How to make a screenshot of the Xiaomi Redmi screen

How to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Redmi phone

A screenshot on the phone is a picture of a screen that allows you to instantly fix the information displayed at the moment on the display. In the future, this can be useful to the user to solve various issues.

On the smartphones Xiaomi Redmi, a screen of the screen can be taken in various ways, both simple and requiring step.By.Step actions. Then the most common methods will be considered.

The gesture with three fingers

This method is the easiest and most popular. To make a display screen with your hand, you need to take the following steps according to the algorithm:

  • Unlock the phone.
  • Find the necessary information and display it on the screen.
  • Compare the index, middle and ring finger on any hand together.
  • Pass three fingers along the mobile phone display in the “top-down” direction so that all fingers touch the screen.
  • Check the result. After that, the screenshot will automatically become.

You can take a picture of the screen in the indicated way only with three fingers.

Through a notification curtain

Another simple way that allows you to scatter the telephone display Redmi. This method works on almost all Redmi models and involves compliance with a simple algorithm:

  • Unlock the smartphone and find the necessary information that needs to be fixed.
  • Expand the notifications curtain, running a finger on the “top-down” screen.
  • Find an icon with the name “Skart Skill” and click on it.
  • Check the result. A couple of seconds after pressing the icon, the screenshot will be ready.

Using a combination of keys

This method is performed easily and quickly if you follow the instructions:

  • Unlock your mobile phone.
  • Find information requiring fixation.
  • At the same time, press the gadget power button with two fingers and the volume decrease key.
  • Wait a few seconds and make sure that the screen is made.

Also not some Xiaomi Redmi models have a separate menu call button. Having involved this key, you can also scrap the information on the screen. To do this, you need to do a number of manipulations:

  • Similarly, unlock your device and move on to the desired information.
  • Find the menu call button. If it is, then it is located on the left side of the case.
  • Squeeze the menu key and volume button at the same time.
  • Make sure the screenshot is ready.

On the shut.Off screen, a screenshot will not work out any of the methods under consideration.

Using a widget on the desktop

A widget is a mini-application that allows you to quickly turn on, turn off a function on a smartphone. There is also your own widget for the screen picture. To find it, you need to take simple steps:

  • Hold a finger on the free place of the desktop.
  • In the opening panel at the below of the screen, press the “Widget” button “.
  • In the quick access menu, find a widget called “Screenshot”.
  • Hold on the found icon and drag on your desktop to free place.
  • Now that the user clicks on the added icon, the phone display will take.

Using applications

There are many third.Party programs on the Internet, with which you can quickly fix information on the phone screen. To download such an application, you need to take the following steps according to the algorithite:

  • Unlock the phone.
  • On the gadget’s desktop, find the Google Play icon and click on it to go to the application store.
  • In the search line on top of the menu, drive the name of the desired software from the keyboard, for example, you can enter the word “screenshot”.
  • A large number of different programs of this purpose will be displayed on the display. The user will have to choose the right software and download it.

Before downloading the selected application, it is first recommended to familiarize yourself with the reviews of other users, the functionality of.

Such programs are quite functional and can do not only screenshots, but also record the screen. After that, the user will receive a saved video with all the actions on the phone. So it will be easier to navigate and take the necessary steps in the future.

Using the Qiuck Ball function

A sensory assistant called Qiuck Ball appeared on new models of Xiaomi Redmi. This is a small transparent ball located from the edge of the screen, which can be moved to any place convenient for the user. When you press the ball, a special menu with various shortcuts, functions that can be activated, turned off and configured at your own discretion.

In order to take a picture of the screen using Qiuck Ball, you will need to take the following steps according to the algorithm:

  • Click on a transparent ball to call a touch assistant.
  • In the list of opened shortcuts, find the scissors icon and press it once.
  • Check the result. The display screen should be after a couple of seconds depending on the technical characteristics of the smartphone itself.

How to Take Screenshot on XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 Pro

Ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

Below I will describe five options for how to take a screenshot on Android Xiaomi, and you choose the one that is most convenient for you and work with it every day.

The basic method, which was the first to come to Android phones, it works on all phones, not only on Xiaomi or Redmi, and therefore is considered universal.

To take a picture, you need to simultaneously press the “Nutrition” and “Tolves down” button. Then you will see animation on the screen, which indicates that the screenshot is made.

Three fingers down (works only on miui 8 and higher)

Spend three fingers down the screen:

Click on “Turn on in the settings”:

Click on the switch to activate it (become blue):

This must be done once, in the future it will automatically take screenshots without additional confirmation.

If this notice is not displayed, then:

Go to the “Settings” section:

Then enter the section “Additionally”:

You can create screen pictures using the lower buttons.

The settings option described above are suitable for the appointment of three lower hardware or sensory keys with a long press. And you can also use their combinations with the “inclusion” button of the phone.

“Screenshots with screenshots”. Click to increase.

Combinations of buttons. 3 more ways

Attention! If you already have any functions for these buttons, then they will drop when they assign the “screenshot” function.

What are screenshots

Screenshot is a picture of the visible part of the screen. For example, we read useful information on our website and want to save it in the form of a picture so that there is quick access.

How to Take Screenshot in XIAOMI Mi 11 – Capture Screen

There are errors on the device, some kind of program does not work, and the help of a specialist is needed? To take a picture of the highlighting a problem is a matter of several minutes, but the master will have the necessary information about the cause of the problems and provide the necessary assistance.

A good example is Instagram. This social network contains millions of photographs, but has a clear drawback. The inability to keep photos on the phone in the traditional way. The solution exists, and again this is a picture of the screen.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 9 and other phones using a touch assistant

Another popular option involving the use of a special assistant. It is presented in the form of a small black circle, pressing on which it opens a list of demanded options. Among them there is a quick creation of a screenshot (image of scissors).

Activation of the assistant is carried out through extended phone settings. It is enough to find the required function and turn it on by moving the slider to the appropriate position. In the same menu, you can set the desired settings, including configure gestures and set the conditions for hiding the assistant in inaction or when moving to a full.Screen mode.

Screenshot of the screen with tape.

Imagine that you need to make a screen of a very long correspondence. Take a whole gallery of pictures for a long time, and then get to get confused. We were given a wonderful opportunity to make a screen screen with a tape. To do this, we open correspondence from the moment where you need to take a screenshot. We make a screen convenient for you.

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make, screenshot, xiaomi, redmi, screen

We choose the standard (first method). As soon as the screen is ready, you will have a mini image of the screenshot and two buttons “Scroll” and “Send” in your right corner. Select scrolling and twist to the right moment you need. Next, click the stop button and the screenshot is automatically stored with one file with a long ribbon in the gallery.

This is what a screenshot looks like a ribbon on Xiaomi Redmi


In addition to the hardware combination, all Redmi 9 smartphones have a built.In software tool for creating screenshots. This is a “screen of the screen”, located among other quick functions on the curtain. A panel that can be caused by a swipe down from the upper edge of the display.

After clicking in Redmi 9, the picture will also automatically remain in the gallery.

There is a touch assistant in Miui 10 and above, with which you can perform simple operations with gestures. The creation of screenshots is included in the number. Draw three fingers from top to bottom up the display. And the resulting picture will go to the gallery. This gesture is assigned by default, but it can be changed by going into the settings-exfoliated settings and gestures. The system will offer other combinations.

You can also take screenshots on Redmi 9 using a touch assistant. To activate it, you need to go to the Settings-Transferred Settings-Sensored Assistant Settings section and move the switch to the right. Now a transparent arc will appear on the right side of the screen, when you press the menu. By default, there is a shortcut of the screen of the screen, if desired, a set of commands can be changed.

In addition to built.In functions for screenshots, you can use third.Party programs. The most popular of them are ScreenMaster, a screenshot Pro, a screenshot and a screen recorder. Their convenience lies in advanced capabilities. They allow not only to be preserved, but also to edit the image immediately after the picture.