my youthful removal, put it from my fist right into my stomach. Smoking men dropped cigarettes, ladies in the gazebo poured teas, and uncle l. He writhed on the ground and sobbed in pain. Uncle L. I fell off the gazebo and covered me with a three.Floor obscure obedience of my existence. Father said the son, what did you do! And I just grinned and said dryly “sorry” overdid “. From the celebration we hastily retired, fearing a possible scandal to the whole village).

Since then, I have not appeared in this village, the family of Uncle L. Since then I have not really communicated with us, and I have already gone to my studies in another city.

P.S sorry for the possible multiple of my first post, but I just wanted to share this story with you. I will tell you honestly a year later. That I really do not regret my act, but as they say, the childhood is the worst resent. Thank you for reading

Toylet Paper Holder (toilet paper holder) ⁠ ⁠

For harsh assholes. Severe paper holder.

A great idea for design and an excellent interlocutor))

In general, there are an incredible many ways to make a tripod at home from improvised means. The main thing is to show imagination. For those who are not engaged in regular recording, the smartphone can simply support something. However, for those who regularly shoot a smartphone, it is recommended to spend money once, but use a good tripod for a long time. By the way, the best holder for a smartphone is a tripod-osminog. It has flexible legs and is not very expensive.


P.S. A very good way is to take the holder from the monopod and glue it on top of the lamp with a flexible counter. This design will serve not only as a holder, but also as lighting. It is advisable to seal the light bulb with ordinary white paper so that the light is scattered and uniform.

Preparation for shooting

Before using a selfie stick for shooting, follow the following events:

  • Select clothes suitable for the chosen background.
  • Try different types of lighting day and night if the shooting is outdoors. You also need to choose the time so that fewer outsiders get into the frame.
  • Experiment in front of a mirror to choose an interesting pose, smiles. Serious physiognomy can spoil even the good photograph.

Separately, I must say about the location of a selfie stick at the time of shooting. Two hands can be occupied at once, especially if there is a control panel in the kit. Therefore, it is necessary to place your hands so that the remote control does not get into the frame, and at the same time the position is natural. However, some selfie lovers, on the contrary, try to show that they have this accessory, and specially place it in the frame of photos.

If you need both hands to be visible in the frame, then a tripod with three legs is used for this, customizable by the timer.

Last summer, there was a need to cut yourself a wooden folding tripod. At the same time, the house already has an almost professional tripod for the camera, but it does not represent any design interest for me. I wanted to do something not very confused, universal and practical, and most importantly. With your own hands. A little google, found an interesting design, which he took as a basis. Here, in fact, is this prototype:

In my room, which I call my working office, most items. In an old style. I just really love all sorts of vintage gizmes)) here is part of them (all that I could fit on one shelf).

I also decided to make a tripod in a similar style. How and why I will use it. I’ll tell you at the very end of the post. And now. A little about the process of its manufacture. Little, because, unfortunately, far from the whole process were shot, and by the time the post of Trechog post was already collected for a long time and even managed to be covered with a layer of dust. But, since I was still going to finalize it a little, I will analyze it all to the last screw, and we will collect it with you)).

So, for its manufacture it took 3 m wooden block with a cross.Section of 30 x 20 mm, and about 1 sq.M plywood 8 mm thick. At first, three upper parts with clamps for the legs were cut out of plywood and collected.

To attach parts with each other, I used PVA glue small cloves. Of course, instead of nails, it would be better to attach wooden pins, but I did not bother with it. Here are a few photos about how these parts of the tripod were taken.

Then, from a wooden bar, drank three segments of 70 cm. These will be the drawing legs of the tripod. On their upper ends, transverse dies are glued, which will fix the legs of the legs. We combine all the resulting details and now we have three finished legs with clamps in the form of bolts.

After that, we saw off from the remaining borus three more segments 20 cm long, drill holes under the m6 bolt at the beginning and at the end of each segment, and round the corners. These will be three struts of the tripod so that his legs do not leave and he does not “sit on the twine”)).

In the center of the tripod, the spacers must be interconnected by a special knot here such a bizarre shape:

This connecting node could be cut out of the whole pruning of a board with a thickness of 25 mm, but I did not have this, and I decided to cut it out of three plywood pieces glued together. In three layers, it was just 25 mm (taking into account two adhesive layers).

At the final stage, a mounting platform of the tripod was made (the head of the tripod :)). It was made in the same way as the connecting knot: from three layers of plywood.

After the test assembly, the tripod was decided to tint with a stain and varnish, and in conclusion. Add several decorative elements from sheet brass so that the finished product acquires a vintage view. I did not like the result after staining stain and varnish at all. Later I learned a much better way of coloring and processing wood. With the help of tinting oil and wax. But now it’s too late to polish the layers of my unsuccessful coating: this must be done on the street (t.To. There will be a lot of dust), and the season, as it were, ended)). In general, let it remain so far. In the spring, if a desire does not disappear, I will polish everything and ton the oil-Vasky.

Well, now my tripod is disassembled looks like this:

To attach all the parts, brass bolts, barashika nuts (hand-drawn), threaded studs and brass caps will be used.

All three legs should be collected first. The lower (sliding) part of the legs is inserted into the upper. This is what should turn out:

The legs are collected, and now they need to be attached to the “head”, t.E. To the installation site. For connection, I use furniture brass bolts M6, washers and lamb nuts. That’s how it was done:

make, tripod, phone, your, hands

By the way, instead of one through hole in the center of the site, I drilled two additional on the sides. I will explain below what they will need for me. This assembly platform itself was “sheathed” with a sheet brass with a thickness of 0.5 mm, which was cut with scissors for metal and then processed with files and sandpaper.

Well, now, so that his legs do not leave, collect and attach to them the central knot with spacers. Here for fastening, I used steel threaded hairpins M6, brass washers and caps. First we collect the knot itself.

The second method

Surprisingly, you can build a home.Made tripod from an ordinary bottle. This will need:

How to make a smartphone tripod mount | Homemade camera gear #1

In the lid from the bottle you need to make a hole, and then insert a screw there. The hole is better to make a smaller diameter with a drill than that of a screw so that it can be screwed and fixed. The screw should be screwed from the inside, after laying the washers into the lid. Now the design is ready to install the camera on it. It needs to be twisted on a screw that appears from the outside of the lid.

The bottle must be filled with sand or stones so that it does not overturn with the camera. Now you just need to tighten the cover with the camera. Homemade tripod is ready.

This design can be attached to a pillar or wood using straps or rubber bands so that the shooting is carried out from a higher place.

Homemade tripod: Great homemade that will become indispensable

From the remnants of pipes and laminate, you can make an excellent tripod for a camera or camera. Durable and durable, it will perfectly cope with the task, while it will cost several times less. If desired, a home.Made tripod can be supplemented with a holder for a tablet, thereby expanding the spectrum of use.

The base of the tripod will be 3 drawn legs, each of which in turn will be collected from 3 pipes.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

We complement the pipe on the sides of the pipe, and we put the one in the middle so that it turns out to be clamped between the side pipes and rests on the plugs.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

make, tripod, phone, your, hands

Having fixed the pipes in the right position, we confess to them on both sides of the planer or laminate plate.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

The strips should be a little shorter than the pipes in length and close to them in width. Only extreme pipes need to be squeezed to the bar. Each of them is fixed at 3 points.

The middle pipe should be freely advanced. A long screw or pin is fixed at the end of the extending pipe.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

When all 3 sliding legs are ready, we complement each of them with a metal-fixer with a thread cut on both sides and 1 corner, having an additional hole for a screw at the bend. Having fastened the corners with each other we get a tripod.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

Choose pipe adapters supplemented by internal threads, the diameter of which will joke with the fastener system of the chamber. We fix the design collected in the middle with long screws.

Youtube | Perec Workshop

The presence of screws in the legs will provide additional fixation when installing a tripod on the ground. If desired, such a tripod can easily be leveled.

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Then it remains only to attach a stand with a hinge for the camera. After making sure that the tripod is adjusted, you can turn on the camera and start shooting. You can also use a tripod in working with a level.

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make, tripod, phone, your, hands

Details regarding the manufacture of a home.Made tripod in the video below: