How to Make a Slide Presentation on a Computer

Today there is no person who has not heard the word advertisement. This is not surprising. It is everywhere and brings billions. One of its types is the presentation, although many do it just for themselves.

How to make a presentation (on a computer, free of charge, with music, from photos, slide, beautiful, beautiful, correct, correctly, photo, background, better, good, in Russian, interesting, sound, cool, cool, fast, competently, computer, high-quality, successful, effective).

To make a presentation, you can use online services, which is not the best option, but you can use a program on your computer (much more efficient).

Here I will talk about how all this will happen with the help of the simple, but very effective and fast program “FastStone Image Viewer”. First you need to download and install it, it takes several minutes. It is small, free and in Russian. Now, in order, how to make a presentation.

How to make a presentation beautifully from a photo on a computer with sound

To make a presentation, first place all of your images, which will be involved in one folder. After that, in the program, in the upper left corner, click “file” and select the “open” option.

Find your folder in the window that opens and select the first image.

By clicking open below, they will all move to the program where you will make a presentation.

However, you can not do this, but immediately click on “create” in the panel at the very top and select “create file from slideshow”.

How to Make a Slide Presentation on a Computer

Now in the window that opens, First of all, select to add a folder, point to it and click “OK.” In the second step, specify the interval (3 seconds by default, I set 2).

Next comes the text. Click on the icon with three dots, opposite the “show text (.)” and select what suits you best. See pic:

Next we come to the effects: click on the icon (three dots) “use effects”. You can select everything at once, see pic:

Now go to the music. Click the icon opposite the line “music”, then add at the bottom and select which song you want to hear, you can several at once.

You can see the steps described above again in the figure below. At the very end, click create at the bottom right.

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After you click create, specify a save location, otherwise you won’t find it later. See pic:

Now you can launch it by clicking on “play”. See pic:

That’s all now to make a presentation ((on the computer, free, with music, from photos, slide, beautiful, beautiful, right, right, photo, background, better, good, in Russian, interesting, sound, cool, cool, fast, competently, computer, high-quality, successful, effective), you can always do it yourself.

Of course, the way to make the presentation described above is not the best of the best, but can only be said to be optimal.

For better projects, you need paid software to make a presentation.

  • If you want to make a better presentation, with the editing of each slide, so to speak original, then you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on this page.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a presentation. We will learn how to create presentations on a computer in Power Point. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite, along with Word and Excel.

Create PowerPoint Presentations

Go to Start. All Programs. Microsoft Office and select Microsoft Office PowerPoint from the list.

A program will open that looks very similar to Word. But her sheets are a little smaller and are called slides. It is on them that all information will be posted.

To add a slide, click on the “Create Slide” button at the top (the “Home” tab).

In the left part of the program, all added slides are shown, so that it is more convenient to switch between them. To remove excess, right-click on it and select the “Delete Slide” item.

To change the arrangement of elements, click on the “Layout” button at the top and select the appropriate option from the list.

Save the presentation as you would in Word. Through “File” (a round button in the left corner). “Save as.”.

Learn more about saving from this tutorial.


Initially, slides are added in the classic form. White, like regular sheets. But you can change this look. For this, the program has a special tab “Design”.

The most important part is Themes. These are ready-made design options.

By default, the selected theme is applied immediately to all slides. But you can assign it only to some. To do this, select the desired slides (on the left side, holding the Ctrl key), then right-click on the topic and select “Apply to selected slides”.

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And you can adjust the assigned design through the “Colors”, “Fonts”, “Background Styles” buttons.

Slides are filled with information in the same way as in Microsoft Word.

Text. To print the text you need to click in the place where it should be (for example, in the “Slide Header” section). The wand that symbolizes the cursor will flash. Just type the text on the keyboard.

You can increase or decrease letters through this field:

And the font, that is, the type of letters, can be changed here:

This can be done both before printing, and with ready-made text. Only it must first be selected.

To do this, click on the left mouse button at the end of the text and, without releasing it, drag to the beginning. As soon as it is painted in a different color (and, therefore, stands out), the mouse button must be released.

Photo. Click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the program. To add images, use the “Picture” and “Clip” (Picture) buttons.

The “Picture” button is used to add photos from your computer. To do this, select a photo through a special window.

Or you can simply copy the photo from the computer and paste it into the slide.

“Clip”. These are pictures that are built into the program itself. You can select any of them through the search form on the right side.

Modern versions of PowerPoint also have a Snapshot button. Through it, you can take a picture of the screen and insert this picture directly into the slide.

But you can do this in the usual way, using a screenshot.

Table. Click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the program. To create a table, use the “Table” button in the left corner.

Select the desired number of cells and left-click to fix the result.

To fill the table, click on the desired cell and print the text. At the top, through the tab “Designer” (Working with tables), you can change its design.

Graphs, charts. To create them, we also use the “Insert” tab. Through the “Chart” button.

After choosing the appropriate option, another program (Excel) opens with the data. Through them, you need to edit the added chart.

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and sound. The corresponding buttons are also located in the “Insert” tab. “Sound” adds musical accompaniment to the slide, and “Film” . A.

Other The Insert tab also allows you to add geometric shapes, mathematical formulas, eye-catching text (WordArt), and much more to slides.


For a demonstration, go to “Slide Show.” By clicking on the “From the Beginning” button, the presentation will begin from the first slide. And clicking on “From the current slide.” from the one that is currently open on the screen.

When showing a presentation, each slide will be expanded to full screen. By default, switching between them is manual. With the mouse or the arrow buttons on the keyboard.

To exit the demo mode, press the Esc key on the keyboard (top left).

If you want the slides to switch not automatically, but automatically, click on the “Time Settings” button.

After this setting, as a rule, the slides will be displayed a little differently, which is not always convenient. To return to the previous view, simply double-click the left mouse button on any slide.

Animation. During the demonstration, the slides go one after another without any effects. They simply change. But you can set up different beautiful transitions between them. This is done using the tab “Animation” (“Transitions” in versions 2010-2016).

Here you can select the appropriate transition. By default, it is applied to the slide that is currently open. But you can apply to all slides at once, to do this, click on the “Apply to all” button.

You can also make such transitions not only between slides, but also between elements. For example, a slide has a headline, text, and photo. You can make the title appear first, then the text smoothly appears, and after it. The photo.

In PowerPoint 2007, for this, the tab has a special part called Animation and Animation Setup.

In more modern versions of the program (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019), a separate tab “Animation” was made to configure such transitions.

Before you apply an effect to any element, you must first select it.